Why To Take a Temporary Job?

Temping is tempting for those who have already given it a shot. However, for us who are still new to this concept; choosing a temporary job wouldn’t be as exciting as landing full time permanent employment.

Now, this is not something weird or unusual. Over the years, this word ‘temporary,’ for reasons unknown, has tend to suggest lack of stability and perhaps a short term compromise.Temporary job

Temporary jobs are no exception to this. If at all we find individuals taking up temp jobs, they do it only to suffice some urgent need of money or because they couldn’t find anything more significant to do. However, once they make themselves comfortable with these jobs, they do have a different idea to share, that definitely is different from the much familiar notion.

Temping jobs, even though not very popularly opted for; do have loads of perks to offer. Therefore, if you too are weighing all pros and cons of temporary job, here is a list of reasons that make temporary jobs a total sense to opt for.

Top 10 reasons to opt for temporary jobs:

Know these before you reject a temporary job offer that came your way:

Temporary jobs – They don’t just pay, they train:

Just freshly out of college, hunting for a permanent job is a herculean task to accomplish. In such a scenario, if you somehow come across a temp job offer, you need to consider yourself lucky. After all, these jobs train and prepare you thoroughly and in return pay you. Isn’t that amazing?!Training

Temporary jobs not only appear beneficial for first time job seekers; professionals can also benefit a great deal from these. They present opportunities to explore other avenues which may sometimes have more lucrative scopes than their present, full time jobs. In addition, they always have those tempting salaries to offer. So, why not give it a try?

They “spice” up your job life:

Haven’t you heard people complaining about monotonous work life? Many of you perhaps would be aware about a statistical report that drove huge attention a couple of years back. The report gave an exact number of young American professionals who were quitting their jobs because they were no longer being able to deal with the monotonous levels growing taller every day.monotonous job

Once you find your job monotonous, you will never be able to give your best. Therefore, bringing about some change can be one effective solution. And temporary jobs can bring about that change you so desperately need. There are several jobs that pay you for the number of hours you are working for them. Opt for any of those that match your taste and work life schedule. This will definitely bring about a change in your life that somehow enhances your full time work as well.

Saves you from vicious unemployment depression:

Unemployment phase is a living nightmare one can go through. Landing dream jobs sometimes can take a toll on our lives. Many a times, our skills don’t match up with our dreams and no matter how much we slog to land desired jobs, our expertise doesn’t support us.unemployment depression

In such scenarios, we need to understand that dreams take some time to realize and perhaps preparation and acquiring skills will help us succeed. Therefore, take some time off and prepare yourself; however, don’t fall prey to vicious unemployment depression. This will hinder your learning process. Instead, start working as a part time employee and earn sufficient that can pay your bills and leave you with ample time where you can learn and work on relevant expertise.

Who knows, there can be a permanent job around?

Employers even though may not seem to, do prefer turning their temporary employees into permanent. They say that hiring part time employees into a full time employee has several different perks.permanent job

On the first place, they are the ones who are training them and therefore work quality is known and thus guaranteed. Secondly, no expenditure on hiring processes that calls for several selection rounds that accompany huge financial spending as well as time involvement.

It is because of this that career experts suggest that applicants always need to take their temporary jobs seriously. Many a times these land you your first break in the desired field.

You can now filter your career options:

Part time jobs allow you to wear multiple hats at a time. You may opt for short term work exposure with different groups within the industry and that could help you decide the best match.career options

Many professionals say that they had wasted a considerable time looking for correct career options during their initial professional years. Definitely you don’t want to say this for yourself after a couple of years, isn’t it?

So what’s the wait for? List out few career options you think suit your personality and choices and start working as a temporary employee within these roles. Explore all choices and this will finally help you to filter out the best amongst the ‘seems to be good options’ for yourself.

May help you achieve the work life balance:

There has been an eternal hue and cry regarding work life balance. Professionals are trying to have a harmonious balance between their personal and professional lives. However, all of those go in vain and there are hardly a few who can say that they are equally efficient at that workplace as they are with their personal commitments.work life balance

There are millions of cases where people either quit lucrative jobs to make it to their families and dear ones or have a troubled family life as they are too occupied with their work load.

Now, quitting job or family cannot be an option for any of us. In such cases, to have those dollars coming in, opting for flexible time frame that is available with temp jobs is the only suggestion you can come across. So, don’t lead a bitter personal life or an unproductive professional life when the solution is just right there!

Employers are finding temporary workers more desirable:

For reasons quite obvious, temporary workers are more preferred by employers as they facilitate cost cutting. Temporary workers are made to work on a lower pay scale as compared to permanent employees and therefore become more employable with regards to certain parameters.temporary workers

Therefore, if you too can make yourself available as a temporary employee, you will definitely be the first choice for many employers there. So, go for it!

You have a strong knitted professional network:

Effective networking skills are now weighed on same scale as relevant expertise and qualification when it comes at hiring professionals.

Opting for multiple part time jobs allows you to meet different professionals belonging to varied domains within the industry. Thus, this opens you to opportunities of meeting new people and grow your professional network. If you can truly hold on to these people, you may receive a number of career suggestions, innovative ideas and of course references from these people.

You become eligible for a variety of job roles:

Career experts always suggest that professionals need to carefully opt for part time jobs and bring about variations while choosing specific occupations. This short term experience can earn you long term perks.

Temp jobs train you in a variety of domains. Working experiences always tempt employers when it comes at hiring professionals. They see their advantage in choosing such professionals as they don’t need to invest money or time training these professionals and still get quality work done from them. Therefore, if you can make use of these learning experiences, you can find yourself eligible for a mixed bag of job roles.

A close look inside your dream company:

Many professionals who have taken up temp jobs advocate that every professional who has a dream company to work with needs to take up part time employment scopes with those companies. Nothing can serve as a better insight than these temp jobs.

People pursue dream companies in the hope that they spend a considerable time or rather the entire professional span working in that specific company. They fight various odds and leave many things behind in one hope of fulfilling their aspirations.

However, there are cases where dreams appear to be bitter in reality and that leads to a lot of frustration. Therefore, before you plunge into some drastic steps to fulfill your dreams, make sure that everything you’re doing for it is worth.

This was all about choosing temporary jobs and how they are important. Opportunities; big or small, always make significant impact on our lives if judiciously used. Therefore, while making efforts in building successful careers, never let go off those temporary jobs terming them as something trivial.

Now that you have learned how important these part time jobs are, do not waste a single more moment. Just go and grab that now!

Do’s and Don’ts During Notice Period

All is well that ends well. Something very relevant to every phase of our lives. No matter how or where you start, a positive end of every phase is important to make the destination and the journey worthwhile.Notice Period

Switching from one job to other is a common phenomenon amongst corporate workers. No matter why and how you decide to switch from one office to other; walking out elegantly is important. However, most professionals feel that they have reached the end phase and it’s now just a matter of few more days that you step out of this organization.

So getting a little relaxed and ignoring few official norms is very tempting now. However, a careless approach may earn you penalties. You need to bid an impressive goodbye to start a powerful beginning. If things get a little rough now, you may end up in a mess.

Notice Period – End it gracefully to start anew:

The duration of your notice period depends upon the company and profile you handle. However, it may range anything from fifteen days to a span of three months or so. During this period we feel a little uneasy and impatient.serving notice period

On one side we are excited for the new job we have landed. Perhaps, that is going to earn us more money and a better life style. And on the other hand, a feeling of leaving behind some good old days, colleagues and perhaps a supportive boss you were lucky to have, occupies your mind partially.

Nevertheless, you can never ignore the fact that you are still an existing employee and company rules are applicable to you as well. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you to behave aptly during your notice period.

Do’s of your notice period:

Meet your boss in person:

Never drop a mail before your boss to inform about your leaving decisions. This is arrogant and unprofessional. Remember you may require a referral letter from him or her in your new organization. Therefore, keeping bosses happy till the final day is important.Meet your boss

Finally, when you have decided to quit your current organization and have a better job (hopefully) in hand; take the initiative to inform your boss about this at the earliest. Meet your boss in person and discuss the matter. Wait for your boss to tell you to process a resignation mail from your end.

Always one step ahead:

This is tricky. Unlike what most of us think, being more that efficient during your notice period is the best way to mark the end that may open new doors.one step ahead

Make it a point of being punctual every day of your notice period. Discuss work issues and deadlines with authorities and try achieving those at earliest. This lands you a win win situation. If you are leaving this job, as you have been denied a promotion you deserved, or perhaps your company was concentrating on down sizing man power; you could be taken under consideration now. And if you have planned this just because you wanted a change; a good referral letter may be achieved.

A seamless handover:

Now that you have already informed your boss that you are leaving, he will surely have someone to look after the tasks you handled. Therefore, take it as your responsibility to share every bit of information you have with teams and the person who will take over your job responsibilities once you leave.handover

For professionals who manage a team of outdoor business partners, clients, customers and vendors; make it a point to inform all of them about the situation. Take opportunities to introduce your replacement to them. A seamless handover, so that the company does not suffer from your absence, will be appreciated and talked about even when you leave.

Don’ts of notice period:

Do not be a bragger:

Just because you have found this current job worth leaving; not all your colleagues should feel the same. Well, no one is interested to know about the salary you will be receiving, or how nice the new office ambiance feels. Remember the corporate world is getting compact, who knows one fine day you may come across these same faces you now look down at!

Do not get shaky now:

Quitting decisions are tricky. So, do not be in a haste to make the big announcement. Remember, until you keep it a secret, the ball is still in your court.announcement

Therefore, know your reasons of quitting as it may happen that your employers may use some bait now. If you really don’t have a number of significant reasons, you easily fall prey to stuffs like this. Therefore, hold on for a while and know all reasons of quitting. Only then make these big announcements.

Do not be harsh:

No matter how bad your experience was with the company, or perhaps the boss alone, or few of your colleagues; do not opt for harsh endings. You have already spent your days here and now you are just about to move on to something better. Bury the hatchet and move on.Do not be harsh

Ending things on a positive note is important to initiate new things with optimism and positivity. Therefore, while you are on your notice period, make it a point to give your best that can add to company profits and good will.

Again, do not ponder about things that had not been so pleasant. Rather, recollect those moments when you had been successful and appreciated for your efforts. This will make you feel encouraged and strengthen you to do better in your future endeavors.

Lessons to Learn After Being Fired

“Sometimes, when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” ~ Unknown

No word is apt to describe the “I was asked to leave feelings.” It is heart rending. A job that you had earned is simply snatched away from you. Your ambitions seem to shatter and your life appears to lack focus. Your are left with no plan B as all your future plans are simply impossible now.Being Fired

So, is that all you can do? Will brooding help you feel a little better? Perhaps No.

Yes you have been fired; however, this does not mean you will remain unemployed for the rest of your life. The job that you just lost can help you retain many others that are yet to come your way.

There were reasons and you need to know them:

Even though it is very conveniently said that sometimes we are simply clueless about the mishaps taking place in our lives; it is not true. Nothing happens without a reason. Sometimes, we perhaps fail to identify those, while there are millions of times when we don’t want to see and accept bitter facts.reasons

However, today if you want to flip change the situation soon, reasoning out the “Whys” are crucial and perhaps the only path available.

Therefore, the first step after you have received the distressing news, is to dig out reasons behind. Perhaps, it is your work that was deteriorating, or else you failed to present yourself in the best professional demeanor.

There can also be reasons where the company is suffering from financial burden and therefore has adopted to harsh means of cost cutting. In such situations, blaming yourself or doubting your own caliber is not required. Therefore, learning the reasons of dismissal is important to take relevant steps.

Things that you can learn only after losing a job:

Never take things for granted:

Once professionals get a little comfortable with their daily job responsibilities, it is very natural that they start taking their jobs for granted.granted

In the beginning, when things are new for us, we tend to be more cautious. We put in extra efforts to ensure that everything is perfect. We try to adopt to new and effective ways of accomplishing tasks. However, eventually when perfection is not very difficult to achieve, we become a little sloppy. And the irony is we don’t even realize it!

It is in such situations that we risk our chances of being employed with our current organizations. And when things go really bad, we are asked to leave.

Therefore, one such experience will help us learn this important truth of our lives. The next time, being comfortable will not make us careless on the job front.

Be the right fit and don’t try fitting into:

Adjustments and adaptations are important for our professional and personal well being. However, there’s a limit to it. You cannot push yourself to adjust with everything around. If you do so, one day you are destined to be left empty handed.Be the right fit

Today when you have been informed to find your way through the exit, it is time to think if you really fit into this position. You can force yourself to fit in; however, it will always be different from the exact fit.

Therefore, getting fired from a job helps you to know that choosing jobs according to interest and choice is essential to sustain on the job front.

Beyond expectations is what is expected:

Many professionals believe that accomplishing regular tasks is what makes them employable. However, one fine day when you receive your termination letter; all your beliefs get shattered.got fired

Today, with the rising competition, doing just what is assigned, brings no good. Working beyond imagination and surprising bosses with your unmatched caliber is what keeps you going and accelerating on the job front.

It’s time for some serious homework:

Professionals should never wait for the 11th hour to realize that their skills are no longer sufficient and rather have got exhausted for future use. Otherwise, such unfortunate situations become inevitable. Eventually you appear to be less useful for the company and one fine day you are asked to leave.serious homework

Therefore, experiencing bitter situations can help you understand that upgrading skills is one core requisite to remain functional and effective on the job front for years to come.

Thus, now that you have lost your job, use this gap to brush up skills and simultaneously acquire more knowledge; so that you never come across these situations for the second time in your entire professional life.

Every cloud has a silver lining. You just need to try and figure out the good things a difficult situation can bring about.

Losing job is definitely an undesirable scenario to be stuck in. However, now that you have already landed yourself in such tough circumstances, you will have to work it out smoothly. The aforementioned tips can help you deal with things aptly.

Nothing in this world is constant. Therefore this phase will also pass by. Don’t loose hope and things will definitely change for the better. When you try to mend things, they definitely get better.

Didn’t Get a Hike – Then Do This Stuff

Not everyday of our professional life brings fulfillment. There are number of days when we remain a little detached from our work and everything around feels pointless. We find ourselves trapped in low productivity and disinterest. However, amidst all confusion, there is this one thing that keeps us going-Salary.Get a Hike

Needless to say, the salary that we earn is perhaps the biggest motivation of our professional lives. No matter how bad a day has passed, if it is your salary day, you somehow end it on a good note.

Appraisals and salary hikes are important parameters to determine job satisfaction. However, unfortunately many a times professionals fail to earn these salary increments for varied reasons. They are either denied a deserving salary hike or perhaps they do not qualify industrial expectations. Thus, they do not earn any hike, leading to lesser productivity and performance ratios.

No matter what and how you have missed an annual increment; you definitely need to work out a few things to win it. And this needs to be done immediately; as the longer you take to mend these stuffs, the tougher it becomes to remain focused on the job front.

Not yet earned a hike ? Try this:

Here are a few things that can help you drive out the salary hike you have perhaps just missed. The first in the list is:

Knowing your worth:

Just after you are denied an annual increment, you definitely get a little bewildered. A feeling of betrayal mixed with extreme rage seizes you from thinking wisely. However, you need to know that this anger and depression will not take you anywhere.Knowing your worth

Rather, maintain your composure and try finding out the reasons behind this behavior from your management or employer. Is there anything that you lack in? May be a slow progression rate or an inability to build good will with authorities or any other reason that obstructs you from earning annual increments needs to be found.

Now, if you find that it is your inefficiency that hinders your chances of monetary benefits; then you need to adopt to different remedial measures. And if in any case you find that the management is not paying you something that you deserve, you need to opt for completely different procedures to mend the situation.
Therefore, knowing exact reasons and then opting for solutions is the first step to get the much desired salary hike.

Perfect timings for Perfect results:

There is always a perfect time for everything to happen. You walk up to your manager and demand a salary hike when the company is trying to find out cost cutting measures; be sure that you will never have that increment, even when your company overcomes financial burden.salary hike demand

Never, portray yourself as someone who is working for money alone. If the salary hike can wait for some time, try to be with the company during its bad time. You will receive double when things turn out to be better. However, if the salary hike is much of a necessity now; try finding your own solutions. A company that is suffering from financial stress will perhaps not opt for increments.

On the other hand, if you have your company rolling its turn over with double sales and triple revenues; earning an increment becomes easier; provided you can showcase your contribution towards company success in an appropriate and convincing manner.

Market yourself:

Climbing up the corporate ladder is not always about proficiency. A large part of it also depends on how you can speak about your contribution towards company growth and profit. Being visible in your company is as essential as being a diligent worker.Market_yourself

This scenario is very common with big organizations. People who lack that skill of marketing themselves efficiently, tend to miss out opportunities that they deserve. Managers very often fail to see their silent effort and thus remain ignorant about their true potential and worth.

Yes, it is true that boasting about accomplishments is not a strong professional tool. However, if you think that your work and efforts are somewhat not being visible and counted, you definitely need to adopt to ways that turn things in your favor. Help authorities to see what you have been doing for company growth and how you need some appreciation to keep yourself going.

Walk out, but gracefully:

Never burn bridges when things have different solutions. If you have tried all possibilities of earning that hike and failed, you definitely need to look for other career options. Earning deserving salary is your professional right and there’s no reason of compromising here. However, don’t throw tantrums while leaving. And never threaten employers with your exit decisions when you really don’t have the next entrance.Walk out

Have a deserving job in hand and inform your manager about your quitting decisions. Share exact reasons that have triggered your decision and explain how you have tried to find reasons of staying back. Professional image is important. So, do not spoil it for little hike that you were denied.

Remember, real talent will always find its way. If your current employer fails to acknowledge your effort, look for a better place where you will be wanted and appreciated. Let the company regret on loosing an efficient employee and not you for damaging your professional image and good will.

There are thousands of professionals who are suffering from these problems where they feel they are not treated well by their employers. However, only a few who can work out things in favor of themselves are the winners. So, if you have lost the annual increment this year, you now know what should be the your next course of action. Opt for perfect solutions for a successful career ahead.

How to Apply After Declining a Job Offer

Think before you leap. Well, who doesn’t know that, isn’t it? However, sometimes we do falter. One such instance in this regard would be to want back a job offer you had once declined.

How to Apply

Well, if not many there are a few professionals who kind of regret after having rejected a job offer. They desperately wish for some magical change of events, where they could mend their own decisions and get back that interview offer once again.

No matter what you think or expect, the point is, how feasible it is to earn an already declined offer? To be honest, yes, it is difficult. And there are plenty of valid reasons that make it a little complicated.

What is there in the mind of the employer?

Rejections are hurting. Be it an applicant who was denied the job offer, or an employer whose offer got rejected by a potential employee. Both are discouraging and painful.mind of the employer

The employer who had offered you a position was perhaps a little offended to have received a rejection from your side. However, now that he/she comes across a clarification from your side, where you are requesting to have the same offer back, it makes them go a little skeptical about the situation.

Some may feel that the candidate is immature and impulsive. You may also be viewed as someone not very steady and confident regarding your own decisions. And the rest can say that you do not possess clear career goals and professional targets.

Whatever may be their line of thought, any of these traits are not desired by employers. So, in such a situation, convincing them to see you as one of the most suitable candidates and a great employee to hire is evidently a tough job to accomplish.

Reconsidering a declined job offer – Steps to follow:

Well, every problem has to have a solution. You will only need to find the exact key to the lock. Even though it is difficult, there are ways to mend the damage. Below are a few tips that can help you resolve the problem:

Act before it’s too late:

If it took you more than a week’s time to learn that you have just made a wrong decision, you can consider the job gone forever.competition in job market

Well, all of us are aware about the growing competition in the job market. Thousands of candidates line up to interview for a single position. In such a situation, if you just let go an offer that came your way, it can be easily grabbed by others. Therefore, being prompt at informing your change of mind is crucial.

It’s like a now or never situation. And if you’re lucky to know that the position is still vacant, you may work it out and perhaps land the job as well.

An email or a phone call:

I say both. The situation is so critical that relying only on one of the approaches will perhaps not yield results. Make a personal call to the hiring manager and explain the change of situations that is helping you to rethink about the offer. Also inform that you have perhaps dropped an email for their consideration. email or a phone call

There should not be a long span between the email you have sent and the call to be made. In fact, things should be almost simultaneous. This is because if the recruiter was to receive the mail and not a call instantly, it could be considered as another immature act. Worse, he/she could even skip, and ignore the mail completely.

Conversely, if you have already informed that a mail will follow the conversation over the phone, the person may check the in-box almost immediately. An absence of your mail or a long delay in receiving it can be annoying for the hirer. You may get rejected even when the job is still available or the position continues to be vacant.

Approach to convince:

Don’t just start narrating your stories of why you had rejected the offer and what made you reconsider the same now. Before all that, just know if the position is still open. Only when you know that the company has not made its hiring decision; you can go ahead.Vacant

Now, there’s one more thing you need to consider. Were you grateful enough, while rejecting the job offer? For if you were too rude and unprofessional; knocking the doors will not make any difference. So it’s better you don’t try it.

Well, if you had the right behavior, then, you can still try your stars. First, try to know if it was a preferable time to talk as it could involve a couple of minutes. Second, state your reasons why you were unable to accept the offer then. Don’t give reasons such as salary or company profile. It may appear that you have too high expectations that were still not met and perhaps a desirable profile will have you quit almost instantly. Third, explain how things have changed now and you are more than happy to at least try in getting back that offer.

Lastly, don’t sound too desperate to work things out. Don’t portray yourself as someone who needs to get hired at any cost. This may make your employers doubt your employable quotient. Be patient and wait for things to take their own course of time. If it has to be, it will, eventually. So don’t haste unnecessarily.

Therefore, as a concluding note, I would like to say that, don’t be in a hurry to say NO. Your words are important. Once said it cannot be unsaid. You can only wish and try to modify the outcome it brought. Thus, holding back before you spell out yes or no shows your wisdom.

Nevertheless, if at all you have stuck yourself in such a situation, just get back to this post to determine what and how things could be brought under control. Hoping that you never make wrong career decisions in future, this is all about how you can get back a rejected job offer.

These Signs say, It’s Time to Leave Your Job

After having spent a great weekend, returning to work on Mondays is of course quite depressing. Again, waking up on a cold winter morning to reach office on time feels like quitting the job. Or dealing with a boss who is arrogant and insatiable can force you to resign. However, none of these can be a sufficient reason to quit a lucrative career.Job loss conceptLeaving a job needs ample reasons to justify your decision and act. After all, this job didn’t just come your way. It took extensive effort and perseverance to land this position. Isn’t it? However, this does not imply that you keep working with the same employer for years. An immature behavior, where you take quitting decision only to regret it later is damaging to your career growth.

Taking impulsive or hasty decisions can be detrimental to your career progression. And again, continuing in a profile that has nothing to give you is equally injurious.

Now, the question is how can you identify the best or worst time to go hunting for a new job? Taking career related risk is inevitable. You cannot grow when you have the fear of taking risks. And again, when you fail to bring some necessary changes to your professional life, you lag behind and your career development retards.

Thus, identifying signs that tell you to quit your current job is crucial. Below mentioned are certain “its time to quit signs.” Read them to know if any of these apply to you.

You become non existent in your workplace:

This is one of the most alarming signs and therefore tops the list. If you are working in a profile or department, that no longer attracts your employer’s interest or focus, it simply implies that you need to look for another job.non existent in workplace

Working with employers whose needs align with your skills and knowledge is important for your professional growth. Only then you face fresh challenges on the job front and this leads to your advancement. Working in the same profile and doing the same work that appears to be of least significance before your employers, inhibits your career progression.

Business requires fresh ideas and avenues. If in case your employers are changing their focus and that makes your job role less important or secondary and peripheral, you never get deserving remuneration; irrespective of achieving targets and impressive performance. Perhaps your employers are having second thoughts about continuing with your current profile and may replace you very soon. Therefore, before you get eliminated from the race, looking for another suitable track is crucial.

Your company sees no revenue:

You have not made life and death promises with your employers. Therefore, if you can calculate that your company may sink very soon; you need not wait to get drowned yourself.no revenue

Instead, make quick moves and look for different options. There’s no point in showing loyalties now as your future employers may consider you as someone who remains ignorant about one’s own workplace. And that’s bad. Again, when you make some early moves, you escape the competition from your current coworkers who may soon get unemployed.

Therefore, keep account of your company’s health. And again, as an employee, you do need to strive hard to ensure complete wellbeing and prosperity of your company.

You deserve better remuneration:

Well, this is little tricky. Career growth is not always measured with monetary benefits. However, sometimes it does.

When you know that you have made efforts, fought staff cutting and other downsides and still achieved targets and finally contributed in earning profits for your organization; you do deserve certain rewards and perks complying to your company norms. However, if your employers are failing to reward you, you definitely possess all rights to question their decision.deserve better remuneration

Visit your HR managers or concerned authorities and discuss these issues. If in case you find their answers satisfactory, there’s no harm in continuing. Its important that your employers are counting your efforts and have plans of rewarding you in the near future. However, if you can sense that your employers are having no such plans, you better look for opportunities that can pay for your efforts. This is important to keep you going.

You are completely disinterested and lack passion:

At the end of the day, its about the work you do. So, if you can no longer improve your performance ratio; even when you are very much capable, its time to ask yourself if you need some change.disinterested

If you have nothing to share about your working hours with your friends and family, if accomplishments do not make you happy anymore and failures do not force you to develop fresh work strategies; you need to know that the job no longer interests you and thus calls for a change.

So, before its too late and you degrade yourself as an employee, just because you are no longer passionate about the job role; start hunting for new career opportunities.

You are being ill treated:

No one needs to tell you that you are being ill treated at your workplace. Every employee; irrespective of the role, designation or skills, is entitled to be treated well with due respect. So, if you feel that your coworkers, superiors or even your boss is not behaving appropriately; you need to take steps to improve situations. And if things don’t work out, quit without giving a second thought.ill treatedThus, if any of these cases relate to you, you need to take some important career decisions. Our workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours and therefore our experiences there need to be pleasant. We cannot force ourselves to remain happy in a place that we dread being in. Therefore, ask yourself if you are really into some clumsy situation and if you get a yes, you know its the best time to quit.

Only Work Experience will Teach You These Skills

While college degrees can land you your first job, it cannot earn you the thorough knowledge required to excel and grow thereafter. There exist few things that only work experience can teach you. And here, neither I am talking about on job training procedures, or about specialization courses. These are things that you experience and learn every moment of your professional life, provided you wish to do so.Experience

So the question is, what are those things that cannot be learned from diplomas and University degrees?

However, before we get into this discussion, there is one thing you need to know. Professionalism demands for certain skills; irrespective of the job role or the degree you have acquired. These skills sometimes become more important than your theoretical knowledge. And sooner you discover and acquire those, the better it is for your career.

Lessons that only work experience can teach you:

Listed below are certain essential skills that you need to learn from your professional experiences:

Team work in real sense:

It is only when you step into your professional life, you realize for the first time, that team work has a different definition altogether.Team work

Unlike organizing college fest, accomplishing work projects within stipulated time requires greater determination, strategies and above all, combined efforts to attain the same goal. Discussing ideas with friends and graduating colleagues was easier than doing the same with team leads and other coworkers.

There you could brush off ideas that did not appeal to you. Or you could step back when things did not move according to your plans. However, on the professional front, you need to grow beyond these and learn how to lend your ears to every idea that comes from people around. Thus, you acquire the art of listening; a key requisite to excel and achieve success.

Again, initially you do not own decision making rights as you are working under a boss who gives the verdict. Many a times you may come across superiors who reject any and every proposal you make. However, you need to accept it and work to implement someone else’s idea and that too with full potential. Thus, you know how to handle rejections with a smile. A lesson not only significant in our professional lives; but also relevant for many different aspects of our lives.

Rules of negotiation:

Fresh grads looking for jobs, somehow get programmed to say “YES” for anything and everything spoken by recruiters or hiring managers. And this is natural, because college pass outs do not know much about the professional world. Their only aim is to land desired jobs.negotiation

However, a few knock out experiences instigate the “NO” button within. You learn how to work out deals at your own terms and conditions. Be it your job responsibilities, salary hikes, or core business deals; you learn to negotiate with the other side in a manner that can earn you best deals without fail. And it is possible because, now you do have relevant working experiences and thus know your worth.

Although, negotiation skills are more or less innate qualities, these remain unexplored until sufficient practical experiences are gained. Thus, your initial years serve as a platform to brush up these skills that no college degree or programs can provide.

You become a great planner:

Well, professional lives are all about targets and deadlines. You accomplish tasks on time and that earn you rewards or sometimes nothing. You fail to do so and that definitely brings severe consequences. Thus, sooner or later you learn to plan out your own work and meet deadlines.planner

However, best plans and strategies are not something that comes instantly. Good and bad experiences both work to inculcate an ability to foresee things or anticipate solutions. And slowly you become a great planner.

You learn when to quit:

Switching jobs become extremely difficult for young professionals; especially when they make themselves comfortable with everything in their workplace.

From exploring tons of newer avenues, to dealing with difficult bosses, or meeting quite impossible targets, professionals become confident and slowly get acquainted with their current professional lives.when to quit

However, remaining stagnant at one place that has nothing to give and teach you is damaging for your career growth. Thus change is inevitable and courage is important to work out this transition. Now, where do you gain this courage from?

It is only when you take those initial steps of switching jobs that you can gain courage to move forward. Once your transition decisions yield successful results, you become more confident and aware about your own skills and potential.

On the contrary, a wrong decision may prove otherwise. Nevertheless, when you are young with lesser responsibilities; taking risks and facing adverse results is not as damaging as it can be, when similar decisions are taken somewhere in the middle of your professional life.

Thus, initial job experiences introduce you to various factors that need to be considered before taking transition decisions that cannot be learned from degree programs.

Career guides, mentors and trainers can help you take some essential decisions regarding your professional lives. However, the knowledge you gain from your own experience is a no match to anything else.

The above mentioned are few things that your professional experience can teach you. However, those who remain vigilant and consider every ordeal as a means to grow, can learn everything needed to build a promising career.

How to Cancel a Resignation Letter?

Now, this is difficult – not impossible. No matter how benevolent and supportive your employer is, everyone gets a little offended on receiving resignation letters from employees. And if the employee has been a great performer; the situation is further painful. This is analogous to a situation when you get rejected for any desired job role. So, now you know how your employer feels on receiving resignation letters!Cancel a Resignation

However, you have already mailed your resignation letter; your employers are offended by now and suddenly you are having some second thoughts about your decision! This is miserable. How can you ask for the same job you have already rejected?

It is evident for your employers to infer that you found another job more promising and rewarding than your current profile. Therefore, expressing your newly developed interest on your previously rejected job is an awkward situation. You need to handle this situation tactfully. Perhaps, this situation is more complex than any other situation you come across in your professional life.

As it has been already mentioned that this situation is difficult not impossible to handle, we are moving ahead to describe techniques that can assist you to cope with this scenario.

Steps to retract your resignation letter:

To call off your resignation, you need to give a written application before anything else. And for this purpose, you are required to write a Retraction letter. So, let us first get a brief idea about retraction letters.

What is a retraction letter?

Retraction letters are written in professional format to pull back your resignation. They are used to express your interest and reasons to stay back in your current company handling the assigned responsibilities associated with your profile.retraction letter

Retraction letters serve two purposes. Apart from canceling resignations, these also serve to reject promotion offers, when professionals are not in a position to accept the same.

How to write a retraction letter?

Mentioned below are very simple steps of writing retraction letters that can prove beneficial and effective for the purpose.

Letter initiation:

This format for retraction letters is not very different from any business letter formats. The letter needs to be short and precise. Similar to any professional letter, this also has three different sections – salutation, body and closure. While writing the letter, it is advisable that you address the concerned person directly. Start your letter, with correct salutation and designation of concerned person.

Formatting the body of your letter is most essential. It is here that you express your intent and therefore it needs to be convincing. So moving ahead to prepare the next section.

Letter body:

The body of your letter needs to be short; preferably comprising of two small paragraphs. This section starts with a request to cancel your resignation . While doing so, make a quick reference to your previous mail that was drafted to express your resignation. Mention the date on which you had sent your resignation letter and the last working day mentioned. This section needs to be short; including only two sentences at the most.

The second paragraph needs to state reasons of canceling resignation. Your employers, while reading this section, needs to get convinced with your stated decisions; so much that they instantly decide on accepting your resignation retraction. As there are no legal laws that can force your employers to accept retraction, your letter needs to be very effective to serve the purpose.

Besides, if you had negotiated with your employers, that influenced your decision to retract, mention the same in your letter. If you have been offered a higher pay package or designation or any other reward that served as a satisfactory reason to stay back, mention those in detail. It will be nice if you achieved those things in written from your employers to make an attachment file with your retraction letter.

Remember the conclusion section also needs to be very impressive enough. Express your gratitude towards your employers who have read your letter. Tell them how happy you will feel if your retraction gets accepted and how you wish to continue with them. Make a small note to express your apology for the inconvenience caused and end your letter.

A letter alone may not serve the purpose:

Once you have emailed your resignation retract letter, you need to meet your employers in person. Now, this is not to pressurize them to take their decision, Rather, it is to avoid some consequences following your resignation, that you seriously want to avoid.meet employer

No employer wants to leave a position vacant for long duration. Therefore, once they receive resignations, they start hunting for new applicants. And now that you want to stay back, you seriously want your employers to know about your plans, before they land on some potential applicant.

Therefore, take permission to fix a short meeting with concerned professionals. Carry your resignation as well as retraction letter along with you, in case your employers are unaware about your recent retraction letter.

While in conversation, be confident to share the same specific reasons you had mentioned in your letter. Be humble while accepting the inconvenience caused by you. However, don’t present yourself as someone who has no other option left. This will be harmful for your job growth prospects in future. If negotiation with them led to your change of plan, things are a little more easier to handle.

Be thankful and get back to work:

Well, you have done the required and now you only need to wait for a response from their side, that may take some time. So, do not think of consequences and show the best of your efficiencies. You perhaps have a month or so before you resign, therefore do everything possible to showcase your intention to stay back.Back to work

It may happen that your letter or a short discussion with employers could not pave the way. However, if you stand strong on your job front, you will surely walk the desired path. This is something that can influence your employers to a great extent. So put in your best!

These were few techniques that can help you retract your resignation. Hope you have found this informative and useful for your search.

How to Handle Stress at Work?

What according to you is the greatest workplace irony? And by workplace it means all organizations on earth, irrespective of their turnovers?

Perhaps, most of the working professionals will agree if I say that this irony is nothing other than stress at work. I will explain how.workplace stress

Employees want their workers to work harder each day. Employees as well strive to get better and accomplish assigned tasks. However, why do we endure so much? Of course to earn for both professional and personal well being.

We work hard to earn more and in the process get stressed out to work less and thereby earn lesser. Isn’t that an irony? Indeed it is.

Reports show that every 8 out of 10 American professionals are suffering from workplace stress. The reasons however do vary. Now, when we say that almost 80 percent employees are suffering from workplace stress, it indicates that the American economy is loosing these 80 percent potential resources that can make drastic and powerful changes. Isn’t it so devastating? I am sure you are stressed again after reading this, aren’t you?

Therefore, to conquer any stressful situation, we need to identify its root causes and work to overcome the same. Workplace stress can be handled only when we realize the reasons that are leading to such situations.

Causes of stress at work:

Mentioned below are some of the probable reasons that cause workplace stress. This data has been compiled after analyzing various reports on the subject.Stress Causes

Expectations that cannot be met:

Let alone incentives, a simple word of appreciation can drive out the last bit of energy from within you. And at the end, you are left with two empty hands. However, you are not someone who quits easily and therefore try even more to reach those heights of success. And this somehow builds up frustration, disappointments and regrets that lead to stress.

Working with a workplace bully:

It is very unfortunate that out of various causes behind workplace stress; workplace bullying occupies a significant portion. Many professionals quit careers as they find no means to tackle such superiors at work.

These bullies find out ways of disrespecting their subordinates and burdening them with extra work. Professionals do not find ways to handle such workplace bully and get so stressed out that they decide to quit their lucrative careers. SAD!

Slow or negligible career growth:

Who does not look for rapid career growth? We are all in a rush to rise high up on the corporate ladder. And in a situation where you are required to spend years handling the same profile – having no monetary benefits or advanced learning experience, you find your entire career to be meaningless. This causes stress and a feeling of failure.

Well, in addition to these, there can be various other reasons as well. Whatsoever may be the situation, tackling such conditions is much simpler than what it is presumed to be.

How to handle stress at work?

Here are some tips that can help you reduce or nullify reasons that cause stress at workplace.stress handling

Celebrate your small success:

Why to get bogged down if you could not make it this time. If your boss is still happy with your colleagues and finds your contribution less significant – let it be. Pat your own back on small achievements you made. This will keep you motivated and perhaps sooner or later you will win those much awaited praises as well.

Well, if you fail to do this, then you are marching on a track opposite to the success you desire to achieve. You get demoralized and loose interest in your work. When you do not enjoy your work, it feels as a burden on your shoulder and it is now that you get stressed out.

A good and balanced life style:

Stress at work causes various physical and mental discomforts. Conversely, poor eating habits that pose health hazards may also lead to serious disorders.

Untimely eating habits, lack of sleep and exercise or unhealthy habits of addiction, cause our body and mind to get fatigued very easily. You lack concentration at work that leads to committing undesirable mistakes. You also lack your normal pace at performing job tasks, thus leading to pile of work. And one fine day you end up with too much stress at work.

Therefore, maintaining good life style with proper diet, sleep and exercise is mandatory to achieve a stress free work life.

Strong and approachable management:

Now, some things are out of our control and therefore we need to seek help from others. This solution specially talks about solving the prime factor of workplace stress, that is workplace bullying as mentioned above.

It is the duty of all employers to maintain a group of professionals who work to solve corporate relationship problems faced by employees. This includes sorting out tiff between coworkers or issues faced by employees who are ill treated by superiors.

The most important aspect of this is that workers need to feel confident at sorting out issues that are disturbing their work life balance. Further, these professionals also need to be efficient at bringing out quick solutions to all existing problems.

And at the end of the day, corporate relationship problems are unique and you need unique ways of eliminating such issues. However, to assist you with workplace harassment, here are some tips that can help to fight workplace bullying upto a great extent.

Plan and Schedule:

One solution to all worries. If you know how to plan your work and stick to the schedule. you definitely have no worries to feel stressed.Plan and Schedule

Just when you get your assignment, check your deadline. Before you get down with your work, write your action plan. Just open a folder on your computer where you divide your given work into small achievable day to day targets. And here do not compromise with breaks and relaxing scopes. Try to set strategies that can help you to achieve your target within deadlines.

However do not panic or rush, if you missed your small target the first day, this leads to greater mess and delay. Remember, you have tomorrow and tomorrow never dies.

However, it is important that you know your own skills and set personal targets accordingly. If you set too high standards, you may stumble upon and fall down.

Stress at workplace is a common scenario in modern day job culture. We cannot escape or eliminate it completely; however, you can work to reduce it significantly. These were few techniques that can effectively reduce stress at work. In addition to these you can also deduce your own techniques that can aim to sort out such problems.

How to Handle Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Annie was almost sure of quitting her job in the current company. She’d had enough. And this last incident forces her to think if she would return to her workplace the next day or not. It has been more than a year now that Annie is working in her current organization and reporting to the same boss. However, today she feels she would get choked if she had to report to her boss for just another single day of her life!Workplace Bullying

During her initial days at work, she was told some “not so pleasing things” about her boss. She had also overheard two of her coworkers describing him as one of the most ill-tempered people one can come across. She was a little disappointed; however, she decided to carry on. Annie knew very well that landing such a promising career is not an easy task. It takes huge efforts indeed. “ Come what may; I shall perform;” is what she reminded herself each day and perhaps this is what kept her going for all this time.

However, today was a different story, and she was sure that she would not continue with this bullying nature of her boss. She had already written a resignation letter, and just as she was ready to click on the send button on her email; something drifted her attention.Bullying bossThis was the morning newspaper that she had carried to her table; however, did not read. The newspaper headline read – “Fighting Workplace Bullying and Harassment.” Annie somehow felt that she needs to go through the article before resigning . Perhaps, deep inside she did not want to resign from her position at this moment and was ready to accept anything for a solution to her problem. Therefore, she took some time to go through the article, and this is what she found:

Some facts about workplace bullying and harassment:

  • Almost 45% of the American workforce is experiencing some form of workplace harassment and bullying. Goodness! That almost rounds off to half the working population.
  • Every one in five employees has witnessed coworkers getting bullied at some point of their entire professional span. Unfortunately, these are the ones who choose to have blind eyes and deaf ears to such situations.
  • A good percentage of absence leave arises due to these situations. Many employees have agreed that they take time off from work, just to stay away from bullies.
  • Most workplace harassment is suffered by women and yet 40% employees say that they have been bullied by female superiors! More precisely, Women who have been bullied previously present themselves as “Greater Bullies” before their subordinates.
  • A considerable part of workplace stress issues are related to harassment suffered in the workplace that are causing clinical depression cases.

Reading this, Annie is now convinced that she is not alone who is going through such a difficult situation. And when half the working population is suffering from similar issues, somebody has to find a solution. As the topic caught her interest, Annie proceeds to read the next section:

How do you know if you are really getting bullied?

Now, this is not something very difficult to realize. We do not need people to tell us that someone else is not treating us properly. It is only that we do not want to accept the fact.

Well, getting chided by your boss after a mistake is not what is known as harassment; until it is restricted to the cabin. However, if this becomes a regular affair; irrespective of you committing a mistake or not, then it becomes a harassment case.employees bullyingEmployers are not allowed to yell, humiliate or insult their employees. Your bosses can give you deadlines; however, they cannot restrict you from taking occasional breaks or participating in any fun activity. Further, no one can tell you to stay away from other coworkers in the office. It is absolutely up to you to choose your companions.

In addition, handle job tasks related to your profile for which you are getting paid. If someone is burdening you with other unrelated tasks, that neither interests you nor pays you; then at least try knowing the reasons behind getting assigned to such tasks. If it can add value to your performance in any way, you need to continue. However, if you feel it has no relevancy, then you can consider yourself getting harassed as your workload is increasing and equally suffering.

Annie finds this section so close to her own personal experience. She has had thousands of similar experiences in this short span of time. A gush of anger flows within her. She has now decided to fight the situation and not escape. Moving towards the concluding section, she reaches some essential tips to handle workplace harassment and bullying. This is what she read and recommends others to implement:

How to handle workplace bullying and harassment?

Do not allow the bully to rejoice over your distress:

Be it a bully in school or a coworker at the office, all bullies have one single motive. They want to see you emotionally stressed out. There are people who ascertain their power and right by ill-treating others and seeing them bogged down.workplace harassment

So, you need to keep calm and stay strong. If you lose your composure and behave emotionally, you will not be able to defuse the issue. If you lose your self-control, you can behave inappropriately that can work advantageous for your bully. Therefore, stay calm and have control over your actions.

Keep a written record secretly:

Each time you have been treated inappropriately, make sure that you have entered it in your personal folder on the computer or write it down in your diary. Mention everything in details, including the names of people who were around. Unless, you are sure of discussing these issues officially, do not let anyone to peep into your personal diaries and folders. Bring these records only before HR managers or concerned officials.

Make sure you have a few of your coworkers supporting you:

Now, this is very essential. It is evident that a person who is ill-treating other at the workplace, hold an influential position in your organization. Therefore, taking drastic steps just instantly may not be that effective. So, try informing others before you decide to counteract. It is important to note that you speak only to those who were a clear witness of the situation. Try to find if they are going to spell out the truth at the right time. coworkers supportRecover quickly:

Finally, when you are done with handling such people, it is important that you erase them from your memory. Regain your confidence and know that you are a fighter. Get back to your work and keep improving on the job front everyday.

Employers never want their workers to gain bad experiences while they are working with them. However, there is always a black sheep in every organization who needs to get eliminated.

Annie is now convinced of changing her decision. She has at present learned that it is indeed very easy to come out from such traps. And if you also find yourself stuck up in a similar situation, pull up your sleeves and take actions. It is your bully and not you who needs to quit my friend.