Few Things About Coffee at Work

Coffee – the most accidental discovery of human civilization is the second most sold commodity after oil that tops the list.

A bar without beer and workplace without coffee, are both unthinkable. Something that does not and must not exist in reality. Thanks to the Ethiopian Herder who fed his goats with coffee beans unknowingly, only to find them unusually ludic for the rest of the day.cup of coffee

Okay. This was all about how this so very essential “workplace hot drink” came to light, somewhere around the 9th century.

Coffee has grown to be something beyond beverages. A cup of coffee may be a good morning wish for you, whereas it may be a means of saying the first Hello to any newbie in my cubicle. And for Tom, it may just be a mode of relaxation.

Coffee has wrongly been cornered as the bad boy in the class. Yes, it has the caffeine content; however, it does have various benefits as well. Wanna know a few interesting facts about coffee at work? Here you go…

Fights adenosine – Fights Sleepiness:

Working on Mondays seems next to impossible; especially after a long weekend that was spent partying with friends. Now what – feeling a little drowsy? Your monitor screen is staring at you. Come on, you need to do something.Fights Sleepiness

Is there anything that can help you to fight this strong desire of falling asleep for at least a couple of hours or so?

Of course, there is a solution and what is it ? Just a perfect Cup of Joe.

Talking science, adenosine is a substance that causes the human mind to feel exhausted and hence sleepy. The caffeine present in the coffee fights back this adenosine receptor, and hence you feel less sleepy even when you are damn tired.

Workplace communication equals coffee break:

Way back in the year 1952, the Pan American Coffee Bureau ran an ad campaign that read – “Give yourself a coffee break and get what coffee gives to you.” This was how the term “Coffee break” became popular and now is an integral part of work culture.

coffee break

Can you even pass a single working day without a coffee break? No and never.

Research shows that employers who take their coffee breaks together, share a better cordial relationship as compared to the ones who don’t. And as we all know that sharing harmonious relation with colleagues is so very essential.

Therefore, never compromise with work for a cup of coffee and do not neglect occasional coffee breaks for the work load pressure.

Coffee acts as a miracle pain reliever:

Neck pain, back strain and stiffness around the wrist – a common scenario amongst corporate workforce. Your body is not to be blamed for this. You spend long hours before monitors, running keyboards without giving any relaxation to your muscles. And this is what you will land up to.coffee as pain reliever

However, again a cup of coffee can ease out your discomfort. Caffeine present in the coffee is said to relieve muscle pain up to a great extent. So, when you are stuck to your workstation and have no scope of giving yourself a break; enjoy a cup of good coffee. You will surely feel rejuvenated.

This is how your employer cares for you:

While you may find it to be a little exaggeration; a good cup of coffee is said to enhance the employer-employee relation to a great extent.care and coffee

Jack, Senior Human Resource Professional, once found it very difficult to figure out – why their management was not being able to retain employees for a longer duration. And for those who continued, did not show any remarkable improvement for quite some time.

To his surprise, Jack found….

If not the only reason, a missing coffee vending machine in the work premises was one of the reasons behind. Maintaining a good workplace environment involves short, uninterrupted breaks with the soothing aroma from a well served coffee mug.

As a matter of fact, a recent survey conducted showed that 61 percent of employees considered the absence of coffee machine, or for that matter a poor quality coffee, demonstrates employer’s negligence towards the well-being of their employees.

So all employers gear up and take time to know how your coffee machine is doing..

Jack then worked on building the happiness quotient within employees and brought a vending machine that served, according to his workforce – the perfect cup of coffee.

Working on all open ends, that involved scheduling coffee break timings; Jack is now happy to have all his potential employees working towards excellence.

Do not score a ten on ten:

Now drawing the thin line between health and addiction is very essential. Just because some coffee lovers cannot draw this thin line – Coffee has been wrongly made the wicked witch.no coffee

Caffeine is a rich antioxidant and therefore, a 400mg of its consumption is considered healthy and tolerable. This means that 4 – 5 cups of coffee is good for adults. Some can even extend this by one or two cups. However, going beyond this is harmful.

Health experts advise that individuals need to restrict themselves from tasting the tenth cup of coffee at any situation. This has no health benefits related and may prove lethal.

Coffee and web cam twist:

OH MY God!! The first web cam was invented just to check the levels of coffee available in the hot beverage pot.coffee and webcam

Computer scientists working in the Cambridge University found it annoying to see an empty coffee pot, each time they desperately needed a coffee drink. Therefore, in 1991, they invented a webcam that was placed near the pot. And now the scientist did not need to disturb their focus on work as they could view the levels of available coffee right from their desk.

So, when the scientists at the university needed coffee to concentrate, we can definitely excuse ourselves with a few cups of coffee a day to remain alert and focused on the job front.

Coffee lovers around the world, must have found this handout extremely interesting and encouraging. Those who are not so much into coffee can definitely continue skipping it.

And with this, we can conclude this interesting discussion about coffee and workplace productivity. Hope this was engrossing for you.