Clinical Pharmacist Resume

The clinical pharmacist is an expert medical practitioner who conducts research regarding the treatment and prevention of diseases and offers perpetual medical educational programs for the healthcare personnel. The most important task performed by this professional involves encouraging improvement on dose control and drug usage in hospitals and medical institutions. The pharmacist's other duties include preparing, labeling, and dispensing of medications as per the prescriptions by coordinating with the pharmacy technician.

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Sample of Clinical Pharmacist Resume

Kathy W. Berry
7930 Quincy Road
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: (342) 456 8978

Career Goal: To significantly explore the field of clinical pharmacy and sharpen my theoretical, hands-on knowledge of medical therapies including the dispensing, advising, and researching of medicinal drugs.

Summary of Skills:

Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from Washington Clinical Learning in the year 2004

Professional Certification:
Certified Pharmacist, Washington, 2005

Work Experience:

Organization: WHC Health Care Organization, Washington
Duration: April 2008 - Till Date
Designation: Clinical Pharmacist

Job Responsibilities:

Organization: Paradise Care, Washington
Duration: January 2005 - March 2008
Designation: Pharmacy Intern

Job Responsibilities:

Areas of Interest:

Lawrence E. Thomas
Clinical Research Associate
Washington State Hospital, Washington
Phone: (657) 525 2354

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