Telemetry Nurse Resume

Telemetry nurses connect the patients with the computer machines to check their blood pressure, pulse rate, respiration and oxygen level in the blood. After the check up, the machine sends the data to the telemetry nurses to study. They go through the data, analyze it, determine the medication, and care for the patients. They can work as certified nurses for some time after your graduation, and then go for telemetry training. The candidate in the profile has more than eleven years of experience in telemetry nursing. Her basic skills are excellent knowledge of medical terminologies and high tech equipments, ability to manage and organize the things efficiently, etc. Her key roles are, to provide patient care and prepare patients for stress and echocardiogram testing, to work with the cardiologists and surgeons to cure the patients, etc.

Sample Telemetry Nurse Resume

Rinny Alba,
77, East 7 Street,
Roxbury, Vermont, 03298,
(525)-465 9886.


Experienced and skilled nursing professional with the great ability to manage and organize the things seeking for an exciting and responsible role of telemetry nurse in a hospital/clinic where my knowledge and experience can be utilize.


Cardiac Telemetry Nurse
Holy Faith Hospital, Roxbury, Vermont

Staff Nurse, Cardiac Department
Thomas Medical Center, Williston, Vermont
Staff Nurse, Cardiac Department
Horizon Hospital, Weston, Vermont

University of Vermont, Vermont
Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Dr. Nicole Boyle
Sr. Surgeon
Holy Faith Hospital, Roxbury, Vermont

Dr. Patrick Parorra
Sr. Cardiologist/ Managing Director
Thomas Medical Center, Williston, Vermont

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