Cognos Architect Resume

A Cognos architect resume should be written in a way which can impress a potential employer very easily. If you have the right qualification, education and experience and you can it present well to the employers, the chances of getting an interview call is much higher. Since this is a technical position, the resume should clearly include all details of the technical knowledge and experience in details. If you are a fresher in the field, put enough stress on the educational qualifications and the technical knowledge you have acquired through the years. If you have some experience in the field and want to apply in some other companies or want move to a higher position, you must present a thorough description of your past responsibilities, roles and achievements.

Cognos is a software that has been develop by a major software company IBM. This is a successful and effective business intelligence and performance management software used by organizations across the world. This software enables companies to assess and take decisions in the area of finance, planning, strategy and analytical applications. There are several versions of Cognos software products and solutions that IBM has released in the market like Cognos Enterprise, Express, Insight, TM1, FSR, Controller, Platform, Xcelerator, etc., to name a few. These type of software products may be used by big organizations, small or medium enterprises, departments, and even individuals. New Cognos softwares are continuously being developed and released, the latest version being the updated version of TM1.

Working on Cognos software products and solutions requires an in-depth knowledge of the software and its application. There are different roles and responsibilities to work on the software and are performed by individuals with specific expertise. Cognos architect is a professional who has the specialization to develop, design, integrate and implement the products and solution, thereby allowing proper application in various Cognos based projects.

A resume sample of an experienced Cognos architect is given below to give you a clear idea that you need for preparing a well drafted resume. You may refer to the sample and draft your resume by making the necessary changes according to your relevant education, experience and other specifications.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Brandi. D Potts
4930 Powder House Road
Lake Worth, FL33463
Tel: 561-693-2993
Email ID-

Career Objective

Seeking the position of an architect in a reputed technology/IT firm that offers immense growth opportunities and allows me to utilize my Cognos experience and business intelligence skills for the advancement of a project and the organization.


Skills and Proficiencies

Professional Experience

Educational Qualifications

Major Achievements


Name: Eric Hallen
Designation: Sr. Software Manager
Organization Name: ABC Technologies. Ltd., New York
Telephone Number: 793-XXX- XXXX
Email Id:

Writing a resume needs good writing and analytical skills. Thus, when you draft a Cognos architect resume, be sure of the fact that you provide authentic information only. Be aware of the fact that duplication or fake information may result in rejection of the resume. Remember to never miss out any points which have been a major achievement or experience in your career. You can always refer to professional resume writing services or sample resumes as mentioned above, but do match it with your specifications and make changes as required.

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