How to Spend Time After Work

A man’s company decides his character. Similarly, the way he spends his free hours can be a fine parameter to judge his personality. His habits, manners, and the way he fills-in his hours after work is a deciding factor about his attitude towards life, in the truest sense. Whether he goes bungee-jumping or ends the day doing yoga or ends up swiping left and right on Tinder to find someone for the weekend, it reflects his character. Nevertheless, how one decides to end his day post work is his prerogative.Time After Work

What is necessary to consider is the way in which a person spends his time after work – be it a weekend or the evening post work, somehow contributes towards influencing the direction of his career. People who are successful are those who have made an intelligent investment of their time post work. Just like them, the others too should spend their time intelligently. Moreover, it’s also important to be able to complete the work and wind-up the day in a positive manner. Keeping the work concerns in the workplace and taking out time for personal relationships also helps to maintain the work-life balance.

Head to the nearest tennis court:

Playing tennis is an extremely beneficial workout if you do not wish to head to the gym. Tennis is said to provide a host of health benefits to the players.Tennis court

Spending a couple of hours post work playing tennis is a good way to exercise your muscles and get rid of unwanted fat that has developed as a result of your desk job. Moreover, it increases your body co-ordination, agility and sharpens your reflexes, increasing your fitness to face a new challenging workday. There are also chances that you will find new business contacts in the form of your tennis partner. Go ahead, wield your racquet for health as well as career benefits. And also gain the satisfaction of having devoted your post work hours in a productive way.

Go for evening workouts:

Though there are no proven studies or researches to show that evening workout is more beneficial over morning workout. What is important is consistency in workout and being able to stick to the workout regimes chalked for you by your trainer.Evening Workouts

Evening workouts by far are when the body is at its attentive best, as contrast to working out in the morning. Gyms also offer interesting and fat-burning alternatives like Zumba dancing, Aerobics, Pilates, etc. in place of the usual machine exercises. So, enroll with your partner and have a good time bonding and burning fats on the go.

Tune in to your favorite music:

Whether you are an Elvis Presley fan, an admirer of Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, or the more recent Adele, Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lopez, music is a great way to unwind. Music is an amazing tool to soothe your nerves and calm you of your stress.Favorite Music

The choice of music everyone hold is unique just like personalities. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer country music or pop over jazz and rap. Being able to tune out your worries and stress after a long day in the office is necessary.

Have a quiet evening with a glass of wine:

An evening spent with a glass of wine and introspection about your work and life in general is as calming as sitting by a tranquil of wine

Charting out your future career plans, spending some time on career mistakes and ways to avoid making them again, and few unfulfilled career goals are some of the worthwhile activities. This could be beneficial in order to get clarity on where exactly you stand as well as your future plans in terms of career and work-related priorities.

Watch entertaining sitcoms on the tube:

Having a roaring laughter-filled evening in the midst of sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, O.J. Simpson or the hugely popular Two and a Half Men are a great way to spend an evening without moving away from the realms of your home after a long hectic workday.Entertaining Sitcoms

Decoding the mysteries of super-thrilling crime dramas on Netflix is another intelligent way to spend your evening and increasing your analytical abilities too.

Read a book on Kindle or in a physical format:

Spending the remaining part of the day with a book is a much better option than going clubbing with friends or your better half.Read a book

It is said that books are like time machines that can take you to places without leaving the chair. Reading a suspense thriller or a science fiction, or a digital copy on your Kindle is an amazing way to forget your stress and work woes. Reading also keeps your mind active and as well prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s. Increased focus and concentration are added benefits books impart to the readers. Moreover, books also heighten your imagination and analytical abilities, helping you in your job.

Learn a foreign language or a musical instrument:

Enroll yourself in courses like that of foreign language or learning to play any musical instrument. Researches show that studying music is proven to increase your concentration level, improves your memory and coordination and also known to impart better time management skills.Learn

On the other hand, a foreign language gives you an addition to the strengths in your resume. It will also give you the edge to switch careers and start a new career as a foreign language interpreter, if you ever want to. The knowledge of a foreign language could also be profitable for moving up the ladder in your current job.

Unplug the electronic devices you use:

Electronic devices are a boon as well as a bane to mankind. Over-use of these gadgets can deteriorate things much more than one could imagine. Electronic devices have the capability to hinder the communication and thus also the quality of relationships one shares with his/her family and friends.Unplug

Unplug the iPod and enjoy communication with your loved ones. Communicating with your family members would surely be an endearing thing rather than looking at graphs in your company reports.

Create social groups:

Create groups of like-minded friends based on your common hobbies and interests. Plan a day in the week convenient to everyone for meeting up and planning activities revolving around the common hobby.Meeting friends

Meeting friends and people from your social circle is a natural stress buster. Participating in group activities with them not only increases your team spirit and the capacity to work as a part of the team, but also help to rejuvenate you.

Sharpen your culinary skills:

Cooking is a therapeutic activity and an interesting hobby to cultivate. Join classes post work to learn to cook foods of cuisines foreign to you.

Who knows learning to cook Chinese, Mexican, Italian or some other continental cuisines could help impress the hubby or his/her family! Knowing to cook such a varied and popular cuisine could also help you plan dinners for family,friends, and colleagues on special occasions right from the comforts of your home without spending a bomb.

Spend time with your pets:

Pets are by far the most loyal and true friends to man. Spending time with them is the most endearing way to rid yourself of stress from everyday work and office concerns. Have you ever noticed why pet-owners are extremely cheerful and energetic the whole day? It is only because of the furry animals that keep them active. Having furry animals as pets is also known to have different health benefits, including reduced anxiety and a lessened risk of a heart attack in the future. By and large, pets are a huge reason of joy for the owners. Pets as a whole are messengers of joy!time with your pets

To sum up, the way you choose to spend your time post work decides the future direction of your career. Likewise, it is important to choose your activities wisely instead of whiling away that time in resting. Extracurricular activities help you to unwind and prepare for the challenges of a new day ahead. Choosing activities like those mentioned above could also decide a career path. Being able to channel your time and energy towards fruitful activities is necessary to lead a healthy life and a long career. Choosing activities to relax is paramount. So, make sure to choose wisely.