How to Become a Star in Your New Office

So, you’ve joined the new office and are clueless as hell as to how to get along with everybody? It is quite a task to become popular in your workplace in a very short time. Moreover, it is also difficult to get used to a new environment and new colleagues in a jiffy. Unless you are an extrovert, you are in the new office due to your contacts, or you simply take to people as plants do to sunlight!become a star in the new office

Getting along with new people and fresh work concerns looks extremely daunting to a reserved person just like getting acclimatized to a new country is.

However, becoming a star employee isn’t too much of a task if you’re passionate and interested about your new work. Work becomes play when you do what you love. However, few of these thumb-rules could help you become a hit among your co-workers and colleagues. What’s more, you can surely get noticed by the top-end managers too:

Bond with people, but don’t flatter them!

Make your seniors know how badly you wished from your college times to work in this organization. But know your limits while doing so. Do not indulge in flattery and needless buttering.Bond with people

People can tell flattery from genuine praise. Go light on the sweet words. Be precise and to the point. This will save time of both the parties from getting wasted on undue sugar-coated words.

Invite colleagues for coffee:

This tip is the best way to get to know your colleagues better. Furthermore, enjoying coffee with your team members is also a nice way to break the ice between you

Inviting colleagues over weekend is also a great way to spend time with people whom you’d be working for the years or at least months to come. Getting to know the temperament and attitude of the people you work with is as useful.

Be the problem-solver and not the problem-creator:

Just as it is important to be in the right place at the right time, it is also important not to be the reason for problems in your workplace.Problem Solver

Try as far as possible to neither be the problem-creator nor the person responsible for the problem. Be the proactive person, ready to be the on-site trouble-shooter. Assuming responsibility for solving the problem rather than adding to it or being a passive onlooker is unwelcome and unsavory too.

Likewise, try to be the go-to-person in the office. This could be your shortcut to becoming popular among everyone in the office. Being in the shoes of a problem-solver could make you the keeper of everybody’s issues and problems in life. This could in all likelihood make you a one-stop solution for every relationship and life problem.

Improve your communication skills:

Work-life is a polar opposite of college-life. Grades and not communication mattered in the academics to be rated as a star student. In the work-life, communication and performing your duties well is what matters. Good interpersonal skills and being a master of all trades matter in work-life.communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills are helpful for the employee to know his colleagues and bosses in the new office in a proper manner. Being able to communicate with both the parties is what helps keep smooth communication and ultimately helps each employee to execute his duties well.

Ask your seniors or colleagues when in doubt:

Clear your doubts and the questions clouding you about any issue related to work. It is better to ask and clear the doubts rather than assume things. As it is rightly said, “It is better to ask and clear your doubts, rather than come across as dumb by keeping quiet.Ask your seniors

It’s completely okay to ask questions about the many things one doesn’t know related to the office owing to being new on the job. Again, not knowing every darn detail is absolutely normal being a freshman in the office.

Meet your deadlines on time:

It is absolutely essential to follow this tip to the tee for gaining status of a star employee in the office. Employees who follow deadlines and are people who take their work commitments very seriously are always priced by their bosses.Deadlines

Likewise, set targets and see that you adhere to them, come what may. Trying to make your boss’ life easier by following the deadlines, and submitting reports on time may help making the boss’s work easier. Just doing your work properly and precisely in a mistake-free fashion guarantees you get noticed by the bosses.

Organize activities in the office:

Organizing recreational activities in the office whenever the need arises is akin to a stress-buster. Doing so only helps in diverting one’s mind from the tiring work. Also, taking off a few minutes from work helps the person to return to work with a refreshed mind and body.Office activities

Making others participate in such activities could help bring out the hidden talents. And also help you show off your event planning skills.

Do not waste your time in unproductive activities:

There are perhaps countless times that you have decided to start working on something and it doesn’t really gain initiation because some other activity takes up your attention.Unproductive Activities

Similarly, do not while away your time in meaningless gossips about anybody or anything which isn’t related to your work. Instead, focus all of that attention on completing your work and gain the satisfaction of having completed your work efficiently.

Make use of pen and paper for recording details:

Even if you aren’t a pen and paper person, get into the habit of taking down details in meetings and training sessions. Committing everything to memory isn’t feasible as everyone doesn’t have an elephant’s memory. To top it, committing things to memory may only cause you to forget tiny details, which may or may not be really that important.Paper Pen

Recording details on a notepad allows you the liberty to refer it in the future, if necessary.

Maintain a positive disposition:

It is important to maintain a positive and happy persona howsoever difficult the work gets. After all, no one likes to work with a sad person, ready to crack up even under pressure.Positive

They say, “cry and the world will leave you, smile and the world smiles with you.” A sunny disposition helps you conquer the world and also keep the world in a joyous mood. Maintaining a positive and happy mood in the office is directly proportionate to the work the boss is able to squeeze out from his employees.

Be willing to put in efforts for the company:

Chipping in to help the company in times of its’ need is a very important trait an employee can inculcate. Doing the tasks irrespective of his own job description is a very valued characteristic any employee can have.

This quality helps the employee to heighten his credibility and worth to the company. He would be looked upon for being valuable to the company over a person who just does what is expected of him and packs off for the day. Putting in efforts more than what are required could also improve chances of promotion for the employee.

Starting a new job is just like exploring an exciting theme park. You get to learn new aspects as you progress further inside. Being able to shift the useful information from the useless ones is paramount while doing so. Becoming a star employee shouldn’t be the sole aim of any employee. Being able to function properly and to be of value to the company irrespective of your job description is important. It is not only important that you deliver what you are expected to but do a bit more of what is expected of you. Ultimately, you will get noticed if you perform well.

How to Work with a Younger Boss

With age and experience comes authority. It also provides power to coordinate and control the younger workers. However, the power equations have changed these days. Power is mainly in the hands of less experienced, and newly minted management graduates fresh from the Ivy League Schools. Gone are the days when boss meant, a senior aged person grunting at his juniors for getting the work done. The numerous startups mushrooming in the IT sector have also contributed to a trend where younger people are leading the older ones. Such a trend is bound to kick in clashes and differences in opinions among the leader and the people he leads.Younger Boss

The folks in the company who are extremely senior have a hard time dealing with a change in leadership. They are getting instructions from people half their age, getting orders from people who have lesser experience or even skill-sets less superior than their own.

In such circumstances, it is extremely important to have a free-flowing dialogue with the concerned bosses to have a satisfactory work-life. This also helps the senior employees develop a good rapport with a younger boss. At times, the younger bosses can also learn the ropes from the older fishes. Learning to deal with a boss, who probably could be your son/daughter’s age is beneficial to both the parties.

Know and appreciate his or her capabilities:

Do not harbor doubts about the person who is your boss just because he is younger to you. Harboring a grudge or preconceived notions about his or her capabilities will not help in any ways.appreciate

Doubting the leadership abilities of the younger boss and judging whether he or she is fit for the job is but natural. Age in no way can completely decide one’s caliber to become a boss. They have been appointed as the boss because they possess certain skills, qualifications and the ability to lead people from multiple age-groups. Just because the boss is younger by age doesn’t mean he won’t make an efficient manager.

Speak out your mind:

Speaking out and expressing your thoughts on the issue of power shifts into the younger hands is necessary to unburden you, even partly. Having pep talks with colleagues at work or with your spouse could help you understand the situation. They could also give you ways to deal with the issue more objectively.Speak out

Such pep talks will help you to maintain a stable mental make-up, but also won’t harm your productivity. Bottling up your feelings and frustration over having to report to a person very much younger to you can otherwise be taxing.
A healthy discussion with friends, and spouses who have undergone similar issues also helps.

Evolve with the technologies:

The electronic age today is all about 5G, automated technology, pings, email communication and all things tech. It is a bit daunting for the senior folks to get comfortable with the use of new technology, since they have used generic things all their lives.Evolve with the technologies

Using the instant messenger services, referring to digital calendars, using online planners for appointments and reminder purposes is seldom the cup of tea of the senior folks. The condition is exactly opposite in case of the younger bosses. They prefer to communicate with their colleagues through a simple ping instead of going to the desk personally. Communication through video-conferencing with people in offices on the other side of the globe is a thing they can do with a click.

Thus, putting in efforts for getting a hang of the technology doesn’t harm either. It will only help you in connecting with your younger boss, in a better way. Remember, making use of technology also indirectly translates to increased productivity because of time saved using other modes.

Share useful information with the boss:

The senior workers are an asset to the organization due to their invaluable experience in their work and also their experiences in handling unsavory situations and people. So, being senior to the newly appointed boss who is younger in age, you need to give him certain helpful information which he doesn’t pose and you do. Dispensing information not only underlines your seniority but also increases your respect in the eyes of the younger bosses.Share useful information

Giving him information about a certain client or a similar situation and how you handled it, will certainly help. However, do not take this as an opportunity to sing paeans about your indispensability to the organization. Be precise. Something like this could be apt: There was a similar glitch few years back relating to XYZ client, who is extremely fussy about the work. We had handled it this way and this was the outcome.

Contribute to the company’s growth utilizing your experience:

Having seniority in the organization owing to your age and experience gives you an edge over the bosses who are considerably on the younger side of age. Having talks about life-in-general and the life outside the office will help you develop a rapport with the boss who is the age of your son/'s growth

Your age also means that you have a trove of life-lessons and experiences as products of the mistakes you committed. Sharing profound real work-life experiences with your boss could probably shape their world-view. Such open chats also widen the horizon of the younger people in power.

Don’t generalize younger people

The senior workers tend to classify the younger ones in particular stereotypes. Looking at the latter type with the same frame of mind is quashing your mind. It is necessary to understand that not all younger bosses are arrogant, surgically attached to their gadgets, or have inherited the position just because they belong to a particular family.Don't generalize

The younger bosses do lack experience, but are in no way are novices in the field. They are intelligent individuals and it is unfair to reject their ideas, just because they are coming from a person who’s younger in age. Their ideas could possibly have fabulous outcomes too.

Never resort to derogatory remark:

The young age of the person in the boss’s shoes doesn’t give you any license to make him look bad or the opportunity to insult him. Avoid phrases like, “This isn’t your cup of tea,” “You won’t understand all this…,” “I would have done this had I been in your place,” so on and so forth at all costs. Remember, the bosses even though very young, are intelligent individuals and not kids. Trying to make him act according to your instructions is insulting to their abilities. It is the indirect responsibility of the experienced folks to guide the younger bosses. Share your knowledge, but do not over-emphasize your point. Pressuring the bosses into accepting any particular idea from the seniors is a no-no.

Focus on the skills you have:

Instead of fretting over the fact that you have to report to a boss younger in age and experience, choose to focus on the skills you possess.Focus on the skills

Focusing on the plusses is anytime beneficial than wasting time thinking about petty and unwanted things. It is important to feed your brain positive stuff to be able to properly focus on work. Remember, having achieved seniority in your career, you are the one in a winning position. Just concentrate on your work and better things will happen automatically.

Be the go-to person for the boss:

The boss being a younger one in age will always be in need of some valuable pieces of advices. Learn to dole out advice, suggestions and possibilities to him/her on the basis of your wide experience.

There are chances he/she could accept any of your ideas/suggestions and may appreciate you.

Learn to respect your boss:

In this context, albeit the boss being a person having very little experience of handling people needs to be treated with reasonable, if not utmost respect. It is a give and take relationship where your vast experience aides him in his work and his new ideas impart a fresh outlook to the work.respectBeing able to respect the boss despite a huge difference in your age is a matter of pride. Respecting his ideas and authority also helps him to function smoothly as a boss.

Learn to let go

Seniority and holding a superior position for years together entitles a sense of belonging in any senior employee. The dedication and their drive for perfection makes them tolerate nothing but work done to perfection. They want nothing but work which is flawless and is completed in time.

On the other hand, bosses belonging to Gen-Y are 30 something and extremely aggressive, fiercely ambitious and even prone to mistakes. That said, they also have different immediate goals and priorities to be focused on.

Learning to be able to switch off from work after the work-hours is essential to lead a balanced life. Learning to enjoy and savor the finer moments of life, instead of being immersed in a laptop screen at home takes away the joy of living. No work will ever be able to replace the joy of time well spent with your loved ones.

The senior employees bring their vast experience to the table which makes them invaluable to the organization. Whereas, the younger bosses help to get a fresh perspective to the work with their new ideas and academic talent. Both are different sides of the same coin. Ultimately, it’s not the age of your boss, which really matters, it’s how he or she manages a team that really does. What is really important for both the senior and the boss is to be able to keep all differences aside and maintain a healthy work environment.

Do’s and Don’ts During Notice Period

All is well that ends well. Something very relevant to every phase of our lives. No matter how or where you start, a positive end of every phase is important to make the destination and the journey worthwhile.Notice Period

Switching from one job to other is a common phenomenon amongst corporate workers. No matter why and how you decide to switch from one office to other; walking out elegantly is important. However, most professionals feel that they have reached the end phase and it’s now just a matter of few more days that you step out of this organization.

So getting a little relaxed and ignoring few official norms is very tempting now. However, a careless approach may earn you penalties. You need to bid an impressive goodbye to start a powerful beginning. If things get a little rough now, you may end up in a mess.

Notice Period – End it gracefully to start anew:

The duration of your notice period depends upon the company and profile you handle. However, it may range anything from fifteen days to a span of three months or so. During this period we feel a little uneasy and impatient.serving notice period

On one side we are excited for the new job we have landed. Perhaps, that is going to earn us more money and a better life style. And on the other hand, a feeling of leaving behind some good old days, colleagues and perhaps a supportive boss you were lucky to have, occupies your mind partially.

Nevertheless, you can never ignore the fact that you are still an existing employee and company rules are applicable to you as well. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you to behave aptly during your notice period.

Do’s of your notice period:

Meet your boss in person:

Never drop a mail before your boss to inform about your leaving decisions. This is arrogant and unprofessional. Remember you may require a referral letter from him or her in your new organization. Therefore, keeping bosses happy till the final day is important.Meet your boss

Finally, when you have decided to quit your current organization and have a better job (hopefully) in hand; take the initiative to inform your boss about this at the earliest. Meet your boss in person and discuss the matter. Wait for your boss to tell you to process a resignation mail from your end.

Always one step ahead:

This is tricky. Unlike what most of us think, being more that efficient during your notice period is the best way to mark the end that may open new step ahead

Make it a point of being punctual every day of your notice period. Discuss work issues and deadlines with authorities and try achieving those at earliest. This lands you a win win situation. If you are leaving this job, as you have been denied a promotion you deserved, or perhaps your company was concentrating on down sizing man power; you could be taken under consideration now. And if you have planned this just because you wanted a change; a good referral letter may be achieved.

A seamless handover:

Now that you have already informed your boss that you are leaving, he will surely have someone to look after the tasks you handled. Therefore, take it as your responsibility to share every bit of information you have with teams and the person who will take over your job responsibilities once you leave.handover

For professionals who manage a team of outdoor business partners, clients, customers and vendors; make it a point to inform all of them about the situation. Take opportunities to introduce your replacement to them. A seamless handover, so that the company does not suffer from your absence, will be appreciated and talked about even when you leave.

Don’ts of notice period:

Do not be a bragger:

Just because you have found this current job worth leaving; not all your colleagues should feel the same. Well, no one is interested to know about the salary you will be receiving, or how nice the new office ambiance feels. Remember the corporate world is getting compact, who knows one fine day you may come across these same faces you now look down at!

Do not get shaky now:

Quitting decisions are tricky. So, do not be in a haste to make the big announcement. Remember, until you keep it a secret, the ball is still in your court.announcement

Therefore, know your reasons of quitting as it may happen that your employers may use some bait now. If you really don’t have a number of significant reasons, you easily fall prey to stuffs like this. Therefore, hold on for a while and know all reasons of quitting. Only then make these big announcements.

Do not be harsh:

No matter how bad your experience was with the company, or perhaps the boss alone, or few of your colleagues; do not opt for harsh endings. You have already spent your days here and now you are just about to move on to something better. Bury the hatchet and move on.Do not be harsh

Ending things on a positive note is important to initiate new things with optimism and positivity. Therefore, while you are on your notice period, make it a point to give your best that can add to company profits and good will.

Again, do not ponder about things that had not been so pleasant. Rather, recollect those moments when you had been successful and appreciated for your efforts. This will make you feel encouraged and strengthen you to do better in your future endeavors.

How to Become Your Boss’s Favorite?

A lot can be done when you remain in your boss’s good books. The opportunities may double and certain privileges just come to you very easily. However, paving the way to the top of your boss’s favorite list is not that easy a task. You need to work to earn it.

Boss's Favorite

Being likable is something that makes you more employable these days. Yes, skills and expertise are definitely important; however, if in addition you can project yourself as someone who is liked by coworkers and bosses, success is definitely not very far.

So, how do you become your boss’s first choice? Well, it involves certain strategies and of course considerable time. Therefore, to aide you with some quick tips that yield results, here are certain suggestions of becoming your boss’s favorite.

Know your boss’s preference:

Every boss will not have the same key to unlock. Some prefer diligent workers while others prefer multitasking employees. Punctuality is also a very essential trait many employers look for. They may overlook skills if they find employees being unpunctual.

impress your boss

So, striving to be your boss’s favorite, you first need to know his/her choice. Once you know this, you will have an idea of what can impress your boss. Then, working towards the target will not be very difficult. Implement desirable traits within you and showcase the same before your boss.

Being innovative:

Entrepreneurs are now seeking creative ideas for their business. A person who can bring about innovative and effective ideas is likely to be considered as an asset to the entire organization and not only be the boss’s favorite.Being innovative

Therefore, keep learning and expanding your knowledge so that you can come up with fresh and creative ideas. Present them before your bosses and request for their reviews. If by any chance your ideas get implemented, there’s no limit to your professional success. However, make sure that the ideas are not irrelevant and undesired. In such cases, the consequences can be really bad.

Work to impress:

Ultimately, on the professional front, it is your work that speaks the loudest. So, in an attempt to be the favorite employee, efficiency at work needs to be your prime focus.Work to impress

Always aim at performing better than yesterday. Share ideas whenever feasible. Show interest in company’s all round development and not only your personal targets. Offer to help your boss or other team members. This projects you as someone who is dedicated towards company growth and welfare.

Accept rejections and criticism:

It is very natural that your boss may sometime disagree with your work or may even reassign tasks, when you may feel that the piece of work is simply perfect.Accept reject

However, don’t make it too difficult for your boss to state facts against you. Learn to accept things that you don’t agree with. Take your boss’s criticism as an inspiration to grow and become better than what you are today.

Many employees although fail here. They make it too evident for their boss’s to notice that they are somehow not liking the rejections coming. In such a scenario, you will never be given opportunities of growth. Your boss will like to keep you in the same profile where you have been working so that there is lesser interference from his/her side.

An employee who can learn to accept rejections positively and makes efforts to grow is definitely the boss’s favorite employee; despite some official falters you make.

Abide by all official norms:

Every workplace has some predefined official rules for employees to follow. While it may be very tempting to simply over look a few of those; especially when your boss is nowhere around, it is not a very good idea.official rulesExtending lunch hours and coffee breaks is not something that your boss may ignore. You may think that you are done with the days work and that can earn you some luxuries; you are pretty wrong. At least not now when you are yet to become the apple of your boss’s eye.

Therefore, always follow these small yet significant rules. This will help you build an impression before your boss. Once you are successful here, you may be excused for not following some of these rules later, when you become one of the most liked employees in the office.

Don’t get unnerved:

This is a very important personality trait every employer looks for while hiring. Professional life has number of ups and downs. A person who can manage both scenarios efficiently without loosing calm is always desired by employers.

Some one who gets easily bogged down with failures is not capable of taking risks. And a business without associated risk is simply not possible. Therefore, to project yourself as some one who can handle downsides along with business profits is what brings you closer to your boss’s list of favorites. And in addition, if you can troubleshoot problems easily, you definitely have achieved your target.

These were the six essential tips that can make you your boss’s favorite employee. Once you top the list, career progression and growth becomes a regular affair. Opportunities just come flowing to you and you just need to make the right move. This was all about becoming your boss’s favorite. Hope you found this article useful and relevant to your search.

Few Ways to Earn a Promotion

Every morning, walking across your manager’s cabin to reach the diagonally opposite small cubicle of yours; you do wish to own that well furnished cabin one day and make yourself comfortably seated on the chair.Earn a Promotion

However, stares and wishes will take you nowhere. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder, you will have to work and earn it till the top. Working out promotions is no different from landing first jobs. Rather, it is perhaps tougher a task to accomplish.

The professional world is different. All of your competitors are ought to be performing at the best of their abilities. Reaching deadlines and troubleshooting problems are prime ingredients that only add to your sustenance in the same position. If you are looking for a leap, you need to prepare yourself for the long jump.

Therefore, for all readers who are aspiring to get promoted to some higher professional designations, this post has everything to get you started.

Perform beyond expectations:

The first step to curve out the path to your promotion, is to appear as someone who is exceptionally skilled for the current job role. Your managers need to feel that the job role has somehow become too easy for you and therefore you need to be placed in a more challenging environment!beyond expectations

Now, on a serious note, ignoring current job tasks in a pursuit to learn more about the aspired position is not a very efficient tool for the purpose. Rather, remaining focused on the present job role and performing much more than what is expected is something that needs to be your initial step towards the desired promotion.

Learn about the position:

Now, earning a promotion is not that easy. You will definitely have to put in a lot of effort to reach that position.Learn

Aspirants need to manage their current job role and also learn about the desired position SIMULTENEOUSLY. If you want to be promoted to higher designations, first try learning what are the things you will need to have, so as to be functional in that position. Before you march towards your manager’s cabin, try finding if you are ready to land that position.

Try finding out the skills and expertise you will be needing. In the process, you will somehow come to know about things you still have to learn and acquire. Thus, when you finally request your managers to consider you for a promotion, you can definitely present the acquired skill set that makes you the most employable candidate before them.

Make sure that authorities know you:

Not being effectively visible amongst authorities is the greatest hurdle faced by many professionals working in big corporate houses. Not having a good connection or access to authorities can snatch away the promotion you truly deserve.authorities know you

In an organization employing thousands of employees, it is not only your work performance that can keep you in the lime light. You need to have something more to be noticed and somewhat popular amongst authorities. And here is where your networking and interpersonal skills come to play.

Therefore, having a good rapport with authorities; so much that they can atleast have your name on their minds whenever a vacancy arises, is equally important for internal hirings.

Is the position a good match for you?

The position you are aspiring for, may seem to be very lucrative; however, if you do not like the job role, you will never be able to perform at the best of your abilities. And when you don’t work, you don’t earn.position

Therefore, don’t just get carried away with all the perks the role may earn you. First analyze the profile aptly and try finding if you are truly going to enjoy the work. Careers need to be chosen according to personalities. If you can handle roles that somehow relate to your own personality, tasks in hand can be accomplished very easily.

Let people know your plans:

Now, once you are done with all your preparation, don’t miss to inform relevant people that you are preparing to move above the career ladder. This is again very important for internal hirings. If authorities are not aware about your choices and areas of interests, it is very much evident that they will never talk to you about hiring.let people know

Remember that if you don’t make the call, others will! So, once you are decided to try for a higher position, start preparing and let relevant people know that you are aspiring for landing the position and making equal efforts to make yourself eligible for the same.

These were five important tips that can earn you a much awaited promotion. By now you may have perhaps understood that career acceleration is not driven by skill and perseverance alone. A professional attitude where you maintain cordial relations with coworkers and bosses, strong networks and doing the right thing at the right time, are equally important.

Thus, now that you have learned about how to pocket a promotion, just go for it and make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

Few Signs that Prove You Have Bad Relations With Your Mentee

Someone has rightly said, that mentoring is not about molding people into your own image or reflection. Rather, it is about helping them find and frame their own unique personalities.mentee

Many of us may have professional mentors; however, not all can become future mentors for next generation. It is because, mentoring is not merely about sharing career guidelines; rather, it is just a small part of the whole process. However, the most unfortunate part is that, not many mentors have realized this fact.

Well, in my opinion I have a picture perfect image of a mentor. And therefore, I would like to share it with you.

I consider mentors to be the ones who can help me learn lessons from experiences gained. Someone who can lend me patient ears and listen to all my queries; however bad or irrelevant they are. Someone who can have that vision and foresight to help me make perfect career moves. And finally, my mentor needs to have full faith on my abilities, so much that this belief can boost my confidence and morale.

Is it a bit too much to expect? Perhaps Yes.

Although perfections are a myth and possibly it is true in this case as well; having a pursuit for the same is definitely not a futile attempt. Aiming for the stars you atleast reach the top of a tree. Therefore, try becoming a perfect mentor. And who knows, over the years you may have a few dedicating their success to your efforts taken today.

The first step towards this is to know what your mentee feels about you.

What kind of relationship do you share with your mentee? Do you have a pleasant relationship with your mentee? Or the relation has turned bad and you are still unaware?!

Is your mentee hating you secretly?

Here are a few signs that can help you know if relationships with your mentee has turned sour. Read this and don’t let this relation go worse.

Your mentee is repeatedly missing sessions:

Well, as a new joiner your mentee may have some irregular presence in sessions. That is perfectly fine, as freshers may take some time to sink into the corporate environment and accommodate all tasks on time. In such cases, you need to take those initial steps and inform them, that you are available at their convenience. However, make sure that you are not dealing with an insincere and unprofessional joiner!mentee and freshers

Now, if your mentee is suddenly missing sessions and is not making sufficient effort to cover up for the same; you need to get into some investigation. Perhaps, your mentee does not approve and is not gaining enough from conducted sessions.

You get to know about your mentee’s performance from others:

Well, it was mentioned earlier that mentors need to be patient listeners. However, if your mentees are not sharing their experiences and queries with you, Whom are you going to listen to?mentee's performance

No matter how good or bad the news is, your mentees needs to be the first one to share every professional experience with you. Whether they are doing remarkably well on their job front or are screwing up big time; you need to be informed about these stuffs. If you have mentees who are avoiding any form of discussion with you, its evident that you are in a bad relationship with them. Therefore, start working to mend it before it gets too late.

Your mentee is no longer interactive:

A mentor can consider half the work done; only when a two way communication process is generated. Now, if your mentee is not interactive enough to discuss possibilities and ways of improvement; then you fail at achieving your goals. There is another aspect to this. Well, you may have some joiners who feel a little hesitant to express their thoughts and opinions at the beginning. Thus, you cannot consider them as disinterested. Rather, it is your job to help them overcome this hesitation.mentee interactive

However, if you find few candidates to remain silent during sittings, who are otherwise reciprocal; then you have a serious issue to handle.

Your mentee is being disrespectful:

This is the most alarming sign to prove that you are definitely sharing a bad relationship with your mentee. And of course nobody wants to reach this state.

Well, it is a known fact that one of the prime responsibilities of a mentee is to respect his/her mentor. Perhaps, your mentee is also very much aware about this.disrespectful mentee

Rather, in my opinion, more than a rule it is a natural instinct that you are always courteous towards someone who is contributing towards your success. Mentors share essential information, personal experiences and provides countless and priceless advice to their junior staff; so that, they can learn and improve. Thus moving towards success.

However, if you do come across such candidates, it is unfortunate and I am scared you do not have much to do and improve this scenario. Nevertheless, you can still try and mend it. And if it still brings no improvement, it is best to get rid of such dysfunctional relationship.

Mentors play an influential role in providing diligent and enthusiastic future workforce to corporate world. Therefore, mentors need to be efficient in handling their job responsibilities.

One very prime reason that mentors fail to meet expectations is because they project themselves as second “bosses” before their mentees. However, in reality they are expected to be a guide and an advisor to them.

Again, mentors should never force their juniors to follow their footsteps. It is absolutely upon your mentees to decide about their career moves. You are only expected to prepare them for the journey and make them aware about different consequences that may arise.

Now that you have reached the end of this article, you perhaps have identified some loopholes in your mentoring technique. And realizing this suggests that half of your work is done. Therefore, you are all ready to have a pleasant and harmonious relationship with your mentee.

Yes!! These are Few Bosses Types

All of us at some point of our professional life, do come across bad and terrible bosses. There are number of unfortunate professionals who have completed a considerable part of their professional life without having met a single ideal boss.bosses

Working with difficult bosses is not always damaging and one of my previous articles lists different benefits of working with a difficult boss. However, you need to know how to turn the situation to your advantage. Therefore, below mentioned are different types of frustrating bosses and suggestions that can help deal with them.

The Never to be around Boss:

Every morning you are receiving work assignments from your boss through emails. You are reporting to him every working day. However, when you seriously need to discuss certain issues with your boss; you never find him around.Never to be around Boss

These are the type of bosses who always manage to remain away from office. They can do anything from playing golf to reviewing your work. However, when it comes to giving guidelines and sharing work strategies, they are simply absent or unavailable! They only make efforts to either approve or disapprove your assignments and never discuss reasons behind.

At worst cases, they may make themselves available only to scare you to death and still you receive no words of wisdom.

Well, these bosses are not always “bad.” For people who prefer working independently, these bosses come as boons. You are very confident about the task in hand and know what people are expecting of you; just get to work and yield the desired result. Your job is done.

On the other hand, professionals who are more comfortable working under guidance or need supervision and have plenty of things to confirm and reconfirm; these bosses are difficult to handle. They always remain confused and their work life becomes clumsy.

How do you deal: Being confident and precise are the only ways of handling these never to be around types. Do not bother your boss to supervise every little thing you do. Be confident about your work. And if there is an issue that you need to discuss, write a precise email mentioning the exact things you are looking for.

The omnipresent types:

With just a 180 degree flip to the previous category, these are the type of bosses who are just over the top at giving guidelines. They want to be informed about every move you make; no matter how insignificant and tiny it is. And every time they will have one or the other suggestion to share.omnipresent boss

These are the type of bosses who expect a verbal work report and seldom communicate through emails. You will always find them hovering around you and keeping account of every single minute of your work time. Their suggestions do not limit to work and very often they may tell you the number of coffee cups you have emptied and how it can effect your health and thereby your work.

Being around them feels like an old school Montessori kid. You loose your independence and your creativity dies. These are the most dangerous types of bosses who are damaging to your career growth. Thus it becomes more than important to know how you need to go about these kinds.

How do you deal: Being very obedient to your omnipresent bosses gears them up. If you think that following all his instructions will instill his faith and confidence in you; you are totally mistaken.

These are the type of bosses who never find their subordinates reliable enough, or rather they don’t want to rely on their juniors. Therefore, be a little disobedient and do not follow all his minor instructions. Start asking questions and reasons behind every advice he wants you to follow. Subtly ignoring such people can help to handle your omnipresent boss.

The I ME Mine boss:

These bosses are annoying; however, not harmful. The I ME MINE bosses are the types who are always busy narrating their stories of “valor” and potential. They overrate themselves and steal everyone else’s credit. The story may begin with varied ideas; however, all of them have a similar end – their achievements, their expertise and their awesomeness.I ME Mine bossThey are the kind of people who crave attention. And now that they have managed to land positions where they can somehow force people to acknowledge their “greatness;” they do not miss any opportunity.

However such bosses are not very harmful and since they are superior to you in position, you may even end up learning a few things from their self proclaimed great story. Nevertheless, if it still gets annoying, you can use this strategy to handle your I ME MINE boss.

How do you deal: Unless, your boss is not coming in your path of success, lending your ears to him is the best thing you could do. This is really going to keep them happy and of course working with a happy boss is essential.

The way too lucky bosses:

This is a broad classification that includes variety. The way too lucky bosses are available at every office or organization.lucky boss

Some people are extremely fortunate and land lucrative profiles with no relevant skills. They are required to supervise subordinates, who are more qualified and talented than they are. Another instance of way to lucky bosses could be superiors who are never seen working and yet receive heavy paychecks annually.

They are very much present at the workplace; however they are busy watching online videos, playing games and doing everything besides work.

How to deal: Although it’s very depressing to watch people making merry when you are drowned till neck with targets and deadlines and still earning less; it is not something impossible to conquer. Focus on your own work and try getting better everyday.

A boss who is not working himself will not be in a position to find numerous flaws with your work. And do not think that your boss is not having a watch dog. If you can prove your potential, landing your boss’s position will not be that difficult.

Lastly, everything is not bad and even though ideal bosses are rare sight to witness; they do still exist. Bosses who are supportive, good leaders, understanding and skilled can still be found. Every employee dreams of working with an ideal boss and if you are blessed to have one; a content professional life is not a distant dream.

Are You a Good Employee?

Grading our bosses on a scale of ten is a very spontaneous task. We are always quite prepared with our grading scales when it comes at ranking our bosses on various factors. He/She may earn just 5 on motivating team members or may earn just 3 and a half at appreciating or inspiring others at work.

However, the question is, how many of us have thought about our own performance as employees; or for that matter, our professional mannerism?! Not many I guess!Good EmployeeYes we cannot deny the fact that we do come across difficult bosses, who solely aim at tormenting us; however, there are many employees as well, who somehow appear to be very annoying and thus attract ill treatment from others.

Now, not only should an employee have a cordial relation with his/her boss; getting along well with everyone around is essential. Again, it is unfortunate that many employees fail at establishing both these relationships simultaneously. And some are further miserable and fail at building any of those contacts.

Well I have shared number of tips on building cordial employee – employer relationship or dealing with a tough boss. However, this time I am glad to share few tips that can help you know yourself as an employee.

The following section discusses certain parameters on which you can rank yourself. This can help to know if you are really good as an employee; or it is just a false assumption you have about yourself. Perhaps, it is the first time all of us are going to do it at will; as most often we have our bosses ranking us on parameters.

Now, personally I remain very enthusiastic when doing things for the first time and if you too feel the same; you are definitely going to like it. Therefore, lets get going..

Are you a good or bad employee?good or bad employeeBefore we get into this exercise, there is this one thing that you need to be very sure and confident about. You need to be very honest while rating yourself on all the below mentioned criteria. Yes rating oneself with poor grades is difficult; however, only when we are true to ourselves, this exercise can help to bring about some positive and substantial changes.

Unreliable/ Irresponsible:

As a professional, you need to know all your responsibilities and account for anything and everything under your domain.Irresponsible

However, employees sometimes behave very irresponsible and their superiors or coworkers find it difficult to rely on them. Being late to office or failing to reach deadlines repeatedly, evidently show that you are no longer an employee worth retaining.

Therefore, just look back at your performance graph for the past couple of months. If you think you have fairly accomplished your tasks in hand, there’s nothing much to worry. And if the case is not so, try improving as quickly as possible.

I am the best:

Well, its good if you’re a highly skilled performer. However, don’t suffocate others by blabbering your success stories all the time.i am the best

This is a very common scenario in corporate houses. Repeated achievements or appreciation from superiors cause employees to rise up high above ground levels; so much that they find every other worker less competent and not fit for job roles. And unknowingly they cross lines and demean coworkers and subordinates.

Such behavior is annoying for some people. Moreover, many get demoralized when looked down upon. And when your employers and HR managers notice this, they may be a little disappointed with you, despite your impressive performance.

Desperate Wannabe:

In continuation to the previous case, a similar category with slight deviation is the “Desperate Wannabe group.”Desperate Wannabe group

Well, they are the people who somehow don’t appear as the best workers with highest productivity and remain somewhere around the above average group. And that perhaps is just fine. However, they are not very happy and somehow try to convince people to honor them as the Best in category.

In this wannabe approach, they very often come up with two strategies. They either display and exaggerate their winning stories quite a number of times. Or else, they get into unhealthy competition with professionals who earn greater appreciation.

Finding flaws with everything someone else does and not concentrating at your own tasks or responsibilities is the worst trait an employee can showcase.

So are you that jealous kid inside who always points fingers at competitors? Try finding out.

Excuses outnumber success stories:

Well, it is quite natural if you are sometimes not in a position to do some assigned task or complete it within a stipulated time. However, if this “sometimes” becomes “all the time,” you need to mend your ways.

Your excuses of not doing a work in hand need to be genuine. Situations that go out of your own control or are inevitable can be understood. Any employer will definitely realize and needs to assent it.laziness

However, if you are delaying or avoiding work just out of sheer laziness, you are definitely gonna have a tough time ahead.

Again, the irony is, many professionals do not, or don’t want to realize that they are piling work without reason. Whatever business they bring to the organization, they are happy and content with that.

Therefore, if you really want to be spared, think if you are working with your best potential. If you don’t, your employers will definitely do it and walk you out till the exit! Therefore, get to know your true potential before its too late.

These were four broad parameters to know if an employee is good or bad. Scoring low grades is good here. So, if you are grading yourself on a scale of ten; scoring less than five is a good news for you. And therefore, congratulations to all who have managed a low score in all the above parameters. You are definitely a good employee.

Benefits of Having a Difficult Boss

Yes it is difficult and I know you are simply done with your cruel boss. You have decided to leave and never return back to this monstrous workplace.Difficult Boss

However, Wait! Did you just hear the word “Quitter?” You have endured so much during these months and now you just hear someone calling you a Quitter! Thats wrong and sinful, Isn’t it?

Well, no matter what you think and how bad you feel, you quit this job to “fight” your evil boss and you just frame yourself as an escapist. And in no way you emerge as a fighter. Sorry!

Now, sit back and think. You have already gone through so much. And now, are you just going to give up like this, without gaining anything out of it? Aren’t there ways of optimizing this current situation?

Well when you can’t change the situation – change yourself. And of course, sometimes, the worst terrains lead to best destinations. Therefore, when you have been dealing with a bad and tough boss now, there is no question about running away for momentary peace. Rather, use this opportunity to explore all possibilities within.

Yes it is very contradictory; especially, for people who are currently dealing with miserable bosses. However, just hold on to your patience for a while and learn how a difficult boss can be worked on to your advantage. This article throws light on benefits of having a difficult boss.

Know how a difficult boss is in fact good for you:

Below are few areas where your bad boss helps to bring out the best in you.

Perfection becomes your habit:

Well, you put in all your efforts to impress your boss and he is still ready to find loopholes; no matter how insignificant and invisible they are. Yes, this shatters your motivation and everything around seems futile.Perfection

However, can you not push yourself a bit and work to eliminate these foibles? As it is you are already working to yield best results; being a little more observant and alert may help you become a perfectionist. Perhaps your boss will still not find enough reasons to appreciate you. However, there will be many, who would crave to reach your levels of accuracy. And one fine day, your boss will silently acknowledge your efforts.

Challenges are no longer “CHALLENGES” for you:

Completing a month’s task in a day is a challenge for you? And you say No. Well, completing the same with a pitch perfect accuracy is definitely a challenge for you. And you still say No!Challenge

It is perhaps a magical spell cast on you by your bad boss. And it is good!

Well, someone who is constantly preparing for worst scenarios is no longer afraid of crisis situations. Rather, you are somehow ready to accept any obstacle; without a single crease on your forehead. Isn’t that wonderful?!
And in future, when you decide to switch jobs, this is something you can put on your resume. No not your boss’s story, but your capabilities of dealing with challenges. And it does not become cliché. When time comes, you will prove it before them, Isn’t it?

All zones become Comfort Zones:

None of us can master all traits. However, all of us are good at something or the other. And there are people who are simply unbeatable at particular areas of expertise. They do things so perfectly that others can just dream of reaching their levels of accuracy. And for them, it just becomes a child’s play.Comfort

This is known as comfort zone. We work only to yield best results and that too, we don’t require additional efforts for such impressive outcomes.

Now, when you are working with a boss who demands flawless performance at anything you do; you are left with no other choice, besides being perfect and flawless at everything. Yes, you will be required to handle many responsibilities that are not related to your profile. However, no learning experience is ever a waste of time. Don’t you think so?

Therefore take it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Thus, even though you struggle during your initial days, you learn the art of mastery. Very soon you become the best at anything you do. And trust me this is quite an achievement. Irrespective of whether it pleases your boss or not, you definitely earn a great advantage in future job prospects.

You definitely get noticed:

It is not only your boss who is running your organization. There are a lot of people around – your colleagues, other superiors and of course your boss’s boss.get noticed

You are perhaps new in this workplace and it is your first time that you have come across such a miserable person. And unfortunately this person is your boss. However, others who have spent longer working period here, are definitely aware about your boss’s behavior with subordinates. Many perhaps have fled this place fearing that person solely.

Now, when you stand strong and confident working with this very person; you are definitely noticed by others around. People start respecting you for your endeavor, work spirit and courage to carry on at worst scenarios.

And who knows, very soon your boss’s boss may find you more eligible for some other profile, where you will be reporting to someone else and thus get rid of your arrogant and discouraging boss. This time you don’t quit, but fight and win over your difficult boss.

An entry to the “real” world:

Truth, however bitter it is, needs to be unveiled at the earliest. Although many of us work to make this world a better and beautiful place to live, in reality it is not.entryYour bad boss is an epitome of this real bad world. And every bitter experience is a teaching lesson for you. No, everything is not bad and the world still has many things to rejoice. However, when you prepare for the worst and instead receive pleasant experiences later, your happiness quotient expands.

Your boss is not the last thing happening with you and life will definitely bring cross roads in future as well. However, if you can somehow overcome this situation and come out with flying colors, life will definitely be easier later; as you will have the required experience to turn out bad situations to good.

This was all about benefits of working with a bad boss. However, as a closing note, I would like to share a word of caution with you. Never let bitter experiences change your inner soul. Remember, these are experiences and will fade away someday. And if you can see and drive out the best things from worst situations, they become the greatest teachers of our lives. And no matter how bad your boss is to you, never tyrant your subordinates when you will be in your boss’s shoes.

How to Cancel a Resignation Letter?

Now, this is difficult – not impossible. No matter how benevolent and supportive your employer is, everyone gets a little offended on receiving resignation letters from employees. And if the employee has been a great performer; the situation is further painful. This is analogous to a situation when you get rejected for any desired job role. So, now you know how your employer feels on receiving resignation letters!Cancel a Resignation

However, you have already mailed your resignation letter; your employers are offended by now and suddenly you are having some second thoughts about your decision! This is miserable. How can you ask for the same job you have already rejected?

It is evident for your employers to infer that you found another job more promising and rewarding than your current profile. Therefore, expressing your newly developed interest on your previously rejected job is an awkward situation. You need to handle this situation tactfully. Perhaps, this situation is more complex than any other situation you come across in your professional life.

As it has been already mentioned that this situation is difficult not impossible to handle, we are moving ahead to describe techniques that can assist you to cope with this scenario.

Steps to retract your resignation letter:

To call off your resignation, you need to give a written application before anything else. And for this purpose, you are required to write a Retraction letter. So, let us first get a brief idea about retraction letters.

What is a retraction letter?

Retraction letters are written in professional format to pull back your resignation. They are used to express your interest and reasons to stay back in your current company handling the assigned responsibilities associated with your profile.retraction letter

Retraction letters serve two purposes. Apart from canceling resignations, these also serve to reject promotion offers, when professionals are not in a position to accept the same.

How to write a retraction letter?

Mentioned below are very simple steps of writing retraction letters that can prove beneficial and effective for the purpose.

Letter initiation:

This format for retraction letters is not very different from any business letter formats. The letter needs to be short and precise. Similar to any professional letter, this also has three different sections – salutation, body and closure. While writing the letter, it is advisable that you address the concerned person directly. Start your letter, with correct salutation and designation of concerned person.

Formatting the body of your letter is most essential. It is here that you express your intent and therefore it needs to be convincing. So moving ahead to prepare the next section.

Letter body:

The body of your letter needs to be short; preferably comprising of two small paragraphs. This section starts with a request to cancel your resignation . While doing so, make a quick reference to your previous mail that was drafted to express your resignation. Mention the date on which you had sent your resignation letter and the last working day mentioned. This section needs to be short; including only two sentences at the most.

The second paragraph needs to state reasons of canceling resignation. Your employers, while reading this section, needs to get convinced with your stated decisions; so much that they instantly decide on accepting your resignation retraction. As there are no legal laws that can force your employers to accept retraction, your letter needs to be very effective to serve the purpose.

Besides, if you had negotiated with your employers, that influenced your decision to retract, mention the same in your letter. If you have been offered a higher pay package or designation or any other reward that served as a satisfactory reason to stay back, mention those in detail. It will be nice if you achieved those things in written from your employers to make an attachment file with your retraction letter.

Remember the conclusion section also needs to be very impressive enough. Express your gratitude towards your employers who have read your letter. Tell them how happy you will feel if your retraction gets accepted and how you wish to continue with them. Make a small note to express your apology for the inconvenience caused and end your letter.

A letter alone may not serve the purpose:

Once you have emailed your resignation retract letter, you need to meet your employers in person. Now, this is not to pressurize them to take their decision, Rather, it is to avoid some consequences following your resignation, that you seriously want to employer

No employer wants to leave a position vacant for long duration. Therefore, once they receive resignations, they start hunting for new applicants. And now that you want to stay back, you seriously want your employers to know about your plans, before they land on some potential applicant.

Therefore, take permission to fix a short meeting with concerned professionals. Carry your resignation as well as retraction letter along with you, in case your employers are unaware about your recent retraction letter.

While in conversation, be confident to share the same specific reasons you had mentioned in your letter. Be humble while accepting the inconvenience caused by you. However, don’t present yourself as someone who has no other option left. This will be harmful for your job growth prospects in future. If negotiation with them led to your change of plan, things are a little more easier to handle.

Be thankful and get back to work:

Well, you have done the required and now you only need to wait for a response from their side, that may take some time. So, do not think of consequences and show the best of your efficiencies. You perhaps have a month or so before you resign, therefore do everything possible to showcase your intention to stay back.Back to work

It may happen that your letter or a short discussion with employers could not pave the way. However, if you stand strong on your job front, you will surely walk the desired path. This is something that can influence your employers to a great extent. So put in your best!

These were few techniques that can help you retract your resignation. Hope you have found this informative and useful for your search.