Graduate Nurse Resume

The nursing domain offers a variety of profiles, but for students who have recently graduated, starting their career could seem a challenging task with little experience. While you might have done a short internship and even obtained the nursing license, this is not sufficient when you are stepping out in search of employment. You need to draft an articulate resume highlighting your abilities and also convey the key responsibilities you have handled during the internship. Even if you are applying for an entry-level position, being specific about the role you want to work for can be a good way to make the recruiter take interest in your profile. While writing a nursing resume, remember to include clinical rotations and particular sections in the document to make the right impact. Our sample will assist you in creating a precise graduate nurse resume.

Graduate Nurse Resume Sample

Velma B. Simpson
8558 John Drive Lansing
New York City, New York 14882
Phone: 555-283-5937

Job Objective:

Certified nursing graduate seeking an entry-level position for Health Nurse at 'XYZ Hospital' where I can utilize my nursing care knowledge and patient care skills to provide effective healthcare services to patients.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Registered Nurse Trainee
New York Community Hospital, New York City, NY
April 2017 – Present


Nursing Intern
Belleveu Hospital, New York City, NY
June 2015 – March 2017

Education: Certification: Affiliations:

On request.

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