Health Nurse Resume

Health nurses provide care to patients as well as support the doctors. Mostly, they work in health care centers... They offer home visits to old patients and newborn babies and mothers. The candidate in the profile has more then five years of experience in the health-nursing field. Her major skills as a health nurse are ability to develop and maintain patient care policies and procedures, in depth knowledge of advanced nursing technologies, medical terminologies and medical equipments, ability to help patients and families regarding their queries and problems, etc. Her major roles include to support senior physicians, to perform medical examination, medical analysis, and health surveillance, to conduct medical tests, to keep track of medical reports, patient schedules, and personal information of the staff, to maintain quality control and health services.

Sample Health Nurse Resume

Silvia Boycott
302, G.P.
East First Street, Bethlehem, A
Phone: 342 340 0342


Seeking for a challenging role as a health nurse in the field of the nursing and caring where my skills and knowledge can be utilize effectively.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Health Nurse, New Horizon Hospital, Halifax, Florida
2004-present EDUCATION:

University of Florida, Florida
Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Caring

Maryland College, Florida
Certified in Nursing and Caring

Registered Nurse License from Florida
Practical Nursing License from Florida


Dr. Sam Vindam
Managing Director
Health Nurse, New Horizon Hospital, Halifax, Florida

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