OMG!! Around 44% of Workers Gaining Weight on The Job

When people are seen at the pink of their health, they are somehow considered to have a “stout” bank balance. And somehow when they themselves start turning into someone fat and “stout,” the bank balance conversely grows thinner and slimmer!

It is not the ignorance that is making us unhealthy with every passing day. Yes we all know healthy diet, physical exercises etc. are important for our well being. It is only our negligence that is to be blamed.weight gain

Even though, professionals do understand that at the end of the day, they are all earning to live a content life and that grossly includes a good health status. Implementing the same becomes difficult because they are wrongly considered to be less important.

However, one must know that being overweight is not only about appearance or not fitting into favorite dresses. It is something alarming, causing severe health issues. So beware!

In the pursuit of fattening your wallet, you are perhaps deliberately ignoring rest of the things in life and prefer sticking to your workstation, that in return makes you fatter. While how fast your wallet is going to put on some extra weight is a different story altogether, the rate at which you will have it thinning down surely depends on how slowly you are burning fat.

Now, it is not only you or some of your colleagues who are stuck up in this vicious cycle. Around 44% of American working population is said to have grown fatter on the job. And it is not that they are spending half of their take homes on food and adding to the already excess weight. It is their poor lifestyle and eating habits that are playing the culprit.

So, what is it in your case? Are you really following a good and balanced diet? To start with, what is it that you had for your breakfast this morning? Is it a burger you grabbed on your commute to office? Or is it a muffin that has already added a few calories? Or at the worse, you just skipped it completely! (And if you think that not eating can help reduce weight, you are utterly mistaken buddy!)
And this brings us to the important question, how can you work out a balance between professional success and physical well being?

Well, this is pretty easy and something that can be easily worked out. Moreover, we are there to help you out with quick tips for assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Go through these and bring out the much needed modifications in your daily schedule.

Curb out the CARB – Tips to hack your workstation weight gain:

To bring in any change, it is important to understand and realize the need for this change and how beneficial it can be.

The same is with this case as well. You can take relevant steps when you realize and accept the fact that it’s high time you need to stop yourself from gaining weight while at work. Once you know this, the below mentioned tips can be of great help.

Not the food but the lack of moves:

You perhaps have noticed that professionals who are engaged in some kind of desk job are more or less suffering from this ‘office weight gain syndrome.’ We don’t have athletes or models growing physically fatter every day. But they are still working, aren’t they?lack of moves

It is not the food that is making us grow overweight. It is our habit of sticking onto our desks continuously that obstructs our body’s natural way of burning extra fat. The more you keep yourself away from physical activities, the better fat deposition your body makes. So, the call is yours!

Again many of you may say that you cannot keep moving about in your office premises when you have a desk flooding with work. And moreover, you will not have employers to second you in this; after all, where is the business in this?!
Well, you are not completely wrong here. However, this still has some remedies. For instance, you can choose the staircase over elevators. Every office has break schedules, so make use of those.

Using your travel time to do something beneficial for your health is also a great idea. Walking instead of using transport can also prove to be very beneficial.

Not “How much” but “What”matters the most:

At the end of each working day, do you ever count the number of coffee mugs you have piled up on your desk? Or for that matter, how much do you contribute in emptying the candy bowl in your office. Do burgers appear to be very monotonous now? If yes, then you know the answer behind your rapidly going undersized tees.How much but What

What we eat is more important than how much we are eating. A mindful selection of our day’s food is important to keep those extras away. Now, if you’re a foodie and love having junk, then a total abstain from these mouth watering dishes can be skipped. However, you need to know how much and how often you can indulge yourself in these stuffs.

Now, your employer also plays an important role here. Making arrangements for healthy food in office cafeteria can help them have healthy employees around. Moreover, having a nutritionist in the office to guide people on food selection is also beneficial and therefore suggested.

Drink water and not soda to hydrate:

Professionals rely on “diet soda” to quench thirst. Some say that these help control excess weight gain. However, a recent study showed that not drinking water or replacing it with aerated drinks and soda has no health benefit.

It is water that helps in digestion and not soda. Our body is made up of 60 percent water. So, dehydrating can be a substantial reason of worry. Again, dehydration also makes you feel hungry when in reality you are not. You only need a glass of cold water and not some fat stuffed food at that moment.water not soda

Therefore, drinking soda simply can quench your thirst for a while and satisfy taste buds. However, from the nutrition value, it plays no role. Rather, it adds to your carb, making you sloppy and overweight.

The best thing to do is to carry a bottle of water when at desk and emptying it frequently. This accelerates body’s metabolism of burning fat and producing energy. You now feel more energized and not lazy on the job front. And gaining weight is simply out of question.

Partying culture and expanding waistlines:

Most professionals consider small parties the only way to DE-stress. Although, this guarantees better networking and gelling up between professionals, too much of those can expand your waistlines.Partying culture

Now, you don’t have to be stern by not being a part of such celebrations. And neither do you have to advocate against these party cultures. Simply restraining on the intake of pastries, pizzas, beer etc. is enough to keep you healthy. Yes, it is difficult especially when all of those comes for free, it becomes all the more tempting.

However, earning another ounce to your existing pounds, will definitely put you in bad health conditions. That will again drive out a lot of your money. So, can you allow that burger to squeeze out the money from your pocket!?

Stress can also stack:

Job stress is an alarming issue amongst professionals. Out of the many adverse effects it can cause, undesired weight gain is also an important drawback it brings in.Stress eating

Many people have the habit of eating more while in stress. Some may give up on regular diet and may survive on chocolates alone. Too much stress can also compel you to skip breaks. Perhaps, you went for some walk during lunch breaks; however, now that you have been burdened with too many tasks, you feel it’s better to skip that afternoon walk. Thus, gaining weight is inevitable.

Again, many workaholics can keep themselves up at late nights to meet deadlines and doing more than expected to impress bosses. This can get you escalated on the career ladder; however, on health stats you utterly fail. Doing something against your natural metabolism slows down body functions.

You keep yourself awake for extra hours at night, you are more likely to have a weaker digestive system. Weight gain now is just the beginning. There are number of health issues that can come up very often if you don’t mend your ways.

Don’t be absent from wellness programs:

Every organization should endeavor towards helping employees maintain good physical and mental well being. Entrepreneurs who count on these have achieved high performance ratios from their workers. Productivity levels are high amongst their workers.wellness programs

Therefore, every company or organization should focus on arranging some kind of wellness programs for everyone in office. Trained and professional support on health related issues will definitely bring about positive changes.

Employees on the other hand need to make optimum use of these opportunities. There are many companies who do take efforts to make these arrangements; however, they do not have employees looking forward to those.

Many feel that it is a slight waste of time as they can use the same to accomplish some of their work and get closer to targets. However, it needs to be realized that bad health will definitely obstruct you from continuing with regular tasks for longer duration.

Therefore, taking out some time from our busy schedule and using it for our health benefits is necessary and thus mandatory.

Keep track and Don’t stop:

On a concluding note, this is something most important to keep note of. Regular analysis and regulating your BMI ratio is important and therefore must be practiced.Keep track

This can have an added advantage and I will tell you how. Perhaps you have an office gathering which you cannot miss. The function has promised to provide a memorable dinner and therefore avoiding it is not a great thing to do. And again, you have somehow managed to curb out extra fat and don’t want it back. Tricky isn’t it?!

Well, not really, only if you keep a daily track of your weight. You can make necessary adjustments to your entire schedule and be a little lenient with taste buds occasionally. Measure the amount of fat you gain and the reasons behind. Eliminate those things from diet few days before and after the grand dinner.

This will certainly help you to maintain yourself in good physical structure and condition. So, as you are already keeping track of your targets and deadlines every day and every minute; do spare a couple of minutes on your health scores as well.

Finally, professionals have somehow given to the idea that desk jobs will definitely make them grow fat sooner or later. However, this is not true and rather lame. Offices don’t make us grow obese; it is our life style that disturbs the scenario.

However, a bit of realization and then making endeavors or taking steps for bringing about definite changes is all you need to do to have yourself in good shape. A healthy choice of food, not falling prey to taste buds and not taking food and drinks as relaxing agents or something that serves as an outlet for your professional stress are simply sufficient measures to control on job weight gain.
Hope that these seven steps to control weight gain on desk job can prove beneficial for you.