Junior UNIX Administrator Resume

Several job seekers shy away from accepting junior level positions. They think that working at junior positions may make their careers stagnant and slow down their prospects of working at senior levels. Contrary to this belief, junior positions are perfect for a start since they give an opportunity to learn and experiment with work. Also, there is minimal pressures of responsibilities on a junior. Hence, we have provided here a junior UNIX administrator resume to help the job seekers to apply for entry level jobs in IT field. We have highlighted the key responsibilities that an administrator handles while working at junior level in this sample. We hope that this profile relates to your experience.

UNIX is an operating system that facilitates multitasking and multiuser utility. UNIX supports the software and hardware components of the computer system. Thus, the UNIX administrator is expected to manage these applications that operate on UNIX systems. As an administrator, he handles various functions that help to maintain the efficiency of the system. It includes installing systems demanded by the clients/users. If required, the administrators make changes to the technical specifications of the applications before setting it up for use. Over the period of time, he manages the functioning of the applications by adding features, opening accounts and managing data. He provides acute security to the systems by giving it passwords and user verification codes. He provides excellent technical support to end users. He troubleshoots the system in event of virus threats, bugs or manual breakdown of the systems. He plays a crucial role in restoring and maintaining the efficiency of the equipments.

Sample Junior Unix Administrator Resume

Peter Stew
Address: 17 South, Kingston Street, Fort Worth, TX 57741
Contact Number: 577 - 412 - 8794
Email Id: peterstew@example.com

Career Objective

Secure a position as a Unix administrator and provide my technical expertise in managing the databases and software models of the organization

Key Skills

Work Experience

Designation: Junior Unix Administrator
Organization: Myriad Technical Solutions
Location : Fortworth, Texas
Duration: March 2010 - till date

Designation: Trainee Unix Administrator
Organization: Versatile Software Inc.
Location : Fortworth, Texas
Duration: July 2008 - February 2010

Educational Qualifications

Personal Details

Name: Peter Stew
Date of Birth: 1st October 1988
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single
Interest Areas: Painting, Reading
Nationality: American
Current Location: Fort Worth
Preferred Location: Anywhere in Texas


Name: Rafael Gilbert
Designation: Chief Technical Expert
Organization: Myriad Technical Solutions, Fort Worth
Contact Number: 577 - 456 - 1487
Email Id: rafaelgilbert@example.com

We have given here a junior unix administrator resume. A resume gives an idea about the professional behavior of the candidate. Hence, refrain from making any grave mistakes within your resume. Verify the final draft for grammar, language and factual errors. Ensure tidiness and organized structure for the resume. A professional resume is the one that is accurate and neat. Hence, if you want your job search to succeed, then use a professional resume.

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