Occupational Health Nurse Resume

The occupational health nurses are considered as medical care leaders in the corporate setting. Their roles are to educate the people about the basic health care, to prevent health issues, to monitor the health condition of the employees, to provide medication, to train and support the other nursing staff and manage the health risks in the company. The candidate in the profile has ten years of experience as an occupational health nurse. She has sound knowledge of equipments, strategies, policies and procedures. She has the ability to use modern and scientific techniques to treat the injuries. Her experience is characterized by some challenging roles such as educating and instructing employees regarding health and prevention of accidents, working on the calibration of equipments and devices using collected and analyzed samples, etc.

Sample Occupational Health Nurse Resume

Samantha Andrew,
4, North 99 Street,
Fenton, Missouri, 03288,
(659)-452 3190


An knowledgeable and skilled occupational health nurse seeking a challenging role in a hospital and clinic with the huge background of experience in providing the service to applicants and employees. Great ability to manage and communicate.


Occupational Health Specialist
Fitness and Health Guide, Fenton, Missouri

Occupational Health Nurse
Employees Fitness Medical Center, Barton, Missouri

University of Missouri, Missouri
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

License of Registered Nurse (Missouri)
License of Practicing Nurse (Missouri)


Dr. Albert Mathew
Managing Director/ Sr. Physician
Fitness and Health Guide, Fenton, Missouri

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