Benefits of Hiring Older Employees

It is believed that the older the wine, the better it tastes. Any social or habitual drinker would vouch for aged wine. Similarly, the more experienced a person is, the more productive he or she is. But experience isn’t a thing that could be gained at the early stage of a career.

Older Employees

It comes only as one continues to work for years. Just like the wine ages with the time, experience comes as one grows in age. This universal fact is now taken seriously by organizations and they have started hiring older and experienced employees. For they are confident of what an aging person can do for their business is just impossible for a younger one. There is no denying that the latter types are more energetic and can work for longer hours, but the kind of quality the former ones can bring into their work is simply unmatched.

Senior employees can contribute a lot to the organization as compared to the juniors owing to loads of experience they carry. This doesn’t mean that the younger lots are unproductive and cannot contribute to the success of the organization. By having a population of employees of varied ages, businesses can definitely benefit. However, when the business is at stake, it is always beneficial to hire older employees.

Aging people are more focused

With so many distractions around us, it is challenging to concentrate on the work. The most affected are the younger generations who spend their time and energy on unimportant things. They are more interested in gossips, updating their status on Facebook, thinking about dating someone in the office, and planning for their weekends.more focused

Older employees, on the other hand, having been through all these activities have reached a maturity level where their mind and heart do not permit wasting time for these good for nothing things. They remain unfazed by the ringing of mobile phones, chat and email alerts, and gossiping going on in the workplace. Being miles away from these distractions helps them to concentrate on their work and deliver expected results.

Older employees can play the role of a trainer

Academic excellence falls short when you actually start working. You may be good at whatever you are taught in the institution, but to actually apply the theoretical knowledge into practice, you have to be trained. This is where the older employees score brilliantly. Being in the business for so many years have made them experts. They have been and seen every minor and major change in the process the company has adapted over the time.trainer

Knowing the company procedures and daily operations in and out, they are in a better position to train younger employees. They can help juniors in getting acquainted with the work environment and learn things on a regular basis.

Older employees are loyal

Older employees are always loyal to the organizations. They do not believe in cheating or leaving their employment without existence of strong reasons.loyal

Unlike the older folks, the younger members of the squad are ready to jump into a new job when offered an attractive package. Senior employees don’t fall easily to any types of offers as they are aware about the loss they could incur by giving in to those offers. This type of loyalty is seldom seen in younger employees.

Today, many organizations are found guilty of this practice wherein talented employees are poached by competitors. Poaching involves the practice of aggressive hiring of talented employees from rival companies. The employer has to pay a heavy price when productive employees are taken away.

No Job hopping

Job hopping is a term for describing the practice of changing jobs for reasons other than layoff or liquidation of the organization.No Job hopping

Older employees will stick to their existing jobs as glue to paper. A stable career is what matters the most to them after touching the age of 40. They are ready to stick to the company even if the job is monotonous and lacks challenges.

Unlike the older employees, younger ones always look for a change in the job. This is also the reason of changing their jobs frequently. They easily leave their current employers in exchange of a good package, better job title, and a strong brand value. Studies have shown that elderly employees have stayed with their employers for a longer period.

A good leader

Experience teaches a person how to lead a team and manage a project. A senior employee always has an edge over the younger one because of his/her experience. The person can easily handle a team and take better decisions. Older employees make expert leaders and astute decision-makers.A good leader

By hiring an older employee, the company is benefiting of a leader who can be a guide and a leader of the team.

Error-free judgment

It is true that with age comes wisdom. A wise person is one who is in a good state of mind and can make better judgment on issues hampering the projects as well as in personal life.Error free judgment

Aged employees are both experienced and wiser and hence can judge issues with a different perspective that is out of reach of younger employees. Since timely and error-free judgment is vital for the success of projects, companies can gain a lot by hiring aging employees.

The long years spent in the organization allows the older staff to become expert planners and also forecasters.

Sense of responsibility

The younger lot tends to have a lesser sense of responsibility as compared to the older employees. This can be attributed perhaps, to the less senior positions the younger people are bestowed with.responsibility

The older employees, owing to their robust experience and having been-there-done-that, have that rare sense of responsibility. They know what is to be done in challenging times. Their experience comes in handy when the ship of younger folks’ loses direction.

In addition, the older ones can make fabulous mentors and thus shape a whole new generation of employees ahead of their own retirement. And so are better options while hiring, owing to their huge work experience.

They will to put in more clock hours

The fact, that distinguishes the older employees from their younger counterparts is timeliness and professionalism. Completing the given work on time, guiding the juniors in their work, following the organizational guidelines and rules is what separates the older employees from the younger ones.more clock hours

The older employees base their work-lives on the lines of “Work is worship.” They have a sense of belonging towards their work due to being in the same job for the better part of their lives.

This feeling is somewhat absent amongst the younger generation. They do not have any inclination to clock in hours more than what they are expected to. They clock in a limited number of hours, unlike the older staff who does not hesitate to work in longer hours.

Better handlers

The older members bring to the table a diverse skill-set having worked for a considerable amount of time in some organization before. Hence, their ability to handle situations well comes from the experience and of course, the long years the older members have spent in their past organizations.Better handlers

The younger members lack the maturity and also the confidence to take the right steps and understand the consequences of their actions.

Professional contacts

Older employees also have the benefit of having made many contacts in their professional lives, so far. Even though there was no social media or Linkedin, Facebook for making and meeting people related to their profession, the older employees yet have strong professional networks to their credit.Professional contacts

The younger employees fail to garner strong contacts even after being extroverts and social animals. Spending long hours on Linkedin, checking out profiles, or spending time waiting for anyone from your field to turn up at the local bar doesn’t help. Instead, going out and interacting with people from your field, and attending seminars do.


Older employees are extremely dedicated to their work. Even though being accomplished individuals, they always have in mind the quest to find ways to improve the quality of their output. Their dedication to their work is unmatched and their enthusiasm to learn new things unparalleled. Older people these days are extremely tech-savvy. At times, they are more adept at handling an iPad compared to a 10-year old.Dedication

Unlike younger employees, who do not want to venture out of their comfort zones, older employees do not hesitate in learning and adapting to changes.

Multitasking- older employees are expert at multitasking

Older employees are experts at handling multiple tasks with aplomb. They can answer a customer’s call while making breakfast, get kids ready for the school, drop spouse to the office, and reach their workplace in time. Even in the office, they can easily do many things at one go from preparing a presentation, giving a demonstration of a product to customers, and solving the issues of the staff. Younger employees are rarely able to juggle multiple roles at a time.Multitasking

Older employees are an asset to the organization with their plethora of diverse knowledge and skills they bring to the table. Thanks to their wide experience, contacts in the field and knowledge of different things. With so many benefits, employers prefer hiring older employees over younger employees. For the older employees do not need training, they themselves are capable of training multiple people because of their experience.

Workplace Productivity Killers

Workplace productivity is nothing but measuring the efficiency of employees. It not only helps in detecting how skillful and valuable employees are, but also in evaluating their performance monthly, quarterly, and annually.

While putting in efforts and utilizing work hours aptly are imperative to enhance productivity, it is also necessary to keep honing up one’s skills. Since organizations are formed to make profits out of their business, they will never give a second thought in firing non-performing employees.Workplace Productivity Killers

Moreover, the management can easily detect such employees by using the productivity parameter. Therefore, the employees should try to adapt themselves to the changing needs of business so that they can prove their value to the organization and secure their position in the organization.

To stay with the organization longer, it is absolutely necessary for an employee to be productive and identify the elements that encumber them. Identification of such elements and ironing them out of their schedule ought to be carried out by employees regularly. By adhering to this practice, it will help them in accomplishing daily target.

This helps him work on them and thus improve the amount of work and target completion in the whole day and subsequently in the ensuing weeks. This and will indirectly translate to improving productivity.

Taking stock of bugs which interfere with everyday productivity is a small step towards increasing work efficiency on the employee’s part.

Following are some of the workplace productivity killers:

Overuse of a cellphone

Whoever invented a cellphone would never have thought that it could also hinder production. People have skirted away from the actual purpose of the invention, which is to use it during an emergency. Today, rather than using it for meaningful conversation, it is more used for unnecessary chatting and logging in to all sorts of apps and games.Overuse of a cellphone

People have got so used to this small electronic device, that they never realize that overuse of cellphone is eating away their productivity. If employees stay away from this device during work hours, they will never face any issue.

The internet

A treasure trove of knowledge, but also a distraction.

The internet has become an office equipment for any big or small company. It is used for internal and external communication as well as running a product campaign on social media.The internet

Despite its many benefits, it has also become a source of distraction due to the ocean of information stored in it. If employees stay connected to their social media account and waste time in chatting, surfing through unwanted websites, and digging in personal emails, productivity is bound to decline. Hence, employees should use it for work-related purpose only if they don’t want to get a harsh memo from the HR.

Online shopping websites

The internet has offered lots of convenience to people, one of them is online shopping. Many online shopping websites have mushroomed over the years for providing the users with ease of shopping from home or anywhere. While online shopping does save time and a few dollars that people spend on fuel to reach the brick and mortar stores, it also eats away a good amount of time surfing through the website pages.Online shopping

Browsing through multitudes of pages to find the right product for gifting a loved one or even buying for one’s own use consumes a lot of precious work time. Time wasted on such useless endeavor in turn gets reflected in the poor work quality.

Engaging in gossiping

Employees wasting time by the water cooler talking about XYZ, gossiping about somebody’s personal life, discussing details about new or existing employees, backbiting derive nothing in terms of productivity. It only harms the reputation of the gossip-spreader. If such information falls on the ears of the bosses, it creates a negative impression of that person. On the other hand, the person who is the subject of gossip only gets free publicity.Engaging in gossiping

Indulging in gossiping thus reduce productivity and also increase harboring of negative feelings like jealousy, negative competition, grudges in employees’ minds about their co-workers.

Social media

Logging into Facebook for wishing a classmate or acquaintance, or checking your Instagram feed is harmless. But letting the social networking sites interfere with your work-life is uncalled for. While social media can be a boredom-buster, it could also eat up into a lot of time of your work-hours.Social media

Besides, it is also possible for the boss to monitor the employee’s online activities and know whether he’s spending excessive time socializing on Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat or Twitter. Even worst, he could probably be standing right behind you when you’re criticizing him on your Facebook account.

Talkative co-workers

Chatterboxes are co-workers who are notoriously infamous for being loudmouths who want to talk about any and everything on the planet. What annoys more is sharing of their boring life details with you.Talkative co-workers

Dealing with such a coworker with diplomacy is the key to maintaining amicable relations and also not coming across as a blockhead. Giving an ear to a co-worker in the break time to hear out their rantings about their personal life or problems is fine to a certain extent. Instead of pretending to be busy, make them understand the fruitlessness of rants and complaints.

Ask them to focus better on their work in hand instead. If such chats find their way into your work environment, then be prepared to lag behind in your targets and work. Talkative workers often stray the concentration of the employees.

In the same vein, nosy co-workers are also a big headache and another addition to the productivity killer list. They are extremely inquisitive and won’t shut up till you tell them everything about the date you went on and the meeting with his or her parents. Dealing with such co-workers is an add-on to your job. You cannot really avoid it even if you change the job.


 Accept it or not, temperatures in the office affect your productivity.

The temperature in the work environment does affect work productivity of an employee in an entire workday. The temperature in the office should be such that it is fine for everyone. Neither should anyone be feeling stuffy and nor like one is sitting in the polar regions.Temperature

High air-conditioning not only lowers the productivity of the employees, but also could be affecting their health. Studies show that the colder office environs are linked to a lower productivity rate.

Frequent Meetings

It is important to limit the number of meetings until absolutely required.
Team leads and the people who have employees reporting to them should avoid the temptation to call meetings for any trivial reasons.Frequent Meetings

Meetings should be called only if absolutely necessary and for seriously important issues only. Calling frequent meetings only hampers employees’ productivity and focus on the work.

Frequent breaks

Tea break, coffee break, smoke break, lunch break….the list of breaks in an entire work day is mind-boggling and endless. Employees on their part should limit their breaks in order not to waste time. Such breaks not only take your mind off the work, but also contribute in wasting your time thus hampering productivity.Frequent breaks

Instead, short breaks with a definite time span must be incorporated into the employee’s schedule. Employees ought to know what time to return to their work station. Breaks need to be carefully scheduled.

Recreational games

 A productivity killer in disguise.

Many IT companies have various in-house games for the employees to help them refresh from the everyday monotonous

A pool-table, a place for table tennis, an enclosure for playing squash all sure are games planned for employees to up their productivity. Unfortunately, such games only reduce the focus of the employee on his work and increase the sense of competition among workers.

The games are undoubtedly great ways for the employee to tune in out of work for sometime and to rid him from his work stress. Since the employees get engrossed in playing them, there are chances they could forget about their work for a while. Recreational games are seen to have become productivity killers as they take the employee off the work for a lot of time.

Faulty ergonomics

Harmful for the human body in the long run.

Faulty ergonomics causes the productivity of a person to reduce substantially, which means the person isn’t really comfortable the way furniture, workstation, and other necessary things are designed and installed. Moreover, it also leads to back injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, wrist injuries, numbness, etc.Faulty ergonomics

All in all, trying to combat productivity killers ought to be a team process. Discussing the elements that are acting as encumbrances with each other can fetch a solution. The employee needs to identify and try to work on overcoming those elements that kill the productivity in the workplace. Doing so will increase the person’s productivity by leaps and bounds and make him more valuable to the organization in the long run.

How to Balance a Successful Start-up with Your Family Life?

Balancing between your 9 to 5 job and a harmonious family life is in itself a challenging task. And when it comes at establishing a startup with profits rolling in, and a happy family life; the challenges are simply beyond comparison.

However, nothing is impossible and you can definitely work it out with tact and persistent effort.Work Life Balance

Entrepreneurs, especially the newbies find this 24 hour span limited for all their tasks in hand. And to squeeze in some quality family time appears to be next to impossible. However, it needs to be remembered that family, our near and dear ones are people who help us pass through some difficult times in life. So, equating both our entrepreneurial and personal lives is an art you cannot do without.

Every successful businessmen who started from a scratch can have a different and unique story to share. And again when you yourself get into this, you will have a different story to share. However, just to help you out get started, here are a few tips that can come handy:

10 tips to work a balance between startups and family:

Here are 10 tips to have a successful startup and a happy family that can come handy if you are a budding entrepreneur:

Squeeze in breaks and make sure you don’t miss out those:

Yes, breaks are something that may seem to be a complete waste of time for busy startup owners. Especially, when you have loads of work to complete, opting for a short 15 minutes break is something bizarre. However, breaks are important rejuvenating agent.break with family

A short brunch, an evening beer or any gesture will be sufficient to display that you have equal concerns for both your family and the new business venture. And thus you take one step forward to attain a work life balance. However, one thing worth noting is that don’t make promises if you cannot stand up to those.

Combined efforts – You and your family:

This is perhaps the first thing you need to do. Before you get into any kind of venture, first make efforts to know if your family is into it with you. To think that you can run a successful enterprise and also be equally attentive towards your 5 months old is unrealistic. Your family, your child and of course your business, everything remains in deep water, almost ready to sink.Combined Efforts

Therefore, talk it with your partner. Let your children and others know that it is a shared responsibility and the business will turn successful only when everyone efficiently plays their role. This brings us to another important factor. Discussing budget and finance with your family before hand is equally important. A startup may demand for few adjustments and compromises initially. Therefore, helping your family and letting them know before hand will ease them out through the phase.

Patience and Confidence:

The two mandatory skills of a successful entrepreneur. No matter how supportive your family is, if you look shaky they get all the more disheartened; leading to chaotic family life. Therefore, be prepared for some ups and downs, now that you have already started with it. Try avoid business talks at home; especially, when your partner or others don’t come from a similar background.Be Patience

Again, don’t conceal important issues as these can bring about bad consequences later. Try finding out solutions and let your family know that the problem is still under control and sooner or later it will get resolved.

Now, as your family is equally making few small and big adjustments, it is likely that they may sometimes get a little difficult to handle. They may not be in a position to accept a few things and thus shoot back. However, you need to hold on to your patience and ease their troubles to whatever extent it is possible. Be optimistic and spread the same. This will ensure pleasant family life.

Master the art of Prioritizing:

If you cannot prioritize both your personal and professional tasks, you can consider yourself out of the game. Being very organized is something that cannot be replaced. Planning a feasible to do list and sticking to it will help you to accommodate all big and small responsibilities; along with breaks that are important.Prioritizing

Make sure that your to do list is something that is achievable. If you simply plan out things that looks good and not workable, the ultimate idea of a to do list is diminished. Therefore, say what you can and do what you talk will help you bridge between personal and professional fulfillment.

Make sure you have the best team hired:

An efficient team implies half the work done. All entrepreneurs need to know that hiring proficient team members and making them feel optimistic about the job role is one their core team

Never settle for something lesser; to save a few penny. This is an investment that will surely drive profits in the near future. Thus, hire teams who can work well and thus save some time to spent with family; that otherwise would have to be used in modifying mediocre work done by less efficient team members.

Identifying productive and non productive hours:

Not all of us can work efficiently 24/7. There are spans when you tend to become less focused and prone to falters. This is what is known as non productive hours. So, try identifying these non productive hours and make them productive in a different way. Spend these hours with family and children and get energized for the remaining tasks of the day.productive hours

While you plan your to do list, try squeezing in family time during these hours and ask others if they can make themselves available during those hours.

Make friends with newer technologies:

In conjunction with hiring efficient employees for your new business, adopting advanced technologies is equally important. Technologies always make our life easier when used with a good intention. Therefore, now that you’re aiming at balancing between work and family, technology can contribute a lot.Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies can speed up the work and thus leave with time you can devote to your family. Besides, efficient technologies eliminates chances of manual error that may lead to huge confusions and loss. So to prevent a suffering business from causing adverse impacts on personal lives, use technologies and eliminate these chances of loopholes.

A short annual holiday is a Must:

Well, you may find it a bit difficult; however, a holiday, may be just a day or two is kind of compulsory to nail the balance you are striving to achieve.Holiday

It is not only you alone who deserves a break. Everyone, your spouse, children and anybody else you consider family equally need a break from their own shares of struggles and monotony. And therefore a holiday with them not only gets you closer to these special people in your life; but also rejuvenates you for all upcoming responsibilities.

Outsource your household chores:

At this point of time, outsourcing some of your business responsibilities perhaps will not be possible. However, you can always think of getting a second help for your household tasks, isn’t it?Outsource

Besides, you can always find ways of easing out these tasks. Perhaps, getting your groceries online, or to try and have someone delivering your laundry at home. There can be lots of options to minimize and ease these tasks, you just need to know what to pick from.

Saving a couple of these minutes can truly sum up to an hour or so that can be utilized, either to have a quality time with your family or to accomplish greater work responsibilities.

Take care of yourself:

Last but not the least, take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. A healthy mind and body is needed for enhancing careers as well as personal fulfillment.Take care

No matter how packed your schedule is, make sure you are continuing with your exercising routine, having a good night sleep and eating a healthy, regular meals. If you do not remain healthy, your business suffers and your family looses confidence. Therefore, while attempting to have all ends meet, do not compromise with your health.

These were ten essential tips that can help you work a balance between your family life and the new business venture. Besides, these you can still have a number of other techniques and when you get into this journey yourself, you can still discover a number of other tools.

In a nutshell, this is a never ending learning process, so now that you have read the above steps, you are capable of making a kick start. And once you get into it, there will be world to explore and learn.

Restaurant Business Teaches You Many Career Lessons

Experiences – good or bad, always leave us with something worthwhile. People who can learn from these episodes in life, grow, excel and become successful. And others who fail, keep dwelling on pleasant – unpleasant incidents from past.

Restaurant Business

Life is not a cake walk experience. Hardships are definitely a part and parcel of our lives; both personal and professional. A wrong job, a stressed relation, a continuous battle for financial growth, and all those efforts to prove our worth, are things that help us recognize, the goodness life offers us in big and small packages.

This post has been summarized to put forth some learning experiences of professionals who had started with small steps in food and restaurant business. And today, they have reached milestones in their respective careers.

These people who overcame many atrocities in life, and finally tasted the essence of success; say, that everyone needs to have a bundle of ‘first time’ experiences. It can be anything; perhaps a phase of financial crunch, a devastating heartbreak, a wrong job experience, a business venture that is dwindling or anything else.

These first time experiences teach us things that nothing else can ever provide us with. However, many of us fail to count on these first time experiences as we consider a lot of them trivial and nothing worth remembering. And this is where we go wrong.

These real life lessons shared by experts teach us that every experience; be it a small chat with a stranger at the bus stop, an irrelevant internship with a startup or a working experience in a restaurant; everything can provide us with a great deal of teachings; only if we know what and how to learn.

All of these business experts say that restaurant is a business that can help you prepare for many things in your personal and professional lives. So, let’s see what are those…

Restaurant Business – It has lots to give than to take:

It will be wrong to say, that your first job in this industry will make you a billionaire overnight. Yes, your initial years will be difficult and it is again in these years that you learn, grow and slowly progress. Here are few things that professionals learn while working in this industry:

Smile – Even when the world is frowning at you!

It is in restaurants that we come across a variety of people and their moods. However, anyone working at a restaurant is always expected to come up with a smiling face; no matter how difficult it may be at times.Smile

Now, it is not only the customers who can be unpleasant. The people with whom you work can also be equally distressing. Therefore, the first lesson learned in a restaurant business is to wear a smile at all odds and pleasures.

Very often professionals come across people who are extremely ill mannered. No matter who ever is at fault, customers always enjoy the privilege of yelling out. To cope up with these situations is definitely difficult.

However, giving yourself some time and sticking onto your job helps you to learn an important lesson of your life. The fact is, the world is full of frowning faces and we don’t meet people with smiling faces that often as mentioned before. Therefore, if you can learn to smile during distressing situations, you not only help yourself, but others around too, so that they can pass through unpleasant situations happily.

Multitasking – Something that comes naturally now:

To wear multiple hats is something that many people strive hard to achieve. And for you, a simple job experience can help you acquire this much needed skill.Multitasking

Working in restaurants involve a lot of people, a variety of table orders and to top it all, there are frequent changes you need to squeeze in even when orders are placed. Besides, the kitchen also has a lot of work to be done by you. Therefore, as you keep working in this profile, you have no other option, but to learn being multitasking.

It is not only in food and restaurant business that multitasking is an important expertise to get hired. Every industry and every employer prefers hiring candidates who can work in different profiles. Therefore, working in a restaurant somehow makes you eligible for a variety of job roles.

Presentation and preparation work miracles:

Food is not only about taste; the look and smell is equally important. While working in a restaurant, you will learn that despite of exceptional tastes of dishes you serve; customers can never be convinced unless your food is presented pleasingly before them.Presentation

The same holds true for different situations in life. You go out looking for a job appearing shabby and it is almost certain that you will not land that job. An employable appearance is equally important as an employable resume.

Working in a restaurant requires a variety of preparatory tasks that are completed before customers are at the doors. Cleaning the kitchen and dining area. Marinating chicken and vegetables long before they are cooked. Making all other arrangements to achieve a refreshing and pleasing ambiance are all tasks that are completed much ahead of time. Only when these things fall in place, rest of the tasks can be handled easily.

The same goes with exams or interviews as well. Only when we prepare well before hand, we can guarantee our success and selection in the job interview.

You learn to work in teams:

Our professional growth demands for many additional skills, besides the ones that are mandatory for the job role. One such expertise is our capacity of working in teams. Any business requires a group of professionals who can complement each other and work efficiently towards one common goal.Work in teams

Now everyone cannot be a good team player. And to get along well with others and still create your own space and identity in a workplace, requires a lot of tact. It is an art that needs to be learned slowly. One of the best places you can learn this is a restaurant.

Preparing a dish and presenting it before customers cannot be done single handedly. Therefore, knowing how to coordinate between team members and doing your own part efficiently is what you can learn during your initial years in a restaurant business.

You don’t talk ‘hard work’ you do it:

Only a restaurant business can give you the real taste of hard work. Professionals in this industry are expected to work real long hours with absolute efficiency. After a considerable period, working 10 hours at a stretch is more or less a child’s play. You get acquainted with the work load and if you have the real passion, you even start liking this packed schedule.hard working

If you are working in restaurants that are somewhat popular and serve meals in peak hours of lunch and dinner, you will be expected to somehow scarf your lunch in less than a couple of minutes and get back to work. Long breaks of 30 minutes become that one dream for you.

In short, to understand the intensity of hard work you are expected of, you will have to experience it yourself. However, one thing remains certain. Once you gather sufficient experience in this business, you will never shy away from work load pressure or over times or long shifts and so on.

The greatest lesson – You learn to value time:

Success comes to those who can make optimum use of their time. Twenty four hours are available for all of us; however, not all of us make use of our time judiciously and that is why some reach greater heights of success and some only make plans.value time

All of us know this very well that valuing time is essential; however, not all can learn and implement the same in our day to day lives. Nevertheless, working in a restaurant will definitely help you learn this most essential lesson of your life. Discipline and to do things at the most appropriate time becomes your habit.

You are late to serve the order by a minute and you have a hell lot of complaints piled up against you. You miss out switching off the oven at an accurate time and the dish gets spoiled for good. You skip your lunch during the breaks and you remain empty stomach for the entire day.

Therefore, being on time is something you learn while working in a restaurant. Remember, this is not something that can be adopted very easily. So when you have acquired this aptly, don’t forget to thank your job in this industry.

These were the six life lessons learned while working in a restaurant business. So, if you are lucky enough to have one of those jobs, make sure you are making the best out of it. And perhaps, you were not very sure of what and how to learn, this post definitely has come up to be very handy isn’t it?

Know These: Before You Start a Business With a Friend

“Never get into any business venture with friends.” A notion existing since ages. However, we still find college friends who have turned successful business partners. To share my own experience, there is this small eatery right at the corner of the street that leads to my apartment. It’s just a 7 minutes walk from my residence and since it has a great soothing ambiance, I love spending some quiet and peaceful moments there.Business Friends

I am a regular visitor of this eatery and therefore Amy and Marina; owners of Fun & Feast have become a great acquaintance now. On having an occasional chit chat with them, I came to know, that they have known each other since high school and it is only 6 years now that they have become small business entrepreneurs. Knowing this I was awestruck and the immediate question was; “ Do you still continue to be the best of buddies or the business has taken over childhood friendship?”

Both of them wore a smile that suggested that I was not the first to have asked them a similar question. I received an interesting answer to my question. Getting into business with best friends has its own challenges and rewards. And when someone can find a balance, nothing is as interesting and enjoyable than “buddy – business” relationship.

I had a one and a half hour of long conversation with them that day. It was amazing and just on my way home I had a strong desire to share their ideas and tips of turning friendship into a buddy – business relationship with all my readers. So, here I am to share a few tips with you, before you get into any business with friends.

Things to know Before you begin a venture with your Friend

Finally, when you have decided to get into a business partnership with your friend; you have probably decided the type of business you want to start, the location and the finance required. These are few things any regular business requires. However, buddy business as described by Amy and Marina; requires some special attention; as it offers lot more than any random venture.

So want to know what are those? Here you go…..

Ask yourself, if you really trust the other side

Trust is an indispensable ingredient of buddy business tie up. And this is very different from trusting a friend with your new car. A business involves lot of efforts, money and above all; your career and success. When you are not in a position to have faith in your friend, getting into business is a worst step to take.trustStarting a business, initially brings failures and losses. So, if you cannot trust your friend during a bad phase, your business can never overcome failures to achieve success.

Know what is success according to your friend

As friends, you perhaps have similar visions that drive your personal lives, However, while running a business, “similar” is not enough. Being exact is more important. Ask your friend what is his/her expectations from this venture and what are his/her success quotients.friend's vision

You may state a business successful when it has a good name in the community market and is capable to pay bills and make a handsome saving. However, your friend may think that a good brand name is the base for a successful business rather than handsome savings. So, when you are happy and content with your efforts and business profits, your friend may appear extremely dissatisfied and thus push you to put in more efforts.

However, as far as you can push your limits and work to reach similar levels of expectations, differences do not hamper your business. Otherwise, it is detrimental to your long lasting friendship, let alone the business.

Discuss job roles at the earliest

Well, working as business partners, you probably own the same profit and share equal losses. However, apart from the finance, job designations are a great concern.Job roles

There has to be someone who meets clients and investors. There has to be someone who looks after production requirements, someone to look after workforce availability. These roles are different from each other; however, they are equally crucial for running a successful business. Therefore, discuss job roles specific to one’s own skills and interest.

Do not leave these undiscussed as it may hinder smooth running of your business leading to huge confusions. And again, do not enter into other territories, unless there’s a huge need for it. Continuous interference may hamper your friendship and thereby business.

How well do both of you handle failures?

A well established business that is earning profits does not lead to too many differences. However, when a business faces loss, differences take up magnified forms.

So similar mental strength, courage and ability to take risks are vital to run a business together. Therefore, if you take up business partnership with friends who are pessimistic and lack courage and confidence; a small failure is sufficient to scatter the set up.handle failures

Thus, before getting into joint ventures, discuss how will each of you handle failures and crisis scenarios. If you can get someone who has similar mental strength, overcoming unpleasant situations becomes easier than you can think. And this is the greatest advantage of having friends as business partners.

These were few of the things that Amy and Marina had done before they started with their small business. And since they had done their homework well, their small eatery is one of the busiest food outlets in the area. They have already become successful entrepreneurs and are planning to extend their business to other parts of the city as well.

So, if you too have a friend with whom you can start a business, go ahead and take your friendship to next level. However, do not forget to do your homework and make some difficult decisions before you plunge into this venture.

How to Spread Holiday Spirit at Office

When everyone around is busy making holiday plans for Christmas, employers and managers are having a difficult time motivating their employees to remain focused at the job front. Managers may warn employees about tough consequences for being inefficient at the job front. However, that does not help; as employees feel free to quit jobs after receiving their yearly bonus – leaving vacant positions! In addition, you may not have a crowd of applicants during these festive seasons, who can refill these positions immediately.Holiday Spirit at Office

A sufficiently difficult situation..You cannot let seasonal changes hamper your business. What next?

There is one very easy and effective solution, that works well in such scenarios. When you cannot allow your workers to take a week off, to have fun with their friends and family;help them enjoy the holiday span in the office instead. Thereby, you make them happy and have some work done in return.

So spread the holiday spirit at office. This is how you can go about it:

Exchanging gifts:

Well, after paying handsome Christmas bonus to all your employees, I certainly don’t suggest you to send gift items to employees, just to keep them motivated.Exchanging gifts

However, you can atleast have your HR managers to host such events for your employees, where they can exchange gifts with each other. As gifts are an important part of Christmas plans, this will help them to keep up with the holiday mood.

This practice also has an added advantage. Huge corporate houses, having millions of employees, fail to knit a close professional bonding between all their workers. People mostly remain connected to others working in the same or related departments and remain complete strangers to others working in different profiles.

When employees exchange gifts amongst all employees within the organization, they get a chance of initiating conversations with people they have not been very familiar with.

Gift your office with a new look:Gift your office

That does not necessarily mean renovation. Well all of us decorate our apartments during Christmas and New year. Having perfumed candles, X mas trees, ribbons and balloons to beautify our homes is a part of our holiday activities. Therefore, you can get your employees to start decorating their work stations a week before the big day. However, make sure that they don’t spend half the time decorating.

Have some fun filled activities:

Since everyone is in a merry making mood, the work environment needs to be slightly less stressful and relaxing. Therefore, in between regular tasks, assignments and targets, you can spare some time to enjoy some fun filled activities with your

In addition, these activities can work as a platform for workers to display their hidden talents. And who knows, you can also benefit out of these talents someday.

Themed food:christmas food

Your office canteen has some regular food items and beverages available for employees. However, since holidays are all about chocolates, cakes and muffins, make some changes in your office canteen menu. Take suggestions from your employees to add some new dishes and beverages in the menu. Work to make the most delicious sweet dishes easily available for your employees. You can even extend the break timings by a couple of minutes or so, to allow them to relish all new and exciting delicacies available.

Play some music:Office-Christmas-music

Music is always relaxing and since it is important to have all your employees relaxed during this period; as this is how they can be kept motivated, you can play some soft holiday music within office premises. You can also divide employees in small groups who can take charge of selecting tracks and playing them throughout the day.

Work out a perfect deal:

What about a deal that talks business? A deal that is beneficial for both ends. Think about making some changes in the work policy. Perhaps, paying slight incentives for working during holidays or perks; such as, paid leaves can help you get the work done. Yes it involves little investment from your side. However, if few dollars can get work done worth millions – you ought to work out the deal.

Have a small Christmas Party:christmas-office-party

After all said and done, nothing can replace a Christmas party and therefore, don’t skip this from your list. Arrange a party with the DJ and a giant Christmas cake with a free flow of wine. Take this opportunity to thank your employees who diligently work for you. Choose this day to announce best performers and other annual rewards for your employees.

Spread this cheer beyond office:

Happiness begets happiness. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea to do some good that expands your happiness and can make this Christmas much more meaningful. You can plan some donation for help homes or anything similar that can help the society at large. When you see people happy and content for something very small you have done for them, your happiness grows and multiplies like never before. Just Try it!beyond office

Well, when you are not in a position to change the situation, its better that you change your approach towards the scenario. Yes, it is difficult for your employees to focus and retain their levels of performance, when everyone around them is busy making merry and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Thus, when strict work policies and corporate environment does not serve the purpose, just get a little flexible and see how things just fall into place. The above mentioned ideas are some ways you can spread festive cheer in office and have nearly all your employees, attending office during this festive season. Moreover, when you are spending some cheer moments with your workers, you are in a position of generating an office family environment!

Small Talk is Important to Grow Big Career

I have always wondered about how this guy sitting in the next cubicle can continue working the whole day without sharing a word or two with any of our colleagues. While it becomes extremely difficult for me to concentrate in the last working hours of a week, he does it with the same enthusiasm.

Well, I guess many of you can relate yourself with my position and some definitely with the guy in the next cubicle. However, there is something that was bothering me for quite sometime. Do I really waste my time in these occasional chit chats?small talk in office

Perhaps, many of you must have been through these crossroad scenarios similar to mine. This thought comes most strongly when you are rushing to meet deadlines. Isn’t it?

Small talk for many of us is similar to life-saving oxygen. 24/7 routine work with no occasional breaks does not drive out the best in us. Rather, it works against our efficiency. However, there are many people who find it difficult to communicate with people around.

We, on the other side consider it as an advantage for them; as they are always a way ahead of time in accomplishing the assigned tasks. On the contrary, they talk in a completely different context. And according to them, this behavior works as a hindrance to their day to day work.

I say this with conviction as I heard it from the horse’s mouth. Yes, you call it my curiosity or anything, I had initiated a brief communication with the guy in the next cubicle, and then he had shared his story. While many of you may not agree to this, there are definitely various positive impacts of having small talk with colleagues and bosses. Believe it or not, these small talks work as a stimulant for accelerating career growth.

Do you want to know how small talk can have some positive impact on your career development? IF Yes, then you will be happy to know that the following section discusses various positive aspects of small talk on your career. So gear up to unveil these untold truths.

Know how small talk can affect career growth:

Add branches to your existing network:

Now you definitely know the importance of good networking in professional life. Don’t you? And how can you build this network without communicating.

Climbing high up on the corporate ladder does not only require expertise, it also requires the art of presenting your skills to people around. And this does not mean writing a perfect resume.good communicator

When you communicate and participate in informal discussions, people identify your interest. Do you enjoy humor, or are you someone interested in facts? Do you take time to listen to what others have to say, or you are only blabbering about yourself? People get to know you as a person and this is important.

If you can be the limelight of any discussion, if you can find your friends getting glued to your discussion, if you can really convince people around – you can call yourself a good orator. While your superiors can consider you suitable for some Human resource or sales position.

Again, being a good communicator attracts more people around. Some of them can bring you different opportunities as well. This is how you add branches to your network.

You can enlighten yourself with fresh ideas and knowledge:

Some things are better understood when heard, rather than reading the same somewhere. Yes, we have the internet to provide us answers to every question we have; there is a difference in communicating with a human and a machine. listening others

You can learn many things listening to the experiences of others, and you can also share yours. You may come across people with common interests and may start-up with new ventures. You may come across new job opportunities from people around .

An easy way to put things before your boss:

There was this thing that you wanted to communicate with your boss. However, you did not know how to go about it. It can be anything. Perhaps, a job role change in the same company or an extended leave that you need to take from regular work schedule. Simply anything.put things before your boss

If you cannot do it through a mail, you can definitely do it over a cup of coffee. Provided, you had built a good rapport with your boss by now.

Working out tiff with colleagues:

If you know this art of small talk, you can never have anyone hating you for a life time. We spend the major part of the day in our workplace. It is not unnatural that you may have some difference of opinion with your colleagues sometimes.Working out tiff with colleagues

However, how can you sort out this awkward situation? Maintaining cordial relation with colleagues at the workplace is an essential professional gesture. Your HR managers do notice these while forming your appraisals. Therefore, the earlier you end the cold war the better it is. Yes, just an occasional Hello with your colleague and then short conversation can definitely ease out these difficult situations.

References play a great role in recruitment:

This is not a secret that when you have someone influential to back your resume, you have better chances of selection. Employers conduct background checks before they confirm your selection. Therefore, if you have built good networks, and they do know your skills and expertise, they can refer you to potential employers.references

You can also learn about new job opportunities if you keep in touch with important and relevant personalities.

Now, these were a few of the reasons that support small talks at a workplace to enhance career prospects. If you are a person similar to me and convinced with these above-mentioned discussions, you can definitely continue with your occasional chit chats that do not hamper your work. For those who are similar to that guy in the next cubicle, you can work out ways of getting used to these required professional gestures, if you do not want to miss out some opportunities.

This was all about the positive impacts of small talks on your career growth. Hope you have found this article useful in your search.

10 Things to Consider Before Joining Family Business

In any economy, family businesses play a fundamental role by creating job opportunities and building active communities. Thus these businesses become economic powerhouse and help in the growth of the society and nation, as a whole. Researches show that family businesses contribute to 50% of America’s gross domestic product, more than 75% of all new job creation and 60% of the nation’s total Business

There are certain benefits of working in a family business like sharing risks and responsibilities, discussing confidential matters with near and dear ones, those whom you can trust. Along with these benefits, there are some risks associated with family business. You might be interested in such business as you can start working from an early age. Wait! Before taking that move you must consider some important factors. After all, this one decision can change your life and career goals for better or for worse.

1. Do you really want to join?

When your family is involved in a business for generations or for some years, it is expected that you will also join the business. If you are interested in the business and think that the business will satisfy your career goals, you must join it. But if it is for mere familial obligation and to satisfy others, you must not take this step. Remember the right reasons behind your decision-making will provide you peace of mind and satisfaction in the future.

2. Do you like the people and vice versa?

Think practically whether you will be able to work with those involved in the business. There may be two or three persons whom you may not like; this is okay. But if you do not get along with most of the people you’ll be dealing with, you must reconsider your decision. For example, you may belong to the younger generation and wants to work with people of your father’s or grandfather’s ages. The older lot may treat you as a kid and not take your decisions seriously. Will that be okay with you? On the other hand, it may also happen that they will treat you as an equal.

Again you must be aware of the business culture, ethics and the rules in general. If you like the existing rules and ideologies prevailing in the business, you may join. If you do not like the core values of the company and possess good feelings for your relatives, it may lead to serious issues in the future that may eventually ruin the business. Thus everything will depend on your relationship with your family members and how both the parties complement each other.

3. What will be your salary?

You need to figure out your salary and other benefits, if any. You may think that they are family and they will surely think the best for you. Well, we are not against your family. But you need to know how much you will earn so that you can plan for your savings and expenses. Let’s take a scenario for example. It may be your father’s business, you may have siblings who have been working for many years and you have decided to leave your present job and join the family business. You may not earn as much as your siblings since you are new to this field. But you must have an idea of your earnings so that you can take care of your spouse and kids in the present and save for future also.

4. What is the future of the business? 

You must do enough research about the company’s viability. For whatever motive you want to join, may be to save the company from huge losses, to make a career change or simply to satisfy your goals and interests, you must carefully analyse how healthy the business is at present and what heights it can achieve in the future from the revenue perspective.

5. Can you deal with some pre-conceived notions?

Every society is obsessed with some pre-conceived notions. The society may call you a ‘lucky person’ who hasn’t labored much to be where you are now; whatever you are, is simply because of what your forefathers have achieved. Again you may be compared to your father every now and then. Thus it may be difficult for you to establish your own identity although you may be really working too hard.

6. Are you aware of all the investments, share ownership and stock holdings?

Having knowledge of investments, shares, stocks and other conditions of the business is very essential. Once you join the business, you will not be able to alter certain things. In many situations, you may find yourself in the midst of nowhere. For example, you give 15 or 20 years of your life to the business only to learn that your siblings, who are not involved with the business, have huge shares.

7. What are the primary marketing strategies of the family business?

No good business can thrive without marketing. In this technology-driven world, marketing has gained new dimensions. Is your family business marketed rightly using the latest technologies? If your family members are holding tight to primitive marketing tactics, you must show least interest in joining such business.

8. What is better- job or business?

Think, consider and reconsider before it’s too late. Family business is not for everyone; again not everyone is pleased with nine-to-five routine job. So what do you prefer? Talk with your friends, relatives or a career counsellor who may guide you in taking the best decision.

9. Can you inherit the business? If yes, when?

If the business belongs to your father, it is essential that you know about his future plans- when he is planning to retire and when you can actually inherit the business.

10. Can you personally guarantee the debts?

If your family business has some debts, you may be needed to personally guarantee those. Will you be able to take such risks?

People prefer family businesses as these have longevity. The family members can identify with the business. They work hard to keep the business alive and try to instil in their children the values of philanthropy, charity and the ability to earn own living from a young age. But before you get bewitched by the magic of family business, you must consider all the associated risks and move accordingly.