Junior Software Engineer Resume

A job search can be difficult. But the only thing that comes to your rescue is the resume. Hence, it is important to draft a resume that is professional and noteworthy, which will help you grab recruiter's attention. To simplify this task, we have presented here a junior software engineer resume. Refer to this sample to understand how a resume must ideally look like.

Software is a collection of computer programs or a set of instructions that denotes the functionality of a system. Every computer or a computer aided machine is built with certain expectations. It is expected to perform certain activities that will simplify the organization's work. The software engineers are responsible to make these applications by writing codes and programming it to perform certain functions. Besides programming, they design, develop, test and upgrade the software. They may perform documentation tasks too. A software engineer may develop data management software, gaming modules, researching software or a software that controls machines on assembly line. A software engineer works on project basis where he gathers information about the client's needs and develops suitable software. Many software engineers work for more than 8 hours of the day and on weekends too, to ensure that the projects get completed on time.

Junior Software Engineer Resume Sample

Daniel Stuart
32N, Peachtree Street, Tucson, AZ 95562
877 - 065 - 4847

Career Objective

To work at the position of software engineer and contribute to the organization by using my skills in designing, programming and development. To acquire expertise in handling projects successfully under minimum supervision.

Career Summary

I have been working with Stars Software Solutions from October 2009. After completing the training for six months, I was given the position of a junior software engineer. I am an applications specialist and in this span of 3 years I have developed applications for different projects. It included video games, business operations software, industrial automation, e-learning, etc.

Work Experience

Designation: Junior Software Engineer
Organization Name: Stars Software Solutions, Tucson
Duration: May 2010 - till date
Duties and Responsibilities:

Designation: Trainee Software Engineer
Organization Name: Stars Software Solutions, Tucson
Duration: October 2009 - April 2010
Duties and Responsibilities:

Technical Skills

Have proficient knowledge and profound experience in working with:

Educational Qualifications

Course Name: Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering
University Name: Tucson University
Year of Passing: 2008
Grade: First Class

Personal Details

Name: Daniel Stuart
Birthdate: 25th July 1987
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Hobbies: Reading, Writing poetry
Preferred Location: New York, Tucson


Name: Amanda Collins
Designation: Sr. Software Engineer
Organization Name: Stars Software Solutions Inc., Tucson
Telephone Number: 688 - 023 - 4748
Email Id: amandacollins@example.com

A software engineer performs an array of responsibilities for developing software. All of his skills and responsibilities need to be showcased on a resume well, if the engineer wants to progress in his career. Hence, we have attempted at creating this junior software engineer resume template to guide all aspirant engineers to find suitable entry level jobs. We wish you great success in your future.

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