Bad Manners Directly Affects Individual’s Career

Well it does not require some superlative levels of IQ, to realize that bad manners do affect our career growth. It is more than evident, that if you are yelling at your co worker this hour, you may very well expect some serious consequences the next hour. Again, is it just fine to miss out some occasional thank-yous, sorries or pleases with your colleagues or that cashier at the cafeteria? Think about it.yelling at coworker

Right from a very tender age, we have been trained to display the best possible etiquettes with people around us. We have spent our school lives imbibing those within us. Therefore, when we set our foot in our professional lives, all of us actually need to behave as epitomes of correct mannerism. However, the truth stands at an opposite track and is an open secret for all.

Don’t you think that with age, following correct or proper ways of conduct, slowly become the secondary concern in our lives? We tend to skip some primary behavioral norms, in the name of work load pressure. The worst scenario is that, most professionals do not even realize that their professional behavior snags their career advancements.

So, if you are putting in all your efforts to perform well or achieving targets easily and still not receiving that much awaited promotion offer letter, you need to think from a different perspective now. It is not unlikely, that you have been cornered as an unprofessional and you are not even aware of it.

This post aims to highlight some souring professional behavior that cumbers your perks. If you can connect with any of these, you already know all reasons behind your stagnant career.

“My work schedule is supreme”

Are your coworkers feeling that you respect your own time or work and not their’s?

Well, if you are not sure with the answer, try this exercise…

Hurry man

Think if every morning, when you are there in the elevator with few of your colleagues and on reaching the floor, you try rushing out of it, in an attempt to be the first one to reach office?? Perhaps, you are ending up dashing the fresher who is just a month old in your office.

Have you ever instructed the person at the cafeteria to serve you your breakfast plate as soon as you have ordered it, because you have plenty of work to complete??

Do you organize team meetings at any part of the day without wanting to know the convenience of others??

Now, if you are doing these things, or anything close to them, that gives a similar impression to your colleagues at your workplace; its TIME TO CHANGE MY FRIEND..

You may have 15 years of vast experience in your domain. You do have plenty of tasks to complete; may be more than anybody else in your company. You do form an indispensable part of your organization. However, can you run the company all alone? I guess NO.

Every employee starting from the cleaner to security guards, managers and CEOs; all play their roles to ensure smooth running of their organizations.

There is no harm, if you wait for few seconds, and allow others to exit the elevator first. Respect begets respect. Your co workers and subordinates know your work load and perhaps the next time you offer them to leave the elevator before you; they will happily do the same for you.

Blowing your own trumpet:

I ME and MYSELF – are the only words in your dictionary.

Oh! how much others are desperately wanting to erase you from their dictionaries.blowing your own trumpet

It is true that you need to sell your skills and accomplishments to climb up the corporate ladder; however, there is a perfect way of doing this. Irrespective of how happy or proud you are about yourself, you just cannot go on blabbering about it, to anybody and everybody you come across.

The sun does not need an external source of light to become visible. Similarly, if you are doing quite well at your work front, you do not need a microphone to announce it to everyone in your office. They will know this easily.

Again, when you want your seniors to consider these and offer you some salary hikes, or incentives and promotions, request for appraisals based on your accomplishments.

Leave some scope for others to congratulate you on your achievements and do not get too busy driving out congratulatory notes from others. Rather, thanking others who assisted you in reaching this position is what will make you exemplary for others and drive greater respect and recognition – something that you are craving for.

Turning deaf ears to others:

Do you use your tongue more than your ears??

Do you feel that you always have the most important things to share??

Are you someone who interrupts others in any conversation, just to speak your heart out??interrupts others

Be honest while answering this. If you get a “Yes” for an answer; no matter how hurting it can be for you, you need to know that people are hating you for this.

This may be a very trivial thing and you may consider it very easy to curb this out from your system. However, easier said than done; you need huge practice and time to give up these bad habits. Start from today to see some significant changes, few months later.

No Sorry no Thank you:

This is something we mostly tell our friends to strengthen the bond; however, it is damaging for friends who are co workers, let alone individuals who are nothing more than colleagues for us.sorry

Make it a habit of showing your gratitude towards all; including that person at the cafeteria and your best buddy at office. This is something that we are taught at an early age and that does not imply, we need to erase it early from our lives.

Most professionals admit that they usually eliminate these words at times of heavy work load or when they are in a bad mood or tensed.

Therefore, it becomes extremely essential, that you practice and make it a habit of saying thank-you, sorry or please whenever required from today itself. So that, one day it will become a natural phenomenon and you will not require any mental preparation or state of mind to express your gratitude.

Attitude makes Habit; Habit makes Character and Character makes or breaks an individual. Therefore, try inculcating the best behavioral norms within you. So that you are not only respected for your professional efficiency, but also for the kind of person you are.