How Men and Women React to Success & Failure at Work

There are many differences in men and women both biologically and fundamentally. The changes in them are congenital. How they react and behave in a particular situation is totally different. If you observe both these genders since their childhood, you will realize that each of them interpret messages differently. Even their behavior is influenced by myriads of factors with no similarities. When men and women go through their development phases, each gender starts developing its own set of thinking. They may have the same liking for sports though, but their reasons of participation in the activities are totally contrasting.Men and women at work

For example, boys are more inclined towards manly sports whereas women toward feminine sports. The former ones, taking an active part in any activities with the feeling of dominating opponents. The latter ones consider sports an opportunity to build relationships. Boys become aggressive while competing and do not hesitate in getting into conflict with opponents. Girls, however, stay calm and are nice to others, even their competitors. The masculine genders love to take control of the activities they are participating. Despite being competing fiercely in the sports, they follow the orders of their team leaders. Boys learn to develop and meet goals while indulging with sports activities. Girls learn to collaborate.

Based on the thinking and reasons of participation in various sports, we can easily form an analogy with the workplace. The differences between them has a major impact on the way we take our work.

1. Team Concept

When both men and women have totally different outlook towards sports participation, how can they hold the same view when it comes to working as a team. For men, working in a team is being answerable for the tasks assigned to them. They are only concerned about finishing off the given tasks. They will not take time to learn how is the other team members doing. Even they complete their tasks much ahead of the scheduled time, they will hardly take any initiative of helping others and enjoy the spare time pursuing their personal interests of hobbies.Team Concept

Women are not generally like men. For them, being a team player means working collectively with the team members, and providing help to someone who is struggling with the given tasks. What the women learned during their development years are implemented by them at the workplace. They feel a team culture is one that shares ideas with each other, resolves conflicts, and works collectively towards achieving the goals.

2. Taking credit for success

Success is the ladder to climb high up the hierarchy of an organization. This mantra is very well imbibed by men. When men achieve success, they don’t hesitate to take credit for that. They also gloat over their skills and talent applied for the achievement. Every good beginning and happy ending is all because of their skills and talent. Others don’t even have a say or contribution in it. This is what they believe. They have a deep yearning inside them of becoming a hero and when the opportunity comes knocking, they don’t fail to grab it. On the contrary, when success eludes them, or they fail, they try to pass the buck to others. They go to any extent in framing others for the failure and saving their own back.Taking credit for success

On the other hand, when women succeed, they point towards the team work. They give credit to the entire team and never shy away from asserting or attributing success to the team. Any good results for them is because of the contribution of all. And when they fail, they take the onus and boldly accept the responsibilities for failure. They may even take the blame on themselves and say that they haven’t given their 100%.

3. Problem solving

Men and women have their own ways to solve problems. The former tend to seek for solutions personally. For them, providing a solution to the problem is like reserving a birth for the next promotion. They go to any length in resolving the issue and prove their competency. This gender sees a problem as an opportunity to grab power and control over others. When authority is bestowed upon them, they are ever ready to take and implement any type of initiatives.Problem solving

Women take a different approach for solving a problem. First, they gather input for the solutions from their colleagues, ponder over it for a while, and then offer the solution. They are never bothered about losing or gaining authority over others. Moreover, they love the whole process of getting involved in the solution seeking process.

4. Liking for the processes

Women enjoy each and every process to get closer to the goals. They never miss even a single step though the goals elude them. They love being a part of the whole process and less focused towards the goals. These working class is more inclined towards what goes into the process rather than the goal. Liking for the processes

Working at their own pace and learning every ins and out of the processes are things women love the most. Men, however, stay focused on the goals. For them, the processes matter the least and reaching to the set target as soon as possible is the priority. They are motivated for the goal and apply total energy for attaining it.

5. Hierarchy & relationships

Men have high regards for hierarchy and set their eyes on the top most slot. They are comfortable in following the orders of the higher authority and see themselves in that position in the near future. These working class love to work in an environment where there is a set hierarchical system. Following a standard protocol is what men believe the most and abide by it. For they knew once reaching the top of the hierarchy will generate the same kind of respect for them in others. On the contrary, women develop a tendency to pay heed more to relationships than hierarchy. It’s not that they don’t follow orders or behave as per their own will. They only apply what they have grabbed and experienced throughout their development years. Women enjoying sharing goals and building an understanding among their colleagues.

These behaviors and attitude of men in the workplace are enough to conclude that the way they grow and learn things during their childhood, makes a huge difference in how they see success and failure at work. Success for women is not primary. They love to build relationships with colleagues and help them. Men are flexible to accept any authority and following the company’s protocol. But their aim is always reaching to the top slot of the hierarchy.

Am I Ready to Apply?

Whether you will get the job or not is a different matter. But the whole process of applying for the job gives a mixed feeling of joy and nervousness. You are happy that the opportunity you have been waiting for so long is up for your grab, and at the same time you are skeptical about making it or not. Unwillingly, you are compelled to don a skeptical attitude. Nevertheless, the journey of applying and going through grueling rounds of interview is enjoyable.Ready to Apply

But before seeing yourself talking to the interviewers, there is one long and tedious process you have to complete. And it’s the job application. You may have the necessary education, training, and experience for the job. Still, you cannot save yourself from getting goosebumps when filling out the job application. It’s a standard procedure all employers, regardless of technical or non-technical position follow. There is a better reason for asking candidates to complete the job applications. As you are not yet introduced to the employers, they have to know about you. And this can be done only by asking you to share information about yourself through the job application. Though candidates have to fill information about themselves, the very first sight of the job application makes them nervous. Some companies have the documents as lengthy as five to six pages. Seeing such a long document with lots of columns and check boxes makes people feel whether they can fill out everything on the job application, or is compulsory to fill them all.

Before starting using the pen on the job application, you must familiarize yourself with the contents most employers would want you to share with them.

Your interest

Though most of the employers prefer asking “Why have you chosen our company, or what is your interest in working with us?” during the interview, they still want to be sure if you are really interested in working with them. Therefore, they include one column in the job application wherein you have to express your interest.Your Interest

It is their way to analyze if you are motivated and mentally and emotionally prepared to work with them. And it is good for you also because unless you are making your mind to work with the company, you won’t be able to enjoy your tenure with them. So, decide first why you want to join the company and express your interest openly.


This subheading may irritate you, especially when you have already covered it in your resume. You need to understand that the employers want to cross-check since there are people who provide false information and the details in the resume and one that provide in the job application do not match.Education

They also want to ascertain that you are honest and doesn’t cheat on others. So, ensure that the education information you have provided in the job application are similar to the ones in your resume. Besides major degree, it is necessary to include any relevant certification program attended. As some jobs are related with other in some way, the employers may utilize your education and offer you additional responsibilities. As you are handling duties other than your education, you are sure to get a promotion and salary hike than your peers.

Work Experience

This is another sub heading you may feel redundant. However, it is important to prove your candidacy and helping employers decide whether you are fit for the job or not. So even if you feel that you have already included your work history in your resume, do not skip this column and fill out experience

The information is useful for employers in assessing the kind of work you have done. You must add the work done at previous employment, projects undertaken, and special contribution. It also helps in viewing your career graph and how you move ahead from one position to another. You can also add other experience that may be utilized on the job. For example, any volunteer work done during your degree program. The company may use this experience in running a fundraising campaign or for organizing an exhibition of their products.

Eligibility for the job

It is important for employers to know the background from a legal point of view. For that, they need to know your SSN (Social Security Number). This helps in finding out about your past and ascertaining if you have been involved in any criminal cases. Further, it is also important for employers to know whether you are legally permitted to work in the United States.eligibility

If you don’t have any SSN number, you will not be qualified for the job even with experience and education you have. It’s is not just for their safety, but also of other employees. If a person with criminal mindset and charges is working with them, it can create a dent in their reputation. However, any arrests not amounting to convictions may not prove you a criminal. So, don’t hide anything because even if you do, your social security number will disclose it.


You have to collect references before applying for the job. Employers will ask you about people who can assert something about you and who knows you well. So, speak to people you know and have worked with you about providing their names in the reference column. Mostly, employers want references of people from the same field you are in. For people who work daily with you for years are in a better position to speak or write a few things about you. The employers will not mind even if you have provided the names of your previous employers in the reference sections. Providing names of your previous and present employers will also show employers that you have left the job on a good note and they are familiar with your attempt of job searching.references

It is always good to be prepared for applying any type of job. Whether you are experienced or not, you have to ask yourself “Am I ready to apply?” If you understand what employers want to read in your job application, you can easily convince them about your education, work experience, and eligibility for the job.

What are Blue-Collar, White-Collar, Pink-Collar Jobs

When and how the practice of uniform at work started is less known. But it is something that is still prevalent in almost most of the countries around the world. As uniform came into the work scenario, a system also came into existence whereby identifying working individuals according to the color of their collars worn at work became easy. The color of a collar was so methodologically selected that it became a reflection of working individuals’ occupation. In the United States, occupations are divided into semi-skilled and skilled categories, based on which the blue collar, white collar, and pink collar are worn according to the work one do.All Collar Jobs

Blue Collar

The term blue-collar was first introduced in 1924. It was used for trade jobs since workers used to wear clothing that were rugged to bear the work environment and can hide the dirt easily. The clothing preferred by the working class was cambric shirts and blue denim that were inexpensive, but long lasting. As the texture and color of the clothing had the potential to cover up the dirt, oil, and grease, it became an obvious choice.Blue Collar WorkerWorkers in blue color are usually paid hourly wages and are hired for manual work. They are even hired for projects and their salary varies depending on the chosen field, specialty, and experience.

Blue Collar Education Requirements

The is no formal education requirements for blue-collar workers. They may or may not be a high school graduate. However, depending on the trade chosen, some kind of basic training along with a certification or license is necessary to work in the profession. Some industry also prefers providing training to workers on the job if the person is interested in learning the trade job.

Blue Collar Industry

The blue-collar was usually worn by workers in manufacturing, mining, construction, firefighting, and mechanical maintenance field. To put in a simple manner, people who exert lots of physical strength in their work choose this color. Workers even had the name of the company they are working for embroidered on it. Some companies prefer their logo and the person’s name printed on the front pocket of the shirt. They may work as a mechanic, electrician, plumber, construction labor, machine operator, etc.

White Collar

White colored collars or white shirts were typically worn by office workers. Since white is an attractive, cool, and respect-generating color, it was mostly worn by workers who worked with a computer on a table and lots of files. Since there is no manual work involved in the job, there is no fear or worry about the clothing getting dirty. The practice of wearing white was started in the beginning of the 20th century. It was an American writer called Upton Sinclair, who created this expression in 1930. The white-collared workers are usually skilled members of the organization who are trained and experienced to handle management work.white collarWhite Collar Education Requirements

As the white-color collar is used by management professionals, a degree in relevant field is necessary. Since there is no manual work involved and most of the work is done with the help of the computer, working knowledge of the computer is must in this profession. But not all white-collar people work in the office only. Some also have to work on the field and provide direction to others. For example, engineers and architects will work on construction sites. They may not do any physical or manual work, but stand there and get the work done by workers. Therefore, the experience of working both in the office and on site is necessary in this occupation.

White Collar Industry

As business management is a critical aspect that ensures longevity of an organization, the white-collar profession is available in all types of industries. Without management, it is impossible for a business to run. The white-collar workers generally work in a management position or in professional jobs. They may be a manager, administrative consultant, engineer, or a lawyer. Wherever applying knowledge, logics, analysis, and management and engineering principles are necessary, white-collar workers are hired.

Pink Collar

This term is the latest out of the three and was introduced at the end of 1990s. It was created by Louise Kapp Howe for women workers who were in the service industry such as nurses, school teachers, and secretaries. It was meant to distinguish between non-professional office staff and white-collar job. Though it was initially used to refer to women workers, many men workers are also seen in this profession. The nursing profession is one such example where you can see nurses of both the genders in hospitals.Pink Collar Job

Pink Collar Education Requirements

When the term “pink collar” was coined, it was traditionally meant for women workers. The motive behind using this term was to differentiate between female-oriented and blue-collar jobs. In those days, women mostly used to work as a baby sitter, day care worker, house nurse, or a florist. These types of jobs didn’t require much of an education. However, with the growing time, things have changed. Now a pink-collar job require a high school education or a degree program depending on the occupation chosen. For example, if a female has chosen to become a teacher, she has to complete a degree in Education and be certified. Similarly, a secretary needs to hold typing, shorthand skills, and computer skills. However, there are jobs in the service industry that doesn’t require any education, such as a waitress job.

Pink Collar Industry

Job for pink-collar workers are booming according to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many health care sectors have mushroomed in the recent years that need nurses. Job opportunities are also growing in the education field where teachers are needed. Moreover, the service industry such as hotels, resorts, and saloons are also in need of female workers who can help them in serving customers.

The terms used for types of collar jobs in the United States of America has helped in differentiating working individuals according to their job types. They tell us that if a person is wearing blue-colored clothing, then he is one who does manual work. And when one is seen in white clothing, then he is a typically a management professional. On the other hand, a pink-colored clothing is for individuals in the service industry.

Jobs for People Who Don’t Like People

For in solitude, there is peace. And in peace, thrives excellence.

Not all will agree to this; however, there are many who prefer being in isolation rather than in associations. Now isolation is easily achievable in our personal lives. If we don’t need people in our lives, we can shut doors (not literally though). 


Disappearing from social media platforms and making the minimum use of our smart phones can easily take us far from the rest of the world. However, when it comes at the professional front, being a loner could be tough, but not impossible to deal with.

Many employers nowadays, look for candidates who can add value to an existing ‘team.’ Being an effective and promising contributor to teams, have become an essential hiring credentials. Amongst the multitude of career options we come across each day, hardly do we find openings that require ‘less interactive’ candidates. And again, just because we don’t come across such jobs easily, it does not imply that they don’t exist in reality.

So if you think that you being an introvert is holding you back; especially, when professional networking is suppose to drive your career growth, you’re perhaps mistaken.

For all those loners, you just need to know, that there’s a world out there that is less crowded. The only thing you need to do is to make it up to there!

Yes, looking for such jobs and landing yourself to expected careers will not be a cake walk experience. However, doing something you love can take you miles. So, if it is about finding a job where you want to work alone, let’s work to find one.


Archivists – Bridging between extinction and existence.

People who find mingling with others a great task to accomplish, do find this job role very suitable for themselves. Archivists work in museums, auction houses or any other place that aims at preserving objects of historical significance, work of art, documents etc. that can connect all to the foregone.Archivist

Archivists are responsible in acquiring documents from past and then arranging them into systematic records. They appraise and authenticate historical documents or any other archival material.

So, going through previous records and conducting vigorous research to connect small bits and pieces of information is what consumes a major portion of their time. Besides, they may also be required to help people in gathering and understanding various documents and relevant information. For this purpose they develop catalogs and document descriptions; thus facilitating easy access to essential information by all.

Animal Care taker:

For those who prefer four legged to bipedal companions.

People who are a less of a talker, prefer silent communications. Now, communication can never be silent unless you have your four legged companions with you. Therefore, if you too fall in this category, a career as an animal care taker can be very satisfying.Animal Care taker

These professionals are responsible in ensuring all round welfare of the animals. They take care of their food, medication and places they live. Their day to day activities include bathing them, brushing, providing medical assistance at times of injury and illness. In short, they are responsible for all round welfare of animals.

Animal care takers work with kennel boarders, pet retail stores or even for pets at home. Being an animal care taker requires aspirants to have completed a high school diploma or anything equivalent. Professionals who want to move to zoos and clinics where they are required to deal with both domestic and wild animals require further education and certification.


It is in Nature that you could find solace.

Greenery is what keeps us going. It is the source of oxygen, essential nutrients, fights global warming and for some, it serves as a peaceful place to be in.
Now, not all can take care of this greenery perfectly; as it is for the entire living population. So, if you have a strong desire to save, protect and enhance this existing and diminishing greenery, botanical careers could be a perfect match for you.Botanists

Botanists are mostly hired in botanical gardens; however, they may even work with pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology firms, or government and private agencies who work for environment protection.

As a botanist, you will enjoy a lot of lone time where you will be required to study plants and their relationship with environment. They study physiological aspects and origination trails of plants.

Plant study has number of domains; such as, study for agricultural use, ecological study and research for medicinal value. To work as a botanist, every aspirant needs to have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree. Thereafter, pursuing a Master’s degree or doctoral degrees can open different job opportunities for you.

Irrespective of the domain you choose, your aim of having more of a “ME” time does not suffer.


Photography – Capturing time till eternity.

Photography is one of the most interesting career options for people who like being all by themselves. It is a vast career option involving several diversions. No matter what type of photography you are inclined to, having an eye for beauty, and a sense of capturing the same at that perfect moment, are the two indispensable prerequisites of landing this career.Photographer

Photography is something that cannot be learned; as it relates to your inner self. Something that is within, and can only be enhanced – not acquired. Yes, fine refinement and practical exposure to different lenses is definitely required when you want to land a career in this domain. However, certifications and college degrees cannot guarantee a job; if you lack those necessary skills.

Nevertheless, attending photography schools and independent art schools can give you the required exposure. Further, you can also benefit while working under an established photographer as assistant. This would only require you to spend a couple of hours with your senior, learning a great deal; while leaving you with ample time to be spend only with your camera if your wish to.

Computer Programming:

Debug to keep all buggers off!

All software programmers, introvert or not, will agree to the fact that cutting oneself off from the rest of the world is essential to have those codes coming up frequently. It is an intense job, where technical expertise along with high levels of concentration and focus are a must.Computer Programming

It is because of this reason that these computer geeks are seldom seen in groups as most of the time they are alone drowned in an ocean of codes, bugs and debugs. Many professionals, although skilled, find this job role dissatisfying because most of the time they work alone. However, for people who love being alone, it is simply an opportunity that cannot be missed, isn’t it?

Now, programming requires huge knowledge and thereby education or certification. Keeping up with latest technologies and advents is essential. Therefore, if you are a true loner, and have some technical expertise, being in such a profession will prove apt and self satisfying.


Reaching worlds that are yet to be born.

Over the ages, every change that the world has seen, counts on what writers have done to bring about that necessary change. Writers or modern day bloggers are exceptionally creative minds. They can present ideas today that get appreciated tomorrow. They can change and motivate communities and change the entire world for betterment.Writer/Blogger

Writing is an excellent career option for people who like expressing views in the form of write ups; instead of speaking or communicating the same verbally. Similar to photography, writing too is a flair that you are born with. Attending graduation schools can help you get better of course.

Today, there are various forms of writing; such as, travel writing, fashion, medical, educational, current affairs etc. Therefore, choosing any form of writing entirely depends upon your choice. Travel writings are best suited for introverts as they can travel across the globe all by themselves and present their journey for others who have not made it there.


If it was not them, we would have still been in the stone age.

The word Scientists somehow presents a virtual image before us, where we can view someone working intensely in a huge laboratory environment, surrounded with everything but another person to talk to.Researchers/Scientists

Scientist are known to be less of a talker and exceptional geeks. They love being in a different world away from the chaos; where they invent things that eventually find their way into the existing hustles and bustles of our day to day lives. Therefore, if you too want to be away from our noisy atmosphere, prepare yourself for this career option.

Scientists require huge study and educational certification. Not everyone end up having satisfactory careers in this domain. Therefore, if you really have that passion for learning and exploring anything and everything, research could be a great profession to choose.


Stepping out of the world to enter the Universe.

One of the most lucrative as well as solitary profession is to become an astronomer. These professionals spend their working days knowing more about different celestial bodies. Depending upon the celestial body, number of specializations are available.Astronomer

They are required to gather information about our solar system and various others that exist in the Universe. They also need to write thesis on their findings for the world to know. The job role requires exceptional understanding of mathematical concepts and strong foundation of Physics. Therefore, vast education and knowledge is but essential to land this job role.

Astronomers work with research centers and observatories where they are mostly alone and do not require much of an interaction.

These were eight different job roles that perfectly match career expectations of introverts. Most of these job roles have good job growth prospects in near future. Therefore, earning handsome salaries is not at all difficult; even when you do not make those necessary professional networks. Hence, opt for any of the above mentioned profession and start preparing well to land careers of your choice.

How to Find a Right Career Path?

Opting for a right career path is as essential as choosing your perfect life partner! I will tell you why.

Although some people say that a 9 hours work shift schedule cannot have an alarming effect on our lives; it is lame. Have you ever noticed that more than half of our working days are spent either at our workplace or preparing a travel to or back from there? It is only the remaining hours that we spend with our respective families or life partners. Thus, if you want to spend each day happy and content, a right career path and perfect life partners are both mandatory.Career Path

Professionals complain about work life imbalance or less productivity or monotony in their chosen profession. Why is this so?

Perhaps, they were too busy to work out perfect career paths for themselves and have chosen a career based on one particular factor. Earning money out of your work is not enough. To earn money while you are enjoying every moment is essential. As this is how you keep improving and remain enthusiastic about your day to day work;thus increasing productivity and performance.

Therefore, today we move ahead to discuss how job seekers can find the right career path for themselves. Lets get started!

How to find a right career path?

Listed below are few questions. Provide yourself with a clear and honest answer to all these questions and nothing can stop you from choosing a right career path for yourself.

What is my interest?

It is natural that when you work on fields that interest you, it never gets exhausting or monotonous. While you are trying to figure out career options, ask yourself what fields interest you. Is it technology, creativity, finance or something else that triggers your enthusiasm?my interest

Be very honest while deciding an answer for this question. A wrong answer can deviate you from the desired track. This may take some time and therefore go slow. Give yourself sometime so that your heart can come up with the perfect answer.

What is the job profile like?

While you are yet to get started with your professional life, you may have various fantasies related to job profiles. Perhaps, you may think that an interest in music can land you jobs of a Radio Jockey. Or, organizing parties for friends can fetch you an event manager role.job profile

However, the real world is different. Besides interests and instincts, there are many things that work in the background. Perhaps, this background is equally important for landing specific job roles. Therefore it is essential that you research on exact job roles that match your interests. This will greatly help you visualize your days working in that particular domain and thus find out if you can really carry on.

What am I Best at?

I am sure all of you are well aware about the rising competition in job markets. Therefore, just to be interested and good at fields is not sufficient. You need to be the best if you need to have a successful and promising career.Best

Thus, finding your fields of interest and researching on job roles is not sufficient. You need to ask yourself, if you are sufficiently skilled to carry out job responsibilities efficiently. Try finding out if your potentialities are sufficient to prove you as the best applicant for that particular job role.

When you get a Yes for an answer, know that you have already made the right career choice and therefore on the right track. For people who feel that they need to work on acquiring some additional skills, they can definitely go ahead with it.

I am not the best – Should I give up?

Now, everyone cannot be best fit for job roles. However, not being the best fit does not mean that you will give up or compromise with your aspirations and career goals. Rather, compromising at situations can never work for future benefits. In such scenarios, the best option is finding out ways of enhancing your skills and knowledge.Should I give up

Moreover, when you already have a great deal of passion for any specific job role, getting a chance to know and explore more in this field is tempting, isn’t it?

How to become the best?

This is very easy. Know what stops you from becoming the best and work on it. If you don’t have enough practical experience, look for internship programs. There are many institutes that offer you practical learning sessions for different vocations. Enrolling in any of those cannot be a very difficult task. Besides, internship programs and volunteering experiences are also good platforms to boost your career

Well, this will definitely consume your time. However, when you appear as a potential candidate with right skills and passion for job roles before employers; they definitely will look forward to hire you.

What else can I do?

Now, even after making thorough research and preparation to land a perfect career, you may still have some doubtful areas. There are times when you cannot figure out certain issues. Well don’t leave these unanswered and unresolved. Get help from others. Perhaps, a career counselor or someone who is handling the same profile can come as a great help for you.

Be open and clear with them. Share your knowledge about the field and your expectations from the job. They are the only ones who can show you the mirror. You can also get a realistic and practical scenario of job markets from these people. Therefore, never shy away from opportunities of getting into a thorough discussion with veterans.

Although perfect jobs are difficult to land, it is not something impossible. You can surely land a satisfying job role, only if you know how to go about it. And landing perfect jobs requires perfect and befitting career paths. Your interest, education, knowledge and above all the right path that leads to your goal, are quintessential to land perfect jobs.

Again, being content at your professional front helps to attain more satisfied personal lives and vice versa. Thus, don’t just jump into any profession that appears lucrative at the moment. Instead, try finding out if this job is either a best match for you or not. If you get a yes for an answer, this job will automatically turn lucrative for you.

Few Career Advices for Future Software Engineers

A career in Software or IT – the most desirable occupation that has been leading job markets, ever since technology has become an integral part of our lives.

A profession that depicts a perfect blend of “Geekiness” and “Style.” Professionals need to wreck their brains so much that they even cut off with the rest of the world to get those error free codes. And in return, earn a luxurious life where style, status and sophistication comes naturally.Software Engineers

Software careers are perhaps the dream jobs for many. However, today, landing these jobs requires applicants to surpass similar talents and reach that single position. In such a scenario, college degrees or specialization courses are not sufficient to land desired job roles. To present oneself as the best among the lot is crucial to earn those deserving positions. Therefore, the below mentioned career guidelines to land lucrative software careers may be very useful for you.

Future Software Engineers – Things you must know:

Software Engineers do have huge career growth chances. However, if you have to to make optimum use of available opportunities, you will have to stand unique in the crowd of similarly qualified individuals. So here are a few things that may prove helpful:

Explore the world of Software:

The foremost requirement to have an escalating career is to remain updated or informed about everything within your industry. So, there should never be an end to learning and experiencing fresh of Software

You may be a Java expert; however, advanced knowledge in a single domain cannot earn you any added advantage as far as your career growth is concerned. Having considerable knowledge of different platforms is mandatory to grow your career in the coming years. Thus, a Java expert having relevant knowledge of other languages such as .Net or PHP or anything else is crucial to have a sustained career.

It is creativity that keeps you going:

For you it may appear to be a little absurd to know that software careers do require a sense of creativity. Programming is all about compiling and debugging dry algorithms that can be handled with strong technical background alone. However, this is a partial truth and there is something more to it.creativity

A sense of creativity is something that is relevant to all professions and not only a career requisite for creative and non technical professions. This is something that helps you inculcate new ideas for the business and this holds true for IT careers as well.

Only when you can think a little out of the box, you will be in a position to develop something that can be useful as well as desirable for your potential customers. In addition, technical development aims at easing out our day to day activities. So, identifying areas that require technical assistance and then providing apt solutions also requires some amount of creativity and thinking.

Keep moving, don’t settle:

Spending a couple of years in the same company, handling similar projects and working on similar platforms can doom your career. This is something exceptionally true for all IT careers. Although, it may sound a little contradictory to the much accepted career advices where hoping between jobs is not a very strong career strategy; veterans in this field say that it is absolutely important.Keep moving

IT is such a platform that is expanding with every passing day. And how do you think you can keep abreast with every new development taking place continuously? The exceptionally packed schedule leaves you with no time that can be utilized for self study. So, the best way is to look for jobs that can provide you with new experiences. When you find that a job role has nothing to offer you, look for a different and more challenging job.

Simplicity is what pays off:

Being a software engineer you cannot expect the rest of the world to think and breathe codes. Remember, your customers are far from codings and technicalities. They use what you develop if they find it useful and easy to use. Therefore, all software engineers must aim to present things in simplest of forms so that they become more productive from user perspective. And those working as software professionals, you are perhaps aware that developing simple things is in fact complex!

Be a little social:

At the end of the day it is about business. You develop stuffs and it earns you only when it becomes sale-able. You don’t have market and your programming hours are wasted. Therefore, marketing pitch is definitely essential for career growth.Be social

The current trends show that software professionals do need to become a little social with effective communication skills. And it is quite justified as no one can pitch better than you – who is the creator and conceived the idea in the first place.

This was all about becoming a software engineer. Lucrative careers don’t just come your way. A perfect idea, a career strategy and zeal to move higher on career ladders are a few things that bring success. Hope you have found the above suggestions beneficial to your career growth and advancement as a software engineer.

These Signs say, It’s Time to Leave Your Job

After having spent a great weekend, returning to work on Mondays is of course quite depressing. Again, waking up on a cold winter morning to reach office on time feels like quitting the job. Or dealing with a boss who is arrogant and insatiable can force you to resign. However, none of these can be a sufficient reason to quit a lucrative career.Job loss conceptLeaving a job needs ample reasons to justify your decision and act. After all, this job didn’t just come your way. It took extensive effort and perseverance to land this position. Isn’t it? However, this does not imply that you keep working with the same employer for years. An immature behavior, where you take quitting decision only to regret it later is damaging to your career growth.

Taking impulsive or hasty decisions can be detrimental to your career progression. And again, continuing in a profile that has nothing to give you is equally injurious.

Now, the question is how can you identify the best or worst time to go hunting for a new job? Taking career related risk is inevitable. You cannot grow when you have the fear of taking risks. And again, when you fail to bring some necessary changes to your professional life, you lag behind and your career development retards.

Thus, identifying signs that tell you to quit your current job is crucial. Below mentioned are certain “its time to quit signs.” Read them to know if any of these apply to you.

You become non existent in your workplace:

This is one of the most alarming signs and therefore tops the list. If you are working in a profile or department, that no longer attracts your employer’s interest or focus, it simply implies that you need to look for another job.non existent in workplace

Working with employers whose needs align with your skills and knowledge is important for your professional growth. Only then you face fresh challenges on the job front and this leads to your advancement. Working in the same profile and doing the same work that appears to be of least significance before your employers, inhibits your career progression.

Business requires fresh ideas and avenues. If in case your employers are changing their focus and that makes your job role less important or secondary and peripheral, you never get deserving remuneration; irrespective of achieving targets and impressive performance. Perhaps your employers are having second thoughts about continuing with your current profile and may replace you very soon. Therefore, before you get eliminated from the race, looking for another suitable track is crucial.

Your company sees no revenue:

You have not made life and death promises with your employers. Therefore, if you can calculate that your company may sink very soon; you need not wait to get drowned revenue

Instead, make quick moves and look for different options. There’s no point in showing loyalties now as your future employers may consider you as someone who remains ignorant about one’s own workplace. And that’s bad. Again, when you make some early moves, you escape the competition from your current coworkers who may soon get unemployed.

Therefore, keep account of your company’s health. And again, as an employee, you do need to strive hard to ensure complete wellbeing and prosperity of your company.

You deserve better remuneration:

Well, this is little tricky. Career growth is not always measured with monetary benefits. However, sometimes it does.

When you know that you have made efforts, fought staff cutting and other downsides and still achieved targets and finally contributed in earning profits for your organization; you do deserve certain rewards and perks complying to your company norms. However, if your employers are failing to reward you, you definitely possess all rights to question their decision.deserve better remuneration

Visit your HR managers or concerned authorities and discuss these issues. If in case you find their answers satisfactory, there’s no harm in continuing. Its important that your employers are counting your efforts and have plans of rewarding you in the near future. However, if you can sense that your employers are having no such plans, you better look for opportunities that can pay for your efforts. This is important to keep you going.

You are completely disinterested and lack passion:

At the end of the day, its about the work you do. So, if you can no longer improve your performance ratio; even when you are very much capable, its time to ask yourself if you need some change.disinterested

If you have nothing to share about your working hours with your friends and family, if accomplishments do not make you happy anymore and failures do not force you to develop fresh work strategies; you need to know that the job no longer interests you and thus calls for a change.

So, before its too late and you degrade yourself as an employee, just because you are no longer passionate about the job role; start hunting for new career opportunities.

You are being ill treated:

No one needs to tell you that you are being ill treated at your workplace. Every employee; irrespective of the role, designation or skills, is entitled to be treated well with due respect. So, if you feel that your coworkers, superiors or even your boss is not behaving appropriately; you need to take steps to improve situations. And if things don’t work out, quit without giving a second thought.ill treatedThus, if any of these cases relate to you, you need to take some important career decisions. Our workplace is where we spend most of our waking hours and therefore our experiences there need to be pleasant. We cannot force ourselves to remain happy in a place that we dread being in. Therefore, ask yourself if you are really into some clumsy situation and if you get a yes, you know its the best time to quit.

Job Opportunities for People from Teaching Background

Earning a teaching degree can land you number of job scopes with various schools, institutes and colleges. Apart from being one of the most reputed jobs across the globe, it is also a very promising and steady job profile with not much variation. While professionals look forward to land steady professions, this occupation offers it naturally.teaching

Along with all the goodies, teaching profession is definitely not an easy job. Getting along well with all students, presenting complex subjects in the most simplest form and ensuring all round development of students are considered to be some major responsibilities of teachers. Those who are good at these, can enjoy a flourishing career in this field for a life time.

However, there are many who do not find classroom teaching environment fascinating enough. They are the ones who look for continuous variation in job roles. Now, considering the impact teachers have on entire society and civilization, people who do not enjoy this job need to quit. It is evident that when they are not happy performing their regular duties, they cannot impart proper education and knowledge to students.

Now, all job profiles have their own educational requirement. And candidates who have already earned their professional degree in teaching may not receive opportunities for landing other job profiles. Thus, they are left with no option besides reluctantly continuing with the job. A difficult and unfortunate situation, Isn’t it?

And amidst all these difficulties, I am delighted to say that this is not the real story. Candidates with a teaching degree may very well look for other job roles besides teaching. Listed below are different job opportunities for people with teaching experience or formal education in the field. It is important to note that some of these professions may require additional education and specialization.

What are the options for people with a teaching background?

Corporate trainer:

A lucrative designation under the Human resource department, Corporate trainers are professionals who train corporate newbies. And who else could accomplish this job better than a teacher?!Corporate trainer

Even though applicants are filtered through number of qualifying rounds before they join any organization, corporate learning is irreplaceable. Therefore, all new joiners undergo some training sessions during their initial days.

These sessions are carried out by corporate trainers who motivate employees and help them to sink into corporate environment. Now, it is not only freshers who can benefit out of these sessions. Professionals who have spent a considerable period in the workforce also find these sessions equally essential.

These professionals develop different instruction materials and teaching formats that give an overall idea about business policies, work culture, target prioritization etc. They are responsible to mold and inspire candidates so that they can work to take organizations to different levels of success.

Possessing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree along with related technical exposure is sufficient to land this position. Thus, if you are looking forward to go beyond classroom teaching and yet use your teaching skills, this can be a great option.


Well, if you are not very keen at sharing your knowledge and experiences in classrooms, you can go ahead to do the same through writing.Writer

Owing to their vast knowledge as teachers, they earn opportunities to write for various e-learning websites, educational forums or publishing houses. This is a growing profession and a befitting career for teachers looking for change.

A few years of experience in writing can open number of additional career opportunities. As for instance, you can become an editor where you will be required to review write ups written by others. Or else, you can look into publication of text books for regular curricular sessions in schools or colleges.

Along with a Bachelor’s degree,good command over English and an ability to present complex topics in an easy to understand manner are sufficient attributes to land this job role.


You are there in the school yet free from monotonous classroom teaching system. Student counselors are required in every institute, schools and colleges. They are directly related to their students; however, do not educate them on any theoretical subject.School counselor

Counselors on the other hand enlighten students in many different ways that ultimately help them to grow into matured and responsible individuals. They are required to resolve both personal and career related issues faced by students. In a nutshell, they are not only teachers, but guides, friends and mentors for students.

Most educational institutes prefer hiring counselors who have some professional degree in hand. However, long teaching experience and an ability to get along well can also help you land this job role.

Curriculum Development Experts:

As the name suggests, curriculum development experts or specialists are professionals who are responsible to design an effective and productive course structure for students. This not only involves deciding topics to be taught at different grades, but involves a number of other responsibilities too.Curriculum Development Expert

CDEs work in teams to first analyze job markets and skills required to land different job roles in future. Therefore, apart from formating formal education system, implementing relevant skill development techniques at schools or colleges is also one of their responsibilities.

Landing this position within educational system requires broad teaching experience. Therefore, professionals who have long teaching experiences and are now looking for a change can visit their education boards to know if they are in need of such professionals.

Foreign language teachers:

This profession is specific to language teachers. Aspirants who have taught languages such as English, Spanish. German etc. to students, may go ahead in utilizing this experience in making a career in the corporate world.Foreign language teacher

Global business requires professionals who can communicate in multiple languages. Therefore organizations hire skilled individuals who can train their employees to speak different languages.

Again, there are many countries where people are not familiar with English language. These states hire professionals from other countries to teach English as a foreign language in their schools and other institutes. Out of the many careers that an English degree can earn, this is the most lucrative one.

Besides, foreign language teachers can also work as interpreters and translators for organizations.

These were few career opportunities for teaching professionals who are looking beyond school/college teaching roles. Earning a teaching degree requires extensive study and there are only few who can accomplish this. Therefore, something that involves such extensive education cannot offer single employment scope.

Thus, if you are getting a little monotonous with your regular teaching responsibilities and desperately need some variation; go ahead in exploring all the above mentioned career prospects.

Music at work : Is It Good or Bad?

Being a music lover myself, I definitely have no reasons of cornering music as a distraction at work. Rather, when I am at work, it acts as a therapy. But don’t worry, this post is not biased and states facts!

Now, you must be thinking what made me get into such research and write this post, when I don’t consider music to be a reason for declining workplace productivity. Well, there is again a personal interest behind this and I am delighted to share it with at work

I have this friend of mine who has exactly the same taste of food as I have. We share our choices of novels, movies cafeterias and even the taste of coffee – its coffee with lots of sugar and milk!

Well, there is just one thing at which we differ. And you earn no scores in having made that right guess! Yes, it is music; precisely, music and work combo.

While music works as a therapy for me; it is a source of distraction, hindrance or interference for him. No, its not that he is not interested in music or hates it in any manner. Instead, he has a soft corner for Acid Jazz. However still, it is only during work when he hates it.

This made me think; how do two individuals, who have very similar likes and dislikes can stand poles apart in this context?!

Thus I got into thorough research and here I have few interesting results. You are going to love this, I bet!

However, in a nutshell, I will mention that the type of work, your levels of concentration, the type of music you are listening to, play important roles in making you productive or unproductive at work.

Music can help you concentrate better at a noisy workplace:

Well, for the type of work I do, very often I need to disconnect from the existing situation and go far beyond the present; just to think and visualize different situations. The slightest of distraction – may be a cell phone kept on a vibration mode can be annoying.noisy workplace

Therefore, plugging my ears to listen few selected tracks, grossly helps me to concentrate better. Thus, I become more productive at work.

However, I have noticed that when I change the play list to the one other than my usual folder – I get distracted. Strange? Not really..

Lyrics play a silent role:

Well, before I got into this research, I was really surprised to realize that there are only two music folders in my entire collection that help me concentrate better.Lyrics

Is there a magical spell behind?!

No, not at all. There is a lot of scientific stuff to explain this.

The easiest answer is, when you already know what the singer is trying to say and when the beats come to play, you have nothing left to explore and concentrate. So, you better concentrate on your monitor screen to complete the task in hand. Simultaneously, you escape the noisy environment. Just as in my case.

However, a more scientific approach takes an example of a new born baby. You perhaps have noticed mothers and grand mothers singing lullaby to their young ones. These lullabies are repetitive and have no variations. The baby gets used to these humming sounds and his/ her mind knows that it is time to sleep. The same works with us; with a difference that we don’t fall asleep when we don’t wish to!

Listening to the same track while working, tells your subconscious mind that it is time to work. It is like you are “hallucinated” and get captivated in an environment where you hear and see no one besides yourself. The familiar sound reminds your subconscious mind that it is time to work.

However, if you change this sound, it is evident that you get distracted. You try concentrating on the lyrics and the new sound has no control over your mind.

Therefore, if you want to have new concentration boosters, listen to those tracks several times before using them during work. Slowly, it will learn to have control over your mind. Otherwise, it can make you highly unproductive on the job front.

Music and the type of work you do:

Music is best for professionals having repetitive tasks to manage. Or, for people who need huge levels of concentration at work. Lets take some illustrations.Music-at-work

A painter needs isolation. He needs some space to bring his thought process on board. That is, he needs high levels of concentration to work. The same holds true for coders or designers. They need isolation to have creative ideas flowing seamlessly.

You perhaps have noticed those IT professionals who have their ears plugged for the entire day and can still write those codes. Thus, listening to music is definitely a productivity optimizer for them.

On the other hand, HR administrators or any marketing professional may not be happy if their ears are plugged with earphones. These professions deal with the mass and getting detached with people around has no meaning from their perspective.

HR professionals need to meet different people at a time, go through several different mails and are required to resolve a variety of issues each day. Thus, music becomes a hindrance for such professions. Now, I know why my friend is not a music lover when at work!

Music and Dopamine:

Well do you know what is a dopamine?

Dopamine is a “pleasure chemical” released in the human body at moments of pleasure. When you suddenly receive a surprise gift or taste your favorite ice cream, you feel happy and have a desire of having more. Well its dopamine behind this greed of wanting to have more, more and more…Music and Dopamine

Research says that listening to your favorite music makes you feel happy and releases dopamine. Thus, you have a strong desire of listening to the same track again and again. It makes you to like the present situation and therefore you want to continue being in that situation for long hours.

So if you are working and your are happy; you are definitely more productive. Nevertheless, people who don’t listen to music at work can also be happy at work and have their own moments of pleasures with pleasure chemical flowing.

Thus, this was all about music at work. Hope you have enjoyed this section.

How Volunteering Helps to Grow Career

Volunteering is not just about giving back something substantial to the society at large. It is not just a mode of thanksgiving; it has to be something more significant, than what it simply appears to be.

Yes, it is a moment of pride and extreme satisfaction to see people benefiting from your selflessly rendered service. However, is that all you can get out of it? Though this feeling is incomparable to any monetary comfort that you can earn,you cannot just entirely ignore the monetary quotient. Isn’t it?volunteers

Well, it is not about being self obsessed with your personal goals and aspirations. It is a human tendency to remain more connected and interested in activities that pay us with something significant. And, if it is only the sense of pride and satisfaction for you; then you are already there!

Well for those who are looking forward to something more, you can really go ahead in asking what else volunteering can earn you. And you can do it without any sense of guilt within.

Volunteering can do a lot to boost up your career beyond expectation. As a matter of fact, there are various occupations and industries that make volunteering mandatory to land desired job roles. It is one of the qualification criteria as decided by these industries. One for example is the medical industry. Besides, different legal professions and academic jobs prefer hiring candidates with volunteering experiences.

Again, if you are in a profession that does not demand for volunteering experiences, you can still opt for one as it has much to offer you. At the least, your employers can mark you as a person who is interested in various activities or someone who remains on toes to help others.

Here are top four ways of how volunteering helps to grow career:

Volunteering is an opportunity and if you really wish to use this chance to escalate your career graph, then you will really need to do some homework. Research on organizations that offer platforms for volunteering services. You then need to choose the one that matches your skills and fields of interest. Once you are there on the right track, this experience becomes highly advantageous for your career development in the following manner:

Improves your resume:

All of us know that resumes are the doorways to interviews, that eventually may lead to landing expected job roles. Therefore, it is very important to craft impressive resumes.resume and volunteer

Now, if you are a fresh grad looking for jobs; spending a few months in volunteering services can help you stand out in a crowd. While most of your counterparts have spent time simply looking for job openings; you in addition, have utilized the time in learning concepts and enhancing skills. Knowing this, your hirer definitely looks forward to learn about your potentialities.

Again, if you are an experienced professional who is currently out of job, as you are looking for newer prospects, volunteering in your fields of interest can help you acquire skills needed for your aspired job profiles.

Exposure to newer prospects:

If you are having a second thought about your current job and looking for a switch; however, you are not very sure about your skills or profiles you want to follow – volunteering can help you to a large extent.Exposure to newer prospects

When you are not at work, engage yourself with some volunteering groups. There you can explore different skills that were perhaps unknown to you earlier. If not this, you can develop fresh expertise while working as a volunteer that can make you eligible for a completely different job role.

Again, if you have already decided on your future career path and know the profile you want to work in, volunteering can work a great deal. You can test yourself to find if you are really eligible for the job role and then decide on quiting your current job.

Helps to build a professional network:

To have a promising career is not only about having the required expertise and being at your peak of performance. Having a good rapport with influential and experienced professionals within the industry is also an important factor.professional network

If not the only, volunteering does serve as one of the ways of building a good professional network. Getting involved in such services will introduce you to different people who are their in the field for years. Building a good relationship with them will help you to get some essential pieces of information that others are not in a position to learn.

Personal growth and development:

Working for a specific cause that can make a small contribution towards development of a group of individuals or the society as a whole can boost your confidence to sky touching limits.Personal growth

Perhaps, you are aware that employers do look for professionals who are capable of working in a team. Therefore, if you are yet to start your career, you can brush up your team spirit by getting involved with any volunteering services. Working with different people who have come from different walks of life can definitely help you to develop your skills as a team player.

Again, when you are moving out of your monotonous professional and personal lives, to do something meaningful; it definitely has a great positive impact over you. When you are happy, you are more energetic. Your creativity flows and ultimately you are doing considerably well at your job front.

Well, this was all about how volunteering experiences can help you grow a promising professional life. Now, that you have reached the end of this article, you need not have any second thought about taking up any volunteering job. Go ahead and choose a voluntary service that can work to boost your career in the near future. With that we can conclude this section and hope you have found this article useful and relevant to your search.