How to Earn Respect at Office

What is it to be respected at workplace? Well, since there are no stereotyped definitions for this, all of us have different opinions. Below are certain assumptions about respect at work. These are opinions taken from people who have had an illustrious career in specific industries.



Now, can you relate yourself to any of these cases?

Case 1: Is “terrorizing” your tool to earn respect?

Mr. Jerry Wilson, Senior team lead, served at a top Software Development Organization for 16 long years. He had seen this organization grow from a small scale business to one of the leading software companies in state. For all these years, he had managed numerous teams and it was his farewell meet, when he had to learn a harsh truth about his professional tenure.terrorizing

One of his coworkers while delivering a farewell speech shared at a light note, that they felt so terrified in his presence, that they would skip meals or any job of utmost priority, only to complete tasks assigned by him.

This came as a real shocker for Jerry as he always believed that people respected and liked to work with him and hence, showed highest performance or efficiency levels!

Now, its not Jerry alone who has this misconception. There are many who are of the opinion that terrorizing subordinates is the best way to earn respect and get the work done. However, this is wrong and being in Jerry’s position is the worst thing that can happen to any professional.

Case 2: If you are invisible you’re far from respect:

Lets take another instance, Miss Lucy James, is working as a Nurse in the OPD department of her hospital for the past five years.invisible

She likes her workplace as her coworkers are good with her. They laugh at her jokes, wish each other every morning, bid goodbyes at the end of the day. In addition, she is never chided by her superiors, or for that matter, never asked to make any improvement on the job front or make any contribution in decision making, despite her five years of experience.

Now, this is tricky and most of us do not realize this fact. So ask yourself if you too are working in a similar work environment? If yes, you need to know that you no longer exist in that workplace; let alone earning respect.

You are respected on the job front only when your work is counted. You are noticed by your superiors, asked for suggestions or ways of improvement. Your ideas are at least given a thought if not implemented. If all of these are missing, you need to know that perhaps your presence or absence is making no difference. And when others around sense this before you, they somehow start disrespecting you.

Case 3: Do you count high salaries to be a sign of respect?

Mentoring new joiners for around 8 years now, Miss Annie is extremely confident and content with her professional life. She believed that she was highly regarded at her workplace as she made huge contributions in developing careers of her trainees and thereby providing the company with efficient workforce.high salaries

In addition, she was probably one of the highest payed employee in her organization and that confirmed her assumptions.

However, when one of her former trainees deliberately skipped her name from the long thanksgiving note which he delivered, after he won the Best Performer award for the third consecutive time, she was seriously taken aback.

Well, if you are not being appreciated or winning praises from your coworkers, subordinates and superiors; you need to know that they do not respect you for the work you do and the contributions you make. There can be numerous reasons for this behavior from their side and you need to figure it out yourself.

Whatsoever may be the case, you need to know how to earn that respect at your workplace. However, before you learn this, you need to eliminate these above mentioned tools or opinions about respect at work.

How to earn respect at workplace?

Do not be demanding, but be deserving:

Well, it is lame when people force others to respect them. Everyone knows that respect is earned and not demanded. Again, every professional; no matter what role or designation he/she handles, is definitely entitled to be treated well and respected by everyone around.deserving respect

However, it is only when professionals become too demanding that they even loose the minimum respect they deserve. Now, if you wish to go beyond the minimum, you will again have to work for it.

Be perfect on the professional front and see how you slowly rise up to a different level where people look up to you as an inspiration and example.

However, let it be natural; for if you force people to notice and appreciate your work, you demean yourself and the work done.

Share your success with others around:

Its natural that if you want your subordinates and team members to owe their success to your efforts; you need to do the same.success share

This is a core requisite for professionals working in a team. No matter how great your contribution or how insignificant their efforts are; when you are working in a team, you need to share the success with everyone involved. And again, if you are a leader, you ought to give out the lion’s share to your team; only then you can earn their respect.

You need to prove your worth all the time:

Well, if you get stagnant with your current profile and make no efforts for advancement, you cannot have employers trust you for more responsible and significant roles.prove your worth

Therefore, continuous efforts to enhance your knowledge and skills so that you are noticed by everyone, is essential to earn respect from others. Success and talent is always respected. Therefore, when you can continuously prove your worth and appear as a treasure for your organization, you will definitely be respected.

Know how to Respect yourself:

Well, this is probably the most important of all. Someone who is not respectful of oneself, can never earn the same from others.

Being confident about your abilities, to be content and not proud of your accomplishments and keeping your own words, are signs that you respect yourself as an individual. Again, when you can empathize others around and be a patient listener to them when required, you project yourself as a good human being. Thus, respect comes naturally to you.

This was all about what is respect at workplace and how to earn it. Hope you have found this relevant to your search.