Few Tips for Searching RN Jobs

Searching for a job is no child’s play. Having required educational qualification and experience is not enough for getting a good job. Interviewers will call you only if they get to know about your talent in the right way. In this age of tough competition, where the fear of unemployment kills the confidence of even the best candidate, it is essential that you know the right way of searching jobs so that you don’t miss out on the best opportunity. This is true about any job. If you are studying nursing and planning to apply for jobs in the relevant sector, you must know certain tricks and tips for searching jobs. After all, all your hard-work, experience, goals and skill sets are meant to provide you the best job opportunity.Nurse

Who is a Registered Nurse?

A Registered Nurse works in hospitals (both medical and surgical environments), home health care services, physician’s offices, support services, government and educational institutions. The typical duties of a RN include taking care of a variety of patients, administering wound care, medications and treatments, performing various diagnostic tests, consulting with physicians and reporting about patient’s behaviour, making important decisions regarding needed actions etc. These professionals also provide healthcare counselling and education.

How to search for RN jobs?

If you have the required degrees, relevant work experience and want to work in healthcare, you may start preparing for getting your dream job. And the first step of getting any job is the search for the particular job. You may be aware of the easiest and one of the oldest ways of job search- submitting online applications and emailing resumes to the prospective employers. Will this much effort land you your preferred job? No.

You should be doing something more. Read on the following effective tips that will set you apart.

  • Identify your goals: A nursing graduate can not apply for a post which a nurse with 10 years of experience or more can apply for. This means that the career objectives differ at different stages of your career. Thus it is imperative to set your short and long term objectives. It will help you save time and energy. You know which jobs to shortlist. Selecting jobs that match your career objectives, salary expectation, preferred location and work schedules will surely make you enjoy the process.
  • Create your cover letter and resume: A resume does almost 50% of the work in getting you your dream job. Advertise about your talents and skill sets that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is a powerful weapon that must strike the right chord. Once the hiring authority goes through your resume, they should shortlist you for the interview. You must attach a cover letter with your resume.

Here you must note the difference between your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be written in a subjective way to explain how you can excel in the particular job, how the present company culture appeals you. A typical cover letter is written in a 3-4 concise paragraphs about how you meet the criteria for the job so that the readers feel an instant eagerness to refer to your resume. A resume, on the other hand, contains sequential information about your educational qualification, work experience, dates of employment, skill sets, contact number, address etc.

  • Search for the right kind of jobs: Hunting for the right job should be a disciplined process. If you are searching on the Internet, type keywords related to your preferred location, degrees, specialization field. For example, you may be a RN with a specialization in neo-natal intensive care. You will get necessary results in lesser time, if you enter ‘neo-natal intensive care’ in your keyword while searching. Thus you can avoid unnecessary details also.
  • Use connections and networks: Make connections so that people get to know about you and your talents. During their courses, nurses are placed in practical clinical settings which are great ways to establish contacts. Talk to the employees, learn about their profiles, make friends with some really good people so that they can refer you to their employers in the future. You can also ask for letters of reference from them. Don’t forget to send thank-you notes to these people.

Besides these, here follows some more steps of networking:

=> Search for online discussion forum and make active participation. Post your ideas, share your knowledge and experience, if any. Though these conversations, you may get to know people. Join professional groups and participate in seminars also. You can get information about vacancies in hospitals and other settings from these people.

=> Attend nursing career fairs and conventions.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Buy some good business suit that make you look top notch. During programs such as those mentioned above, looking good will surely create the best possible impression for you.

=> Create simple business cards for yourself. Offer these cards to important people and don’t forget to obtain their cards.

  • Be disciplined and patient: A job hunting process may appear as exhausting and meaningless after sometime, especially if you are not getting expected interview calls. You must not lose hope. Make a new beginning, be disciplined and you will find your hard work paying off surely.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts in their national data that the job opportunities for registered nurses are going to increase by 26% by the year 2020. Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will have the best job opportunities. Although there will be availability of jobs, you must prepare yourself for the coming times in order to avoid fierce competition. Newspapers, online job portals, friends can give you information about vacancies and openings. But it is your effort that matters most, at the end of the day. Certainly you need to change your job finding strategies as the older methods don’t fit in the modern world anymore.