Jobs Without a Degree, Yes It’s Possible

Being a little ambivalent on your graduation day is natural. On one side, you feel accomplished on earning a college degree and on the other side you are worried about escalating unemployment rates. Can I land a lucrative job? Is my college degree sufficient to earn me desired jobs? Or will I have to spend a few more dollars on some additional certification courses, internships etc.? Something that haunts the mind of every fresh grad.Jobs Without Degree

Well, things remain as good as ever for the ones who can land jobs as soon as they complete graduation. However this ratio is almost negligible as compared to those who struggle for longer periods to land first jobs; let aside desired profiles.

Another very discouraging scenario you are more likely to come across is that, you witness many professionals who start earning early in life; even when they do not have that college degree, on which you had spent four vital years of your life. How do they manage? Well, perhaps a one year diploma course or certification has helped them to land the profile you are still struggling to reach!

In today’s market trends, practical experiences on the job front are mandatory to land aspired profiles. Irrespective of the degree you possess, getting onto some platforms that can provide you with such practical exposure is mandatory. Therefore, a wiser decision from my side would be to start looking for these opportunities early. And if you let go of your idea of graduating to pursue something that brings quicker rewards – it is definitely worth it.

Can you land jobs without a college degree?

And the answer is Yes. A high school diploma and certification can land you jobs that are equally good when compared to the ones that you receive after college degree.

Below is a list of jobs that do not require a degree:

Electrical Technicians:

These are professionals who assist engineers in developing electronic equipment used in IT industries, medical sectors, construction companies or other components that can be used in different domains. A few years of experience can land you a position parallel to engineers.Electrical Technician

An associate degree of two years in related technical background can land you this job. Electrical technicians have huge job scopes that can earn them handsome salary packages.

Auto Insurance appraisers:

These professionals are responsible for assessing vehicle damage and estimating repair cost. They are required to study insurance claims and then decide the amount of money required to be paid by the insurance company.Auto Insurance appraiser

A high school diploma along with a six months certification course may land you this job. However, a driving license is mandatory for the role. As an auto insurance appraiser, you are more likely to have field duties along with fixed office hours.

So, if you are someone who does not enjoy 9 hours of desk work, you can definitely look forward to this profile. Along with a good combination of field and desk work, this job also offers lucrative salaries to professionals.

Technical Support Specialist:

Technical support specialists are professionals responsible for maintaining error free computer networks and communication equipment within organizations. They are the ones who look after maintenance, repair, installation and assembling of computer and hardware components. Some are also trained in software programs and can assist or work in parallel with software programmers.Technical_Support_Specialist

The minimum qualification that can land this position is to have a high school diploma along with relevant certification or diploma courses. Many universities also provide an associate degree of two years on related subject. Technical support specialists have huge job scopes and therefore is a good profession to opt for.

First line supervisors:

First line supervisors have huge career scopes in almost all industries. They rank amongst the fastest growing jobs in Transportation Industry. Production industry also hires these professionals in abundance.First line supervisors

Every industry has different line of work specific to needs. However, the primary line of work remain the same that includes supervision of subordinate staff, assigning work and reviewing work of field staff.

A high school diploma and industrial experience may eventually land you this position. However, technical education of a year or less may also make you eligible for the role.

Machinery Mechanic:

Machinery mechanics are hired by manufacturing industries that deal with machinery and automobile parts. High tech machineries are always required for manufacturing and production industries. Professionals who are capable of handling maintenance and repair of these machineries, ought to have great career prospects.Machinery Mechanic

A minimum of high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to land this position. However, a strong practical hands on experience in using various machineries is essential to land this job role. The projected job growth presently for this position is comparatively lower. However, a few years of experience in the industry is sufficient to earn you handsome salary packages along with a sustained or stable career.

These were five lucrative jobs that can be landed without a Bachelor’s degree in hand. A minimum of high school diploma, certifications, GEDs are sufficient to start earning your living in one of the most satisfactory manner. Now, this does not necessarily mean that pursuing a Bachelor’s degree is simply not worth it. If you really want to go for a graduation course and have suitable circumstances, you can definitely opt for it, as knowledge in any form is never wasted.

However, if you are in a situation where a Bachelor’s degree is not very much feasible, do not consider your career to get doomed. In addition to the above mentioned jobs, there are plenty of jobs that don’t really need a Bachelor’s degree. You only need to find those career opportunities for yourself.

Few Opportunities After an English Degree

An English degree can fetch a job in academics and publishing alone – a popular myth among the present workforce. Well, if we are to talk about the job scenario that was prevalent just a few years back, this was precisely true. Anyone aiming for a steady career in academics opted for English literature in their undergraduate courses.

However, there has been a huge transformation since then; however, unfortunately we have not made much use of this positive change as of now. Presently, an English degree can earn lucrative jobs; both in business as well as non profit sectors.English degree

Most of the new job openings that strike the market, do require strong written and verbal communication as one of the most essential candidate requirement. Thus, one can very well anticipate that English grads are eligible for most of these job openings.

The following sections discuss various career opportunities after an English Degree. Further, education in the same field or other specialization, opens other lucrative job opportunities as well. Read this informative article that can help you to explore wide and lucrative career options.

Social Media Marketing:

Be it mid scale business entrepreneurs or the CEO’s of giant corporate houses; all agree unanimously to the fact that online business presence is imperative to business growth. Therefore, they are continuously hiring social media executives or managers.

So how is your English degree connected to social media? Let’s see….Social Media Marketing

English degree has been wrongly perceived to be more of literature. All other related aspects have been given lesser importance and this is the reason why this degree is assumed to have thinner career opportunities. Creativity and analytical thinking are the two principle topics covered under this course ware. And this is what you need to make a career in social media marketing.

This profile involves web marketing of products and services in a manner that can attract more customers, leading to increased sales. One of the fastest growing sector, this profession promises huge career growth prospects in the near future.

Creative Writing:


Parallel to web marketing, creative writing is another career option offered to English grads. These professionals work in collaboration with social media executives and prepare interesting blogs, editorial articles, e books and web promotional ideas. This is a great platform for people who are proficient in writing and communicating with people around. Again good English proficiency gains importance.

Information Officers:

Wide experience in creative writing opens doors to this lucrative profession. Information officers are professionals who ensure, that all web content available on their organizational website is authentic and meets reader demands aptly. They also need to assure that the electronic information does not hurt sentiments of any group or draw any unnecessary attention. Quite a responsibility, isn’t it?Information Officers

Since they need to analyze loads of content written on various topics ranging from entertainment affairs to political and economic issues or for that matter, scientific advents taking place across the globe; these professionals need to have some primary knowledge of all fields.

Therefore, continuous reading and an urge to remain informed about anything and everything under the sky are important requisites of landing this job profile. Doesn’t English knowledge knock doors here?

English as a Foreign Language Teacher:


Global economical development through business ventures requires English as the only communicating language. However, there still exists different countries where people are not very much comfortable with this language. This becomes one of the biggest drawbacks in their growth and development.

Therefore, all state governments now hire English grads, who can assist professionals in learning the language. Applicants who are proficient with other regional languages besides English, have further career growth prospects.

Advanced career options:

Going a step further, earning a Bachelor’s degree in English can land you to other career opportunities. Some of them are explained below.


Strong English vocabulary is what you need to land this job role. Dictionaries that are available online or in print mediums, are compiled by these professionals. Again knowledge of some regional language can help them to work for different bilingual dictionaries as well.Lexicographer

However, to become a lexicographer, in addition to graduation degree, higher education in the respective field such as earning a Master’s degree or PhD is essential.

PR or Human Resource:HR or PR

Being an English literature student, good communication just comes naturally to you. In addition, if you can study further to earn a Master’s degree in Human Resource management, you can opt for plenty of job scopes as a PR professional. These professionals are hired by all corporate sectors and therefore earn good salary packages.

Brand Managers:

An English degree followed by MBA in marketing can land you jobs as Brand Managers. These professionals are hired by any organization that is involved in some kind of product sales and marketing.Brand-Manager

These professionals are involved in creatively promoting product brands through advertisement portals and generating attractive hoardings for targeted clients. An attractive punch line works wonders for brands; however, how will you pen down these lines without excellent command over English language?

Law firms:

Paralegal job postings or lawyers do require to deal with number of clients and their associated case histories. Therefore, Understanding the language and accurately drafting it to present before justice boards requires good hold over the language as well as relevant legal knowledge. Therefore, after completing a Bachelors degree in English, one can easily opt for legal education.Law firmsThus, for students who have completed their degree in English or are pursuing the same, you now know the vast career options that await you. Therefore, choose your subject of interest from the course ware offered to you by Universities and research on all career scopes available.

Unlike earlier job market scenarios, today English degree offers huge career options to students and it will not be wrong to say that these options have greater growth prospects as compared to many other domains.

Hence do not loose these existing job opportunities; research on upcoming opportunities and feel free to add to this above mentioned list.

10 Current Growing Occupations with Certifications that Surely Boost Hirability and Pay Scale

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rate in the nation decreased from 5.70% in January, 2015 to 5.50% in February, 2015. Many new jobs are created in the present year. Candidates try their hard to impress the hiring authorities with their degrees, references, work experience and certificates. It seems that certification is the new ‘in-thing’ to create the differentiator factor for oneself. It is likely that a person with required qualifications and additional certification will get more preference than one without a certification.Growing Occupations with Certifications

We list here some of the top ten growing occupations with certifications that offer good salary.

1. Dental Assistant: A dental assistant works in a dentist’s clinic and serve dental patients in a number of ways. These professionals educate patients on oral hygiene, help dentist during dental operation and other treatment procedures, schedule appointments, maintain official record etc. A dental assistant must be a graduate from an accredited program at vocational schools, community colleges, dental schools, technical institutes or universities; or he needs to do a high school diploma course. With any of these qualifications, he can go for the Certified Dental Assistant exam conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. He must go through on-the-job training. The pay scale of such professionals ranges from $24,220 to $48,350.Dental Assistant

2. Website Designing: This is an interesting job that pays well. Since hundreds of websites are opened every day, jobs will always flourish in this sector. You can work full time or part-time. If you are experienced in web designing, you can add weight to your resume by opting for a certification course. There are various types of certifications like front-end, back-end, beginner and advanced. You have to pass an exam for having such certifications. A website designer earns an average salary ranging between $40,000 and $70,000.web-designer

3. Court Reporter: Courts will always be there in human society and hence there will no dearth of jobs for the court reporters. The median salary of a court reporter is $53,034. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) provides certification courses for these reporters. If you want to become a Certified Registered Professional Reporter, you must pass a written test. Along with this, you need to successfully complete a three-part skills test.court-reporter

4. Manicurists and Pedicurists: Also known as nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists are well-paid professionals working in spas and salons. They need to complete a state-approved nail-technician or cosmetology program. After completing this program, they must pass a state exam to get licensure. This is required in every state, except Connecticut. According to the reports of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector will grow by 16% in between 2012-2022.Manicurists and Pedicurists

5. Massage Therapist: As more and more people are heading towards massage parlours or centres to de-stress themselves, there will be ever-increasing demand of massage therapists in the health and wellness professions. You must be a high school diploma and complete a training program at a massage therapy school. Once you graduate from an approved program, you need to get a license and for this you have to pass an exam. The most common exams are the exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. The median pay of a massage therapist is around $38,000.Massage Therapist

6. Skincare Specialists or Estheticians: As specified by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a skincare specialist must be licensed by his or her state. An applicant completing a state-approved training program is eligible for a license exam that is conducted in two parts- a written exam and an oral test or practical exam based on learned skill sets. The expected growth rate through 2022 is 40%.Skincare Specialists

7. Surgical Technologist or Operating Room Technicians: These professional help surgeons during surgical operations. To become a ‘Certified Surgical Technologist’, you need to get a certificate through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. In order to have the certification, you need to pass an exam after going through an accredited formal education or military training program. The median pay of a surgical technologist is around $42,000.Surgical Technologist

8. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: Better known as health information technicians, these professionals discuss patient related information with other important persons like physicians and insurance personnel. The median salary of such a technician is $35,000 approximately. As most employers prefer technicians with certification, you should gain the certification of Registered Health Information Technician. For this certification, you need to pass an examination conducted by the American Health Information Management Association. You can also go for certifications like Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) which are offered by the American Academy of Coders and the National Cancer Registrars Association.Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

9. Audio and Video Equipment Technician: The employment growth of this profession is 14% through 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They earn a median salary of $42,000 approximately. You can go for any of the 8 certification courses, a broadcast networking certification and two operator certifications offered by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.Audio and Video Equipment Technician

10. LPN and LVN: LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse and LVN stands Licensed Vocational Nurse. There may be slight difference in the roles and responsibilities of both the types. The main difference is in their names: LVN is used in the two states of Texas and California; while the rest of the states use the term LPN. Courses for LPN and LVN are designed to prepare the candidates for passing the NCLEX-PN which is required to practise in all states. The average salary of LPNs and LVNs is $41, 550. The hiring rate of these nurses is 25% which is much faster than national average for all jobs.LPN and LVN

Other occupations with certificate courses boosting good pay and hirability are systems security, car mechanic, phlebotomist, heavy and tractor-trailer driver etc. Thus to earn the best job with greater pay scale, to get promoted  or to increase their salary candidates are going that extra mile and completing certification courses.