Best Jobs for Geeks

Each time I come across the word “geek,” there is this one person who occupies my mind. I say just one because; not everyone is a born geek. We do not come across number of people each day, who can be clubbed in this category. Do we?

Perhaps, you have also come across one or two in your life time. However, this G word has been reduced to a more colloquial language. It is largely used to describe someone who is obsessed with a hobby and stays a little detached from rest of the world.geeks

Now, who is a geek? They are people with over intellectual pursuit. And it is this pursuit that has lead to various innovations and developments. Now this reminds me of this one name; Sir Tim Berners Lee – The one who invented world wide web.

It was Sir Tim Berners Lee who proposed the idea of hypertext that could help researches share hypertext documents across the internet. And he is someone to whom I am personally obliged to. It is perhaps because of him I am being able to share my thoughts with all my lovely readers!

Now, I am sure you also hold someone to be the epitome of “Geekiness.” However, have you ever thought of walking in their footsteps? Can you become the next Tim Berner Lee or Newton or Dennis Ritchie?

Well, if you consider yourself as one of those geeks, who have higher levels of intellect and passion that cannot be matched by others; then you can definitely try your luck in some of these rising career options suitable for geeks only.

Jobs especially for geeks:

Mentioned below is a list of jobs with their description that are suitable for geeks. Read this to find a suitable career choice for yourself.

Software Engineers:

If communicating with a computer appears to be more fun than talking to your next door neighbor, then software engineering can be your call. While all of us complain of not being able to meet genuine people to talk to; your computer can never fake. You run a perfect code and your computer is happy to show expected results. Some follies in debugging and your system crashes down. Isn’t that fun?Software Engineer

While you are developing software to run a scalable business, you can earn loads while doing something you enjoy the most. In addition, with technological advancements taking place at a rapid pace, you can be assured to have a long and promising career for a life time.


For many people, a book is where they find solace. They are ardent readers who find extreme contentment and pleasure to explore new ideas, facts and knowledge from books. And the story does not end here; they use their acquired knowledge to make new innovative inventions for rest of the world. They are none other than researchers.Researcher

Working as a researcher needs huge passion for reading. After all you need to go back to books to earn knowledge sufficient to make new inventions. They work in research labs to convert ideas into realities. Besides, they also need to have strong writing skills to present their findings in the most easiest and acceptable manner for general public.

Therefore, if you too are fascinated to build a career in this profile, choose your field of interest and contribute towards the development of your chosen field. Thereby, earning handsome salary packages.

Technical Writers:

Technical writing is a suitable career for linguistic geeks. They are required to describe electronic items that are newly invented. For this, they need to test and review the products. They need to study various salient features of products and present them before customers in the most impressive manner.Technical Writer Geek

They also need to compare these new inventions with their older versions. This requires huge study and research. A good blend of technical knowledge and writing skills with passion for the subject is what you need to become a technical writer.

Forensic Technicians:

Investigation of any crime scene unveils different characters. However, it is the forensic technician who can develop relations between characters to narrate the true story that took place. These professionals spend their working days in a lab; mostly alone, amongst dead bodies, blood samples, crime weapons and finger prints to discover untold and unheard tales.Forensic Technician

It is their findings that direct investigators towards the right path. Forensic science is one of the advanced branches of science and technology that offers great career options. If you are someone who enjoys his/her own company doing things you are passionate about, try making a career in this profile.

Becoming a forensic technician requires candidates to have good analytical and reasoning skills. Besides, education in natural science is the only key to your forensic school. Thereafter, extensive education and lab experience prepares you for landing this profession.


The word geek naturally lands us to this profession. Geeks are thought to possess special rights of working in this profession. And probably this is justified. Becoming a scientist needs extreme dedication, focus and intellect and not many are born with perfect combination of all three. Therefore, there are only few who can work in this profile and make significant contribution to the field.Scientist geekWell these were few career options best suited for geeks. However, there can be numerous other careers in this list. In other words, every job and every professional can be referred to as a Geek, only when they really have strong love and interest for the job role they are working in.

This was all about careers suitable for geeks. Hope you found this blog relevant to your search.