Enterprise Application Integration Resume

An Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) resume is drafted with the aim of applying for the relevant job position. This is a technical field and thus the resume must be written in a proper way to make an effective impact on the prospective employer. A technical resume must include all details of personal and professional qualifications and skill sets. One should always remember that any new development/s and achievement/s in education or experience should always be updated in the resume from time to time.

Enterprise application integration is the process of integrating various software applications and systems in an organization. An organization includes a large number of systems, operations and applications across all levels such as human resource, finance, customer relationship management, supply chain management, inventory, sales, marketing and communications, etc. It is highly impossible to communicate or access information and data amongst each other manually, giving rise to 'information silos'. Thus, EAI integration is used to link these applications (arising from multiple locations of each department) to access business data or information anytime in an enterprise. This helps in automation of all business processes across the organization to smoothly run the system and maximize utility.

The job positions in the arena of enterprise application integration differ according to the job description and hierarchy of each position. The positions targeted by job seekers in this field of work vary being engineer, architect, manager, consultant and so on. A sample resume of EAI is provided below for the job seekers to get an overview of the essential points and factors to be mentioned in the resume. One may refer to this sample and draft their own resume in the same format, but with specific information changes.

Sample Resume

Contact Information

Ronald K. Santana
2273 Lodgeville Road
Richfield, MN 55423
Tel: 580-261-9541
Email ID- ronaldsan@freemail.com

Career Objective

To gain experience in enterprise application integration environment and work towards integrating all application across the organization.

Skills and Proficiencies

Professional Experience

Company- Some Corporation Ltd., NY
Designation: EAI Architect
Duration- May 2007 to Dec 2011

Job responsibilities:

Company- XYZ Inc, NY
Designation: EAI Consultant
Duration- Sept 2003 to May 2007

Job Responsibilities:

Technical Skills and Knowledge

Technologically sound and proficient in the use various computer and software programs and applications across all levels. Some of the major technical skills are:

Educational Qualifications

Professional Training & Certifications

Personal Details

Name: Ronald K. Santana
Sex : Male
Age: 35 years
Marital Status: Married
Date of Birth: April 14, 1977
Nationality: American
Languages Known: English and Spanish


Approach an organization with a well drafted enterprise application integration resume along with a job application to get an interview call soon. Proofread the resume many times before sending it and make it a simple and comprehensive document.

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