Chief of Police Resume

In a world where competition has made it mandatory for people to struggle for a long period before getting a perfect job, it would be a foolish decision to not learn resume writing. A resume is not a guarantor of a job. However, it can surely help you to enhance your chances of selection for the interview depending on how well you draft it. A resume is the only source of information for an employer before he/she gets the chance to interview you, and it is your responsibility to enlighten the employer by including the most relevant information in the resume rather than jumbling up all the details and confusing him/her.

A chief of police or a police chief is a person who takes care of all the law enforcement activities in a city. With an increase in population and the crime rate, it has become mandatory for the law enforcement agencies to be continuously involved in activities to protect the public from the criminal activities. The chief of police is required to assign specific tasks to the police staff and take action against the suspicious people and activities.

A chief of police resume, in order to be called perfect, should carry the essential information. This information is nothing but a description of your career objective, academic qualifications, professional strengths, work experience, references, and contact details. These details together give the employer a perfect idea about your personality and characteristics, and through this, he/she gets a glimpse of your professional side. Therefore, learn to play with words and use this skill while drafting your resume in order to become a coveted professional.

We believe that after reading the sample resume given below, resume writing will no longer be an alien concept for you.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

David P. Freeman
5275 Confederate Lane
Albany, New York 62348

Career Objective

To work for the law enforcement agencies and provide leadership and support to the staff in order to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for the inhabitants of the city.

Professional Strengths

Work Experience

Chief of Police at Detroit Police Department, Michigan
Working since April 2004

Job Duties

Chief of Police at Memphis Police Department, Tennessee
Worked from August 1997 to March 2004

Job Duties

Academic Qualifications

Master's Degree in Political Science
New York School of Law and Sciences

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
New York School of Law and Sciences


Will be provided on request

To draft a personalized chief of police resume, you do not need to do anything except for recalling your experience and qualifications and enlisting it down in a format similar to the sample resume.

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