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Choosing the right career and excelling in a particular field is extremely important and challenging in this competitive world. Enterprise application management is a technology driven field, which involves management of system and application integration on a platform to make it available to all departments in an enterprise. This is a challenging work and if you wish to apply for a job in this area, draft an enterprise application manager resume in the right format with the right information and send it to a potential employer.

In this era of diversifying and growing business environment, organizations are engaged in multi-functional activities. Technology has enabled to carry out these functions quickly and efficiently. Each function comprises of separate set of applications and systems. To maintain a continuous flow of information and data across all levels of enterprise, the applications are integrated at a common platform and such a process is known as enterprise application integration. This is made possible through the use of computer software programs and systems.

An enterprise application manager is responsible for managing and administering individual applications from different sources. He/she is involved in planning and coordinating the process of integration for smooth running of business operations. He/she must have leadership qualities and good problem solving skills to carry out his/her daily job duties efficiently.

A sample resume is given below for your perusal. Before drafting you resume, you are advised to read the sample and then extract the necessary information you want to include in your resume.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Lillian C. Buck
334 Main Street
Redmond, WA, 98052
Tel: 425-657-4077
Email ID- lillianbuck@freemail.com

Career Objective

Seeking a managerial position to manage the IT system and applications of an organization by utilizing my extensive technical knowledge and management skills.


Skills and Proficiencies

Professional Experience

Tenure: June 2010 to present
Company: SoftTech Corp. Ltd., WA
Position: Enterprise Application Manager
Job responsibilities:

Tenure: May 2005 - June 2010
Company: ABC Inc Ltd, WA
Position: EAI Project Manager
Job Responsibilities:

Tenure: May 2004 - Apr 2005
Company: Noname Corporation, WA
Position: Technical Engineer
Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

Technical Proficiency

Major Achievements


Name: Mary Hobbs
Designation: Associate Vice President
Organization Name: ABC Inc Ltd., WA
Telephone number- 987-XXX-XXXX
Email Id: maryhobbs@example.com

Prepare your enterprise application manager resume in a precise and perfect way to impress an employer. Be very careful and avoid making grammatical, spelling or factual mistakes in the document. The best thing is to proof-read and review the document several times before sending it.

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