How to Wakeup with Confidence in 2016

“I wish I had done that.” How often do you say this to yourself? Well all of us do have those moments when we regret on not having tried a few things in life. However, too many of these moments indicate that we have not made the most of this precious life we were blessed to have.Wakeup

Now when we look back at all those opportunities that were lost and shall never return, what do we feel? Were those extremely difficult and impossible to achieve? And something from within screams back – NO. It is just that we were not brave and confident enough to have given those a shot.

Building confidence and faith in our abilities is not something very difficult. It does not require complex strategies and long practicing hours. Rather, very simple day to day activities build or shatter the confidence within. However, not many of us realize this fact. Do you?

Morning shows the day. Do you think that some of us were born under-confident; while others saw this world with bursting energy and self confidence? No, we were all born confident; however, the way we have spent our days and handled situations in life makes us feel confident or insecure today.

Nevertheless, it is never too late and there is ample time to regain back the confidence hidden somewhere inside. Dig deep and you will surely find a more confident self. Exactly the way you were born to be.

Therefore, if confidence is built by excelling in regular day to day activities; lets go ahead in doing those regular things differently. Every morning, let us all wake up more confident than what we were yesterday. Before stepping into this coming year, let us know the secret to self confidence.

How to wake up with confidence in 2016?

Many say that repeated failure kills our confidence. And definitely this is true. However, failures have many different reasons. Identifying those reasons and working to improve is the only way to regain confidence. Below are few ways that can help you in this task.

Set a plan for tomorrow:

By the time you are fully awake, you realize that you have too many tasks and too less time to complete those. And then, you come across some emergency situation that needs your immediate attention.plan for tomorrow

In such scenarios, you get perplexed and may end up piling up your work. And if by any chance you can reach deadlines, you will not be at your highest performance levels and yield average results. One fine day, being average becomes your habit and you loose your confidence on doing things perfectly with complete efficiency.

On the other hand, if you have worked out a plan to accomplish tasks and leave time to do additional things as well; you never need to rush on completing one in hand to initiate the other. You already know that you do have a time frame for anything and everything.

Know your strengths and weaknesses:

People who lack in confidence are aware about their weaknesses; however, they do not count on their talents and areas where they excel. Yes, it is essential that we remain aware about our shortcomings, so that we can improve and overcome those.strengths and weaknesses

However, when we keep on magnifying these without taking efforts to improve, we loose our confidence. All of us are born with strengths and weaknesses. Identifying both is the key to success. A person who remains ignorant about his/her weaknesses and knows only inner strength is destined to meet failures someday. Conversely, a person magnifying weaknesses and overlooking potential within can never gain the confidence needed to win.

Now, if you too mourn over your imperfections; so much that you no longer your skills, its high time you wake up and recognize your own talents and potential. Without this, you can never gain the confidence and become successful in life.

Be Positive and expect success:

Well, there’s no harm if you are preparing for the worst while you are trying to put in your best efforts to accomplish tasks. However, preparing for worsts and being pessimist or negative are two different things.b positive

Every morning, waking up with a thought that the castle built yesterday will shatter today is the worst thing one can do. Rather, waking up with a thought that no matter if the castle gets shattered or not; I’ll never give up building it again is known as being optimistic and remaining prepared for worst situations.

Failures are a part of life; however, standing up strong each time and aiming for greater success is what builds up confidence. This however needs practice and once achieved, no goal is tough to achieve.

Take some risks:

Once you get all of these above mentioned qualities intact within you, try taking some risks. Fight out the fear within. Try excelling in those things you never gave a shot. Now, you know how to deal with failures. So, there’s no harm in taking some calculated risks. And who knows, you may even come out as a winner this time.risk

The confidence you gain after conquering your own fear in unmatched and nothing can be a better experience than this. Therefore, this coming year, make sure you leave no stone unturned to fight and conquer your own fear and limitations.

Celebrate small recognitions and appreciation:

Although it is not a very good idea to count on external appreciations to recognize our own efforts or skills; initially we can start with this.appreciation

People who are not very sure and confident about themselves or their skills, wait for praises from people around. However, there are not many who can appreciate others or for that matter recognize your small wins. Thus, building self confidence is important as it helps us to pat our backs at achievements and motivate us when stressed.

However, now that we are in the process of building our self confidence, its important that we count on any form of appreciation and recognition we receive from others. This will slowly build our confidence and one day we will not require others to boost our confidence. We can do it ourselves.

These were few things that can surely help to start this coming year with a high sense of self esteem and confidence. Make this coming year a grand success. Wishing you all a Very Happy and successful year ahead!