Neonatal Nurse Resume

Neonatal nurses provide care and services to the newly born children There are different stages of neonatal nursing depending on the condition of the baby. In the first stage, the newly born baby and the mother are treated in the same room, as the child is normal in this stage. In the second stage, if there is a prematurely delivered baby or the baby is suffering from some kind of illness or infection, the nurses provide special treatment and care. The candidate has eight years of experience in neonatal nursing. She is skilled in providing care to newborn babies, and managing and organizing the caring units. She has good knowledge of medical terminologies, and high tech equipments.

Sample Neonatal Nurse Resume

Lucy Milton
819, S 8th Street,
Philadelphia, PA-34294
Phone: 034-454-9945


Looking for a very challenging and responsible position as a neonatal nurse.


University of Virginia, Virginia
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Certified Diploma in Neonatal Nursing

License of Registered Nurse (Virginia)



Neonatal Nurse
St. Catherine Medical Center, Arlington, Virginia

Neonatal Nurse
New Beginning Hospital, Hampton, Virginia
2001-2004 REFERENCE:

Dr. Amanda Charlie
Managing Director
St. Catherine Medical Center, Arlington, Virginia

Dr. Richard Gibbson
Managing Director/Gynecologist
New Beginning Hospital, Hampton, Virginia

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