Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Inadequate workplace safety measures cannot be blamed for occupational fatalities. It is simply that some occupations are inherently dangerous. A little inconsistency and you miss the line between life and death. Whatsoever it is, improving working conditions that ensures safety of all workers, is definitely important and needs to be at the top priority list for employers.Dangerous Jobs

While there are people who look for promising career options that can earn them comfortable corporate cubicles and luxurious lives, there are few who find life threatening activities to be fascinating. However, there are many who simply earn their livelihood through these deadly occupations.

No matter whether you are looking for a dangerous job or simply want to know how these stuffs work; you definitely need to go through this list that presents America’s most dangerous jobs:


A profession with the highest fatality rate since 1992. Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in American market.

While we enjoy delicious sea food served on dinner platters, fishing may not appear as a life risking activity. However, in reality it is. And of course it is very different from pond fishing on a lazy afternoon. It is core commercial fishing.Fishing

Every year American fishing industry employs millions of fishermen at shore to capture, manage and handle large and heavy fishes in bulk. They are left to the mercy of oceans and if they have a bad weather and a miserable day, they may be taken away by the Ocean herself.

With a median salary of $26,590 and a fatality rate of 127.3, fishing is definitely one of the deadliest jobs in America.


Needless to explain, firefighting is definitely a profession that is extremely dangerous and poses potential threat to lives of workers. And still we have many brave hearts who risk their own lives for the sake of others.Firefighter

Aspirants undergo on job and off job training sessions before they start working as a full fledged firefighter. Firefighting and rescue teams ensure that workers are sufficiently equipped to fight back crisis and dangerous situations. However, some innate qualities are essential.

Recent surveys show that firefighting turns fatal only when workers get anxious and perplexed on the job front.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration regards Lumberjack or logger profession to be one among the top deadliest occupations in America.

Loggers climb up tall trees that are in fact relatively high altitudes and use heavy electrical and mechanical equipment to chop them off. The pace with which tall heavy logs fall on the ground and the sound they make is in itself is very scary to watch.Lumberjack

Lumberjacks always need to be very alert while carrying out their regular duties. And again, it is not the lack of skills or specialized equipment due to which loggers meet fatal outcomes. It is merely accidental errors that can occur in any flash of moment, that makes this profession extremely threatening.

Construction Laborers:

A survey conducted a few years back, found that one in every five occupational fatalities comes from construction industry. And unfortunately this figure is still rising. These workers are exposed to multiple hazards; ranging from heights to threats from electrical and mechanical equipments. Use of heavy construction machinery or vehicles is equally dangerous and life threatening.Construction Laborers

A lack of proper repair and regular maintenance of heavy equipment and apparatus, is one prime reason behind growing fatalities in this profession. Moreover, advanced training procedures that can make professionals more efficient on the job front are suggested to reduce unfortunate cases of deaths and injuries.

Correctional officers:

Although correctional officers do not have many on job tragic death cases, this occupation definitely has high rates of on duty injuries.Correctional officers

Handling ferocious inmates, who are either waiting for trials or are serving sentence period, pose great threat to the well being of these professionals. No matter how skilled and trained they are, some inmates appear extensively arrogant, that it becomes a difficult job to tackle them.

However, correctional officers use their skills of persuasion to discipline such rowdy offenders and in the process end up hurting themselves occasionally. Thus, correctional officer do have highest rates of non fatal and work related injuries and also suffer from number of contagious diseases.


Well it is not only in America; across the globe, mining has been regarded as one of the most dangerous occupation. Precisely, coal miners have highest fatal cases in the world. Gas explosions, Chemical leakage vehicle collision etc., pose threat to the lives of all miners, on a regular, day to day process.miner

It is unfortunate that most of the reasons that make this job extremely unsafe can be eliminated if given proper attention at the right time. A few years back, thousands of miners lost their lives due to cave ins. Now, proper drilling, accurate mineshaft excavation and properly secured walls and ceiling of mineshaft can help to eliminate these fatal accidents to a negligible amount.


Pilots do perform a difficult and risky job. It is not only their lives alone; they are responsible for the lives of all passengers on board. Technical difficulties and lack of proper maintenance sometimes become the cause of air accidents. Again bad weather also plays a key role in mishaps.Pilots

However, the good thing is; unlike all other dangerous occupations listed above, pilots are well paid for the risk they undertake. Therefore, it somehow becomes a job worth pursuing.

These were few jobs that are considered to be extremely dangerous occupations in America. And there can be many other jobs as well.

Now, people who consider corporate jobs that are comfortable with air cooling facilities, coffee machines and cozy cubicles, will definitely not find these above jobs suitable for themselves. And again people who find pleasure in risking their lives and overcoming the fear within, that ultimately earns them their living, will definitely not enjoy corporate jobs.