Why to Choose Work from Home

With communications getting easier and convenient with the advance in technology, one change that has evolved in the job industry is, the possibility of working from home. There are many organizations that prefer employees who can work from home. This also helps them in saving some cost on light bill, workstation, and traveling allowance that are provided to other employees who work in the office. However, not all industries can avail this benefit of allowing employees to work from home. There are some jobs that has to be done at the factory or office. Especially, people who work with heavy machineries, and manual and power tools. You cannot take those machines and equipment to your home and start working. Even the filed job is not possible from home.Work from Home

If you have been wondering whether to start working from home or not after seeing people who actually do, you will need to think about these before making the decision. First, you will need a computer or a laptop and internet service in your home. Second, you have to attend the office at least for a few hours in a week or whenever called by the employer. Third, you cannot switch off your mobile no matter how busy you may be with your domestic chore. Once you have these basic necessities in your home and are ready to abide by the employer’s terms and conditions, here are the other benefits that will prompt you to choose to work from home.

No morning rush

Office-goers have to reach their workplace in time. They have to wake up early and finish off their daily routine activities as quickly as possible. Some who are living alone also have to prepare their breakfast. There are times when getting ready for the office doesn’t leave any time for preparing and having breakfast and they have to rush to the office missing the most important meal of the day.Morning Rush

When you have chosen to work from home, you don’t have to make a rush. Though starting the work at the scheduled time is must, you can do so without even having a shower as nobody is going to see you in your home. As there is no need to get ready for the office, you are also saved from ironing your clothes. Plus, if you are good at multitasking, you can prepare and have breakfast when working on your laptop. Most importantly, you will be saving time in commuting as well as money you would be wasting on fuel or for public transportation.

More Productive

Sometimes, it is no easy in the office to achieve productivity. You are bound to attend meetings and are likely to be interrupted by your boss, colleagues, and the gossip that takes place at the water-cooler or in the toilet. And as office meetings go on too long, it will leave less time in your hands to finish off tasks. There is also a possibility that your colleague will interrupt you with a request for assisting in the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation, patching up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or in purchasing the latest mobile phone.More Productive

Things like these are common in the office that occur daily despite the attention of the supervisor. As you cannot deny your colleagues of their request, your productivity will get a back seat. At home, you will be working alone and without any disturbances or interruptions. As such, you will be more productive.


While too much of comfort is not a good thing and may also work as a spoiler in professional life, precaution is necessary for not getting carried away. But if you are the one who has a strong control on yourself, working from home will definitely be comfortable for you.Comfort

You can work with your laptop sitting on the couch, or on a rocking chair. You can even lie down on the bed on your stomach and work. Moreover, you can throw up your legs or take a short walk inside the room for a break as and when you feel. One of the best things about working from home is that you will be saving much discomfort to your back, which all office-goers have to face sitting for long hours.

Home Food

The morning rush leaves no time for many to take food to the office. They are forced to eat in the nearby restaurant and spend half of the amount they are earning daily. When working from home, you have complete control on your kitchen. Whenever you feel hungry, you can go into the kitchen and prepare your sandwich or a mid-day meal.Home Food

This will not only save your money, but you would also be eating healthier food and not the one served by the vending machine or the restaurant. Plus, there will no rush in finishing off the lunch and getting back to work. You can enjoy the food at your own comfortable speed.


Creativity is not something that comes instantly. There has to be an atmosphere that could fan inspiration and ideas in your minds and let your creative juice to flow. When you are at home and you have a nice and beautiful garden in front of your home, you can spend a few minutes in the garden and seek some inspiration.Creativity

This is very useful if you are in a wiring field. Moreover, there is always an option to play your favorite music if it inspires you, or meditate for five to ten minutes in calm and peace.


You ask any officer-goer whether she or he is exercising, the usual answer you will get is “I don’t get time.” Since many are spending a good number of hours in commuting to and from office, they are left with little energy to go to the gym.Exercise

As you are not required to go to the office, you have ample time to exercise either in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. Plus, you will have time to cool down and take a shower at your will.

Open office

As the home is your office, you are not limited to a crammed place. You can walk and work freely without bothering about disturbance to others. As there will no ringing of the phone, sound of the workstation, coffee machine, and people chatting, you can enjoy privacy and focus on the job. Furthermore, you are free to keep the coffee mug anywhere you wish and enjoy snacks while working.Open office

As the work scenario is changing, employees prefer to work from home if given a chance. However, as said earlier, this option or facility is limited to certain types of industries only. If the field you are in have facility to work from home, you shouldn’t ignore and grab it happily given the advantages you can derive by choosing to work from home.

How to Become a Star in Your New Office

So, you’ve joined the new office and are clueless as hell as to how to get along with everybody? It is quite a task to become popular in your workplace in a very short time. Moreover, it is also difficult to get used to a new environment and new colleagues in a jiffy. Unless you are an extrovert, you are in the new office due to your contacts, or you simply take to people as plants do to sunlight!become a star in the new office

Getting along with new people and fresh work concerns looks extremely daunting to a reserved person just like getting acclimatized to a new country is.

However, becoming a star employee isn’t too much of a task if you’re passionate and interested about your new work. Work becomes play when you do what you love. However, few of these thumb-rules could help you become a hit among your co-workers and colleagues. What’s more, you can surely get noticed by the top-end managers too:

Bond with people, but don’t flatter them!

Make your seniors know how badly you wished from your college times to work in this organization. But know your limits while doing so. Do not indulge in flattery and needless buttering.Bond with people

People can tell flattery from genuine praise. Go light on the sweet words. Be precise and to the point. This will save time of both the parties from getting wasted on undue sugar-coated words.

Invite colleagues for coffee:

This tip is the best way to get to know your colleagues better. Furthermore, enjoying coffee with your team members is also a nice way to break the ice between you guys.coffee

Inviting colleagues over weekend is also a great way to spend time with people whom you’d be working for the years or at least months to come. Getting to know the temperament and attitude of the people you work with is as useful.

Be the problem-solver and not the problem-creator:

Just as it is important to be in the right place at the right time, it is also important not to be the reason for problems in your workplace.Problem Solver

Try as far as possible to neither be the problem-creator nor the person responsible for the problem. Be the proactive person, ready to be the on-site trouble-shooter. Assuming responsibility for solving the problem rather than adding to it or being a passive onlooker is unwelcome and unsavory too.

Likewise, try to be the go-to-person in the office. This could be your shortcut to becoming popular among everyone in the office. Being in the shoes of a problem-solver could make you the keeper of everybody’s issues and problems in life. This could in all likelihood make you a one-stop solution for every relationship and life problem.

Improve your communication skills:

Work-life is a polar opposite of college-life. Grades and not communication mattered in the academics to be rated as a star student. In the work-life, communication and performing your duties well is what matters. Good interpersonal skills and being a master of all trades matter in work-life.communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills are helpful for the employee to know his colleagues and bosses in the new office in a proper manner. Being able to communicate with both the parties is what helps keep smooth communication and ultimately helps each employee to execute his duties well.

Ask your seniors or colleagues when in doubt:

Clear your doubts and the questions clouding you about any issue related to work. It is better to ask and clear the doubts rather than assume things. As it is rightly said, “It is better to ask and clear your doubts, rather than come across as dumb by keeping quiet.Ask your seniors

It’s completely okay to ask questions about the many things one doesn’t know related to the office owing to being new on the job. Again, not knowing every darn detail is absolutely normal being a freshman in the office.

Meet your deadlines on time:

It is absolutely essential to follow this tip to the tee for gaining status of a star employee in the office. Employees who follow deadlines and are people who take their work commitments very seriously are always priced by their bosses.Deadlines

Likewise, set targets and see that you adhere to them, come what may. Trying to make your boss’ life easier by following the deadlines, and submitting reports on time may help making the boss’s work easier. Just doing your work properly and precisely in a mistake-free fashion guarantees you get noticed by the bosses.

Organize activities in the office:

Organizing recreational activities in the office whenever the need arises is akin to a stress-buster. Doing so only helps in diverting one’s mind from the tiring work. Also, taking off a few minutes from work helps the person to return to work with a refreshed mind and body.Office activities

Making others participate in such activities could help bring out the hidden talents. And also help you show off your event planning skills.

Do not waste your time in unproductive activities:

There are perhaps countless times that you have decided to start working on something and it doesn’t really gain initiation because some other activity takes up your attention.Unproductive Activities

Similarly, do not while away your time in meaningless gossips about anybody or anything which isn’t related to your work. Instead, focus all of that attention on completing your work and gain the satisfaction of having completed your work efficiently.

Make use of pen and paper for recording details:

Even if you aren’t a pen and paper person, get into the habit of taking down details in meetings and training sessions. Committing everything to memory isn’t feasible as everyone doesn’t have an elephant’s memory. To top it, committing things to memory may only cause you to forget tiny details, which may or may not be really that important.Paper Pen

Recording details on a notepad allows you the liberty to refer it in the future, if necessary.

Maintain a positive disposition:

It is important to maintain a positive and happy persona howsoever difficult the work gets. After all, no one likes to work with a sad person, ready to crack up even under pressure.Positive

They say, “cry and the world will leave you, smile and the world smiles with you.” A sunny disposition helps you conquer the world and also keep the world in a joyous mood. Maintaining a positive and happy mood in the office is directly proportionate to the work the boss is able to squeeze out from his employees.

Be willing to put in efforts for the company:

Chipping in to help the company in times of its’ need is a very important trait an employee can inculcate. Doing the tasks irrespective of his own job description is a very valued characteristic any employee can have.

This quality helps the employee to heighten his credibility and worth to the company. He would be looked upon for being valuable to the company over a person who just does what is expected of him and packs off for the day. Putting in efforts more than what are required could also improve chances of promotion for the employee.

Starting a new job is just like exploring an exciting theme park. You get to learn new aspects as you progress further inside. Being able to shift the useful information from the useless ones is paramount while doing so. Becoming a star employee shouldn’t be the sole aim of any employee. Being able to function properly and to be of value to the company irrespective of your job description is important. It is not only important that you deliver what you are expected to but do a bit more of what is expected of you. Ultimately, you will get noticed if you perform well.

Why to Share Lunch With Coworkers?

Share lunch with coworkers and boost your productivity. Yes, this may sound bit of an exaggeration; however, this post can give you plenty of reasons that make this concept a perfect sense.

Skipping lunch and doubling work is a common scenario in today’s corporate environment. Grabbing a burger for lunch while you are still at your desk, rushing to complete the day’s work, seems to save a lot of your time.Lunch

However, going for lunch with coworkers can earn you some long term perks. And thus, you do need to have some time away from work and spend the same with colleagues. This ensures that the perks keep coming your way easily!

Eating Lunch and Growing Careers:

If only you knew that having lunch with colleagues can create such an impact on your career advancement, lunch would have been an important segment on your daily schedule.

It’s never too late. If you have not learned it before, you can do it here.

Lunch – As a relaxing agent:

A lunch with your coworker can make you feel a little relaxed; apart from the nutrition value that is already existing.

relaxing agent

After having worked for half the day, our brain seizes to come out with new innovative ideas. Therefore, a short break from the task in hand is vital to get back with greater zeal and focus. Talking to coworkers about things other than work, tends to refresh your mind upto a great extent.

However, care needs to be taken that lunch breaks don’t turn out to be gossip sessions. Only when you have healthy discussions with your coworkers, these lunch breaks will have a positive impact on you.

Lunch Hours and Connectivity:

Now, you are perhaps aware that professional network is essential to grow career. Lunch hours are a suitable time to build these connections.Lunch Connectivity

Especially, when you are new in the workplace, making optimum use of these lunch breaks to get acquainted with the place and its people is something that you need to do. And it would not be wrong to say that this is something that is expected of you as a new joiner.

Lunch to mend relations:

Professional success comes to those who can have pleasant relations with coworkers and bosses; apart from relevant skills.Lunch relations

All successful people make optimum use of their lunch breaks. And here it does not suggest that they keep working the whole day. Rather, they use lunch breaks to mend sore relations with colleagues. Discussing complex professional issues in a more casual tone can be best accomplished over a lunch.

So, if you are having a tiff with your coworker and don’t know what to do; use some consecutive lunch breaks to resolve issues.

Building trust on lunch conversations:

Trust, faith and reliability are vital for a healthy professional life. To be assigned with significant job responsibilities or to get promoted to higher levels, winning the trust of your coworkers and bosses is vital. And this again is not built in a day.

Lunch break conversations highlight your personality, your choices and principles. This can help you to have one or two strong connections within your workplace. Sharing ideas or areas of interests with right people can open new doors.

So, never skip lunch opportunities with coworkers if you want something more challenging on the job front.

Sharing lunch can make you happier:

Ultimately, the place where you spend most of your waking hours needs to be pleasant to be in. Some friends, a few jokes to share, some discussions regarding bosses are essential to keep liking the place where we work.Sharing lunch

Lunch hours are the best time to nurture such happy moments within office. Establishing some kind of friendship with coworkers can make you feel a little happier and wanted in your office. It can give you a simple but substantially important reason to continue with the work even when things tend to get a little monotonous.

Now, every one of us is completely aware of how professional relationships are important to grow careers. However, our work load pressure, targets and deadlines somehow compel us to overlook these peripheral yet essential aspects.

It needs to be understood that success has many different factors and harmonious relations and good will amongst the people you work with is an essential requisite for accelerating careers.

Long term results are always better than short term achievements. Ignoring lunch hours or other scopes of mingling with your colleagues can save you some time to reach somewhere near to your daily work targets. However, in the long run you end up in a situation where you have no professional acquaintances who can guide you through future career paths.

Above mentioned are few advantages of sharing lunch with coworkers. There can be plenty of other benefits as well. And once you start practicing it, you can explore the wonders it can create.

Choose a Career According to Your Personality

All of us start working at an age when we already have our own individuality. An outlook towards life, an opinion about things and an attitude towards the external environment. A few important things that determine our personality. Adapting to things or situations is important. However, the question is, to what extent can you attempt to fit in a place that has no resemblance to your inner self and conviction?Career According to Personality

Letting go off your credence to earn a penny more, is that worth it? Yes, perhaps it can buy you a better lifestyle. Perhaps, the luxury becomes affordable then. However a job that you don’t consider to be a great work – can that make you happy? Perhaps No. Well, counting the perks you earn can simply help you to be pretentious about feeling good and happy about the job. However, deep down, when you are alone, in a moment of confession, there’s something that tells you that “no this is not where I belong.”

Although, you may not realize, but pursuing a job that doesn’t make you feel good and satisfied cannot be carried out with the utmost efficiency. You may force yourself to reach targets at the cost of your personal life, health, true potential and perhaps your work quality as well. And this may make you a performer but not a consistent long term player. On the other hand, a job that you love will never take a toll on other aspects of your life, and even if it does it will never be felt.

So, how can you choose a career that suits your personality? Below mentioned are some vital issues, knowing which can help you land satisfactory professional life. The first among these is:

Know yourself to love your job:

An elementary mistake that all professionals make is to take career decisions on the basis of someone else’s success rates. Two people possessing similar skills do not make them suitable for exactly same job roles.love your job

Today, having a knack in maths does not make you a mathematician alone. You have plenty of job scopes related to the subject and yet every role is different from the other. Being a writer does not mean that you become an author writing bestsellers after every two years. Your passion in writing can make you a copywriter, social media writer, marketing copywriter, creative writer and so on and so forth. So, what’s that one thing that appeals to you the most is what you need to know.

Once you find that, getting into a profession that you will enjoy as well as earn is not very incredible.

A bad workplace does not demean your job:

Now, this is tricky. Annoying coworkers, a long and difficult commute to the workplace, an insatiable boss and incapable team mates adds to your professional agony. However, do they make your job role less significant in anyway? Conversely, can an exceptionally friendly office environment and supportive boss earn you job satisfaction? Think about it.bad workplace

Professionals need to realize that workplace and career goals are in a way related to each other; however, they do not have a proportional relationship.

You may land yourself in a place where the environment is hostile, and yet it offers you a scope or an opportunity to learn and grow. What should be the course of your action? Well, the choice is yours. There are ways of dealing with a bad boss or a difficult workplace. Escaping from the place for situations that can be handled well is not a wise decision. On the other hand, if you can pull yourself for a few more days and explore all those things that the place has to offer – you not only come out as a fighter but also a winner.

Nevertheless, if you are someone who can thrive well in a supportive and friendly environment only; forcing yourself to continue in a difficult workplace in the pursuit of learning something new is pointless. You will never learn anything out of it and rather may end up in a state where you neither have mental satisfaction nor professional fulfillment.

Can you really love a job that pays you less?

Well, it has been repeatedly mentioned that financial satisfaction may not drive self fulfillment. However, salary packages are not something that can be ignored altogether. After all, the primary reason that we attend colleges, opt for further studies and go through interview sessions is to earn a handsome salary.love a job that pays you less

Therefore, if the salary you are earning discourages you and makes the job futile, you definitely need to switch to another job that meets your salary expectations. However, if a low salary job is offering you some learning experiences then you can skip a few pennies to learn something that can earn you dollars tomorrow.

This is again something that depends on your choice and attitude. A money oriented person will find job satisfaction when the work can earn him expected salaries. On the other hand, a person who sees the job role and responsibilities above money; will never be in a position to feel good about profiles that don’t meet their choice despite of heavy packages it may offer.

Finally, not everyone can land dream jobs. Certain willingly made adjustments are necessary to be content with the profession you follow. However, the question is for how long and to what extent you can adjust with unexpected or undesired circumstances?

Well a job of choice does not mean that you do not have to make adjustments. It only suggests that the adaptations can be easier and subtle. Therefore, knowing your inner self, your capabilities of dealing with the external environment, your definition of financial stability are important to determine a job that will suit you and keep you happy.

This was all about choosing jobs that suit your personality. Hope the above discussion was found useful by you in some form or other. Wish you all the very best in your search for a perfect job.

The Reasons: Why Your Coworkers Secretly Hate You

All of us spend a maximum span of our waking hours in respective workplaces; amongst colleagues. To be very precise, we spend around forty to forty five hours every week with our coworkers and bosses.

The feeling of acceptance is therefore imperative for a peaceful and harmonious workplace and the life outside it. Now, if you can see and sense hatred or grudges your coworkers are having against you, your professional life becomes miserable and your performance level degrades.Coworkers Secretly Hate

Even though we cannot be admired and loved by everyone around; being hated is definitely not an alternative. In an exceedingly competitive workplace environment, no one will outrightly shower praises upon you; however, if you can be cordial and carry the right approach towards people; you will definitely not be hated; if not loved by all.

Professionals who are hated by their coworkers always give ample reasons to attract such ill feeling from others. And paying a little attention to their behavior towards you, you can easily make out if you are disliked and hated by your coworkers.

So, let’s find out what makes your coworker hate you and how you can know this unpleasant secret.

Why are your coworkers secretly hating you?

Noted below are some reasons that can earn you extreme dislike from your coworkers. Read them and check if you are displaying any of these behavioral attributes:

You never follow elemental official norms:

Disobeying or ignoring rules that are meant for all is not only your boss’s concern. The more you continue with a don’t care attitude, the more you get hated by others around.don't care attitude

When they are striving hard to follow and abide by all rules and regulations, you going through an easy time is evidently envious for them. And here, they are not to be blamed.

You are a great talker and that’s all you do:

Well, if you are having a misconception that your coworkers are simply loving you for the home made muffins you bring in for them quite frequently, or for the ability to converse very well with others; just hold on for a moment.great talker

Ask yourself if this is the only thing you do. Being a great charmer can only help if you can carry on similarly with the work assigned to you. However, if you are never seen working, you are somehow disliked by other employees; even when they are relishing every bit of the cookie you have for them!

You are an annoying workaholic:

Having fun all day is not something you are supposed to do on your professional front. Having said so, occasional chit chat, enjoying fun activities with coworkers, spending lunch and coffee breaks together are equally essential. Professionals who are skipping these regularly and are seen glued to their desks, are not really liked by others around.workaholic

Being disconnected with the rest of your workplace and focusing only on your work, may be considered as an effort to prove your work to be superior and most significant. So beware and think twice before you decide to skip yet another office gathering.

You present yourself as a braggart:

The only thing that I can say to all braggarts is that, the sun shining bright, does not require external illumination to make it’s presence visible to all. When the sun is present in the sky, everyone can see and feel it.good at your job

Similarly, if you are really good at your job. Perhaps, you are best in the lot and have a solution to all problems that arise. Don’t demean your expertise by continuously bragging about it. Everyone can definitely notice your caliber. However, if you are continuously bragging about your success stories; you are lighting a candle to the Sun. What a lame attempt, isn’t it?

You lack etiquettes:

Now, this involves a number of things. Be it bad email formats, to loud chewing habits; it can be anything that presents you as an unprofessional and ill mannered individual. One of my former posts on professional etiquettes can help you to identify different wrong professional etiquettes that you might showcase before coworkers.

How do you know your coworkers are hating you?

Below mentioned are few very easy to notice symptoms that your coworkers are definitely hating you.

You never receive good morning wishes or smiles:

Well, every workplace culture has professionals wishing each other every morning and at the end of working day. It showcases one’s cordial relationship with other employees. However, if you have a number of colleagues who do not wish or exchange occasional smiles; you may consider that the milk has gone sour.

You are never invited for social gatherings/informal meetings:

Many a times, colleagues and team members either arrange for meetings over coffee or lunch, Sometimes, they go out for a movie together or a brunch on weekends. However, if you never receive such invitations, probably they want you to find out the bitter truth.

You are always given monosyllable or one liner answers:

You always receive too short replies for your “how are you?” and “how was the day?” questions from colleagues sitting in the neighboring cubicle. This is a deliberate attempt by your coworker to send you a message.one liner answers

So, get it right and work to improve. Sometimes, you find the next cubicle colleague strictly communicating through emails only. This is because he/she is certainly disappointed with you and has perhaps started hating you.

Well, in a professional environment, you will never find people telling you right on your face that they hate you. Diplomacy is a necessary evil for maintaining a professional demeanor. However, observing subtle changes in behavior are just sufficient to know that you have perhaps gone wrong somewhere and thus you have people disliking you.

So, now that you know the reasons and the signs showing that your coworkers hate you secretly; working to improve strained relationships will definitely not be an impossible task to accomplish.

How to Earn Respect at Office

What is it to be respected at workplace? Well, since there are no stereotyped definitions for this, all of us have different opinions. Below are certain assumptions about respect at work. These are opinions taken from people who have had an illustrious career in specific industries.



Now, can you relate yourself to any of these cases?

Case 1: Is “terrorizing” your tool to earn respect?

Mr. Jerry Wilson, Senior team lead, served at a top Software Development Organization for 16 long years. He had seen this organization grow from a small scale business to one of the leading software companies in state. For all these years, he had managed numerous teams and it was his farewell meet, when he had to learn a harsh truth about his professional tenure.terrorizing

One of his coworkers while delivering a farewell speech shared at a light note, that they felt so terrified in his presence, that they would skip meals or any job of utmost priority, only to complete tasks assigned by him.

This came as a real shocker for Jerry as he always believed that people respected and liked to work with him and hence, showed highest performance or efficiency levels!

Now, its not Jerry alone who has this misconception. There are many who are of the opinion that terrorizing subordinates is the best way to earn respect and get the work done. However, this is wrong and being in Jerry’s position is the worst thing that can happen to any professional.

Case 2: If you are invisible you’re far from respect:

Lets take another instance, Miss Lucy James, is working as a Nurse in the OPD department of her hospital for the past five years.invisible

She likes her workplace as her coworkers are good with her. They laugh at her jokes, wish each other every morning, bid goodbyes at the end of the day. In addition, she is never chided by her superiors, or for that matter, never asked to make any improvement on the job front or make any contribution in decision making, despite her five years of experience.

Now, this is tricky and most of us do not realize this fact. So ask yourself if you too are working in a similar work environment? If yes, you need to know that you no longer exist in that workplace; let alone earning respect.

You are respected on the job front only when your work is counted. You are noticed by your superiors, asked for suggestions or ways of improvement. Your ideas are at least given a thought if not implemented. If all of these are missing, you need to know that perhaps your presence or absence is making no difference. And when others around sense this before you, they somehow start disrespecting you.

Case 3: Do you count high salaries to be a sign of respect?

Mentoring new joiners for around 8 years now, Miss Annie is extremely confident and content with her professional life. She believed that she was highly regarded at her workplace as she made huge contributions in developing careers of her trainees and thereby providing the company with efficient workforce.high salaries

In addition, she was probably one of the highest payed employee in her organization and that confirmed her assumptions.

However, when one of her former trainees deliberately skipped her name from the long thanksgiving note which he delivered, after he won the Best Performer award for the third consecutive time, she was seriously taken aback.

Well, if you are not being appreciated or winning praises from your coworkers, subordinates and superiors; you need to know that they do not respect you for the work you do and the contributions you make. There can be numerous reasons for this behavior from their side and you need to figure it out yourself.

Whatsoever may be the case, you need to know how to earn that respect at your workplace. However, before you learn this, you need to eliminate these above mentioned tools or opinions about respect at work.

How to earn respect at workplace?

Do not be demanding, but be deserving:

Well, it is lame when people force others to respect them. Everyone knows that respect is earned and not demanded. Again, every professional; no matter what role or designation he/she handles, is definitely entitled to be treated well and respected by everyone around.deserving respect

However, it is only when professionals become too demanding that they even loose the minimum respect they deserve. Now, if you wish to go beyond the minimum, you will again have to work for it.

Be perfect on the professional front and see how you slowly rise up to a different level where people look up to you as an inspiration and example.

However, let it be natural; for if you force people to notice and appreciate your work, you demean yourself and the work done.

Share your success with others around:

Its natural that if you want your subordinates and team members to owe their success to your efforts; you need to do the same.success share

This is a core requisite for professionals working in a team. No matter how great your contribution or how insignificant their efforts are; when you are working in a team, you need to share the success with everyone involved. And again, if you are a leader, you ought to give out the lion’s share to your team; only then you can earn their respect.

You need to prove your worth all the time:

Well, if you get stagnant with your current profile and make no efforts for advancement, you cannot have employers trust you for more responsible and significant roles.prove your worth

Therefore, continuous efforts to enhance your knowledge and skills so that you are noticed by everyone, is essential to earn respect from others. Success and talent is always respected. Therefore, when you can continuously prove your worth and appear as a treasure for your organization, you will definitely be respected.

Know how to Respect yourself:

Well, this is probably the most important of all. Someone who is not respectful of oneself, can never earn the same from others.

Being confident about your abilities, to be content and not proud of your accomplishments and keeping your own words, are signs that you respect yourself as an individual. Again, when you can empathize others around and be a patient listener to them when required, you project yourself as a good human being. Thus, respect comes naturally to you.

This was all about what is respect at workplace and how to earn it. Hope you have found this relevant to your search.

How to Overcome The 3 PM Slump?

Oh, its around 12:30 pm and you are going great. You are happy to realize that you are done with half of your assignments and you still have ample time; precisely, five and a half hours to complete the remaining.3 PM Slump

And out of nowhere, you suddenly feel, that your eyes are turning heavy! You are yawning quite often, your fingers are freezing on the keyboard and the monitor is staring at you. Your brain seizes to come with quick and unique ideas and you’re having repeated flashes of your cozy bed!

You silently ask yourself; “is it that part of the day?”

You look back to the monitor screen and yes the system screen displays 2:30 PM as the accurate time. No wonder you are sleepy. Well, you have already spent a couple of hours doing nothing besides dozing. The task that was so easy to complete will definitely get piled on for tomorrow.

Hey relax! You are not the only one. There are many who are suffering from this 3 pm slump. It can be termed as a growing epidemic in corporate houses. Its like come what may, we are ready to fall asleep!

Again, there exists a small population that remains energetic throughout the day. Strange and incredible! Are they having an interesting profile to handle? Is your work very monotonous and boring? Wait! You just loved this profile in the morning! Definitely there has to be something more to this mystery.

Now, how can you fight this 3PM slump? Its pretty simple. Go ahead and speak to people who are not suffering from this “syndrome.” Not a Good idea? Well, then you can read this handout that shares some effective tips of fighting back this 3PM slump.

How to overcome the 3PM slump?

Well, its not that you are destined to meet such unfortunate fate. Perhaps you’re going wrong somewhere and once these things fall in place, you too will remain vigorous and committed to your work. Below are certain suggestions you can try implementing to curb out this 3PM slump.

Personal refrigerator:

Vibrant morning turned lazy?! Don’t rush to the cafeteria. Secretly open your personal refrigerator and get some energizing “tonic.”

However, do you know what should your personal refrigerator carry? No, its not your favorite dish or chocolates alone.oranges

Oranges are said to be rich in Vitamin C and a great source of energy. So, when your body is fatigued and thus makes you feel sleepy, a gush of energy can revitalize you and thus fight sleep.

Second, nuts can work as a wake up call definitely. Let aside all nutrition and medical theories; continuous chewing movement will definitely help to remain awake for the rest of the day. Now, some might say having fries can also bring out the same result. However, the nutrition value is missing my friend!

Water Therapy:

Oh goodness! If you only knew that fighting sleep was that easy, you would have tried it long back. Isn’t it?

Water has many health benefits and some “corporate” benefits as well!Water Therapy

This sluggishness that most of us experience is largely related to dehydration. Well, all of us are working for quite some time now and perhaps we are not providing our body with exact fuel required.

And just after lunch, a couple of water sips are not at all sufficient. Thus, we all feel tired and sleepy, as our body is exhausted and needs some energizing factors. From now onwards, whenever you get this slump attack, get a glass of water and take frequent and continuous sips. This will keep you hydrated and full of energy.

Sleep then stays far away from your territory.

If not water, it’s Coffee:

Well, caffeine is not always bad. Rather, a cup of coffee at an appropriate time with an exact amount of caffeine has many benefits.CoffeeOne among the many different advantages about coffee at workplace is that, it is an excellent sleep repellent. An extremely lazy afternoon at workplace can be made surprisingly active with just a simple cup of coffee. So, sometimes when water doesn’t seem to work well, a cup of coffee will definitely work wonders.

Tune in some music:music

Banish sleep with some wake up songs. Music similar to coffee has many advantages and contributes at improving workplace performance upto a great extent. However, deciding whether music is good or bad at work is a difficult task as it depends on professionals and the type of work they do. However, it is certainly best to repel sleep while at work. So, listen to some tracks and see how you feel enthusiastic and focused.

Take a break:

Well, if all these above strategies fail to help you conquer over these afternoon slump attacks, the only resolve is to take a break. Yes, you are running short of time; moreover you’re sleepy and don’t want to walk around the campus now, you need to do it my friend if you wish to get over this thing.Take a break

Walk out of your workstation, go out and get some fresh air. Don’t sit, but keep walking until you feel a little more vibrant and lively. Next time when you return back to work, you will definitely have some quick flow of ideas and your fingers will run through the keyboard. Thus, you overcome this 3PM slum.

These were five important tips of how you can overcome this 3pm slum. Try these and see if it helps you as much as it helped me. Hopefully you will no longer lag behind in achieving targets; just because you felt sleepy.

Music at work : Is It Good or Bad?

Being a music lover myself, I definitely have no reasons of cornering music as a distraction at work. Rather, when I am at work, it acts as a therapy. But don’t worry, this post is not biased and states facts!

Now, you must be thinking what made me get into such research and write this post, when I don’t consider music to be a reason for declining workplace productivity. Well, there is again a personal interest behind this and I am delighted to share it with you.music at work

I have this friend of mine who has exactly the same taste of food as I have. We share our choices of novels, movies cafeterias and even the taste of coffee – its coffee with lots of sugar and milk!

Well, there is just one thing at which we differ. And you earn no scores in having made that right guess! Yes, it is music; precisely, music and work combo.

While music works as a therapy for me; it is a source of distraction, hindrance or interference for him. No, its not that he is not interested in music or hates it in any manner. Instead, he has a soft corner for Acid Jazz. However still, it is only during work when he hates it.

This made me think; how do two individuals, who have very similar likes and dislikes can stand poles apart in this context?!

Thus I got into thorough research and here I have few interesting results. You are going to love this, I bet!

However, in a nutshell, I will mention that the type of work, your levels of concentration, the type of music you are listening to, play important roles in making you productive or unproductive at work.

Music can help you concentrate better at a noisy workplace:

Well, for the type of work I do, very often I need to disconnect from the existing situation and go far beyond the present; just to think and visualize different situations. The slightest of distraction – may be a cell phone kept on a vibration mode can be annoying.noisy workplace

Therefore, plugging my ears to listen few selected tracks, grossly helps me to concentrate better. Thus, I become more productive at work.

However, I have noticed that when I change the play list to the one other than my usual folder – I get distracted. Strange? Not really..

Lyrics play a silent role:

Well, before I got into this research, I was really surprised to realize that there are only two music folders in my entire collection that help me concentrate better.Lyrics

Is there a magical spell behind?!

No, not at all. There is a lot of scientific stuff to explain this.

The easiest answer is, when you already know what the singer is trying to say and when the beats come to play, you have nothing left to explore and concentrate. So, you better concentrate on your monitor screen to complete the task in hand. Simultaneously, you escape the noisy environment. Just as in my case.

However, a more scientific approach takes an example of a new born baby. You perhaps have noticed mothers and grand mothers singing lullaby to their young ones. These lullabies are repetitive and have no variations. The baby gets used to these humming sounds and his/ her mind knows that it is time to sleep. The same works with us; with a difference that we don’t fall asleep when we don’t wish to!

Listening to the same track while working, tells your subconscious mind that it is time to work. It is like you are “hallucinated” and get captivated in an environment where you hear and see no one besides yourself. The familiar sound reminds your subconscious mind that it is time to work.

However, if you change this sound, it is evident that you get distracted. You try concentrating on the lyrics and the new sound has no control over your mind.

Therefore, if you want to have new concentration boosters, listen to those tracks several times before using them during work. Slowly, it will learn to have control over your mind. Otherwise, it can make you highly unproductive on the job front.

Music and the type of work you do:

Music is best for professionals having repetitive tasks to manage. Or, for people who need huge levels of concentration at work. Lets take some illustrations.Music-at-work

A painter needs isolation. He needs some space to bring his thought process on board. That is, he needs high levels of concentration to work. The same holds true for coders or designers. They need isolation to have creative ideas flowing seamlessly.

You perhaps have noticed those IT professionals who have their ears plugged for the entire day and can still write those codes. Thus, listening to music is definitely a productivity optimizer for them.

On the other hand, HR administrators or any marketing professional may not be happy if their ears are plugged with earphones. These professions deal with the mass and getting detached with people around has no meaning from their perspective.

HR professionals need to meet different people at a time, go through several different mails and are required to resolve a variety of issues each day. Thus, music becomes a hindrance for such professions. Now, I know why my friend is not a music lover when at work!

Music and Dopamine:

Well do you know what is a dopamine?

Dopamine is a “pleasure chemical” released in the human body at moments of pleasure. When you suddenly receive a surprise gift or taste your favorite ice cream, you feel happy and have a desire of having more. Well its dopamine behind this greed of wanting to have more, more and more…Music and Dopamine

Research says that listening to your favorite music makes you feel happy and releases dopamine. Thus, you have a strong desire of listening to the same track again and again. It makes you to like the present situation and therefore you want to continue being in that situation for long hours.

So if you are working and your are happy; you are definitely more productive. Nevertheless, people who don’t listen to music at work can also be happy at work and have their own moments of pleasures with pleasure chemical flowing.

Thus, this was all about music at work. Hope you have enjoyed this section.

How to Spread Holiday Spirit at Office

When everyone around is busy making holiday plans for Christmas, employers and managers are having a difficult time motivating their employees to remain focused at the job front. Managers may warn employees about tough consequences for being inefficient at the job front. However, that does not help; as employees feel free to quit jobs after receiving their yearly bonus – leaving vacant positions! In addition, you may not have a crowd of applicants during these festive seasons, who can refill these positions immediately.Holiday Spirit at Office

A sufficiently difficult situation..You cannot let seasonal changes hamper your business. What next?

There is one very easy and effective solution, that works well in such scenarios. When you cannot allow your workers to take a week off, to have fun with their friends and family;help them enjoy the holiday span in the office instead. Thereby, you make them happy and have some work done in return.

So spread the holiday spirit at office. This is how you can go about it:

Exchanging gifts:

Well, after paying handsome Christmas bonus to all your employees, I certainly don’t suggest you to send gift items to employees, just to keep them motivated.Exchanging gifts

However, you can atleast have your HR managers to host such events for your employees, where they can exchange gifts with each other. As gifts are an important part of Christmas plans, this will help them to keep up with the holiday mood.

This practice also has an added advantage. Huge corporate houses, having millions of employees, fail to knit a close professional bonding between all their workers. People mostly remain connected to others working in the same or related departments and remain complete strangers to others working in different profiles.

When employees exchange gifts amongst all employees within the organization, they get a chance of initiating conversations with people they have not been very familiar with.

Gift your office with a new look:Gift your office

That does not necessarily mean renovation. Well all of us decorate our apartments during Christmas and New year. Having perfumed candles, X mas trees, ribbons and balloons to beautify our homes is a part of our holiday activities. Therefore, you can get your employees to start decorating their work stations a week before the big day. However, make sure that they don’t spend half the time decorating.

Have some fun filled activities:

Since everyone is in a merry making mood, the work environment needs to be slightly less stressful and relaxing. Therefore, in between regular tasks, assignments and targets, you can spare some time to enjoy some fun filled activities with your employees.fun

In addition, these activities can work as a platform for workers to display their hidden talents. And who knows, you can also benefit out of these talents someday.

Themed food:christmas food

Your office canteen has some regular food items and beverages available for employees. However, since holidays are all about chocolates, cakes and muffins, make some changes in your office canteen menu. Take suggestions from your employees to add some new dishes and beverages in the menu. Work to make the most delicious sweet dishes easily available for your employees. You can even extend the break timings by a couple of minutes or so, to allow them to relish all new and exciting delicacies available.

Play some music:Office-Christmas-music

Music is always relaxing and since it is important to have all your employees relaxed during this period; as this is how they can be kept motivated, you can play some soft holiday music within office premises. You can also divide employees in small groups who can take charge of selecting tracks and playing them throughout the day.

Work out a perfect deal:

What about a deal that talks business? A deal that is beneficial for both ends. Think about making some changes in the work policy. Perhaps, paying slight incentives for working during holidays or perks; such as, paid leaves can help you get the work done. Yes it involves little investment from your side. However, if few dollars can get work done worth millions – you ought to work out the deal.

Have a small Christmas Party:christmas-office-party

After all said and done, nothing can replace a Christmas party and therefore, don’t skip this from your list. Arrange a party with the DJ and a giant Christmas cake with a free flow of wine. Take this opportunity to thank your employees who diligently work for you. Choose this day to announce best performers and other annual rewards for your employees.

Spread this cheer beyond office:

Happiness begets happiness. Therefore, it is a wonderful idea to do some good that expands your happiness and can make this Christmas much more meaningful. You can plan some donation for help homes or anything similar that can help the society at large. When you see people happy and content for something very small you have done for them, your happiness grows and multiplies like never before. Just Try it!beyond office

Well, when you are not in a position to change the situation, its better that you change your approach towards the scenario. Yes, it is difficult for your employees to focus and retain their levels of performance, when everyone around them is busy making merry and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Thus, when strict work policies and corporate environment does not serve the purpose, just get a little flexible and see how things just fall into place. The above mentioned ideas are some ways you can spread festive cheer in office and have nearly all your employees, attending office during this festive season. Moreover, when you are spending some cheer moments with your workers, you are in a position of generating an office family environment!

How to Handle Stress at Work?

What according to you is the greatest workplace irony? And by workplace it means all organizations on earth, irrespective of their turnovers?

Perhaps, most of the working professionals will agree if I say that this irony is nothing other than stress at work. I will explain how.workplace stress

Employees want their workers to work harder each day. Employees as well strive to get better and accomplish assigned tasks. However, why do we endure so much? Of course to earn for both professional and personal well being.

We work hard to earn more and in the process get stressed out to work less and thereby earn lesser. Isn’t that an irony? Indeed it is.

Reports show that every 8 out of 10 American professionals are suffering from workplace stress. The reasons however do vary. Now, when we say that almost 80 percent employees are suffering from workplace stress, it indicates that the American economy is loosing these 80 percent potential resources that can make drastic and powerful changes. Isn’t it so devastating? I am sure you are stressed again after reading this, aren’t you?

Therefore, to conquer any stressful situation, we need to identify its root causes and work to overcome the same. Workplace stress can be handled only when we realize the reasons that are leading to such situations.

Causes of stress at work:

Mentioned below are some of the probable reasons that cause workplace stress. This data has been compiled after analyzing various reports on the subject.Stress Causes

Expectations that cannot be met:

Let alone incentives, a simple word of appreciation can drive out the last bit of energy from within you. And at the end, you are left with two empty hands. However, you are not someone who quits easily and therefore try even more to reach those heights of success. And this somehow builds up frustration, disappointments and regrets that lead to stress.

Working with a workplace bully:

It is very unfortunate that out of various causes behind workplace stress; workplace bullying occupies a significant portion. Many professionals quit careers as they find no means to tackle such superiors at work.

These bullies find out ways of disrespecting their subordinates and burdening them with extra work. Professionals do not find ways to handle such workplace bully and get so stressed out that they decide to quit their lucrative careers. SAD!

Slow or negligible career growth:

Who does not look for rapid career growth? We are all in a rush to rise high up on the corporate ladder. And in a situation where you are required to spend years handling the same profile – having no monetary benefits or advanced learning experience, you find your entire career to be meaningless. This causes stress and a feeling of failure.

Well, in addition to these, there can be various other reasons as well. Whatsoever may be the situation, tackling such conditions is much simpler than what it is presumed to be.

How to handle stress at work?

Here are some tips that can help you reduce or nullify reasons that cause stress at workplace.stress handling

Celebrate your small success:

Why to get bogged down if you could not make it this time. If your boss is still happy with your colleagues and finds your contribution less significant – let it be. Pat your own back on small achievements you made. This will keep you motivated and perhaps sooner or later you will win those much awaited praises as well.

Well, if you fail to do this, then you are marching on a track opposite to the success you desire to achieve. You get demoralized and loose interest in your work. When you do not enjoy your work, it feels as a burden on your shoulder and it is now that you get stressed out.

A good and balanced life style:

Stress at work causes various physical and mental discomforts. Conversely, poor eating habits that pose health hazards may also lead to serious disorders.

Untimely eating habits, lack of sleep and exercise or unhealthy habits of addiction, cause our body and mind to get fatigued very easily. You lack concentration at work that leads to committing undesirable mistakes. You also lack your normal pace at performing job tasks, thus leading to pile of work. And one fine day you end up with too much stress at work.

Therefore, maintaining good life style with proper diet, sleep and exercise is mandatory to achieve a stress free work life.

Strong and approachable management:

Now, some things are out of our control and therefore we need to seek help from others. This solution specially talks about solving the prime factor of workplace stress, that is workplace bullying as mentioned above.

It is the duty of all employers to maintain a group of professionals who work to solve corporate relationship problems faced by employees. This includes sorting out tiff between coworkers or issues faced by employees who are ill treated by superiors.

The most important aspect of this is that workers need to feel confident at sorting out issues that are disturbing their work life balance. Further, these professionals also need to be efficient at bringing out quick solutions to all existing problems.

And at the end of the day, corporate relationship problems are unique and you need unique ways of eliminating such issues. However, to assist you with workplace harassment, here are some tips that can help to fight workplace bullying upto a great extent.

Plan and Schedule:

One solution to all worries. If you know how to plan your work and stick to the schedule. you definitely have no worries to feel stressed.Plan and Schedule

Just when you get your assignment, check your deadline. Before you get down with your work, write your action plan. Just open a folder on your computer where you divide your given work into small achievable day to day targets. And here do not compromise with breaks and relaxing scopes. Try to set strategies that can help you to achieve your target within deadlines.

However do not panic or rush, if you missed your small target the first day, this leads to greater mess and delay. Remember, you have tomorrow and tomorrow never dies.

However, it is important that you know your own skills and set personal targets accordingly. If you set too high standards, you may stumble upon and fall down.

Stress at workplace is a common scenario in modern day job culture. We cannot escape or eliminate it completely; however, you can work to reduce it significantly. These were few techniques that can effectively reduce stress at work. In addition to these you can also deduce your own techniques that can aim to sort out such problems.