Do’s and Don’ts During Notice Period

All is well that ends well. Something very relevant to every phase of our lives. No matter how or where you start, a positive end of every phase is important to make the destination and the journey worthwhile.Notice Period

Switching from one job to other is a common phenomenon amongst corporate workers. No matter why and how you decide to switch from one office to other; walking out elegantly is important. However, most professionals feel that they have reached the end phase and it’s now just a matter of few more days that you step out of this organization.

So getting a little relaxed and ignoring few official norms is very tempting now. However, a careless approach may earn you penalties. You need to bid an impressive goodbye to start a powerful beginning. If things get a little rough now, you may end up in a mess.

Notice Period – End it gracefully to start anew:

The duration of your notice period depends upon the company and profile you handle. However, it may range anything from fifteen days to a span of three months or so. During this period we feel a little uneasy and impatient.serving notice period

On one side we are excited for the new job we have landed. Perhaps, that is going to earn us more money and a better life style. And on the other hand, a feeling of leaving behind some good old days, colleagues and perhaps a supportive boss you were lucky to have, occupies your mind partially.

Nevertheless, you can never ignore the fact that you are still an existing employee and company rules are applicable to you as well. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you to behave aptly during your notice period.

Do’s of your notice period:

Meet your boss in person:

Never drop a mail before your boss to inform about your leaving decisions. This is arrogant and unprofessional. Remember you may require a referral letter from him or her in your new organization. Therefore, keeping bosses happy till the final day is important.Meet your boss

Finally, when you have decided to quit your current organization and have a better job (hopefully) in hand; take the initiative to inform your boss about this at the earliest. Meet your boss in person and discuss the matter. Wait for your boss to tell you to process a resignation mail from your end.

Always one step ahead:

This is tricky. Unlike what most of us think, being more that efficient during your notice period is the best way to mark the end that may open new step ahead

Make it a point of being punctual every day of your notice period. Discuss work issues and deadlines with authorities and try achieving those at earliest. This lands you a win win situation. If you are leaving this job, as you have been denied a promotion you deserved, or perhaps your company was concentrating on down sizing man power; you could be taken under consideration now. And if you have planned this just because you wanted a change; a good referral letter may be achieved.

A seamless handover:

Now that you have already informed your boss that you are leaving, he will surely have someone to look after the tasks you handled. Therefore, take it as your responsibility to share every bit of information you have with teams and the person who will take over your job responsibilities once you leave.handover

For professionals who manage a team of outdoor business partners, clients, customers and vendors; make it a point to inform all of them about the situation. Take opportunities to introduce your replacement to them. A seamless handover, so that the company does not suffer from your absence, will be appreciated and talked about even when you leave.

Don’ts of notice period:

Do not be a bragger:

Just because you have found this current job worth leaving; not all your colleagues should feel the same. Well, no one is interested to know about the salary you will be receiving, or how nice the new office ambiance feels. Remember the corporate world is getting compact, who knows one fine day you may come across these same faces you now look down at!

Do not get shaky now:

Quitting decisions are tricky. So, do not be in a haste to make the big announcement. Remember, until you keep it a secret, the ball is still in your court.announcement

Therefore, know your reasons of quitting as it may happen that your employers may use some bait now. If you really don’t have a number of significant reasons, you easily fall prey to stuffs like this. Therefore, hold on for a while and know all reasons of quitting. Only then make these big announcements.

Do not be harsh:

No matter how bad your experience was with the company, or perhaps the boss alone, or few of your colleagues; do not opt for harsh endings. You have already spent your days here and now you are just about to move on to something better. Bury the hatchet and move on.Do not be harsh

Ending things on a positive note is important to initiate new things with optimism and positivity. Therefore, while you are on your notice period, make it a point to give your best that can add to company profits and good will.

Again, do not ponder about things that had not been so pleasant. Rather, recollect those moments when you had been successful and appreciated for your efforts. This will make you feel encouraged and strengthen you to do better in your future endeavors.

Few Tips about Office Party Etiquettes

As we are all approaching the end of this year; Christmas eve celebrations, corporate dinners, company gatherings and parties are around the corner. The celebration last year was a huge success and you just cannot wait for the annual party this year.

On the other hand, Joseph has ample reasons to get horrified by this word “Office party.” Perhaps, he had screwed up big time at the event last year and one more party is definitely going to be devastating for him. He just got rid off those horrible nightmares and planning another one will be too difficult for him to party

It was a bright winter morning last year. Joseph woke up very happy as he was to attend an official holiday gathering at one of the best party destinations in town. He took out his best party outfits, as he was overly excited to meet his colleagues in a brand new avatar; different from his regular professional look.

He had also decided to eat a little less at lunch as he wanted to make space for dinner and free drinks that were to follow. All was pretty fine with his planning. The only problem with it was that he focused more on the word “party,” than on the word “office” and therefore could not draw a line between casual parties and office party.

He partied to the fullest. Drank gallons like fish and ate as though it was his last meal. He perhaps got too casual with his team lead; who, however, was not very comfortable with his “too friendly” approach. The next working day was something he never wants to remind himself; however, it still remains afresh in his mind.

Almost, everyone in office came up with similar questions asking him if he was doing well after the party. He witnessed people starring and exchanging looks that were inertly pointing towards him. His team lead desperately maintained a one arm distance from him. Joseph was just out of his hangover and realized that attending the party was a suicidal attempt. He wanted to know about his many blunders in the party.

He gathered all his strength and courage to talk to one of his colleagues, who was more of a friend. The story narrated to him was so disappointing that he felt like banging his head on wall. After knowing all his blunders, Joseph is in a position to present his follies as “things not to do in an official party“ for all those who are prone to getting carried away with the thought of corporate parties, similar to him.

All about Office party Etiquettes:

What do I wear?

Don’t commit the same mistake as I had done;’ says Joseph. While you will have a strong feeling to take out the best outfit from your closet for the occasion – you need to hold on. The best thing you could do in such a situation is that choose something that is less casual and nearly professional.What do I wear

If you are given a dress code, it eases your task. This time you are required to strictly follow the stated standards. Dress in a manner that can enhance your professional image and project best of your personality. If you have maintained a professional image that was adored and respected by your colleagues, do not let this one party spoil it.

What and to whom should I talk to?

Well, this is very crucial. Although, employers strive to develop harmonious and pleasant workplace environment; things do not turn out to be that good every time. Employees do end up carrying grudges against each other and these become the biggest topic of discussions, or rather gossips at office parties.

office party talk

Turning deaf ears and keeping your mouth zipped is the only solution to such situations. Getting involved in such stuff can project you in a bad frame.

Again, do not be very choosy while talking to people. You need to be cordial and friendly with everyone. Exchanging smiles, greeting and complementing others is a nice gesture you can display in an official party.

Participate actively:

Take these parties as one of those opportunities to display your hidden talents. Perhaps, you are a good singer, or someone who is good at playing some group games, or have an extensive collection of jokes; share them with others and spread happiness. This will surely work to enhance your professional image, projecting you as a fun loving and jovial person.

Set personal tax rates on free alcohol:

Joseph considers too much alcohol to be the craftsman of the above mentioned regretting episode of his life. Yes it is true that all so very desirable alcohol brands appear to be beautifully arranged just for you. However, you need to restrain yourself before loosening up a bit more than what is required. If you know your capacity, restrict yourself to that amount only. For those who don’t know, its better you take no more than a glass or two.

Know the guest list:

For us who are very close to our family, we look for opportunities to spend some quality time with our children and spouse. Attending parties without them may be a little depressing for us; however, if the guest list does not include family members, you need to attend alone. Neither bring your youngest kid along, nor stay away from the party. It is a matter of few hours and you can definitely manage.guest listThese were few tips that can help you portray yourself with best party etiquettes. You can also figure out some other strategies to add to this list. Hope you found this blog interesting and relevant to your search.

Do’s and Don’ts for Online Job Search

Just anything you want to know, there is Google that can help you out. Thanks to the growing rate of internet awareness and technical advent. Exploring newer avenues is no longer a task, too difficult to perform.

From entertainment to career guidance, Google has it all. You type in your search queries, and you are presented with a number of related answers. However, the rate of relevancy in the search results may differ. While this relevancy quotient is not very significant in some cases, it is highly crucial for other job search

Relevant and close to relevant are two different things. Well, it becomes needless to mention that the internet provides useful content about anything and everything we are looking for. However, the way we can use this content to acquire the most significant information for our use is completely in our hands.

Today, there are various online sites that aim to produce specific information about some particular domains. For instance, if you are looking for a job vacancy in the sales profile, you may land various results Some of these results are from sites that present information about general job vacancies, including sales, some are industry specific, some are geography centric and so on and so forth.

Therefore, it is important that you know your requirements and ways of using the available information to drive out relevant and not just close to relevant solution. Now, that you know that the ball is in your court, you only need to know the techniques of striking the ball appropriately, so that it reaches the goal perfectly at one strike.

Thus, to throw some light on online job search techniques, below enlisted are some of the do’s and don’ts of the online job search process.

Do’s and don’ts of online job search:

Reach the Job search Engine first:

How many of you know about job search engines and how they differ from job boards? It’s great if you know it and for those who are not aware , here is where you can find the answer.

job search engines

Job boards such as Monster, are websites where employers post their vacancies and other related information such as candidate requirements, salary, etc. They also leave scopes of direct applications from candidates. Some of these contain different job listings, while some contain listings from specific industries.

Job search engines such as Simply Hired contain information from all these websites. Therefore, it is a greater source of acquiring information. However, this is not the reason why you need to look for search engines initially. There is something more to it.

While you are just a beginner, you may not know the different job search websites that are specific to your profile. Browsing through these search engines will help you identify different websites and help you know typical websites that specialize on your profile, particularly. In addition, you can also know your specific employers, their requirements and other job listings they have, that are different or partially related to what you are looking for.

Gradually, you can directly visit these identified websites and make job applications when required. Once you are aware about different websites and employers, making job applications through job boards is always a better option.

Make use of filters and other web tools:

Nearly all websites present tools that can narrow your job search to a great extent. However, the irony is that many job seekers are unaware of these available tools that can otherwise make the job search process an extremely easy task to perform.use of filterCommon filters available are job posting date or durations elapsed, salary range, job location, role or functionality, or the exclude option. Using these tools will lead you to land more specific job listing, one of these may prove to be the best match for you.

Thus, if you don’t want to go through millions of job listings, that drag you away from your particular requirements, make sure of discovering these web tools and filters within the websites and then using them judiciously.

Don’t compromise with your resume:

Resumes, be it paper resumes or e-resumes both need to be crafted with equal cautiousness. However, many are of the opinion that perfect tailoring of resumes are required only when paper resumes are reaching employers. However, this is not true.resumeTherefore, research on the techniques of writing perfect resumes that can impress your potential recruiters.

Again, don’t use the same resume for all applications. As no two jobs, even though from the same domain, will have the same candidate requirement; similarly, one resume that fits a particular job posting may not suit another.

Also, research on different ATS software and keywords. An idea about the type of resume key word you need to use can be acquired by carefully studying job vacancy posting provided by employers in their websites or job boards.

Don’t fall prey to false job postings:

While there are numerous advantages of online job search, there is one very damaging aspect of the same. Job seekers find it difficult to judge the genuineness of different job vacancy postings available online.prey to false job postings

Job seekers who reach a state of mind, where they are desperately looking for suitable jobs and want to end their long period of unemployment, usually fall prey to such false vacancies. There are corrupt individuals who try taking advantage of such stressful conditions in an attempt to make quick money.

These individuals trap job seekers in a false hope of providing jobs in return for some money. Beware of such cheats and do not let your stress take over your rationality and thereby leading you to greater stress levels.

Online job search portals and search engines have come up as the greatest boon for present day job seekers. Therefore, it is more than essential that you make optimum use of this available platform. Now, as we are almost approaching the end of this handout, you have perhaps realized that simply knowing about these platforms is not enough. You need to know the ways of using and implementing these regularly. Only then you will land suitable job listings and eventually your dream job.

These were some of the effective measures of carrying out online job search. Hope you found this article informative and useful.

An Interview: Body Language Do’s and Don’t s

The City Business solutions has recently announced a job vacancy for the position of Sales Executive with their organization. Sara, a Business graduate from one of the top Business schools, suddenly comes across this particular job listing and decides to apply for the position.

It was pretty obvious, that she would definitely receive an interview invitation from their side. Sara, being the top scorer throughout her graduation, was expected to do quite well in her interview session.body language at an interview

Her friends and college instructors as well, assumed her to be someone with great interpersonal skills, merged with the right amount of confidence and wit. In addition, she was conversant in three different languages, that was marked as one of the essential candidate requirements.

Sara qualifies the telephonic interview session and now needs to prepare for the last and final round of personal interview. Just the night before her interview, she works on her graduation subjects, sets her interview attire ready(decided after some extended research) and arranges all her required documents.

“Sorry we cannot offer you this position.” This is what her email read the next morning. Sara could not believe her own eyes and read the mail several times. However still, sorry was not replaced by congratulation and can did not replace cannot in the mail.

What went wrong??

She recollects the interview session, only to find that she had replied to all questions with the best possible answers. She fulfilled all candidate requirements and was appropriately dressed as well.

Who on this earth can give her one single reason for her rejection??

Perhaps, it is Mr. Brown who had interviewed her the day before. However, how can she reach him at this point of time?

Mr. Brown on the other hand, was still thinking about this interviewee named Sara. Yes, he had rejected her; however, it was with a heavy heart indeed. Is he going to change his decisions now?….No not at all.

Mr. Brown was highly impressed by her resume and the interview session that followed. He was keen to meet her and thought her to be a potential applicant for the required position.

However, he was awestruck to know that the girl, who he had seen, fidgeting with her hair while waiting in the interview queue was the same Sara he was so interested in meeting.fidgeting hairs

He would still ignore this, as she really possessed strong skills required for the position. However, the way she used her teeth as a nail filler and the continuous movement of her hands each time she explained her answer was quite annoying for the entire interview panel.teeth as a nail fillerThereby, Sara was unfortunately rejected. Despite being multilingual, she lacked the much needed non verbal communication skills or effective body language as you can term it.

This scenario is not something that occurs rarely. Interviewers, similar to Mr. Brown have revealed, that almost a quarter of applicants they come across on a daily basis; get knocked out of the race, as they do not know how to present themselves seemly.

When asked about the importance of appropriate body language and things they consider while taking the fit or no fit decisions; this is what they had to say – 90 Percent of personal interviews are conducted to study the candidate’s non verbal communication. And it takes only 30 seconds for interviewers to judge your potentialities required to handle the job role through your body language displayed.

The following section discusses applicant mannerism that snatches job opportunities from right under their nose and some that makes the journey to landing desired job role a cake walk experience.

This is how you need to present yourself:

Nail it with a handshake:

Handshake – firm, dry and short. However, not strong enough that it starts hurting the bones of the other person you are greeting. And not so brief, that you appear to be someone who was forced to shake hands with a person you dislike the most.handshake

Your handshake needs to display your confidence and enthusiasm. Therefore, have it moderately firm, where your right hand clasps the same palm of your interviewer; to shake hands in an up and down motion for three times at the max. This needs to get over by three seconds approximately; after which, you can release your hands.

While you shake hands, it is very essential that you look straight into the eyes of your recruiter and have a pleasant smile on your face. This is how you initiate your interview session and remember to close it in the same manner. Now, if we are to talk about dry hands, this is something you need to work out on your own.

Not stiff nor shaky – Just sit up straight:

Well it has been from our Montessori days, that we were taught to sit up straight. However, the extent to which we actually follow proper gestures is something we need to think over.Just sit up straight

Do not be extremely stiff and rather be comfortable on your interview chair. For those who cannot stretch for longer periods sitting straight in one posture, you can slightly lean your back on the chair. Sometimes you can even subtly move forward. This gives an impression that you are interested in the conversation and are finding it useful.

Again looking straight into the eyes and not swinging your legs continuously during the conversation is so very essential. If you miss out these,you may even loose the job opportunity; that was otherwise very easy to land. Therefore, practice to have still legs, while you are comfortably seated before your interviewer.

Lets not be the traffic in – charge:

Sara slipped out from the interview race for the over use of her hands, in an attempt to demonstrate perfect answers. However, her actions made a wrong turn and interviewers instead got distracted by the over use of hands and found it difficult to concentrate on what she intended to say.hands

Similar to her, there are perhaps number of such unfortunate cases. Well this does not mean that you will need to tie up your hands as tightly as possible. However, do not over do it. Your interviewer may interpret it to be a gesture to conceal your nervousness or perhaps they may think that you are lying.

It is best when you place your palms on your lap and never cross your arms during the conversation. Also, do not touch your face or any other part of your body during conversation.

This was all about maintaining a perfect body language during interview sessions. Hope you come out with flying colors in your next interview session. All the best and with this we wrap up today’s discussion.

Do’s and Don’ts with Your First Pay Check

Getting the first pay check may be the first step of entering the world of independence and productivity for many. Holding your first pay check is surely exciting. This feeling is something different- you start dreaming about your future, you start thinking about realising your dream and may be someone’s else’s dream. You make plans about fulfilling certain purposes of life and serving the society. It is certainly of great emotional value and most importantly, financial value.first paycheck

Having the first check is surely a big moment for you. Yes, you are happy, you are proud of yourself. You would like to splurge out all your money. You like to share your happiness, celebrate with friends and relatives. While tearing open the check, you are getting goosebumps. You are thinking of buying this and that. All these happen and it is perfectly okay. You must also be aware of some do’s and don’ts as money is money after all, and you cannot live without's


  • Now that you have your check, you know how much money will be subtracted as tax and what amount you will actually get. A certain amount of money will be deducted due to Medicare, Social Security, Federal and State Income tax. You may think ‘that’s unfair’. Yes, it hurts. But like every employee you have to pay for the numerous government resources that you are using.

Hence, it is imperative that you make a plan for your expenses and savings. Note down your short- and long-term goals and start saving accordingly. First save and then spend.

  • Warren Buffet said, “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.” Yes, you may think all these stereotyped advices do not hold value anymore. Wait! Take a pause. Do you really think you need not save? Are you sure of not losing your job in the future? Will this salary be enough during emergency? Moreover, if you are doing any part-time job, it is likely that you need more money when you are jobless. So consider all these factors before spending a hefty amount for your fun and entertainment.
  • You want to enjoy one night out with your friends. Yes, you can do. Spend on food, drinks, movie tickets, concert shows, fun activities and do what you want to do. Buy clothes, gadgets, accessories- whatever you need. After all, this is your first check and you are on cloud9.
  • Do open a savings account. You may think it’s a bit too early; but believe us. Saving money can never be too early. It’s just that you have to take the first step. That first step may be a baby step. No matter what expenses may come your way, you must save a particular amount; even it is 5% of your income every month. And you must start this with your first check. Once you start depositing some money in your savings account, you will see your nest egg growing gradually. That time you will feel happy thinking that you had taken the right decision in the past.don'ts


  • Getting your first pay check does not mean going on a shopping or spending spree. You must not spend on things that you don’t want. Let’s take two examples.
  1. You might have a laptop and a smartphone. While browsing through some shopping sites, you might think of buying a tablet. If you can really manage your work by laptop and phone, what is the need of a tablet? Just because you don’t have one does not mean you should buy one. Sudden pop ups of ads on your computer or phone screen must not allure you to empty your pocket for useless things.
  2. You have one big sofa or a bean bag at your home. You feel jealous when your friend showcases that gorgeous, huge, comfortable recliner that his grandfather had gifted him on his last birthday. You may have one secret desire of bringing home one such recliner to watch matches or movies. Now think for how many hours do you watch movies or matches? To put simply, when you have enough, don’t fall for small, unnecessary things.
  • Don’t plan for long vacation. Going overseas may be a brilliant way of treating yourself. Enjoying with friends, spending lavishly in food and drinks, exploring new cultures and new places, posting photos on social networking sites, getting too many likes and comments- all these may lure you to spend money from your steady pay check. A smarter way of celebration can be to plan for a trip after some months or a year. During this period, save a certain percentage of your income for the future trip and then enjoy the fruits of your labor in a carefree manner. Instead of long vacation, you may opt for a one-day trip to some nearby places.
  • Don’t opt for any too big purchase. And too big means spending a heavy amount literally. For example, you may consider buying a car or home. You might find yourself talking to a car dealer or a real estate agent and end up giving them a big amount for booking. Not only buying, you may even think of shifting to a luxurious flat on rent leaving the present small one. Don’t listen to friends who advise you on such critical matters. Wait for some time, let things settle first, add some zeroes to your savings account balance and thereafter take any major decision.

The real question is about creating a balance. Try to draw a line between leading a decent life and an extravagant life, especially when you have just entered in this tough world of competition. Learn to exercise self-control while spending. Thus holding the first check with all those goosebumps and tempting dreams, promise yourself to spend wisely, be happy and start saving for the rest of your life.