Enterprise Content Management Resume

Enterprise content management resume is drafted with the aim of providing a concise introduction of a job seeker who may be a fresher, or is already working in this area, or looking for a job switch. An individual who wishes to apply in such a position of content management field must present a self-explained document to a recruiter who finds it easy to shortlist the candidate.

Enterprise content management (ECM) is the process of managing and organizing the content or documents of an enterprise through the use of certain strategies, methods and tools. It involves document management, web content management, record management, and other related fields. The process does the job of managing, storing and preserving the content or documents, so that it can be used by multiple users to perform organizational functions and processes. The content or data may be of different forms like paper document, database, electronic - email or web content. ECM helps to integrate and manage data, streamline operations, reduce cost and increase revenue for an enterprise. An individual may specialize in this field and can become a specialist, architecture or manager. Some of the reputed content management tools used by multiple users are GoogleDocs, Buzzword, Peeple, Open Text, SharePoint and Documentum.

Thus, understanding the job responsibilities and keeping a pace with your career objective, you need to present a resume to the recruiter which will market your skills, qualifications, professional experience, achievements and other related details. This particular document should speak on your behalf as its first step and convince an employer that you are capable of carrying out the duties efficiently. In order to guide you to draft such an impressive resume, we have provided a sample below. You can use this as a reference and personalize it with relevant information.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Bradley M. Brown
4563 Desert Broom Court
Jersey City, NJ 07304
Tel: 201-741-3685
Email ID- bradleybrown@freemail.com

Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity to be a part of an enterprise while using my content management skills and knowledge to improve the organizational processes. Key Qualifications

Technical Expertise

Work Experience

Tenure: June 2010 till date
Company: ABC Co. Ltd., NJ
Position: Enterprise Content Manager
Job responsibilities:

Tenure: May 2007 - June 2010
Company: High Business Solution, NJ
Position: Enterprise content Specialist
Job Responsibilities:

Tenure: Oct 2006 - Apr 2007
Company: Noname Associates, NJ
Position: Trainee ( Content Management)
Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications


  1. Name: Christine Jeffery
    Designation: Content Manger
    Organization Name: High Business Solution, NJ
    Telephone number- 987-XXX-XXXX
    Email Id: christine@example.com

  2. Name: Sandra Peter
    Designation: Senior Enterprise Content Specialist
    Organization Name: ABS Co. Ltd., NJ
    Telephone: 876-XXX-XXXX
    Email Id: peters@example.com

The above sample enterprise content management resume will surely help you to get a good job and move ahead towards a growing career path. There are high chances of you getting shortlisted for the interview process, if you can present yourself in a positive way and possess the matching qualification criteria.

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