Pediatric Nurse Resume

Pediatric nurses provide medical care to adolescents and children. One needs to complete associate or bachelor's degree and then needs to pass an exam called NCLEX in order to become a registered nurse. After that, she can specialize in pediatrics. She needs to work in hospitals that diagnose children as patients. She can also practice in school, emergency units and government hospitals. Pediatric nurses must be skilled in communicating with children and their parents, conducting medical tests and examinations to determine the diagnosis for the children, and prescribing medicines as per the illness. The candidate in the profile has more then seven years of experience in pediatric nursing.. Her major roles include supervising other staff members, to provide proper medical care as per the children's needs, to demonstrate and educate new staff regarding treatment,, and to keep track reports, documents and medication schedules of the patients.

Sample Pediatric Nurse Resume

Lucy Sewell
0243, Twin Valley,
Paddington, NE 34023
Phone: 045-344-3210


A skilled and talented nurse looking for a challenging position in the field of the pediatric nursing.



Nurse Manager, Sunrise Children's Hospital, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Pediatric Nurse, Sunrise Children's Hospital, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
2002-2005 EDUCATION:

University of California, California
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of California, California
Master of Science in Nursing and Care

License in Pediatric Nursing (California)
License in Practicing Nursing (California)


Dr. Karlie Stone
Managing Director
Sunrise Children's Hospital, Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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