Tips to Write a Salesforce Developer Resume

Salesforce Developer Resume

Since customer relationship management for CRM is ruling the entire operations of the small, medium, and large businesses, the scope for developers who can work on Salesforce platform and provide software solutions to clients on clouds is growing. As such, being prepared with a Salesforce developer resume is necessary to make the most of the opportunity. The resume can be used not just for applying to Salesforce, which is an American company providing software solutions on clouds, but to any company into CRM development.

However, working predominantly for Salesforce is a matter of pride since the company is very reputed in the world of CRM. For that to happen, strong technical, communication and interpersonal skills to develop applications on clouds and collaborate with the team are essential. That’s why most recruiters try to find out these skills in the Salesforce Developer resume.

We know that most tech-savvy people get confused when it comes to showcasing their skills, work experience, and qualification on the resume that can make the recruiters notice them. That’s why we are providing you some tips that can help you get an interview call.

Salesforce developers are entrusted with the responsibility of providing software solutions specific to clients’ needs. They have to ensure that the end product is easy to use and apt for the intended functions, and provides the best experience to the end-users. So when you draft a resume for a Salesforce Developer job, ensure that the recruiters are convinced about your capabilities for meeting clients’ demands.

1. Create a stunning ‘Career Summary’

The career summary statement is an opportunity to generate interest of the readers in your profile since it’s the first thing that the readers go through. So spare nothing to make it impressive. State the number of years of experience along with your specialty, be they for developing CRM for manufacturing units or e-commerce entities. Highlight your business knowledge and show how it can be used for the company’s benefits. When drafting the summary statement, think what can you do for the potential employers with your skills and experience and put them on the paper.

2. Summary of Skills

Display your skills in bulleted lists so that they are easy for the readers to see, read, and relate them with their requirements. Make a brief sentence for each of the skill. Use the most important skills and convey them in logically and order of importance. Also, add those skills the potential employers have asked in the job description.

3. Use figures and numbers in your resume

Just stating you have worked on a certain project will not pique the readers’ interest. Instead, use numbers to show the projects you have worked on, include the total estimate of each project in figures, the revenue in dollars or percentage that you contributed to the company business by being a part of the project. Additionally, you can also specify the number of CRM applications developed by you, the number of clients handled, and the number of VisualForce pages developed.

4. Be honest and keep the resume short

Being honest in presenting skills and experience that you hold will go a long way. Faking or over-exaggerating things will eventually land you in trouble. Also, respect readers’ time since it is valuable for them. Therefore, keep the resume short. If possible, try to make it one page resume, or at the most two pages.

Lastly, tailor your Salesforce developer resume each time you apply for the job. This is because no employer will need the same skills and experience for the job. To make the hiring managers take your job application seriously, refer this link -for real-world Salesforce Developer resume.