Few Tips for Searching RN Jobs

Searching for a job is no child’s play. Having required educational qualification and experience is not enough for getting a good job. Interviewers will call you only if they get to know about your talent in the right way. In this age of tough competition, where the fear of unemployment kills the confidence of even the best candidate, it is essential that you know the right way of searching jobs so that you don’t miss out on the best opportunity. This is true about any job. If you are studying nursing and planning to apply for jobs in the relevant sector, you must know certain tricks and tips for searching jobs. After all, all your hard-work, experience, goals and skill sets are meant to provide you the best job opportunity.Nurse

Who is a Registered Nurse?

A Registered Nurse works in hospitals (both medical and surgical environments), home health care services, physician’s offices, support services, government and educational institutions. The typical duties of a RN include taking care of a variety of patients, administering wound care, medications and treatments, performing various diagnostic tests, consulting with physicians and reporting about patient’s behaviour, making important decisions regarding needed actions etc. These professionals also provide healthcare counselling and education.

How to search for RN jobs?

If you have the required degrees, relevant work experience and want to work in healthcare, you may start preparing for getting your dream job. And the first step of getting any job is the search for the particular job. You may be aware of the easiest and one of the oldest ways of job search- submitting online applications and emailing resumes to the prospective employers. Will this much effort land you your preferred job? No.

You should be doing something more. Read on the following effective tips that will set you apart.

  • Identify your goals: A nursing graduate can not apply for a post which a nurse with 10 years of experience or more can apply for. This means that the career objectives differ at different stages of your career. Thus it is imperative to set your short and long term objectives. It will help you save time and energy. You know which jobs to shortlist. Selecting jobs that match your career objectives, salary expectation, preferred location and work schedules will surely make you enjoy the process.
  • Create your cover letter and resume: A resume does almost 50% of the work in getting you your dream job. Advertise about your talents and skill sets that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is a powerful weapon that must strike the right chord. Once the hiring authority goes through your resume, they should shortlist you for the interview. You must attach a cover letter with your resume.

Here you must note the difference between your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be written in a subjective way to explain how you can excel in the particular job, how the present company culture appeals you. A typical cover letter is written in a 3-4 concise paragraphs about how you meet the criteria for the job so that the readers feel an instant eagerness to refer to your resume. A resume, on the other hand, contains sequential information about your educational qualification, work experience, dates of employment, skill sets, contact number, address etc.

  • Search for the right kind of jobs: Hunting for the right job should be a disciplined process. If you are searching on the Internet, type keywords related to your preferred location, degrees, specialization field. For example, you may be a RN with a specialization in neo-natal intensive care. You will get necessary results in lesser time, if you enter ‘neo-natal intensive care’ in your keyword while searching. Thus you can avoid unnecessary details also.
  • Use connections and networks: Make connections so that people get to know about you and your talents. During their courses, nurses are placed in practical clinical settings which are great ways to establish contacts. Talk to the employees, learn about their profiles, make friends with some really good people so that they can refer you to their employers in the future. You can also ask for letters of reference from them. Don’t forget to send thank-you notes to these people.

Besides these, here follows some more steps of networking:

=> Search for online discussion forum and make active participation. Post your ideas, share your knowledge and experience, if any. Though these conversations, you may get to know people. Join professional groups and participate in seminars also. You can get information about vacancies in hospitals and other settings from these people.

=> Attend nursing career fairs and conventions.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Along with other friends or candidates looking for RN jobs, conduct some social service program. Invite your professors, trainers, physicians and other nurses of acquaintances. Talk to people and highlight yourself during these programs.

=> Buy some good business suit that make you look top notch. During programs such as those mentioned above, looking good will surely create the best possible impression for you.

=> Create simple business cards for yourself. Offer these cards to important people and don’t forget to obtain their cards.

  • Be disciplined and patient: A job hunting process may appear as exhausting and meaningless after sometime, especially if you are not getting expected interview calls. You must not lose hope. Make a new beginning, be disciplined and you will find your hard work paying off surely.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts in their national data that the job opportunities for registered nurses are going to increase by 26% by the year 2020. Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will have the best job opportunities. Although there will be availability of jobs, you must prepare yourself for the coming times in order to avoid fierce competition. Newspapers, online job portals, friends can give you information about vacancies and openings. But it is your effort that matters most, at the end of the day. Certainly you need to change your job finding strategies as the older methods don’t fit in the modern world anymore.


10 Things to Consider Before Joining Family Business

In any economy, family businesses play a fundamental role by creating job opportunities and building active communities. Thus these businesses become economic powerhouse and help in the growth of the society and nation, as a whole. Researches show that family businesses contribute to 50% of America’s gross domestic product, more than 75% of all new job creation and 60% of the nation’s total employment.family Business

There are certain benefits of working in a family business like sharing risks and responsibilities, discussing confidential matters with near and dear ones, those whom you can trust. Along with these benefits, there are some risks associated with family business. You might be interested in such business as you can start working from an early age. Wait! Before taking that move you must consider some important factors. After all, this one decision can change your life and career goals for better or for worse.

1. Do you really want to join?

When your family is involved in a business for generations or for some years, it is expected that you will also join the business. If you are interested in the business and think that the business will satisfy your career goals, you must join it. But if it is for mere familial obligation and to satisfy others, you must not take this step. Remember the right reasons behind your decision-making will provide you peace of mind and satisfaction in the future.

2. Do you like the people and vice versa?

Think practically whether you will be able to work with those involved in the business. There may be two or three persons whom you may not like; this is okay. But if you do not get along with most of the people you’ll be dealing with, you must reconsider your decision. For example, you may belong to the younger generation and wants to work with people of your father’s or grandfather’s ages. The older lot may treat you as a kid and not take your decisions seriously. Will that be okay with you? On the other hand, it may also happen that they will treat you as an equal.

Again you must be aware of the business culture, ethics and the rules in general. If you like the existing rules and ideologies prevailing in the business, you may join. If you do not like the core values of the company and possess good feelings for your relatives, it may lead to serious issues in the future that may eventually ruin the business. Thus everything will depend on your relationship with your family members and how both the parties complement each other.

3. What will be your salary?

You need to figure out your salary and other benefits, if any. You may think that they are family and they will surely think the best for you. Well, we are not against your family. But you need to know how much you will earn so that you can plan for your savings and expenses. Let’s take a scenario for example. It may be your father’s business, you may have siblings who have been working for many years and you have decided to leave your present job and join the family business. You may not earn as much as your siblings since you are new to this field. But you must have an idea of your earnings so that you can take care of your spouse and kids in the present and save for future also.

4. What is the future of the business? 

You must do enough research about the company’s viability. For whatever motive you want to join, may be to save the company from huge losses, to make a career change or simply to satisfy your goals and interests, you must carefully analyse how healthy the business is at present and what heights it can achieve in the future from the revenue perspective.

5. Can you deal with some pre-conceived notions?

Every society is obsessed with some pre-conceived notions. The society may call you a ‘lucky person’ who hasn’t labored much to be where you are now; whatever you are, is simply because of what your forefathers have achieved. Again you may be compared to your father every now and then. Thus it may be difficult for you to establish your own identity although you may be really working too hard.

6. Are you aware of all the investments, share ownership and stock holdings?

Having knowledge of investments, shares, stocks and other conditions of the business is very essential. Once you join the business, you will not be able to alter certain things. In many situations, you may find yourself in the midst of nowhere. For example, you give 15 or 20 years of your life to the business only to learn that your siblings, who are not involved with the business, have huge shares.

7. What are the primary marketing strategies of the family business?

No good business can thrive without marketing. In this technology-driven world, marketing has gained new dimensions. Is your family business marketed rightly using the latest technologies? If your family members are holding tight to primitive marketing tactics, you must show least interest in joining such business.

8. What is better- job or business?

Think, consider and reconsider before it’s too late. Family business is not for everyone; again not everyone is pleased with nine-to-five routine job. So what do you prefer? Talk with your friends, relatives or a career counsellor who may guide you in taking the best decision.

9. Can you inherit the business? If yes, when?

If the business belongs to your father, it is essential that you know about his future plans- when he is planning to retire and when you can actually inherit the business.

10. Can you personally guarantee the debts?

If your family business has some debts, you may be needed to personally guarantee those. Will you be able to take such risks?

People prefer family businesses as these have longevity. The family members can identify with the business. They work hard to keep the business alive and try to instil in their children the values of philanthropy, charity and the ability to earn own living from a young age. But before you get bewitched by the magic of family business, you must consider all the associated risks and move accordingly.



Few Career Books that You Must Read

Books, they say can change your life. Is it really possible? Can you change your life, all through reading? Reading a book cannot change your life unless it stimulates your senses and makes you think. A book helps you unlearn and relearn, consider your past decisions and take major decisions for future. What life you want for yourself depends on you. You may desire to become a successful person from the professional point of view. A book cannot do this for you. But it can certainly help you to alter your viewpoints and take decisions that will drive you towards success.Career book reading

When you read or listen to the interviews of famous personalities, you will find that every person has a favourite book that has inspired them to become the personalities they are. Here we are discussing about non-fiction books, or more specifically career books.

  • Author: Chris Guillebeau

Book: $100 Startup: Reinvent The Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love and Create a New Future$100 Startup

If you dream of becoming a business entrepreneur or plan to start your own business, this book can be an eye-opener for you. Chris Guillebeau takes up start-up stories of other individuals. He identified 1500 business persons who started with a poor income of $100 or even less and reached greater heights with earnings of $50,000 or more. He then picks up the cases of 50 most interesting individuals who prospered a lot and turned their passions towards monetary success and led life of their choice. Reading this book will certainly give you the passion of starting your own business, avoiding, mistakes and how to stick to your business.

  • Author: Julie Clow

Book: The Work Revolution: Freedom and Expression for AllThe Work Revolution

This book is a favourite with many young minds and entrepreneurs. Julie Clow redefines work culture and talks about certain principles that any company, individual or organization can follow in order to increase productivity in healthy work environments. She says, “I believe freedom in the workplace is worth fighting for and every person and every organization can be excellent.” Following this career book may make you change your perception of work and create a work-life balance that will sustain for long.

  • Authors: Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston

Book: How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and LifeHow Remarkable Women Lead book

Although the name of the book is indicative of the achievements of remarkable women, this book can be read by both men and women. Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston talk about the 5 elements of Centered Leadership- framing, meaning, engaging, connecting and energizing-to work. The authors discuss the various aspects of new-age leadership like the relevance of feminine leadership qualities in the present day world. You can certainly draw inspiration from the personal stories and devise some practical strategies for successful personal and professional lives.

  • Author: Stephen R Covey

Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book

This business book, first published in 1990 has sold over 10 million copies. The author discusses 7 habits that can make individuals do things differently in order to produce great and positive results. He talks about these 7 areas and asks people to be proactive so that they take responsibility for their own decisions; have a Personal Mission Statement so that they can have a clear idea of what they want to be in life; to prioritize goals and roles; think ‘win-win’ which is a way of viewing life in terms of co-operation and not competition; first listen, understand and then react; gain insight by ‘synergizing’ which means to interact jointly and find new solutions to problems by valuing the mental and psychological differences among individuals.

  • Author: Timothy Ferriss

Book: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New RichThe 4-Hour Workweek:

The 4-Hour Workweek was first published in 2007 and later revised and expanded in 2009. The author’s own experiences in lifestyle development and company automation formed the background of this book. Everyone wants to work less and live more and Ferriss shows the practical ways of realizing this dream. In the book he shows how we are living a complicated life in this technology-driven world. The book focuses on what Ferriss termed as DEAL that stands for Definition, Elimination, Automation and Liberation. A tip for the readers: Don’t take the title too seriously although the book talks about living life more in the true sense.

  • Author: Betsy and Warren Talbot

Book: Dream Save Do: Stop Dreaming and Start LivingDream Save Do book

As they say life is short. So we should dream and take efforts to turn that dream into reality. The wife-husband duo, Betsy and Warren Talbot talks about defining dream job or career and devising an action plan for achieving this. They talk about their experiences how they start saving for their dream of exploring the world, as they turn 40. There are 3 sections in the book: Dream section that talks about discovering your dream and taking planned steps to make it real; Save section that discusses how to save money by cutting down expenses, eliminating credit card debts; Do section that emphasizes on how to generate additional income, revising your monthly expenses and establishing social support.

The theme and content of some of the best career books are discussed above. If you want to read some more books, below follows another list:

  • Make Money Your Honey by Amanda Abella
  • Quitter: Closing The Gap Between Your Dream Job and Day Job by Jon Acuff
  • Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stalks Are High by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler
  • The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives by Katie Couric
  • Getting From College To Career Rev Ed: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World by Lindsey Pollak

Everyone has their favourite books. An author’s choice of words, expressions and style of conversation has powerful impact on the lives of many. They start to think and behave differently. Getting motivated from career books will surely keep you driven towards great work and prosperity in life.

Quick Prediction About USA IT Jobs in 2015

Today information technology has brought the world closer. Information technology (IT) has redefined our lives in many ways. Software, hardware, applications and programs; we cannot imagine our life without all these.  Although many of us may not be fully aware of the advantages of IT as we do not work in this sector; from running multi-national corporations to small town business, from using different apps to online shopping, from pursuing online courses to accessing digital medical information, technology is really driving us crazy. Nonetheless, there is great demand of IT jobs throughout the world. In the USA also, the demand for these jobs is also increasing. You can find these jobs in mainly two sectors: a) jobs with the U.S. State, Federal and Municipal government and b) IT professional services sectors.

it jobs 2015

In the government sector as mentioned above, a new class of IT jobs with higher salaries are created. With the nature of technology work changing, new Civil Service positions encompassing different emerging technology jobs are created. The total workforce scenario is taking new shape with the presence of technology in all layers of government operations and business activities.

If you are willing to work in IT in the USA in the current year, there are many profiles you can choose from. Some basic prediction statistics about these jobs can be pointed here:

  • Researchers say that 14 out of 25 highest paid U.S. jobs of 2015 are in the technology industry.
  • Studies reveal that more than 50% of the employers are planning to recruit full-time employees and around 60% employers are going to add contractual employees.
  • Due to the better financial condition, the employees may be paid more. To be more precise, 87% of the employers are willing to raise the salary of the existing employees.
  • As for beginners, there may be some good news. 75% of the employers will raise the starting salaries for new workers.
  • Not only this, the salaries of the minimum wage workers will also be increased. 47% of the employers are also willing to increase the minimum wage of the companies.
  • In IT sector people of varying ages work. A retired techie is as much wanted as a fresh graduate- obviously based on their skill sets. Hiring retiring candidates is not new in this sector; but the good news is that in 2015 almost 53% of the employers are interested in employing such candidates from other organizations.
  • 70% of the employers say that they will hire fresh graduates. 35% say that they desire to increase the number of college graduates their companies hire every year.
  • In the United States of America, 2015 is proving as the IT year. As more and more jobs are created, it is expected the competition between IT companies about choosing candidates will also rise. Hence companies are offering something extra that will attract top talents. 50% of the employers say that their companies give the necessary financial aid to the employees, so that they can earn advanced degrees in the related field.
  • Along with the financial aid, employers are going that extra mile to create healthy environment for the employees. Different schedules for summer days, alternate schedules, sabbaticals, etc. are some good options that motivate employees to produce great work.

With these forecasts, we also list some of the best IT jobs in 2015.

  • Software Developer: When we talk about IT jobs, the term ‘software developer’ comes in our minds quickly. Although we are aware of the term, we do not know how difficult jobs they perform. Besides coding, resting and programming, they also check bugs, use visual development environments, co-ordinate and collaborate with clients, managements and fellow developers. It is one of the top jobs in 2015. The average salary of a software developer is $68,208 per year. It can extend upto $102,387 also.
  • Software Architect: A software architect is responsible for designing plans for new software programs. They manage risk identification strategies related with the architecture, provide inputs to issues, make sure the system and software architectures are in synchronization and so on. The average base salary of a software architect is $130,891.
  • IT Manager: They are also known as computer and information systems managers are responsible for technology-related matters with clients, top executives, negotiating with vendors and many more duties. In a word, these professionals manage other people in a team and help the whole team in completing a project in the right direction. Being in a vital position in a company, these managers can earn an average salary of $122,000. The highest salary can be nearly $187,000.
  • Database Administrator: These professionals collect data from customers and organize those in a meaningful way. Companies, then access those data for their own profit. Database administrators implement security measures to protect data, manage and upgrade databases and also work as consultants to companies. Being one of the top IT jobs in the US, this profession has a low unemployment rate. A database administrator can earn upto $127,000.

People with degrees in IT, software engineering or computer science will always be in demand. The primary reason behind this is our dependence on technology both in our personal and social lives. More and more businesses are also relying on technology and as such the need of innovative persons who can problem solve is also increasing. Job growth in this field is also due to the increase in the specialities within the discipline like systems administration, technology support analyst, computer security, systems design and software construction and many more. Based on the different studies by the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, it can be expected that job opportunities along with better salary options will continue to grow in the coming times.

Go for Health Care Jobs After Bachelor’s Degree

Healthcare is an industry that is fetching and will continue to fetch more jobs in the coming times. With a bachelor’s degree in healthcare you can choose from a number of careers. When we think of health care, images of doctors, nurses and the like pop up in our minds. But behind the scenes a good number of professionals are working so that we get the best service. Not just in hospitals, these people work in other settings, no lesser important than hospitals and contribute in the development of the organizations.Health care jobs

The healthcare industry is expanding and many new jobs are added so as to cater to the needs of the patients in a better way. Studies reveal that the Americans will spend nearly 4.5 trillion dollars on health care in the year 2019. Thus the scope for different healthcare jobs is widening. If you desire to become a part of this industry, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in healthcare. You can work with different healthcare providers, healthcare suppliers, policy organizations and insurance organizations as specified by the AUPHA (Association of University Programs in Health Administration).

Below provided is a list of some jobs that require you to have a bachelor’s degree in specific areas:

  • Healthcare Consultant: A consultant, as we all know is an individual or a firm possessing specialized knowledge or skill sets that another party e.g. any company or organization needs to achieve some specific target. Similarly healthcare consultants use their knowledge and skill sets for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Healthcare consultants also known as “healthcare business consultants” specialize in many areas like accounting, billing, finance, marketing, healthcare standards, insurance etc. First a client hires a consultant and informs them about the problem area. The consultant researches, examines the present condition and submits a written report and discusses the same in a meeting. These professionals may work for permanent positions in the healthcare related business. Or they can work temporarily even from home. Both large and small companies hire them. Along with a bachelor’s degree, such a professional needs to have brilliant communication and stress-management skills.

  • Physician Assistant: Physician assistants (PAs) are not Medical assistants. PAs play an essential role in total treatment process. They work under the guidance of the surgeons and physicians. They have different duties to perform- recording progress of patients, interpreting X-rays and blood tests, taking patient histories, making diagnosis etc. As advised and delegated by physicians, the physician assistants provide therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive services.
  • Medical Perfusionist: If you have a bachelor’s degree in perfusion, you can become a medical perfusionist. Medical perfusionists are certified by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion. The job profile involves them to operate bypass machines and other equipments that are required to control a patient’s blood circulation and respiratory functions temporarily during the operation process.
  • Health Educator: As the term suggests, a health educator educates patients, families and communities regarding different health issues, ways to prevent those and how to maintain healthy lifestyles. They choose a health topic for a certain group of similar individuals who become their target audience and teach them regarding the different aspects of the topic. For example, they may hold programs or seminars for senior women who may be at the risk of cervical cancer. For an obese population, they may conduct programs on the benefits of exercise and proper diet and the harmful effects of binge-eating and sedentary lifestyle. Thus the approaches to these two programs will vary. So the health educators need to be well-read and effective communicator.
  • Radiologic/ Diagnostic technologist: Doing a bachelor’s degree program and passing a national certification examination thereafter will fetch you this job. With the aid of several imaging techniques, a radiologic technologist takes images of a patient’s body. A radiologist then interprets these images. These professional can get job at private, government and local hospitals, diagnostic laboratories and physician’s clinics. They can earn a decent salary in between $38,570 and $78,440.
  • Radiology or Diagnostic Imaging Director: As radiologists and the technologists perform different imaging exams like CT scans, MRIs and ultrasound, there needs to be someone who will see whether they perform rightly and all standards are met. The imaging directors are entrusted with these duties.
  • Medical and Health Services Manager: Like every business, a health care service also needs good management for its smooth running. And thus there is the need of medical and health services manager. There are two broader types of managers- generalists who are directly or indirectly related to managing a whole system; specialists who handle one or more clinical departments. These professionals are functional in supervising good healthcare delivery.
  • Transplant Coordinator: Transplant coordinator must have a bachelor’s degree in a medically specific area. Sometimes they may be registered nurses also. They can work in both administrative and medical procedures related to organ transplantation. Patient care, pre-transplant procedures, post-operation care etc. are some of the major job duties of these professionals.
  • Dieticians and Nutritionists: Almost all dieticians and nutritionists require a bachelor’s degree in food service systems management, foods and nutrition, dietetics, clinical nutrition or related fields. If you have a bachelor’s degree and are a licensed and registered practitioner, you can earn a median salary of $47,000. To earn a Registered Dietician Nutritionist credential, you need to go through a dietetic internship program besides having a bachelor’s degree. The main roles of such professionals include providing an effective and well-thought out food and nutrition programs to the patients, educating patients about healthy eating habits, planning meal programs in hospitals, cafeterias etc. You can choose whether you want to become clinical dietician, consultant to clients or organizations, management dietician.

These are some of the well-paid jobs that you can have with your bachelor’s degree. Besides these, some popular options are sales representative in pharmaceuticals, biological technician, product manager, registered nurse, EMT and paramedic and substance abuse counsellor.

Top Booming Jobs of USA in 2015

The United States of America is the most developed nation in the world. A developed nation creates good employment opportunities for its citizens. Many studies reveal that 2014 has been the nation’s best year of job growth since 1999. And the trend seems to continue in 2015. There has been an addition of 321,000 jobs in last November. Economists expect that the stronger and improving US economy along with employer confidence will finally boost up the slow wage growth.

booming jobs usa

Although there is no dearth of good jobs, yet some jobs sectors are really booming in the current year. Healthcare, retail, technology etc. are offering high-paying jobs. Not only this, many new sectors and new job titles are also created to cater to the different needs and skill sets of the employees.

We list here some of the best and booming jobs in the US. These jobs come with good pay and security.

1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN): APRN or nurse practitioners can perform on their own without the assistance of doctors while taking case histories, performing physical examinations, analyzing lab reports, educating patients and families regarding treatment and post-hospitalization care. According to the research reports of The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this sector will grow by 33.7 percent by the year 2022. A good APRN can earn a lucrative salary of $92,670.

2. Physician: A physician’s job needs no introduction. As per the BLS forecast, more than 120,000 jobs will be added by the year 2022. Endless advancements in the medical field, excellent salary and increasing number of people taking health care services are the main driving forces behind this demand. Although the salary varies, the average median salary of a physician is approximately $186,850.

3. Dentist: This job provides you a good work-life balance and high pay. A median salary of $146,340 with utmost financial security is making this job sector flourish. As per BLS reports, 23,300 new jobs will be added through the year 2022. The demand of cosmetic treatments and complete oral care is also increasing. You can work both in private offices and alongside other health practitioners also.

4. Dental hygienists: The popularity of this job can be understood from its projected increase rate in coming times. With an increase rate of 30.1% in 2016 and 33.3% in 2022, this field is inviting more candidates. You may think when we have dentist, what is the real need to go to dental hygienists? For preventive health care, dental hygienists are required. As oral care is an integral part of total health care, more and more dental hygienists have been hired and the process will continue. With a degree from dental hygiene school and state license to practice, you can earn in between $47,880 and $96,690.

5. Software Developer: Software developers have given a new meaning to our life. From designing different apps and devices to fixing bugs, they wear multiple hats. With the growth of computer applications and more businesses becoming technology driven, this job is booming in the current year. If you are living in Florida, Iowa, California, Panama City or San Jose, you may be well-paid with a highest salary of $143,540. By the year 2022, 139,900 jobs will be added.

6. Gaming and sports book writers: Although this is a slightly quirky job role, but the Labor Department predicts that the demand for this role is increasing. The projected increase in the year 2016 is 28%. With a high school diploma or equivalent degree, anyone can go for this job. He must have good presentation and superb customer service skills. Today more and more states in the USA are legalizing gambling and as such demand for gaming and sports book writers and runners are also high.

7. Information security analyst: According to the prediction of the Labor Department, there will be 36.5% increase in the employment growth by 2022. One can earn a handsome salary of $88,590 that can extend up to $138,780 as happened in 2013. Today when there are ample cases of cyber attacks and data breaches, more and more companies are hiring information security analyst to keep top-secret information confidential.

8. Accountant: If you are someone who is interested in audits, taxes and can provide advices to various corporations and non-profit organizations, an accountant job is the best for you. You can earn a salary between $40,470 and $113,740. A bachelor’s degree in accounting coupled with effective communication skill is required.

9. Mechanical engineer: This profession has low unemployment rate of just 2.7%. With creative devices like 3D printing and many engineering materials, mechanical engineering task has taken new meaning. Areas like Alaska, San Jose, Massachusetts, Anchorage and California are the top-paying with a maximum salary of $123,340.

10. Personal financial advisor: In the year 2016, the projected increase for this job sector is 41 percent. With a bachelor’s degree, one can easily opt for this job and later undergo training courses to adjust with the changing trends of the industry. As a good number of baby boomers are either on the verge of retirement or retiring, the demand for this job is increasing.

11. Marriage and family therapists: As a marriage and family therapist, you can save the marriage of many people and help them overcome frustration. In the USA, the divorce rate is much higher than many other nations. Thus couples go to these therapists with issues like infidelity, depression and related matters. With a master’s degree you can earn a median pay of $50,000 in this profession.

These are only some of the top booming jobs in 2015. The above-mentioned list also contains some fastest-growing jobs that are listed in the top 30 jobs projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also contact some job consultancy to find jobs that suit your talents and financial needs.

Jobs in the top fields with slightly unusual or quirky roles like nuclear medicine technologist, digital risk officer, medical equipment repairer, industrial organizational psychologist etc. and other posts like  environmental science and protection technicians, portfolio manager, video games designer, patent agent, portfolio manager, database administrator, IT configuration manager, substance abuse counsellor, radiologic technologist are also becoming popular.