Information about Apprentice and Trainee Rights

Don’t we, as job seekers, strive hard to acquire unique skills that can accelerate our career growth? We certainly do! When we complete our graduation programs, most of us have similar skills and knowledge. However, when we move ahead to land job roles, similar qualification poses hindrance. How do we prove our worth, in a crowd of “similarly” skilled applicants?Apprentice

It is perhaps now that we work to acquire specialized skills that can add value to our formal education. One of the easiest ways of acquiring these additional skills is through apprenticeship programs. If not all, most job roles make apprenticeship programs mandatory for landing desired job roles in the future.

These programs are beneficial for both sides – employers and workers. Employers receive a chance of preparing the future workforce according to their requirements and industrial needs. Whereas, trainees receive first hand practical knowledge from veterans of respective fields. And that is not all. They also earn good wages in return of learning new things.

Besides, trainees are also eligible for different employment benefits, as any other permanent employee working with the organization. However, unfortunately, we are not very much aware of these rights entitled to trainees. Therefore, to throw some light on apprentice and trainee rights, this article has been written to share relevant information on the subject.

Apprentice and Trainee Rights:

The following section shares some essential piece of information about Apprentice and Trainee Rights. The list includes:

How long is your apprenticeship program?

Time duration for apprenticeship programs particularly depend on the type of work you will be expected to do on the job front. Every job role has varied requirements and may need different time duration to get acquainted with the job duties. It may range from a few months to even a year. This time duration is decided by professionals who conduct training sessions.apprenticeship duration

Therefore, once you receive an opportunity to undergo training sessions with any organization, make sure that the time duration is mentioned in the offer letter. Gear up to acquire all skills within the said time duration. And do not allow your instructor to wrap up with the session before its scheduled time. However, your inability to grasp skills quickly may lead to an extended training period that to if your employers are benevolent enough to give you a second chance!

How much should you earn as a trainee?

Trainees are considered as regular employees and therefore are entitled to earn same wages that are offered to other employees.
Every state or country has different laws governing employee wage standards. Therefore, you, as a trainee needs to gather information about your state laws first.trainee earning

Once you are done with that, make sure that your trainers pay your wages abiding by the state laws. Also, confirm that your salary structure is mentioned in the offer letter you received. In return for the wages earned, trainees are also required to pay national tax and insurance, according to their income packages.

What are your working hours?

According to the US employment laws, employees are required to follow 40 hours working schedule per week. However, if they need to work longer hours occasionally, they are required to be provided with additional perks in any form. This may include – incentives or awards.working hours

The same rule is applied for trainees as well. Many employers can have a different schedule format for trainees. However, in no way a trainee can be forced to work longer than the 40-hour work pattern. As it has been already mentioned that training periods are largely dependent on the skills that are to be acquired; therefore, employers decide on a stipulated period during which they train their future workforce. This period can be divided into any form according to the number of days and working hours without exceeding the 40 hours scheme.

Are you entitled to paid holidays?Paid HolidayThe US government does not have any statutory minimum paid holidays. It is completely left to the employers to decide their paid holiday structure for employees. However, the general structure followed by 98% employers is providing 6 to 20 paid holidays for employees. And this again depends on the duration spend with organizations. Now, you, as a trainee is also very much entitled for these paid holiday structures and cannot be treated with any exception to this rule.

When do you study?

Now the purpose of undergoing apprenticeship programs or training sessions is to learn more and get acquainted with different tasks associated with job roles. And how can you learn when you do not study and go through topics taught? Therefore, all employers are required to give their trainees few hours off from regular work, so that they can use these hours to study and prepare themselves. It is for this reason that, trainees work 10 hours less; that is 30 hours per week as compared to any other employee. This dispensation that you are ought to receive from your employer’s side is your legal right.

What are your training termination rules?

Apprenticeship programs last for a specified time duration. It can range in between anything from one year to four years of a full-time job experience. At the end of your training, you are eligible to earn a nationally recognized apprenticeship certificate. This is provided by your employers.termination rulesAt the time of joining, all pre-termination rules need to be specified. Pre–termination is only applicable to candidates who display some serious misconduct. This standard of misconduct needs to be specified right at the time of joining.

These were a few rules governing apprenticeship and training programs in the United States. Apprenticeship has become a growing trend among job seekers as it is more beneficial than other training formats. It provides additional benefits that are not available with work experiences. However, only when applicants are aware of these rights, they can make the most of these opportunities. Thus, when you are taking up some apprenticeship programs, make sure that you are aware of your rights and duties so that the experience is beneficial for both the sides.

Careers in Food Industry

Well, don’t you think working in the food service industry is the most satisfying career one can have? I will tell you why.

For all food lovers – who constitute a core part of the entire global population; visiting hotels and experiencing new delicacies is an essential part of our lives. Perhaps, we are struggling hard to earn enough and make this a regular in foodOn the other hand, there are people working in this food industry, who are getting paid for preparing, styling and tasting mouth watering and appealing dishes. Isn’t that great?

Besides, American economic statistics show that food service industries are going to add a number of new jobs in the coming years. Thus, making a career in this industry sounds interesting and equally rewarding.

Therefore, to throw some light on different available careers in the food industry, listed below are some of the job profiles in this industry.

Careers in food industry:

Food Scientist:

Every mall or shopping center you may visit maintains a separate section for food. There we find a variety of edibles of different taste, aroma and color. Now, for those of us who are a little foodie and are considerably less health conscious, do not really look into the “nutritious” value of food items. We rather go for the “taste” factor.Food Scientist

However, there is someone who is ensuring the health content in all available edibles. They are known as Food scientists. They are responsible for examining different eatables before they reach the market. They test items on various factors – allowable food color or essence, minimum level of nutrients every food item needs to contain, suitability for different age groups, etc.

Food Stylist:

Tasting a new dish largely depends on its look or appearance. When a food “looks” to be tasty, we assume it to be delicious and therefore taste it. Isn’t that true?Food Stylist

Now, as there are various methods of cooking different dishes using same ingredients; there are also various methods of garnishing or presenting it. And this calls for another lucrative profession. Food stylist are professionals who are skilled to design any particular dish in the most appetizing and attractive manner.

These designs are then used by chefs for plate presentation. Further, they are also photographed which appear on menu cards, magazines or portraits that are used as decors in different restaurants and hotels.

Culinary Trendologist:

Now, how do you think all hotel managers are serving gluten-free dishes simultaneously? A few years back, this was not the trend. We did not even know about these health cautious dishes. Growing health issues amongst individuals made them opt for these dishes. And no sooner people opted for these dishes, they were made available in different tastes and appearance across all hotels.Culinary Trendologist

Culinary Trendologist are professionals who keep into account these growing changes and inform hotel managers about the same. Chefs then work on developing new dishes to meet customer demands. Dishes that get popular among people are always placed on the top listings of menu cards. These professionals carry out extensive research to find out dishes that are popular, so that they can find their place on menu cards and shelves.

Besides hotels, they also work on meals that are served on airplanes or cruises. Therefore, studying local trends is not their only task; they also explore international food habits and choices people make.

Chocolate Explorer:

Taking a bite of your favorite dark chocolate bar, you almost fall in love with those cacao beans – core ingredient of your chocolate. Now, you know cacao beans are not easily available in every garden you come across. And not all those make chocolates, that make you fall in love with.Chocolate Explorer

They need to be hunted, tested and then approved by making some mouth watering, delicious, lovable chocolates.

Flavor Tester:

Every innovation may not be strikingly good. Some dishes may work well only for the chef and his family!

Others may not just approve of those. So, before prepared dishes reach customers, they are tasted by flavor testers to ensure that their customers are surely going to like these preparations.Flavor Tester

They just don’t outrightly reject preparations and rather suggest few changes that can enhance the taste and quality of the dishes. Sometimes, they also work on creating new flavors as well. They also spend considerable time in tasting every new ingredient that strikes the market and then using them in different combinations to prepare dishes. Ice cream makers mostly hire these professionals. And there they are popularly known as Flavor Gurus.


Brew masters work in brewing establishments and carry out different chemical procedures to prepare a unique and perfect mug of beer.

Preparing beers involve different fermenting procedures. Selecting core ingredients and then combining these to prepare the drink. More or less, beer ingredients remain the same. However, brew master’s potentiality is determined by his selection of the process that prepares the intermediate product named wort. The taste, texture, fragrance of the drink depends on this product primarily.Brew-master

Witnessing that smile on someone’s face that is brought about by tasting the dish you prepared is so satisfying that it cannot be compared to anything else in the world. This becomes an overwhelming scenario, when you are also getting lucrative salaries in addition to witnessing those happy moments.

The listing above does not follow any order of preference. They are just a few of the mentioned jobs available within the industry. And there are an enormous number of job scopes that you can explore. All these job profiles require specific and relevant education in the field. We have different culinary institutes that offer specialization courses from which you can opt for.

This was all about careers in the food industry. Hope you found this article resourceful and significant to your search query.

Few Great Creative Career Opportunities

What strikes to you when you come across some broken pieces of glass??

A shattered mirror perhaps. Well, there are people who can view this as something that can create a wall decor. And this is what is known as creativity.Back view of businesswoman

Creativity is an attitude, not everyone can carry. Some say that all of us are born with streaks of creativity. However, do we come across creative minds that often?…Certainly not. Business critics consider a lack of creativity to be the greatest setback to accelerating growth.

So, if we are all born with at least the slightest sense of creativity, where does it actually disappear?

The power to imagine and visualize things differently, is what is known as creativity. And as we grow up, conventionality replaces imagination. It is perhaps the prime reason behind the declining rate of creativity in present scenario.

To view those pieces of glass as a wall Decor is still easy. The catch is to turn imaginations into reality. So if you can really make that wall Decor and win praises for your inventions; you can definitely pat your back for your impressive sense of creativity.

Now, for those who can run their imagination and have a passion for innovation will definitely not enjoy the tasks that have strict protocols to follow. Conversely, someone enjoying regular tasks may not fancy creativity. What kind of person, do you think you are? Conventional or Unconventional. This is something you need to realize initially. Once you can identify this, you can consider half the work done.

Most of us find our job profiles uninteresting and thus, are unable to put in our best efforts. Well, there can be various factors leading to this depressing condition; one important aspect is to land wrong job profiles.

Now, why do we pursue jobs that do not relate to our passion or skills? Why does a painter wear the shoes of an accountant? A person having a knack for gadgets landing jobs of healthcare professions and the list will go on. Whatsoever may be the reasons behind, the question still exists – why do we knowingly get into these careers, when we know we could be doing something better – something of our own choice.

Identifying inner skills and then related career, is definitely not easy. Some fail to identify hidden talents within; while some lack courage to follow the same. Now, there is a popular belief among young grads that career scopes for creative minds are sparse. And those available, pay less or have no growth options.

A False notion indeed. Today, every industry, profit or non-profit organizations have plenty of job scope for the right talent. You have relevant skills, and you know how to use it; there is nothing that can stop you from excelling beyond expectation.

So if you are a creative person, this is something you may find interesting. The following discussion throws some light on creative career options that are equally lucrative. The first in the list is:

Fine arts:

Earning a fine arts major in your graduation, opens huge career options for you. Fine arts has grown beyond musical theaters and painting exhibitions. Today, this degree opens doors to publishing houses and magazine, television and film production, digital marketing industries, etc.fine_arts

You can choose any of the offered specialization depending upon your field of interest. Some of the areas of specializations include – creating visual effects, animation, industrial designs, photography and many more.

Fine arts professionals approximately earn $ 51,120 initially. With experience, your take home will rapidly increase. Job opportunities for these professionals are likely to increase in the coming years.


Writing is the most powerful forms of expression. Writers influence the thought process of a large number of people. It involves knowing your readers and presenting content that can interest them. It also requires you to be aware of all recent changes taking place in all fields.creative writing

Writing profession allows you to work with different organizations as well as in your own personal setups. And the good news is, both these scopes offer equal monetary benefits. Career opportunities like this, simply requires an English Degree with a good sense of creativity.

Event Managers:

Can you even imagine your life to go on without small, relaxing kit-kat breaks? Be it professional or personal lives, we all need change to get back to regularity with the same zeal.Event Managers

Professional lives become so monotonous without occasional corporate dinners, evening gatherings, Annual functions, etc. Isn’t it?

Well, do you enjoy arranging such small gatherings for your friends and family? If yes, then you can definitely choose event management as your career option. With a bit of formal education and heaps of creativity and the ability to understand the needs of clients, you are all set to earn plenty in this profession.

Game designers:

Getting paid for designing games. Can anything be more interesting than this? Guess not.

Game designers research trends that appear to be fascinating for children and youth. Then they use their technical knowledge and immense sense of creativity to develop related games.Game designers

This is one of the booming career options presently. And thanks to the rapid technical advancement that is taking place continuously, and increasing scopes for this profile. Landing this job profile only requires a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

Interior Designers:

Building residential apartments or office spaces, both require quite a number of skilled professionals. Interior designers work in collaboration with these professionals to give an aesthetic finish to any project they undertake.interior designers

They work on lighting effects, paints, texture and furniture to give the desired look to these accommodations. They meet clients and prepare designs accordingly. Once their designs are approved, they work to implement the same. The same construction can be given a different appearance depending upon the skills and creativity of these professionals.

Now, if you are looking for building a career in this profile, then work ahead to get a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field .

These were some of the lucrative career options that serve to be the best match for people who have a sense of creativity and to build a career in this domain.

Jobs with Highest Percentage of Women Employees

Although, the workforce gender bias still exists and portrays women to be the growing minority at top corporate levels; there do exist industries, where male workers become a rarer sight to witness.

What are those industries?? And how much do they pay is what interests you now – isn’t it?? Well you will have to wait a bit, before the list gets revealed.Working-Women

In the meanwhile, can you just come up with some career domains, that have been serving, as the largest employment sources for women??

It definitely has to be these three – academics, legal practices and performing arts. However, due to technical advancements, that is taking place at lightening speed, huge business organizations are the center of attraction for all.

It is again an unfortunate truth, that the highest gender discrimination experienced by female workforce is in these industries.

Nevertheless, all is not bad and no matter how slowly the change is taking place; the scenario of women employment is getting better if not best. Keeping aside the ratio, we do have women at all corporate levels and the number continues to increase. Thus, we do have certain industries where the female gender is flourishing like never before; leaving males behind the race.

Now, you will find a list of occupations below, that prove to be the best suit for female employment. Some of these job roles are new in the market; while, some have been in existence for quite sometime now.

However, though all these job vacancies are already being filled by women, they will definitely require more female candidates in the near future.

Financial Specialists:

Are women better than men in handling money?? Yes? Or NO?

Well, you are free to decide on either of these answers and therefore it remains unanswered.Financial Specialist

Whatsoever it is, many business organizations are finding women more suitable for this position and therefore are hiring these professionals regularly. Reports show that 66.6% of professionals holding these positions are women.

Meetings and Event Planners:

What spices up a monotonous corporate life style?? Is it a well organized corporate dinner with colleagues, or an annual gathering with good music and cocktails?

Whatsoever it is, there is someone in your organization, who looks after these refreshment parties and perhaps this someone is a “SHE.”

Meetings and Event Planners

Besides annual gatherings, these professionals are also required to make all arrangements for different levels of business or corporate meetings. They may also choose to work in their own setups; where they run their own team and are hired by organizations to arrange common platforms for business meets.

Health Care Services:

Woman – embodiment of love, care and affection is naturally befitting for any job role in the health care service industries. From physicians to therapists and medical assistants, female professionals are seamlessly doing so well in this industry.

A report published few years back, stated that, almost 69.5% of health care professions are occupied by females. Although, we do not have any numeric data to support the present scenario, the ratio has definitely not declined since then.Health Care Services

Owing to deteriorating health conditions faced by individuals of different age groups, number of health care centers are accelerating rapidly. Thereby, there are increased job opportunities for physical therapists, medical practitioners, health care managers, medical assistants etc.


A clear feminine dominance is witnessed in this profession. While female involvement is increasing, male psychologists are almost vanishing(No Offense intended). Well, there can be different reasons for this alarming difference in the ratio, it is a good news for all women who are looking forward to take up this profession.Psychologist

Psychology offers different areas of specializations; such as, school psychology, industrial psychological counseling, social psychology etc. However, there are two important fields where psychologists find highest employment scopes. One is clinical healthcare setups and other is jobs in sports industry.

Social and Community services:

Social and Community servicesIn parallel to health care services, community service organizations are also doing their part of reaching out to people and solving their issues. They work in small groups and plan out different strategies, to address different issues; including family programs, fighting mental ill health such as depression or poor confidence levels. They also work to help people overcome substance abuse or any other kind of addiction.

This is a growing profession and mostly headed by female officials. As a part of any social service team, you are responsible for organizing events for catering to different needs of your audience, along with making it budget effective.

Reputation Managers:

A new avenue in the field of PR profession. Reputation managers are in great demand across all big or small organizations. Well, it is already a known fact, that business growth is directly proportional to its promotion. And the best platform to publicize your business is the web. This is where these professionals are working.

Reputation managers strive to craft the best social image of their organizations and enhance their online presence to attract more and more internet customers. They have an interesting job role, where they need to be in continuous virtual communication with all viewers of company websites or social media sites. They reply to viewer queries, tweet, post blogs and articles to share business information in the most effective manner possible.Reputation Mangers

A common scenario in this highly competitive market is that, flourishing organizations are more prone to fake scandals. Professionals working with these organizations, need to continuously study online activities to avoid such disgracing activities in the first place and to sort out issues when they arise.

As compared to rest of the nations , the United States is already reigning in establishing women empowerment and bringing gender equality on the job front. Today, according to reports, gender discrimination is more visible in careers related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields.

However, if we carefully analyze the above list, it clearly includes job roles from different educational backgrounds and does not corner any domain as such. Therefore, women need to concentrate on these job roles that are comparatively hiring greater percentage of female professionals.

The above list is inclusive of only some job profiles. There are N number of such profiles that are presently not that popular among job seekers; however, they have high potentials to become some lucrative job roles in the near future.

So ladies, do not miss these exciting opportunities and walk ahead to grab these career opportunities that are waiting for you.

Few Opportunities After an English Degree

An English degree can fetch a job in academics and publishing alone – a popular myth among the present workforce. Well, if we are to talk about the job scenario that was prevalent just a few years back, this was precisely true. Anyone aiming for a steady career in academics opted for English literature in their undergraduate courses.

However, there has been a huge transformation since then; however, unfortunately we have not made much use of this positive change as of now. Presently, an English degree can earn lucrative jobs; both in business as well as non profit sectors.English degree

Most of the new job openings that strike the market, do require strong written and verbal communication as one of the most essential candidate requirement. Thus, one can very well anticipate that English grads are eligible for most of these job openings.

The following sections discuss various career opportunities after an English Degree. Further, education in the same field or other specialization, opens other lucrative job opportunities as well. Read this informative article that can help you to explore wide and lucrative career options.

Social Media Marketing:

Be it mid scale business entrepreneurs or the CEO’s of giant corporate houses; all agree unanimously to the fact that online business presence is imperative to business growth. Therefore, they are continuously hiring social media executives or managers.

So how is your English degree connected to social media? Let’s see….Social Media Marketing

English degree has been wrongly perceived to be more of literature. All other related aspects have been given lesser importance and this is the reason why this degree is assumed to have thinner career opportunities. Creativity and analytical thinking are the two principle topics covered under this course ware. And this is what you need to make a career in social media marketing.

This profile involves web marketing of products and services in a manner that can attract more customers, leading to increased sales. One of the fastest growing sector, this profession promises huge career growth prospects in the near future.

Creative Writing:


Parallel to web marketing, creative writing is another career option offered to English grads. These professionals work in collaboration with social media executives and prepare interesting blogs, editorial articles, e books and web promotional ideas. This is a great platform for people who are proficient in writing and communicating with people around. Again good English proficiency gains importance.

Information Officers:

Wide experience in creative writing opens doors to this lucrative profession. Information officers are professionals who ensure, that all web content available on their organizational website is authentic and meets reader demands aptly. They also need to assure that the electronic information does not hurt sentiments of any group or draw any unnecessary attention. Quite a responsibility, isn’t it?Information Officers

Since they need to analyze loads of content written on various topics ranging from entertainment affairs to political and economic issues or for that matter, scientific advents taking place across the globe; these professionals need to have some primary knowledge of all fields.

Therefore, continuous reading and an urge to remain informed about anything and everything under the sky are important requisites of landing this job profile. Doesn’t English knowledge knock doors here?

English as a Foreign Language Teacher:


Global economical development through business ventures requires English as the only communicating language. However, there still exists different countries where people are not very much comfortable with this language. This becomes one of the biggest drawbacks in their growth and development.

Therefore, all state governments now hire English grads, who can assist professionals in learning the language. Applicants who are proficient with other regional languages besides English, have further career growth prospects.

Advanced career options:

Going a step further, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English can land you to other career opportunities. Some of them are explained below.


Strong English vocabulary is what you need to land this job role. Dictionaries that are available online or in print mediums, are compiled by these professionals. Again knowledge of some regional language can help them to work for different bilingual dictionaries as well.Lexicographer

However, to become a lexicographer, in addition to graduation degree, higher education in the respective field such as earning a Master’s degree or PhD is essential.

PR or Human Resource:HR or PR

Being an English literature student, good communication just comes naturally to you. In addition, if you can study further to earn a Master’s degree in Human Resource management, you can opt for plenty of job scopes as a PR professional. These professionals are hired by all corporate sectors and therefore earn good salary packages.

Brand Managers:

An English degree followed by MBA in marketing can land you jobs as Brand Managers. These professionals are hired by any organization that is involved in some kind of product sales and marketing.Brand-Manager

These professionals are involved in creatively promoting product brands through advertisement portals and generating attractive hoardings for targeted clients. An attractive punch line works wonders for brands; however, how will you pen down these lines without excellent command over English language?

Law firms:

Paralegal job postings or lawyers do require to deal with number of clients and their associated case histories. Therefore, Understanding the language and accurately drafting it to present before justice boards requires good hold over the language as well as relevant legal knowledge. Therefore, after completing a Bachelors degree in English, one can easily opt for legal education.Law firmsThus, for students who have completed their degree in English or are pursuing the same, you now know the vast career options that await you. Therefore, choose your subject of interest from the course ware offered to you by Universities and research on all career scopes available.

Unlike earlier job market scenarios, today English degree offers huge career options to students and it will not be wrong to say that these options have greater growth prospects as compared to many other domains.

Hence do not loose these existing job opportunities; research on upcoming opportunities and feel free to add to this above mentioned list.

Fastest Growing Jobs in Sports Industry – 2015

Michael, a 48 years old IT professional, is enjoying his weekend, watching a game of squash on his television. He almost has a sinking heart to watch the opponent team win the game. No, this cannot happen. Come on, the best player from the winning team gets a cash prize of 2 million dollars and a car. “ If it is not me, it needs to be my favorite player.”

Michael was a popular squash player during his young college days and always thought of taking up this profession. Perhaps, he is still passionate about this game and feels that if the game would pay the same then, as it is paying now; he would definitely be one among those players today.

Sport JobsWell, being content with one’s take home is a relative term and here we do not compare between sports and IT professions.

Well, it is not only Squash. Sports as a whole has grown to be much more than just a game, passion or one’s hobby. In addition to all these, it is a huge commercial business; an industry that earns bread for many. Did you know, that sports contributes a huge chunk to the US economic growth?

A two years old report said that the annual contribution made by this industry was almost $14.3 billion with 456,000 jobs, that paid lucrative salaries. The figure has rapidly escalated since then. Therefore, it is not about earning your bread alone; it Is bread, spread with a thick layer of cheese along with smashed egg and a glass of your favorite fruit juice.

Now, Michael has a seven years old son, who regularly attends a football training institute from past three years. The young boy is well equipped with different techniques to play the game, only to win.

All training institutes provide players with several pairs of sports shoes, uniforms and all other equipments. They are well guided with nutritional diet intake and related physical exercises.

Seeing all these, Michael feels, that playing any sport with friends, in the backyard, has come down to being something obsolete. Teens still play with their peers; however, they do this to make a promising career in this field. There are various other professionals as well, who are earning because they contribute in building successful sportspersons – who grab much of the limelight.

Michael realizes, that there can be various factors to consider before getting into any profession. Therefore, he needs to gather information about all booming jobs in this domain; as his son may require this essential information, later some day. A thorough research carried out by him on fastest growing jobs in sports industry brings about an interesting list that has been shared here in this post.

His son as an Athlete:


Rugby and Lacrosse are the fastest growing sports in America presently. The popularity gained by these two sports activities is high and is still rising. Besides, other sporting activities such as Golf, Baseball or Ice hockey are also chasing the race. Therefore, choosing to become a future athlete will be a decision worth taking.

Years of experience and becoming a Coach:


Long years of athletic experience with few winning records; is all he needs to earn in seven figures, as a renowned head coach. However, initially they start with smaller figures and it takes a long time to reach that level. Experts predict that there can be a growth of 29% in this profession by 2020.

Health and Sports – Mileage blend:psychologists

From physical fitness to psychological preparation, athletes need them all. Sports psychologists motivate players and teach them methods to retain composure while playing.

Fitness directors, on the other hand, look after the overall physical well being of players and assist in quick recovery of injured members.

These professions, along with nutritionists and therapists form an essential part of this booming industry with accelerating job growth rate, ranging from 22% to 39% approximately.

Sports social media:sports social media

Michael realizes that his son spends a lot of his time browsing social media sites and other websites. This career that brings sports and social media under the same roof appears to be the best match for him.

Sports social media is the new talk in the city, that only requires good written skills, understanding of social media as a promotional platform and of course, your interest and knowledge of sports.

The “Sports – Glam” factor:Commercialization

Commercialization is leading to greater sporting events. Gone are the days, when athletes participated in 3 – 4 events annually. Today, there are various sponsors who are organizing events on a daily basis. And every event, appears to be better than the rest; with accurate media attention and every essential ingredient to make the event sufficiently glamorous.

This, therefore calls for increased number of sport event coordinators, sports media journalists and photographers.

Similar to all other job opportunities mentioned above, this sector also has strong growth rates ranging from 13% to 44%.

Sports analytics:sport statistician

This is one of the growing profession and Michael, being an IT professional, is highly impressed by this job role.

Sports statisticians use math and computer skills to derive essential information on performance rates of teams or individual players. They also analyze available data to predict future results.

The amount of web technologies and graphics used to display the results attract fans to a large extent. The demand for these professionals is rapidly increasing.

Michael is now so content with his research, that he is now visualizing his son earning millions in any of the above mentioned occupation. This research also helps him to realize that, sports industry does not only deal with athletes; there are equal opportunities for non athletes as well, who are interested in sports; however, do not want to take up athletic profession.

Now, if you too are looking for job opportunities in this lucrative industry; go ahead to choose any profession of your choice, that is made available in this vast domain. Hoping that you found this post useful, we wrap up today’s discussion.

Things to Know Before Starting Your Professional Career

The essence of success is for those who manage to take some right decisions of being at the right place and at the right time. However, how many of us can actually boast of being one such “Mr/Ms Right?” I guess very few. All of us have those cloudy evenings in our lives, where we sit and tell ourselves ; “I wish I had known this then.”starting-professional-career

Nevertheless, do you think being Mr. Right or Ms. Right is that difficult? Definitely NO. If you put this same question before Career experts, you will find different answers stating the same underlying meaning. Realizing early in life, that a moment misused is a span lost for ever – is all you need to become this Mr/Ms Right from your slightly lesser self.

Most of us consider receiving an offer letter to be the end of the game; however, it is just the beginning of your journey towards all new and varied experiences that await you in your professional life. Do you want to go unprepared there? I guess NO.

Someone has rightly said that experience is the best teacher. Having said so, gaining all bitter experiences in an attempt to be well prepared for the second time is definitely not worth it. Therefore, utilizing experiences earned by others who are at their peaks of success sounds interesting isn’t it?

Today’s discussion encompasses all things you need to know before you start your professional life. The following section has been written based on views given by veterans belonging to different career fields. This will prepare you to face those odd situations that may arise in your professional life at any point of time.

Think before you leap:

As young graduates, some may consider earning quick money to be more significant than relevant job experiences and therefore may drift from one job to other. While, some may find following passions, over lucrative career paths to be more promising. Different individuals have different focal points to emphasize. However, ultimately it is all about the outcome it yields.ThinkThere is nothing wrong in following your dreams or earning quick money. However, you need to study all pros and cons before starting up with a new career option, so that you do not regret it later.

Take it from the horse’s mouth:

Get insights from career coaches and others who are in the field; about future growth scopes in the related profile. Know about advancements taking place and prepare yourself with all recent advents and technicalities. This will help you to sustain longer on the job front, despite the rising competition.

Money Sometime speaks louder…

Research about the salary structure offered in this profession. This is important, because it may happen that you suddenly learn that you have been earning less than what you actually deserve. Your fellow mate earning more than you, while handling the same profile is seriously hurting. This is so depressing that you almost loose your interest in the job.Money

However, if you already know that you will be payed lesser in this profile and still want to continue, due to profile passion, or you have other convincing reasons to stay back; the situation turns to be all very pleasant.

Enjoy your first salary and save the rest:

At the end of the day, we are all earning to lead a comfortable life. Many young professionals behave as spendthrifts and do not intend to make any saving during the initial years of professional life. Well, this is wrong.

Many experienced professionals have agreed to the fact, that they would have saved 10 times more than what they have, only if they would have payed heed to saving in their early days of work life.first salaryThis does not mean you need to compromise with your requirements. Neither do you need to skip your small luxury items. Get a balanced life. Plan your budget and keep track of your expenses. Soon you will end up saving more than you expected.

And do not forget to pat your back on your first salary day. This is going to be one of the most cherished days of your life and perhaps the most awaited day of each month.

The art of acceptance:

Inculcating few qualities within your self becomes imperative for a harmonious day to day work life. Every day cannot be as good as you want it to be. You may fail to meet deadlines, your boss may be in a bad mood, a tiff with a co worker, worse – you may have to relocate.accept

How to deal with such situations? Giving up is not any option. All these have just a simple solution – accept your present situation and decide your future course of action.

For instance, you have made some severe mistakes in your assigned task and you are sure of getting chided by your boss. There are various tips of approaching your boss after a mistake; however, all these tips revolve around self acceptance of the fact.

Only when you realize its severity and take the entire responsibility, you will be in a position to understand your Boss’s disappointment. It comes almost miraculously, that the more you accept your flaws, instead of providing lame excuses and pointing fingers, the more you get spared by your boss.

Do not shy off from hard work and have no limitation:

Make all calculated expeditions while you are young. You may be working in a profile that you are not enjoying. There is no reason of getting bogged down now, as you have just started and there are miles to go. Work hard to land desired profiles, learn about the skills required for these job profiles and devote yourself to learning those efficiently.hard workAgain, if you are already handling responsibilities that you enjoy, don’t get stagnant there. Be content and look for other advanced prospects related to the profile. Have a futuristic approach and prepare yourself in a manner that you can stand as a tough competition for the younger workforce in the future as well.

Reports show that most successful professionals have made thoughtful career experiments during their initial years when people are more vigilant and prompt. Once you have different social and personals strings attached, making frequent changes is not possible and neither suggested.

Lastly, as they truly say that, Success is easier to achieve than to sustain, do not get inert when you reach there finally. Justify your hard work and struggle you have taken to reach this position. Know how to lead a successful professional life as you are taking your baby steps towards it.

Careers in Child Care Services

Are you a working parent? Or do you need help to take care of your toddler? A child definitely is a bundle of joy to its parents. But raising a child is no child’s play. It requires tremendous patience on part of parents; besides you need to give lot of effort and time. You may be doing all that comes naturally; but being a good parent you need to know things in new ways, often in complicated ways. All your priorities becomes secondary once you have children and so you have to sacrifice more of your ‘me time’ while caring for your children. It can be challenging at times and thus many parents look for child care services to help them during this tough phase.

Depending on your needs, you can choose for different types of child care services. If you are working along with your spouse, you might need a person who looks after your children throughout the whole day. Again, if you are working from home, you might be in need of a child-care provider only for some hours of the day. In another scenario, if you prefer to be a housewife or a househusband, you may require a full-time help who takes care of your child while you are engaged in your daily chores. The good news is that, whatever may be your requirements you are sure to get a child care provider based on that. childcare-services

Careers in the child care sector are many- some require formal education while others are purely based on work experience. If you love to spend time with children and have patience to deal with different challenges, you may opt for any of the following:

  • Nanny: If you do not like the idea of putting your child in day care, consider having a nanny at home. The biggest benefit of having a nanny is that the child remains in front of you and you can keep an eye on how the nanny deals with your child. Besides feeding, bathing etc. a nanny will be involved in other developmental activities. She can stay with the family and thus gets an amount for her service, in addition to her board and room. She can be a live-out nanny demanding higher salary. Usually nannies charge on hourly basis; but you may pay them once a week or once a month if they agree. The median salary of a nanny per hour is between $10 and $25. No college degree is required to become a nanny, although parents prefer nannies having child care experience.
  • Babysitter: A babysitter may work for any hour of the day. All depends on the preferences of the parents and the babysitter. For example, she may take care of your child at your home or you may leave the child at her place. Usually her responsibilities include preparing meals, playing with the baby and putting it down for bedtime, helping children do their homework, providing transportation to or from activities etc. She may be doing some additional jobs besides babysitting. A babysitter can charge somewhere between $5 and $25, depending on the number of assignments, region and of course, the age of the child. Since any person interested in child care, from a teenager to a retiree, can babysit, there is no pre-fixed requirement.
  • Au pair: The term au pair in French means ‘equal to’ or ‘at par’. An au pair is a college student who lives with a host family and takes care of the child besides doing other household activities. In the United States, many students from other nations work as au pairs. They are usually aged between 18 and 26 years. They are treated equally as a family member and receive a minimum agreed-upon allowance besides room and board. They are regulated by the U.S. Department of State; so parents who want to hire au pairs need to contact agencies that are approved by the U.S. Department of State. Since an au pair is a college student, she may be doing any coursework. In many cases, au pairs who are studying nursing or similar fields, specialize in child care.
  • Mother’s helper: As the term suggests, a mother’s helper helps a parent in taking care of the child. The parent can be at home or go out for some time on a regular basis. A mother’s helper is usually around junior high age and gets payment lesser than nannies or babysitters. No formal education is required. In many cases, such an individual may work for free simply to gain some babysitting experience.
  • Day care workers: If you do not prefer the above-mentioned profiles and want to work in a typical professional setting, you can work as a day care worker in child care centres or family day care homes. You will have monthly salaries as fixed by the day care centre. You need to take care of many children at a time, monitor their play time and group activities, teach social and cognitive skills, make them ready for meals, naps, etc. You may work for half-day or full-day. A high school education is usually required or preferred. The median wage of a day care worker is $9.74 per hour.
  • Preschool teachers or nursery school teachers: You need to possess a college degree, some early childhood course work, Child Development Associate credentials or additional training and certification as specified by your state and the school you opt to work for. A nursery or preschool teacher teaches children who are aged between 3 and 5 years. You will be partly responsible for the social, emotional, psychological, that is, all-round development of the children. The median wage of such a teacher is $12.74 per hour.
  • Child care Director: A child care director is responsible for the smooth running of day care centres. They manage staff, conduct parents-teachers meetings, meet parents to discuss their children’s development and establish the centre’s goals and routines including curricular activities. You need to have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and early childhood education. Training and experience are usually preferred along with excellent communication and leadership skills. The median wage of a day care administrator is $22.68 per hour.

Whatever career option you choose, child care may be demanding at times. Besides being physically fit, you need to have tremendous mental energy and a knack for learning new things.

How to Bounce Back from Bad Career Exit

Are you going through tough times in your job? Have you been sacked? Would you like to try new ways to get back into work? Don’t panic. We all face bad times in our career. Some are not happy with the work they are doing; some dislike their managers they are dealing with; some are not able to adjust with the shifts. All these happen with most of us and we try to cope up with these situations. Sometimes situations worsen and you find yourself making a bad career exit. You are fired- the reason may be anything. Whether it is your fault or someone else’s, this single event may change your career for better or for worse.bad career exit

It is likely that a bad career exit will affect you emotionally. It may leave you feel angry, frustrated and even resentful. But you have to take care of yourself and your career. You have to bounce back by following certain rules and making some small changes in your life in order to land a better job.

  • Take some time off to relax and think about your future goals: Most of us like to spend our weekends in cosy and relaxing environments after hectic workdays; in a similar manner, you need some time to rest, contemplate and plan your future goals. Give yourself some time and space to let go of negative emotions. You can never make a new beginning without forgetting your past. Try to do things that make you happy, indulge in some fun-activity that appeal to your senses. All these efforts will help you in being positive-minded. Now you can think of what you want from life, what type of job profile you will be looking and what your priorities will be.
  • Be honest in assessing your past: What has happened with you, may happen with any employee. The question is how you are dealing with the problem and preparing to take the next positive move. Try to assess your past objectively. What went wrong, was there anything that you could do to prevent the issue, were there shortcomings in your part, did you give your 100% to your work- these are some important areas that you must delve deeper into.

Being honest does not mean to find fault with oneself. Being fired does not essentially mean that the fault lies with the employee, always. There may be some management-related issues that led you to leave the job. Your previous career exit may be a blessing in disguise that will open new beginnings, new career paths, new opportunities for you. Don’t let negativity affect the search of a better career and a better life.

  • Improve yourself: This is related to the second point. After analysing the situation objectively, if you find that you had some bad habits that contributed to your exit, it’s time to change those habits and form newer ones. Let us take some examples. If you find that you had been trying hard to make a balance between your professional and personal life, try some new ideas that will help you create healthy barriers between the two. Again, you might have got a bad performance review. Try to research about how to increase efficiency at work. Inculcating good habits will yield better results at the new workplace.
  • Not revealing all your details: It is not a nice idea to reveal what happened with you to the public. Today you can reach to your friends and other people in a very short time; so does your story. Everybody likes gossip; if you share your story in the social media, people will like and share it. Within some hours your story will be a hit among the netizens. Badmouthing your employers, telling lies or exaggerating your story negatively will create bad impression. Even when you are right, employers will not accept your story.
  • Make yourself more skilled: If you think you can add that extra zing to your career by obtaining higher education, it is the right time to do so. Utilize the time to get some certification, to learn some skill that will help you in getting a better job, may be with a better salary. You may tell your future employer that the primary reason of your being leaving the previous job was that you wanted to pursue higher education or get trained for some special skill.
  • Keep handy some reference letters: Build good references and keep in touch with former colleagues, suppliers if possible. You must be active in your professional communities, which will help you later during job search. Your future employers may call previous managers to know about you and they may get to hear a bad story. Never mind! Your reference letters will work for you in such situations.
  • Facing certain questions during the new job interview: This is, probably, the toughest phase for any interviewee who had experienced a bad career exit. Your interviewer may ask you several questions regarding your last job and exit. Here are certain instances of how to handle those circumstances:

=> If you were a part of a huge lay off, probably the hiring manager will be aware of this. In this case, you may say that you had been part of the unlucky few who were fired due to the restructure in the company. In this world of employment drought, a company getting hit by recession is not a new thing.

=> You may be hired for a bad performance. If your manager asks about how you performed in your last company, don’t say that your exit was a direct result of your last performance review. You may turn the direction of discussion by saying that you gave your 100% to the company and it was a mutual agreement between your employer and you. After this, focus on the current profile and how your abilities suit that position.

With all these tips, you will surely be able to rectify your mistakes, form a positive view of life and bounce back in your career with inner strength and confidence.

10 Current Growing Occupations with Certifications that Surely Boost Hirability and Pay Scale

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rate in the nation decreased from 5.70% in January, 2015 to 5.50% in February, 2015. Many new jobs are created in the present year. Candidates try their hard to impress the hiring authorities with their degrees, references, work experience and certificates. It seems that certification is the new ‘in-thing’ to create the differentiator factor for oneself. It is likely that a person with required qualifications and additional certification will get more preference than one without a certification.Growing Occupations with Certifications

We list here some of the top ten growing occupations with certifications that offer good salary.

1. Dental Assistant: A dental assistant works in a dentist’s clinic and serve dental patients in a number of ways. These professionals educate patients on oral hygiene, help dentist during dental operation and other treatment procedures, schedule appointments, maintain official record etc. A dental assistant must be a graduate from an accredited program at vocational schools, community colleges, dental schools, technical institutes or universities; or he needs to do a high school diploma course. With any of these qualifications, he can go for the Certified Dental Assistant exam conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. He must go through on-the-job training. The pay scale of such professionals ranges from $24,220 to $48,350.Dental Assistant

2. Website Designing: This is an interesting job that pays well. Since hundreds of websites are opened every day, jobs will always flourish in this sector. You can work full time or part-time. If you are experienced in web designing, you can add weight to your resume by opting for a certification course. There are various types of certifications like front-end, back-end, beginner and advanced. You have to pass an exam for having such certifications. A website designer earns an average salary ranging between $40,000 and $70,000.web-designer

3. Court Reporter: Courts will always be there in human society and hence there will no dearth of jobs for the court reporters. The median salary of a court reporter is $53,034. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) provides certification courses for these reporters. If you want to become a Certified Registered Professional Reporter, you must pass a written test. Along with this, you need to successfully complete a three-part skills test.court-reporter

4. Manicurists and Pedicurists: Also known as nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists are well-paid professionals working in spas and salons. They need to complete a state-approved nail-technician or cosmetology program. After completing this program, they must pass a state exam to get licensure. This is required in every state, except Connecticut. According to the reports of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector will grow by 16% in between 2012-2022.Manicurists and Pedicurists

5. Massage Therapist: As more and more people are heading towards massage parlours or centres to de-stress themselves, there will be ever-increasing demand of massage therapists in the health and wellness professions. You must be a high school diploma and complete a training program at a massage therapy school. Once you graduate from an approved program, you need to get a license and for this you have to pass an exam. The most common exams are the exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. The median pay of a massage therapist is around $38,000.Massage Therapist

6. Skincare Specialists or Estheticians: As specified by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a skincare specialist must be licensed by his or her state. An applicant completing a state-approved training program is eligible for a license exam that is conducted in two parts- a written exam and an oral test or practical exam based on learned skill sets. The expected growth rate through 2022 is 40%.Skincare Specialists

7. Surgical Technologist or Operating Room Technicians: These professional help surgeons during surgical operations. To become a ‘Certified Surgical Technologist’, you need to get a certificate through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. In order to have the certification, you need to pass an exam after going through an accredited formal education or military training program. The median pay of a surgical technologist is around $42,000.Surgical Technologist

8. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: Better known as health information technicians, these professionals discuss patient related information with other important persons like physicians and insurance personnel. The median salary of such a technician is $35,000 approximately. As most employers prefer technicians with certification, you should gain the certification of Registered Health Information Technician. For this certification, you need to pass an examination conducted by the American Health Information Management Association. You can also go for certifications like Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) which are offered by the American Academy of Coders and the National Cancer Registrars Association.Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

9. Audio and Video Equipment Technician: The employment growth of this profession is 14% through 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They earn a median salary of $42,000 approximately. You can go for any of the 8 certification courses, a broadcast networking certification and two operator certifications offered by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.Audio and Video Equipment Technician

10. LPN and LVN: LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse and LVN stands Licensed Vocational Nurse. There may be slight difference in the roles and responsibilities of both the types. The main difference is in their names: LVN is used in the two states of Texas and California; while the rest of the states use the term LPN. Courses for LPN and LVN are designed to prepare the candidates for passing the NCLEX-PN which is required to practise in all states. The average salary of LPNs and LVNs is $41, 550. The hiring rate of these nurses is 25% which is much faster than national average for all jobs.LPN and LVN

Other occupations with certificate courses boosting good pay and hirability are systems security, car mechanic, phlebotomist, heavy and tractor-trailer driver etc. Thus to earn the best job with greater pay scale, to get promoted  or to increase their salary candidates are going that extra mile and completing certification courses.