Few Work Opportunities After Retirement

Retirement is that phase when a person wants to spend life in a carefree way. Hanging out with friends, sharing untold stories with spouse, playing with grandchildren, vacationing in dream destinations and accomplishing some unfulfilled tasks may define retirement in the right way. This age-old concept is relevant till today. But with the changing times many new dimensions has been added to this concept.


Retirement, today, for many people is a chance to get back into the workforce with the same zeal. The motivating factor behind this decision may differ- many work to earn some extra bucks, others may like to continue with the previous lifestyle while there are some who view ‘working’ as the only pastime jobs. In a world guided by economic uncertainty and competition, working post-retirement is surely a great idea to rejoice for.

However work opportunities post retirement may differ. Retirees opt for both permanent and contractual jobs. Some may like to stick to their previous work field; others may like to explore some different areas that cater to their skill sets. For example, a retired techie might like to pursue a writing career. Writing has been her passion but for professional commitments and financial security, she has not been able to realize her dream. Now with her regular pension income, she might like to devote her time to writing completely. In this way, she can earn some extra money happily. ‘Happiness’ is an important factor especially in this age; when mental stress and dissatisfaction can take a toll on health quite easily. So whichever profession the retirees choose, they must keep their mental and physical ability in mind.

If a retiree wants to shift profession after retirement, she can consult employment experts who will help her in finding the right opportunity. Having said so, we give some of the best jobs in the market that can be alluring to the retirees also.

  • Freelancing: Freelancing jobs are common across the globe. Many companies, big or small offer this popular job option. They hire retirees on contractual or project basis and coach them as per requirement. It is important that the retirees research about the companies and know the details of their work. One can also go for online bidding sites or e-publishing sites.
  • Consultation: Being a consultant, a retiree can use her expertise, work relations and training. Many companies prefer to hire part-time consultants on project-basis as they can pay lesser as compared to full-time consultants. Also they need not pay for various benefits. The elderly persons need to build good client base and also be active in job searching so that they do not sit idle after completing one assignment and starting out another.
  • Health care jobs: Health care jobs will always be there. One can assist fellow senior, take care of the elderly or disabled people in their daily tasks. In many countries like USA, agencies hire patient advocates who might require going through a yearlong training process.

Other than this, there is huge scope for part-time jobs for retired nurses. One can act as home health nurses. Unlike their full-time jobs, the retired nurse can perform her duties in shifts. In the United States, a qualified, licensed and registered nurse can earn nearly $60 or more per hour.

  • Teaching: Teaching or providing tuition is a great option. Retirees can join schools, colleges or other coaching institutes and share their knowledge with the learners. Many educational institutions prefer elderly teachers as they have more experience than the younger lot.  It is a fact that unemployment issues and cost-cutting exercises have reduced the demand for part-time work opportunities for retired teachers.

Armed with a powerful background and solid expertise, interested senior persons may apply for jobs in various tutoring services. They can go for mouth publicity by asking friends or colleagues that they are interested in such services.

  • Retailer: Many retirees take retailer jobs. Although, these jobs don’t come with high salaries, but they offer flexible timings. Thus, an elderly person can work according to her wish. Also they need not spend much time finding such jobs as these can be found anywhere. There are seasonal jobs also. Like holidays are great times to find retail jobs. These jobs are also great for people who want to socialize.
  • Own retail business: Elderly people can start their own retail business. Today online businesses are growing up. If funding is an issue, two or three retired friends can fund and start up their own business.
  • Government jobs: In many countries like the US, age is not a constraint for government jobs. Part-time job opportunities in state, city and county governments are plenty. Payments are also quite good.
  • Work from home opportunities: Working from home is a brilliant idea for elderly people, especially for those who want to stay indoors or have minor health issues. Data entry jobs, call centre jobs etc. are some of the popular options.
  • Some different jobs: Many think of the life post retirement as a way of giving back to the society. Working in NGOs, day care centres, childcare services, animal shelters etc. can provide peace of mind along with a lesser but guaranteed income. This feeling of satisfaction cannot be measured in terms of money. child care

These are some of the popular ways of returning to work after retirement. For many senior workers finding their passion becomes the sole driving force. According to business coaches, retirees willing to join the workforce should accept the idea that learning and working can co-exist at any age. Besides giving valuable advice to the younger employees, the senior lot can learn from them also. Getting back to work helps in fighting isolation that creeps into our minds as we age. Again creativity and productivity does not really have any expiry age. So fighting stereotypes the retirees can add new feathers to their cap during the so-called ‘leisure phase’ of their lives.