PACU Nurse Resume

PACU nurses provide care to the patients during and after stage of anesthesia. After the surgery, PACU nurses make sure that they take care of patients by providing pain relief medication, helping them to move, observing major signs of the patients, administering medication, and checking blood pressure and pulse rates. After gathering some experience in nursing, you can try for PACU nursing. The candidate in the profile has more than 8 years of experience in PACU nursing. She has sound knowledge of advanced devices and technologies. She possesses excellent communication skills, IT skills and interpersonal skills. Her major roles this position include providing health care and medication to the patients, planning and implementing healthy care delivery system, and acting as a resource for nursing and medical staff.

Sample PACU Nurse Resume

Ashely Symond,
34, West 7 Street,
Alviso, California, 03265,
(983)-461 0328


Looking for a position as a PACU nurse.


PACU Nurse
Shine Medical Center, Alviso, California

PACU Nurse
Standard Life Health Care Center, Cloverdale , California

University of California, California
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

License of Registered Nursing (California)


Dr. Lynda Cunane
Managing Director
Shine Medical Center, Alviso, California

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