Junior DBA Resume

We have presented here a Junior DBA resume. This resume template is crafted to suit the needs of job seekers and help them put up their key career features on a resume effectively. Also, we have provided a description of a junior DBA 's role in an organization. We hope these details help you develop your resume professionally.

As name suggests, the DBA is responsible to manage the database systems of the organization. He manages the information preserved in databases. Managing a database includes all functions of designing, configuration, and maintenance. He develops strategies to customize the database to improve its performance, enhance capacity and implement the security measures. They require technical knowledge of servers, software, intranet, operating systems, etc., to be successful in this career. Database administrators are enjoying a steady growth in opportunities for them. As an organization expands, the size of its information and database increases too. Since the DBAs help to manage the vast data of the organization, they are hired and retained by the organizations in big numbers.

Junior DBA Resume Sample

Neville Stanley
16N, Mckinley Street, Philadelphia , PA
577 - 267 - 8978

Career Objective

To secure a challenging position as a junior DBA in an established organization and utilize my technical skills and IT knowledge for managing organization's projects

Summary of Competencies

Educational Qualifications

Technical Knowledge

Business Skills

Experience Details

Career Summary

Have two and half years of experience in database administration. Have an experience in handling critical financial data that provides a base for computing statistics. Performed several functions of outlining a design for database and making updates to ensure the database provides faster results to the end user. Wish for an opportunity to experiment with databases of diverse nature.

Job Responsibilities

Working a junior DBA with McKesson Financial Inc. in Philadelphia from March 2010 till date. My duties and responsibilities include:

Worked as a trainee DBA with McKesson Financial Inc. in Philadelphia from September 2009 till February 2010. My duties and responsibilities included:


Personal Details

Name: Neville Stanley
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 28th June 1986
Hobbies: Reading, Traveling
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Willing to work in Shifts: Yes
Willing to Travel: Yes


Angela Dawson
Chief Database Administrator
McKesson Financial Inc., Philadelphia
577 - 147 - 8956

Here is a Junior DBA resume that complies with the professional standards of resume writing. We have presented the summary of skills before listing the experience details. You are free to change the order of sections if you think that your responsibilities put up a more impressive picture of your career. The order for presenting information can be changed as long as the key features of the profile are listed first.

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