Yes!! These are Few Bosses Types

All of us at some point of our professional life, do come across bad and terrible bosses. There are number of unfortunate professionals who have completed a considerable part of their professional life without having met a single ideal boss.bosses

Working with difficult bosses is not always damaging and one of my previous articles lists different benefits of working with a difficult boss. However, you need to know how to turn the situation to your advantage. Therefore, below mentioned are different types of frustrating bosses and suggestions that can help deal with them.

The Never to be around Boss:

Every morning you are receiving work assignments from your boss through emails. You are reporting to him every working day. However, when you seriously need to discuss certain issues with your boss; you never find him around.Never to be around Boss

These are the type of bosses who always manage to remain away from office. They can do anything from playing golf to reviewing your work. However, when it comes to giving guidelines and sharing work strategies, they are simply absent or unavailable! They only make efforts to either approve or disapprove your assignments and never discuss reasons behind.

At worst cases, they may make themselves available only to scare you to death and still you receive no words of wisdom.

Well, these bosses are not always “bad.” For people who prefer working independently, these bosses come as boons. You are very confident about the task in hand and know what people are expecting of you; just get to work and yield the desired result. Your job is done.

On the other hand, professionals who are more comfortable working under guidance or need supervision and have plenty of things to confirm and reconfirm; these bosses are difficult to handle. They always remain confused and their work life becomes clumsy.

How do you deal: Being confident and precise are the only ways of handling these never to be around types. Do not bother your boss to supervise every little thing you do. Be confident about your work. And if there is an issue that you need to discuss, write a precise email mentioning the exact things you are looking for.

The omnipresent types:

With just a 180 degree flip to the previous category, these are the type of bosses who are just over the top at giving guidelines. They want to be informed about every move you make; no matter how insignificant and tiny it is. And every time they will have one or the other suggestion to share.omnipresent boss

These are the type of bosses who expect a verbal work report and seldom communicate through emails. You will always find them hovering around you and keeping account of every single minute of your work time. Their suggestions do not limit to work and very often they may tell you the number of coffee cups you have emptied and how it can effect your health and thereby your work.

Being around them feels like an old school Montessori kid. You loose your independence and your creativity dies. These are the most dangerous types of bosses who are damaging to your career growth. Thus it becomes more than important to know how you need to go about these kinds.

How do you deal: Being very obedient to your omnipresent bosses gears them up. If you think that following all his instructions will instill his faith and confidence in you; you are totally mistaken.

These are the type of bosses who never find their subordinates reliable enough, or rather they don’t want to rely on their juniors. Therefore, be a little disobedient and do not follow all his minor instructions. Start asking questions and reasons behind every advice he wants you to follow. Subtly ignoring such people can help to handle your omnipresent boss.

The I ME Mine boss:

These bosses are annoying; however, not harmful. The I ME MINE bosses are the types who are always busy narrating their stories of “valor” and potential. They overrate themselves and steal everyone else’s credit. The story may begin with varied ideas; however, all of them have a similar end – their achievements, their expertise and their awesomeness.I ME Mine bossThey are the kind of people who crave attention. And now that they have managed to land positions where they can somehow force people to acknowledge their “greatness;” they do not miss any opportunity.

However such bosses are not very harmful and since they are superior to you in position, you may even end up learning a few things from their self proclaimed great story. Nevertheless, if it still gets annoying, you can use this strategy to handle your I ME MINE boss.

How do you deal: Unless, your boss is not coming in your path of success, lending your ears to him is the best thing you could do. This is really going to keep them happy and of course working with a happy boss is essential.

The way too lucky bosses:

This is a broad classification that includes variety. The way too lucky bosses are available at every office or organization.lucky boss

Some people are extremely fortunate and land lucrative profiles with no relevant skills. They are required to supervise subordinates, who are more qualified and talented than they are. Another instance of way to lucky bosses could be superiors who are never seen working and yet receive heavy paychecks annually.

They are very much present at the workplace; however they are busy watching online videos, playing games and doing everything besides work.

How to deal: Although it’s very depressing to watch people making merry when you are drowned till neck with targets and deadlines and still earning less; it is not something impossible to conquer. Focus on your own work and try getting better everyday.

A boss who is not working himself will not be in a position to find numerous flaws with your work. And do not think that your boss is not having a watch dog. If you can prove your potential, landing your boss’s position will not be that difficult.

Lastly, everything is not bad and even though ideal bosses are rare sight to witness; they do still exist. Bosses who are supportive, good leaders, understanding and skilled can still be found. Every employee dreams of working with an ideal boss and if you are blessed to have one; a content professional life is not a distant dream.

Benefits of Having a Difficult Boss

Yes it is difficult and I know you are simply done with your cruel boss. You have decided to leave and never return back to this monstrous workplace.Difficult Boss

However, Wait! Did you just hear the word “Quitter?” You have endured so much during these months and now you just hear someone calling you a Quitter! Thats wrong and sinful, Isn’t it?

Well, no matter what you think and how bad you feel, you quit this job to “fight” your evil boss and you just frame yourself as an escapist. And in no way you emerge as a fighter. Sorry!

Now, sit back and think. You have already gone through so much. And now, are you just going to give up like this, without gaining anything out of it? Aren’t there ways of optimizing this current situation?

Well when you can’t change the situation – change yourself. And of course, sometimes, the worst terrains lead to best destinations. Therefore, when you have been dealing with a bad and tough boss now, there is no question about running away for momentary peace. Rather, use this opportunity to explore all possibilities within.

Yes it is very contradictory; especially, for people who are currently dealing with miserable bosses. However, just hold on to your patience for a while and learn how a difficult boss can be worked on to your advantage. This article throws light on benefits of having a difficult boss.

Know how a difficult boss is in fact good for you:

Below are few areas where your bad boss helps to bring out the best in you.

Perfection becomes your habit:

Well, you put in all your efforts to impress your boss and he is still ready to find loopholes; no matter how insignificant and invisible they are. Yes, this shatters your motivation and everything around seems futile.Perfection

However, can you not push yourself a bit and work to eliminate these foibles? As it is you are already working to yield best results; being a little more observant and alert may help you become a perfectionist. Perhaps your boss will still not find enough reasons to appreciate you. However, there will be many, who would crave to reach your levels of accuracy. And one fine day, your boss will silently acknowledge your efforts.

Challenges are no longer “CHALLENGES” for you:

Completing a month’s task in a day is a challenge for you? And you say No. Well, completing the same with a pitch perfect accuracy is definitely a challenge for you. And you still say No!Challenge

It is perhaps a magical spell cast on you by your bad boss. And it is good!

Well, someone who is constantly preparing for worst scenarios is no longer afraid of crisis situations. Rather, you are somehow ready to accept any obstacle; without a single crease on your forehead. Isn’t that wonderful?!
And in future, when you decide to switch jobs, this is something you can put on your resume. No not your boss’s story, but your capabilities of dealing with challenges. And it does not become cliché. When time comes, you will prove it before them, Isn’t it?

All zones become Comfort Zones:

None of us can master all traits. However, all of us are good at something or the other. And there are people who are simply unbeatable at particular areas of expertise. They do things so perfectly that others can just dream of reaching their levels of accuracy. And for them, it just becomes a child’s play.Comfort

This is known as comfort zone. We work only to yield best results and that too, we don’t require additional efforts for such impressive outcomes.

Now, when you are working with a boss who demands flawless performance at anything you do; you are left with no other choice, besides being perfect and flawless at everything. Yes, you will be required to handle many responsibilities that are not related to your profile. However, no learning experience is ever a waste of time. Don’t you think so?

Therefore take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Thus, even though you struggle during your initial days, you learn the art of mastery. Very soon you become the best at anything you do. And trust me this is quite an achievement. Irrespective of whether it pleases your boss or not, you definitely earn a great advantage in future job prospects.

You definitely get noticed:

It is not only your boss who is running your organization. There are a lot of people around – your colleagues, other superiors and of course your boss’s boss.get noticed

You are perhaps new in this workplace and it is your first time that you have come across such a miserable person. And unfortunately this person is your boss. However, others who have spent longer working period here, are definitely aware about your boss’s behavior with subordinates. Many perhaps have fled this place fearing that person solely.

Now, when you stand strong and confident working with this very person; you are definitely noticed by others around. People start respecting you for your endeavor, work spirit and courage to carry on at worst scenarios.

And who knows, very soon your boss’s boss may find you more eligible for some other profile, where you will be reporting to someone else and thus get rid of your arrogant and discouraging boss. This time you don’t quit, but fight and win over your difficult boss.

An entry to the “real” world:

Truth, however bitter it is, needs to be unveiled at the earliest. Although many of us work to make this world a better and beautiful place to live, in reality it is not.entryYour bad boss is an epitome of this real bad world. And every bitter experience is a teaching lesson for you. No, everything is not bad and the world still has many things to rejoice. However, when you prepare for the worst and instead receive pleasant experiences later, your happiness quotient expands.

Your boss is not the last thing happening with you and life will definitely bring cross roads in future as well. However, if you can somehow overcome this situation and come out with flying colors, life will definitely be easier later; as you will have the required experience to turn out bad situations to good.

This was all about benefits of working with a bad boss. However, as a closing note, I would like to share a word of caution with you. Never let bitter experiences change your inner soul. Remember, these are experiences and will fade away someday. And if you can see and drive out the best things from worst situations, they become the greatest teachers of our lives. And no matter how bad your boss is to you, never tyrant your subordinates when you will be in your boss’s shoes.

How to Handle Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Annie was almost sure of quitting her job in the current company. She’d had enough. And this last incident forces her to think if she would return to her workplace the next day or not. It has been more than a year now that Annie is working in her current organization and reporting to the same boss. However, today she feels she would get choked if she had to report to her boss for just another single day of her life!Workplace Bullying

During her initial days at work, she was told some “not so pleasing things” about her boss. She had also overheard two of her coworkers describing him as one of the most ill-tempered people one can come across. She was a little disappointed; however, she decided to carry on. Annie knew very well that landing such a promising career is not an easy task. It takes huge efforts indeed. “ Come what may; I shall perform;” is what she reminded herself each day and perhaps this is what kept her going for all this time.

However, today was a different story, and she was sure that she would not continue with this bullying nature of her boss. She had already written a resignation letter, and just as she was ready to click on the send button on her email; something drifted her attention.Bullying bossThis was the morning newspaper that she had carried to her table; however, did not read. The newspaper headline read – “Fighting Workplace Bullying and Harassment.” Annie somehow felt that she needs to go through the article before resigning . Perhaps, deep inside she did not want to resign from her position at this moment and was ready to accept anything for a solution to her problem. Therefore, she took some time to go through the article, and this is what she found:

Some facts about workplace bullying and harassment:

  • Almost 45% of the American workforce is experiencing some form of workplace harassment and bullying. Goodness! That almost rounds off to half the working population.
  • Every one in five employees has witnessed coworkers getting bullied at some point of their entire professional span. Unfortunately, these are the ones who choose to have blind eyes and deaf ears to such situations.
  • A good percentage of absence leave arises due to these situations. Many employees have agreed that they take time off from work, just to stay away from bullies.
  • Most workplace harassment is suffered by women and yet 40% employees say that they have been bullied by female superiors! More precisely, Women who have been bullied previously present themselves as “Greater Bullies” before their subordinates.
  • A considerable part of workplace stress issues are related to harassment suffered in the workplace that are causing clinical depression cases.

Reading this, Annie is now convinced that she is not alone who is going through such a difficult situation. And when half the working population is suffering from similar issues, somebody has to find a solution. As the topic caught her interest, Annie proceeds to read the next section:

How do you know if you are really getting bullied?

Now, this is not something very difficult to realize. We do not need people to tell us that someone else is not treating us properly. It is only that we do not want to accept the fact.

Well, getting chided by your boss after a mistake is not what is known as harassment; until it is restricted to the cabin. However, if this becomes a regular affair; irrespective of you committing a mistake or not, then it becomes a harassment case.employees bullyingEmployers are not allowed to yell, humiliate or insult their employees. Your bosses can give you deadlines; however, they cannot restrict you from taking occasional breaks or participating in any fun activity. Further, no one can tell you to stay away from other coworkers in the office. It is absolutely up to you to choose your companions.

In addition, handle job tasks related to your profile for which you are getting paid. If someone is burdening you with other unrelated tasks, that neither interests you nor pays you; then at least try knowing the reasons behind getting assigned to such tasks. If it can add value to your performance in any way, you need to continue. However, if you feel it has no relevancy, then you can consider yourself getting harassed as your workload is increasing and equally suffering.

Annie finds this section so close to her own personal experience. She has had thousands of similar experiences in this short span of time. A gush of anger flows within her. She has now decided to fight the situation and not escape. Moving towards the concluding section, she reaches some essential tips to handle workplace harassment and bullying. This is what she read and recommends others to implement:

How to handle workplace bullying and harassment?

Do not allow the bully to rejoice over your distress:

Be it a bully in school or a coworker at the office, all bullies have one single motive. They want to see you emotionally stressed out. There are people who ascertain their power and right by ill-treating others and seeing them bogged down.workplace harassment

So, you need to keep calm and stay strong. If you lose your composure and behave emotionally, you will not be able to defuse the issue. If you lose your self-control, you can behave inappropriately that can work advantageous for your bully. Therefore, stay calm and have control over your actions.

Keep a written record secretly:

Each time you have been treated inappropriately, make sure that you have entered it in your personal folder on the computer or write it down in your diary. Mention everything in details, including the names of people who were around. Unless, you are sure of discussing these issues officially, do not let anyone to peep into your personal diaries and folders. Bring these records only before HR managers or concerned officials.

Make sure you have a few of your coworkers supporting you:

Now, this is very essential. It is evident that a person who is ill-treating other at the workplace, hold an influential position in your organization. Therefore, taking drastic steps just instantly may not be that effective. So, try informing others before you decide to counteract. It is important to note that you speak only to those who were a clear witness of the situation. Try to find if they are going to spell out the truth at the right time. coworkers supportRecover quickly:

Finally, when you are done with handling such people, it is important that you erase them from your memory. Regain your confidence and know that you are a fighter. Get back to your work and keep improving on the job front everyday.

Employers never want their workers to gain bad experiences while they are working with them. However, there is always a black sheep in every organization who needs to get eliminated.

Annie is now convinced of changing her decision. She has at present learned that it is indeed very easy to come out from such traps. And if you also find yourself stuck up in a similar situation, pull up your sleeves and take actions. It is your bully and not you who needs to quit my friend.

How to Spot a Bad Boss in an Interview

Working with a good boss is a pleasure for any employee. A good boss knows how to make their employees work in a healthy environment. An employee who enjoys his work will produce good work. Thus an employee’s productivity can be negatively affected by his relationship with his boss. Bad bosses are not common in workplaces. Even if you are working in a company of your choice, your boss can turn your job into a nightmare. But you can spot such a toxic boss during your interview. Interviews are tough times for candidates; but interviews also provide you opportunities to assess your future manager- whether you can work with him or consider some other companies for job openings.bad boss

It is not always possible to predict whether a person will prove to be a bad boss during interviews, as candidates themselves remain nervous and pre-occupied with their performances. Knowing a few warning signs beforehand will surely help them to spot such a bad person:

1. Arriving late for the interview: Being late for the interview is a warning sign that the manager does not know the value of time. Or he is not enjoying his work. On the other hand, if he informs you well ahead of time that he will arrive late or says ‘sorry’ or asks for apology on being late, he may be a nice person to deal with.

2. Unimpressive body language: A person who displays negative body language, being in an important role like that of manager is sure to prove a bad boss. He may look at the door, phone or watch again and again, avoid making eye contact, attends to personal calls over his phone, recheck your resume. Again he may look down or point fingers at you while talking. Such behaviour shows his disinterest in conducting the interview.

3. Choice of Words: If he is a good manager, positivity will dominate his ideas and use of language. It may happen that most of his sentences begin with negative words or ideas and he tries to justify that or change the topic in a tactful way. This is a clear sign that the person takes things negatively and this negativity may prevail in his work also.

4. Willing to discuss irrelevant and illegal topics: The hiring manager is here to judge whether you are the best candidate to suit the company’s job requirement. His discussions should be focussed on your education, experience and any topic regarding the company, job profile or current affairs. If he asks you questions regarding illegal topics like gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, etc. it means that the person is unethical and surely not trained.

5. Not ready to listen: Listening is an art; not everyone can be a master in this. But a boss is expected to excel in this basic mannerism. During the interview, if a person is not ready to listen to your answers, he will probably be a bad boss who would like to dominate and let people listen to his thoughts only. The common gestures these persons do are signalling you to speed up, interrupting you to listen to what they have to say and jump to the next question before you finish the previous answer.

6. Not knowing about the company’s culture and immediate goals: A good manager will surely know for sure what is happening within the company, it’s goals and mission. If you ask 2 or 3 questions regarding the company’s culture, annual turnover and current projects, his answers will be indicators of whether he is a resource or burden to the company.

7. Pre-occupation with his own self: If he is a toxic boss, he will be pre-occupied with his own self and own ideas. He will not listen to what you are saying in order to explain his own view-point. He will probably interrupt you and try to glorify himself. Usually these narcissist people try to impose their thoughts on you and take credit for your achievements.

8. Employees try to avoid him: To spot a bad boss, you need to be a bit cautious. Try to observe the behaviour of other employees when the boss passes by. If the employees go back to their seats hurriedly and start working, he may not be an easy person deal with. If his co-workers are not friendly towards him and quickly turn around to avoid eye-contact with him, it’s time for you to look for the exit door.

9. Conducting the interview in unprofessional ways: Any manager must follow the basic rules of interviewing. For example, he must greet the interviewee, introduce himself and take efforts to make the candidate comfortable. He must be calm, polite so that a good atmosphere is built for the upcoming conversation. But if he comes straight to the point and starts asking questions, he is probably too professional and is concerned only about his work. He might give you a tough time in the future when you will be requesting him for leaves, promotion or any other work-related issues.

Again if the manager asks you too simple questions, answers to which can be found in your cover letter or resume, he himself might not be a very efficient person who knows his work well. A good manager must ask you questions that help them to know your talents in a way that can benefit the company.

10. Some common bad behaviour: Bad-mouthing other employees, lack of trust, stressful behaviours, lack of enthusiasm for the company, lack of serious thoughts etc. are some dangerous signs. Besides, if the person yells at others (including employees, peons or office boys), throw things, slams doors and over-reacts to simple things or comments you must not opt for the current position in the current company.yelling boss

A good boss is an efficient leader who must not be scatter-brained. A bad boss can use means of threatening, public humiliation to make your professional life hell. If you notice some of the above-mentioned signs existing in the boss during the interview, you know that he is surely not the person you would like to work with. Assess him and make good decisions for your future life.