Emergency Nurse Resume

Emergency nurses provide care to the patients in their emergency and critical stage. You are also required to be a registered and a licensed nurse before becoming an emergency nurse.Emrgency nurses must provide fast and accurate treatment efficiently and carefully.Alongwith patient care; they also educate the patients and take leadership initiatives to improve the emergency care services. The candidate in the profile has six years of nursing care experience. Her skill set are planning, budgeting, organizing, and managing emergency department, creating positive work environment, providing customer service, administrating the hospital, and communicating with patients effectively. She has done wide range of roles. Her roles range from providing patient care to assigning the nursing staff while consulting with patient care coordinator.

Sample Emergency Nurse Resume

Mary Hennessey
0932, Horsham Rd,
North Wales, CA-34225
Phone: 034-223-0043


Seeking for a challenging and responsible role of nurse in the field of emergency nurse.


University of Texas, Texas
Master of Science in Nursing

University of Texas, Texas
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Registered Nurse License (Texas)



Emergency Nurse,
Holy Faith Hospital, Alvin, Texas

Emergency Nurse,
Logan's Clinic, Frisco, Texas
2004-2007 REFERENCE:

Dr. Samantha Wright
Managing Director
Holy Faith Hospital, Alvin, Texas

Emergency room nurse is a challenging type of nursing occupation. You are required to provide proper and immediate care and services to the patients, who are medically unstable. As a nurse, you are required to provide care as per physical and emotional needs of the patients. Most of the time ER nurse works as a member of emergency response team. An ER nurse must determine and prioritize physical and psychological needs of the patients in emergency units; and provide quick and specific medical care for them. An emergency room nurse conducts medical tests of patients, checks their blood pressure, dress wounds, reviews their medical status at different stages and reports it to the doctors. She makes sure that the room is clean to avoid any infection. After graduation, she needs to take training and guidance to match with fast-paced medical environment of emergency rooms. This is a highly demanding position and they earn competitive remuneration. The candidate in the profile is working as an emergency room nurse for more than ten years. She is a state licensed and certified nurse.

Sample Emergency Room Nurse Resume

Rosy Bell
1355, Castor Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA-23405
Phone: 004-345-9945


An experienced registered nurse with the 10 years of experience and worked with the emergency room and critical care units. Knowledge of the new devices, medical terminology and legal implications.


University of New Jersey, New Jersey
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Caring


Certified in Emergency Room Nursing
State Nursing License #005698-32


Emergency Room Nurse, Holy Faith Hospital, Belmar, NJ

Critical Care Nurse, Helping Hand Hospital, Morristown, NJ


Dr. Edward S. Jones
Managing Director
Holy Faith Hospital

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