Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

Licensed practical nurse provides care to the patients who are sick and injured under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. This term is mostly used in Canada. Licensed practical nurse conducts various tests and checks blood pressure, heartbeat and respiration of the patients. They can also prescribe medication while consulting with registered nurses.LPNs work in any field of health care. The candidate in the profile has five years of experience as a licensed practical nurse. Her key skills are deep knowledge of practical nursing theory, ability to prepare and maintain records and charts, and good knowledge of dosage medication and dosage calculation. Her major roles are administering and storing medication, conducting education campaign in medication, and observing patient's symptoms and signs and reporting it to concerned medical professional.

Sample Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

Lily Nugent
302, Melbourne Drive,
Hallisburg, CA-34234
Phone: 043-233-8845


Looking for a role as license practical nurse in a reputable clinic or hospital.


University of Ohio, Ohio
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Ohio State Licensed Practical Nurse



Licensed Practical Nurse
St. Mary's Hospital, Galion, Ohio


Dr. Thomas Markinson
Managing Director
St. Mary's Hospital, Galion, Ohio

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