Enterprise Data Management Resume

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is the process of managing, securing and preserving data for multiple users across different levels in an organization. Through this process, the database of an enterprise is maintained to allow easy flow of information and improve the user access facility. Such a system aids to promote an effective and cooperative work environment. If you aspire to work for a company specializing in this field, you can draft an enterprise data management resume and approach the right recruiter who are looking for such people.

Enterprise Data Management is an effective system and is widely used across the world for organizational efficiency and reduction of cost. The availability of stored data and information helps the users to perform their tasks and integrate various applications. This system requires proper methods, technology and resources to handle such huge database of an entire organization. EDM involves varied components to be managed like data architecture, quality management, security, governance and so on, working in coordination with the stake-holder's requirements, policies and regulations and platform requirements. EDM work is carried out by architects, analysts, specialists and managers. Such positions are filled with experts who have an equivalent combination of education, skills, abilities and technical acumen.

We are sure that you must have got an overview of the data management process from the above explanation. With this, we are here to provide a sample resume format for your reference. Read the sample before drafting your own resume and customize it with your education, experience, skills, etc.

Sample Resume

Contact Information

Rebeca B. Robledo
1414 Sussex Court
Dallas, TX 75235
Tel: 254-379-3396
Email ID- elliot@freemail.com

Career Objective

I Aaim to enhance my data management knowledge and skills to become an expert in the field and handle the enterprise data management system to improve the organizational efficiency and growth.

Personal Skills

Technical Skills

Professional Experience

Work Duration: June 2010 to May 2012
Organization Name: Sapphire Pvt. Ltd., TX
Position: Enterprise Database Manager
Job responsibilities:

Work Duration: Mar 2007- June 2010
Organization Name: Some Name Inc, TX
Position: Enterprise Database Architect
Job Responsibilities:

Work Duration: Mar 2006- Mar 2007
Organization Name: Some Name Inc, TX
Position: Enterprise Database Specialist
Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications

Personal Details

Name: Rebeca B. Robledo
Sex : Female
Date of Birth: Sept 27' 1985
Father's Name: Peter B. Robledo
Nationality: American
Professional Experience: Six years


Name: Eric Hoffmen
Designation: AVP- EDM
Organization Name: Sapphire Pvt. Ltd., TX
Telephone Number: 254-XXX- XXXX
Email Id: meyersandra@example.com

You have to be extremely precise and careful while writing your enterprise data management resume. Avoid making any mistakes in facts, figures, spellings and grammar. Review the document before presenting it to any recruiter. A complete and comprehensive resume will help you to achieve your career objective.

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