Restaurant Business Teaches You Many Career Lessons

Experiences – good or bad, always leave us with something worthwhile. People who can learn from these episodes in life, grow, excel and become successful. And others who fail, keep dwelling on pleasant – unpleasant incidents from past.

Restaurant Business

Life is not a cake walk experience. Hardships are definitely a part and parcel of our lives; both personal and professional. A wrong job, a stressed relation, a continuous battle for financial growth, and all those efforts to prove our worth, are things that help us recognize, the goodness life offers us in big and small packages.

This post has been summarized to put forth some learning experiences of professionals who had started with small steps in food and restaurant business. And today, they have reached milestones in their respective careers.

These people who overcame many atrocities in life, and finally tasted the essence of success; say, that everyone needs to have a bundle of ‘first time’ experiences. It can be anything; perhaps a phase of financial crunch, a devastating heartbreak, a wrong job experience, a business venture that is dwindling or anything else.

These first time experiences teach us things that nothing else can ever provide us with. However, many of us fail to count on these first time experiences as we consider a lot of them trivial and nothing worth remembering. And this is where we go wrong.

These real life lessons shared by experts teach us that every experience; be it a small chat with a stranger at the bus stop, an irrelevant internship with a startup or a working experience in a restaurant; everything can provide us with a great deal of teachings; only if we know what and how to learn.

All of these business experts say that restaurant is a business that can help you prepare for many things in your personal and professional lives. So, let’s see what are those…

Restaurant Business – It has lots to give than to take:

It will be wrong to say, that your first job in this industry will make you a billionaire overnight. Yes, your initial years will be difficult and it is again in these years that you learn, grow and slowly progress. Here are few things that professionals learn while working in this industry:

Smile – Even when the world is frowning at you!

It is in restaurants that we come across a variety of people and their moods. However, anyone working at a restaurant is always expected to come up with a smiling face; no matter how difficult it may be at times.Smile

Now, it is not only the customers who can be unpleasant. The people with whom you work can also be equally distressing. Therefore, the first lesson learned in a restaurant business is to wear a smile at all odds and pleasures.

Very often professionals come across people who are extremely ill mannered. No matter who ever is at fault, customers always enjoy the privilege of yelling out. To cope up with these situations is definitely difficult.

However, giving yourself some time and sticking onto your job helps you to learn an important lesson of your life. The fact is, the world is full of frowning faces and we don’t meet people with smiling faces that often as mentioned before. Therefore, if you can learn to smile during distressing situations, you not only help yourself, but others around too, so that they can pass through unpleasant situations happily.

Multitasking – Something that comes naturally now:

To wear multiple hats is something that many people strive hard to achieve. And for you, a simple job experience can help you acquire this much needed skill.Multitasking

Working in restaurants involve a lot of people, a variety of table orders and to top it all, there are frequent changes you need to squeeze in even when orders are placed. Besides, the kitchen also has a lot of work to be done by you. Therefore, as you keep working in this profile, you have no other option, but to learn being multitasking.

It is not only in food and restaurant business that multitasking is an important expertise to get hired. Every industry and every employer prefers hiring candidates who can work in different profiles. Therefore, working in a restaurant somehow makes you eligible for a variety of job roles.

Presentation and preparation work miracles:

Food is not only about taste; the look and smell is equally important. While working in a restaurant, you will learn that despite of exceptional tastes of dishes you serve; customers can never be convinced unless your food is presented pleasingly before them.Presentation

The same holds true for different situations in life. You go out looking for a job appearing shabby and it is almost certain that you will not land that job. An employable appearance is equally important as an employable resume.

Working in a restaurant requires a variety of preparatory tasks that are completed before customers are at the doors. Cleaning the kitchen and dining area. Marinating chicken and vegetables long before they are cooked. Making all other arrangements to achieve a refreshing and pleasing ambiance are all tasks that are completed much ahead of time. Only when these things fall in place, rest of the tasks can be handled easily.

The same goes with exams or interviews as well. Only when we prepare well before hand, we can guarantee our success and selection in the job interview.

You learn to work in teams:

Our professional growth demands for many additional skills, besides the ones that are mandatory for the job role. One such expertise is our capacity of working in teams. Any business requires a group of professionals who can complement each other and work efficiently towards one common goal.Work in teams

Now everyone cannot be a good team player. And to get along well with others and still create your own space and identity in a workplace, requires a lot of tact. It is an art that needs to be learned slowly. One of the best places you can learn this is a restaurant.

Preparing a dish and presenting it before customers cannot be done single handedly. Therefore, knowing how to coordinate between team members and doing your own part efficiently is what you can learn during your initial years in a restaurant business.

You don’t talk ‘hard work’ you do it:

Only a restaurant business can give you the real taste of hard work. Professionals in this industry are expected to work real long hours with absolute efficiency. After a considerable period, working 10 hours at a stretch is more or less a child’s play. You get acquainted with the work load and if you have the real passion, you even start liking this packed schedule.hard working

If you are working in restaurants that are somewhat popular and serve meals in peak hours of lunch and dinner, you will be expected to somehow scarf your lunch in less than a couple of minutes and get back to work. Long breaks of 30 minutes become that one dream for you.

In short, to understand the intensity of hard work you are expected of, you will have to experience it yourself. However, one thing remains certain. Once you gather sufficient experience in this business, you will never shy away from work load pressure or over times or long shifts and so on.

The greatest lesson – You learn to value time:

Success comes to those who can make optimum use of their time. Twenty four hours are available for all of us; however, not all of us make use of our time judiciously and that is why some reach greater heights of success and some only make plans.value time

All of us know this very well that valuing time is essential; however, not all can learn and implement the same in our day to day lives. Nevertheless, working in a restaurant will definitely help you learn this most essential lesson of your life. Discipline and to do things at the most appropriate time becomes your habit.

You are late to serve the order by a minute and you have a hell lot of complaints piled up against you. You miss out switching off the oven at an accurate time and the dish gets spoiled for good. You skip your lunch during the breaks and you remain empty stomach for the entire day.

Therefore, being on time is something you learn while working in a restaurant. Remember, this is not something that can be adopted very easily. So when you have acquired this aptly, don’t forget to thank your job in this industry.

These were the six life lessons learned while working in a restaurant business. So, if you are lucky enough to have one of those jobs, make sure you are making the best out of it. And perhaps, you were not very sure of what and how to learn, this post definitely has come up to be very handy isn’t it?