Perioperative Nurse Resume

Perioperative nurses provide care and services to the patients who are going through operative process. They are responsible to work with surgical staff, anesthesiologists and other nursing staff before, during, and after the operation. They work for hospitals, doctor's offices, and rehabilitation centers. The candidate in the given profile has more than seven years of experience in the operation room nursing. She has good management, organization and interpersonal skills. She is expert in solving technical and practical problems. Her key roles as a perioperative nurse are working with surgical patients and their families, maintaining operating room and nursing care, performing perioperative and postoperative activities, and assisting the doctors during and after the operation.

Sample Perioperative Nurse Resume

Jenny Steward,
4, West 4 Street,
Carnation, Washington, 06598,
(658)-411 0326.


Looking for a challenging and responsible role of perioperative nurse in the area of operating room nursing.


University of Washington, Washington
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Certified in Anesthetist Nursing


Perioperative Nurse, Simon's Medical Center, Carnation, Washington

Perioperative Nurse, Goodwill Clinic, Covington, Washington

Dr. Brad Thomson
Managing Director/Sr. Surgeon
Simon's Medical Center, Carnation, Washington

Dr. Samantha Andrew
Sr. Surgeon
Goodwill Clinic, Covington, Washington

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