Dialysis Nurse Resume

Dialysis nurses take care of patients who are suffering from or treated for the kidney diseases. She monitors activities of the patients, administer the medication, educate about the precautions to be taken, and suggests the necessary regimens. She also checks if the equipments are working properly. After an associate degree or a bachelor's degree, one can go for dialysis program. They work for hospitals, doctor's offices and companies. After nursing course, one can go for five months dialysis training to become a dialysis nurse. The candidate in the profile has more than five years of experience in dialysis nursing. Her skills are analyzing patient's assessments, resolving and troubleshooting the problems, handling high tech and advanced equipments and counseling and educating the dialysis patients.

Sample Dialysis Nurse Resume

Amanda Carter,
1234, West 67 Street,
Missoula, Montana, 04955
952 480 2637


Seeking for a responsible position as a dialysis nurse in the field of nursing and caring.



Dialysis Nurse, Holy Faith Hospital, Missoula, Montana
2006 - present

Dialysis Nurse, Dr. Logan's Clinic, Conrad, Montana

University on Montana, Montana
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Caring

License of Registered Nurse(Montana)


Dr. Arnold Carry
Managing Director
Holy Faith Hospital, Missoula, Montana

Dr. Thomas Paul
Sr. Physician
Holy Faith Hospital, Missoula, Montana

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