Choose a Career According to Your Personality

All of us start working at an age when we already have our own individuality. An outlook towards life, an opinion about things and an attitude towards the external environment. A few important things that determine our personality. Adapting to things or situations is important. However, the question is, to what extent can you attempt to fit in a place that has no resemblance to your inner self and conviction?Career According to Personality

Letting go off your credence to earn a penny more, is that worth it? Yes, perhaps it can buy you a better lifestyle. Perhaps, the luxury becomes affordable then. However a job that you don’t consider to be a great work – can that make you happy? Perhaps No. Well, counting the perks you earn can simply help you to be pretentious about feeling good and happy about the job. However, deep down, when you are alone, in a moment of confession, there’s something that tells you that “no this is not where I belong.”

Although, you may not realize, but pursuing a job that doesn’t make you feel good and satisfied cannot be carried out with the utmost efficiency. You may force yourself to reach targets at the cost of your personal life, health, true potential and perhaps your work quality as well. And this may make you a performer but not a consistent long term player. On the other hand, a job that you love will never take a toll on other aspects of your life, and even if it does it will never be felt.

So, how can you choose a career that suits your personality? Below mentioned are some vital issues, knowing which can help you land satisfactory professional life. The first among these is:

Know yourself to love your job:

An elementary mistake that all professionals make is to take career decisions on the basis of someone else’s success rates. Two people possessing similar skills do not make them suitable for exactly same job your job

Today, having a knack in maths does not make you a mathematician alone. You have plenty of job scopes related to the subject and yet every role is different from the other. Being a writer does not mean that you become an author writing bestsellers after every two years. Your passion in writing can make you a copywriter, social media writer, marketing copywriter, creative writer and so on and so forth. So, what’s that one thing that appeals to you the most is what you need to know.

Once you find that, getting into a profession that you will enjoy as well as earn is not very incredible.

A bad workplace does not demean your job:

Now, this is tricky. Annoying coworkers, a long and difficult commute to the workplace, an insatiable boss and incapable team mates adds to your professional agony. However, do they make your job role less significant in anyway? Conversely, can an exceptionally friendly office environment and supportive boss earn you job satisfaction? Think about it.bad workplace

Professionals need to realize that workplace and career goals are in a way related to each other; however, they do not have a proportional relationship.

You may land yourself in a place where the environment is hostile, and yet it offers you a scope or an opportunity to learn and grow. What should be the course of your action? Well, the choice is yours. There are ways of dealing with a bad boss or a difficult workplace. Escaping from the place for situations that can be handled well is not a wise decision. On the other hand, if you can pull yourself for a few more days and explore all those things that the place has to offer – you not only come out as a fighter but also a winner.

Nevertheless, if you are someone who can thrive well in a supportive and friendly environment only; forcing yourself to continue in a difficult workplace in the pursuit of learning something new is pointless. You will never learn anything out of it and rather may end up in a state where you neither have mental satisfaction nor professional fulfillment.

Can you really love a job that pays you less?

Well, it has been repeatedly mentioned that financial satisfaction may not drive self fulfillment. However, salary packages are not something that can be ignored altogether. After all, the primary reason that we attend colleges, opt for further studies and go through interview sessions is to earn a handsome a job that pays you less

Therefore, if the salary you are earning discourages you and makes the job futile, you definitely need to switch to another job that meets your salary expectations. However, if a low salary job is offering you some learning experiences then you can skip a few pennies to learn something that can earn you dollars tomorrow.

This is again something that depends on your choice and attitude. A money oriented person will find job satisfaction when the work can earn him expected salaries. On the other hand, a person who sees the job role and responsibilities above money; will never be in a position to feel good about profiles that don’t meet their choice despite of heavy packages it may offer.

Finally, not everyone can land dream jobs. Certain willingly made adjustments are necessary to be content with the profession you follow. However, the question is for how long and to what extent you can adjust with unexpected or undesired circumstances?

Well a job of choice does not mean that you do not have to make adjustments. It only suggests that the adaptations can be easier and subtle. Therefore, knowing your inner self, your capabilities of dealing with the external environment, your definition of financial stability are important to determine a job that will suit you and keep you happy.

This was all about choosing jobs that suit your personality. Hope the above discussion was found useful by you in some form or other. Wish you all the very best in your search for a perfect job.