What are Blue-Collar, White-Collar, Pink-Collar Jobs

When and how the practice of uniform at work started is less known. But it is something that is still prevalent in almost most of the countries around the world. As uniform came into the work scenario, a system also came into existence whereby identifying working individuals according to the color of their collars worn at work became easy. The color of a collar was so methodologically selected that it became a reflection of working individuals’ occupation. In the United States, occupations are divided into semi-skilled and skilled categories, based on which the blue collar, white collar, and pink collar are worn according to the work one do.All Collar Jobs

Blue Collar

The term blue-collar was first introduced in 1924. It was used for trade jobs since workers used to wear clothing that were rugged to bear the work environment and can hide the dirt easily. The clothing preferred by the working class was cambric shirts and blue denim that were inexpensive, but long lasting. As the texture and color of the clothing had the potential to cover up the dirt, oil, and grease, it became an obvious choice.Blue Collar WorkerWorkers in blue color are usually paid hourly wages and are hired for manual work. They are even hired for projects and their salary varies depending on the chosen field, specialty, and experience.

Blue Collar Education Requirements

The is no formal education requirements for blue-collar workers. They may or may not be a high school graduate. However, depending on the trade chosen, some kind of basic training along with a certification or license is necessary to work in the profession. Some industry also prefers providing training to workers on the job if the person is interested in learning the trade job.

Blue Collar Industry

The blue-collar was usually worn by workers in manufacturing, mining, construction, firefighting, and mechanical maintenance field. To put in a simple manner, people who exert lots of physical strength in their work choose this color. Workers even had the name of the company they are working for embroidered on it. Some companies prefer their logo and the person’s name printed on the front pocket of the shirt. They may work as a mechanic, electrician, plumber, construction labor, machine operator, etc.

White Collar

White colored collars or white shirts were typically worn by office workers. Since white is an attractive, cool, and respect-generating color, it was mostly worn by workers who worked with a computer on a table and lots of files. Since there is no manual work involved in the job, there is no fear or worry about the clothing getting dirty. The practice of wearing white was started in the beginning of the 20th century. It was an American writer called Upton Sinclair, who created this expression in 1930. The white-collared workers are usually skilled members of the organization who are trained and experienced to handle management work.white collarWhite Collar Education Requirements

As the white-color collar is used by management professionals, a degree in relevant field is necessary. Since there is no manual work involved and most of the work is done with the help of the computer, working knowledge of the computer is must in this profession. But not all white-collar people work in the office only. Some also have to work on the field and provide direction to others. For example, engineers and architects will work on construction sites. They may not do any physical or manual work, but stand there and get the work done by workers. Therefore, the experience of working both in the office and on site is necessary in this occupation.

White Collar Industry

As business management is a critical aspect that ensures longevity of an organization, the white-collar profession is available in all types of industries. Without management, it is impossible for a business to run. The white-collar workers generally work in a management position or in professional jobs. They may be a manager, administrative consultant, engineer, or a lawyer. Wherever applying knowledge, logics, analysis, and management and engineering principles are necessary, white-collar workers are hired.

Pink Collar

This term is the latest out of the three and was introduced at the end of 1990s. It was created by Louise Kapp Howe for women workers who were in the service industry such as nurses, school teachers, and secretaries. It was meant to distinguish between non-professional office staff and white-collar job. Though it was initially used to refer to women workers, many men workers are also seen in this profession. The nursing profession is one such example where you can see nurses of both the genders in hospitals.Pink Collar Job

Pink Collar Education Requirements

When the term “pink collar” was coined, it was traditionally meant for women workers. The motive behind using this term was to differentiate between female-oriented and blue-collar jobs. In those days, women mostly used to work as a baby sitter, day care worker, house nurse, or a florist. These types of jobs didn’t require much of an education. However, with the growing time, things have changed. Now a pink-collar job require a high school education or a degree program depending on the occupation chosen. For example, if a female has chosen to become a teacher, she has to complete a degree in Education and be certified. Similarly, a secretary needs to hold typing, shorthand skills, and computer skills. However, there are jobs in the service industry that doesn’t require any education, such as a waitress job.

Pink Collar Industry

Job for pink-collar workers are booming according to the 2012 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many health care sectors have mushroomed in the recent years that need nurses. Job opportunities are also growing in the education field where teachers are needed. Moreover, the service industry such as hotels, resorts, and saloons are also in need of female workers who can help them in serving customers.

The terms used for types of collar jobs in the United States of America has helped in differentiating working individuals according to their job types. They tell us that if a person is wearing blue-colored clothing, then he is one who does manual work. And when one is seen in white clothing, then he is a typically a management professional. On the other hand, a pink-colored clothing is for individuals in the service industry.

Unsung Heroes of USA

Some occupations may not be looked upon with great respect, but they touch our lives daily in many ways. In fact, without those activities, it will be tough for all of us to survive. Just imagine what could have been if no one has not taken the occupation of farming, distilling water and packaging, installing and maintaining cables and electricity lines, and road building.Unsung Heroes of USA

The food that we take daily in order to stay healthy and alive, the water that we drink, and the road we travel on, and other daily utilities that we enjoy would never have been possible. It’s time that we take a break for a few moments, think about and thank them who thought about pursuing these occupations. In the wake of our Independence Day, let us all pay homage to those unsung heroes of USA who are touching our lives on a daily basis.


We need food to eat and stay alive. But we ought to consume a good portion of food that are produced in farms. Most of the eatables are produced in farms and then polished in food plants and made available in the open market for us to purchase. But without farmers, the farms would be of no use.Farming

There has to be someone who could work in the farms, perspire and do the farming. This activity is done by farmers who either work on their own farms or for food manufacturing companies that grow, package, and sell their own brands of food. As per the figure displayed by the American Farm Bureau Federation, there are near about half-a-million of farmers employed. This means one farmer works on the farm in order to feed 654 people. Without farming, it is impossible to live.

Operators, technicians, supervisors, managers at water and waste water treatment plant

How many of us have thanked these workers whenever we turned the faucet for a glass of drinking water? None of us. In this age where we all strive for self contentment, there is hardly any way we give a thought to these simple, but vital things. Today, we are lucky to have water that is cleaned at the water treatment plant and transported to our home through a series of connected water pipes.Water Treatment Plant

The clean water that we drink in our homes is the efforts of those people who work in the water treatment plants. They constantly monitor, clean, and test water samples before it is supplied to our homes. There are about 113,370 people working in different US cities to ensure that citizens of America drink clean water.


Educators are the teachers, principals, and coaches who guide us right from our kindergarten days up to our graduation and becoming a professional so that we contribute towards for our family and the nation. Without educators, it would be impossible to have a civilized society and a progressive nation.Educators

We should also thank the US government for making one teacher available for every eighty people, which is a good ration compared to other countries in the world. We are always indebted to our teachers for they have prepared and guided us in taking up the profession we are in.

Construction laborers

A roof over the head with four walls around is what we all aspire to. Even though we have the money, we cannot build a house on our home. Constructing a house needs engineering skills and hard labor. Thanks to the construction laborers who work in any weather conditions to build a shelter for us that we call it a home.Construction laborers

These construction workers have the skills to build accommodation and bridges for us. Without their skills and hard work, we wouldn’t have a shelter. As the need of houses is growing with the population, there are currently 1 construction labor who works for 242 people.

Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers

Much of the comfort that we enjoy at homes is because of electricity. There are many devices that run on electricity that we use daily. To allow us easy access to this vital necessity, several hands work behind the scene to install and repair the lines that carry electricity from the power station and deliver it at our home. To ensure a continuous supply of power, these electrical workers inspect and monitor the lines daily.Electrical Workers

Even the telecommunications workers do the same thing, but with cables that are used for phone communications. There are around 238,922 line installers and repairers in the electrical and telecommunications field who works day and day for us.

Discarded food and waste material collectors

Imagine a scene where scavengers are having a feast on refuse lying on the streets. In that circumstance, will it be possible for us to walk or drive, or even breathe because of the stinking rotten food piled up on the street? A recent survey by a prestigious university has revealed a startling fact. According to which, each person in US throws away minimum five pounds of trash daily.Waste Material Collectors

If there is no one to collect the trash, the streets would be full of garbage. Moreover, it will also raise health issues. Thanks to the refuse and trash collectors who keeps our streets and neighborhood clean. The study also shows that there is 1 collector for 2,412 people.

Law-enforcement team

Police officers and patrol officers are the vital part of the law-enforcement team that ensures our neighborhood is free of crime and there is peace. They respond to our calls whenever there is a crime or emergency situations. The safety of the community depends a lot on their work.Law-enforcement Team

These officers monitor areas noted for criminal activities and apprehend criminals to restore faith of people in law. We have 1 officer working for 479 people.


Safeguarding our properties and our loved ones from fire requires skills. The firefighters bear the skills to protect us from the destructive power of fire. They are trained to operate firefighting equipment. When called to stop fire from spreading and causing havoc, they put their lives in danger and rescue people and animals trapped in the fire.Firefighters

There are even incidences when these brave firefighters have lost their lives in the line of duty. We salute to those martyrs and to the devotion of all those serving the US citizens. Behind every 1,028 people, there is 1 firefighter.

Ambulance Drivers

Emergency situations can arise without knocking. It may occur at home and at places far away from the city where there is no immediate medical help. Under such circumstances, the driving skills of ambulance drivers come handy.Ambulance Driver

These drivers are not only skilled in driving fast, but also capable of taking the victims to the nearest hospitals in time. They move fast, think fast, and save lives. Some are even trained to provide emergency medical treatment. There is 1 person working to help 1, 214 people in emergency situations.


No doubt doctors save lives. But they cannot do so without the help of nurses. These nurses are the helping hands, eyes, and ears of doctors who work shoulder-to-shoulder with them.Nurses

They are, in fact, the lifeline of the medical industry without whose service the entire industry would fall down and there would be many casualties. Since lots of people are taking up the noble profession of nursing, there is a good ratio of 1 nurse to take care of 113 people.

Truck drivers

All types of consumer goods produced in one corner of the state or country have to be delivered in the market for consumer purchase. The responsibility of delivering food, medicines, and utility items is managed by truck drivers. Some experienced drivers also drive heavy trailers and take goods from one state, city to another. As per a survey, 1 truck driver works for 168 people daily.Truck drivers

These are the unsung heroes of USA who took to their occupations not just for their own living, but also to help others. They may not be highly paid and the work they do is not regarded like other high-profile occupations, still the fact remains that we cannot lead our lives the way we do in the absence of them. So, think about them and thank them daily, at least once.

Jobs for People Who Don’t Like People

For in solitude, there is peace. And in peace, thrives excellence.

Not all will agree to this; however, there are many who prefer being in isolation rather than in associations. Now isolation is easily achievable in our personal lives. If we don’t need people in our lives, we can shut doors (not literally though). 


Disappearing from social media platforms and making the minimum use of our smart phones can easily take us far from the rest of the world. However, when it comes at the professional front, being a loner could be tough, but not impossible to deal with.

Many employers nowadays, look for candidates who can add value to an existing ‘team.’ Being an effective and promising contributor to teams, have become an essential hiring credentials. Amongst the multitude of career options we come across each day, hardly do we find openings that require ‘less interactive’ candidates. And again, just because we don’t come across such jobs easily, it does not imply that they don’t exist in reality.

So if you think that you being an introvert is holding you back; especially, when professional networking is suppose to drive your career growth, you’re perhaps mistaken.

For all those loners, you just need to know, that there’s a world out there that is less crowded. The only thing you need to do is to make it up to there!

Yes, looking for such jobs and landing yourself to expected careers will not be a cake walk experience. However, doing something you love can take you miles. So, if it is about finding a job where you want to work alone, let’s work to find one.


Archivists – Bridging between extinction and existence.

People who find mingling with others a great task to accomplish, do find this job role very suitable for themselves. Archivists work in museums, auction houses or any other place that aims at preserving objects of historical significance, work of art, documents etc. that can connect all to the foregone.Archivist

Archivists are responsible in acquiring documents from past and then arranging them into systematic records. They appraise and authenticate historical documents or any other archival material.

So, going through previous records and conducting vigorous research to connect small bits and pieces of information is what consumes a major portion of their time. Besides, they may also be required to help people in gathering and understanding various documents and relevant information. For this purpose they develop catalogs and document descriptions; thus facilitating easy access to essential information by all.

Animal Care taker:

For those who prefer four legged to bipedal companions.

People who are a less of a talker, prefer silent communications. Now, communication can never be silent unless you have your four legged companions with you. Therefore, if you too fall in this category, a career as an animal care taker can be very satisfying.Animal Care taker

These professionals are responsible in ensuring all round welfare of the animals. They take care of their food, medication and places they live. Their day to day activities include bathing them, brushing, providing medical assistance at times of injury and illness. In short, they are responsible for all round welfare of animals.

Animal care takers work with kennel boarders, pet retail stores or even for pets at home. Being an animal care taker requires aspirants to have completed a high school diploma or anything equivalent. Professionals who want to move to zoos and clinics where they are required to deal with both domestic and wild animals require further education and certification.


It is in Nature that you could find solace.

Greenery is what keeps us going. It is the source of oxygen, essential nutrients, fights global warming and for some, it serves as a peaceful place to be in.
Now, not all can take care of this greenery perfectly; as it is for the entire living population. So, if you have a strong desire to save, protect and enhance this existing and diminishing greenery, botanical careers could be a perfect match for you.Botanists

Botanists are mostly hired in botanical gardens; however, they may even work with pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology firms, or government and private agencies who work for environment protection.

As a botanist, you will enjoy a lot of lone time where you will be required to study plants and their relationship with environment. They study physiological aspects and origination trails of plants.

Plant study has number of domains; such as, study for agricultural use, ecological study and research for medicinal value. To work as a botanist, every aspirant needs to have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree. Thereafter, pursuing a Master’s degree or doctoral degrees can open different job opportunities for you.

Irrespective of the domain you choose, your aim of having more of a “ME” time does not suffer.


Photography – Capturing time till eternity.

Photography is one of the most interesting career options for people who like being all by themselves. It is a vast career option involving several diversions. No matter what type of photography you are inclined to, having an eye for beauty, and a sense of capturing the same at that perfect moment, are the two indispensable prerequisites of landing this career.Photographer

Photography is something that cannot be learned; as it relates to your inner self. Something that is within, and can only be enhanced – not acquired. Yes, fine refinement and practical exposure to different lenses is definitely required when you want to land a career in this domain. However, certifications and college degrees cannot guarantee a job; if you lack those necessary skills.

Nevertheless, attending photography schools and independent art schools can give you the required exposure. Further, you can also benefit while working under an established photographer as assistant. This would only require you to spend a couple of hours with your senior, learning a great deal; while leaving you with ample time to be spend only with your camera if your wish to.

Computer Programming:

Debug to keep all buggers off!

All software programmers, introvert or not, will agree to the fact that cutting oneself off from the rest of the world is essential to have those codes coming up frequently. It is an intense job, where technical expertise along with high levels of concentration and focus are a must.Computer Programming

It is because of this reason that these computer geeks are seldom seen in groups as most of the time they are alone drowned in an ocean of codes, bugs and debugs. Many professionals, although skilled, find this job role dissatisfying because most of the time they work alone. However, for people who love being alone, it is simply an opportunity that cannot be missed, isn’t it?

Now, programming requires huge knowledge and thereby education or certification. Keeping up with latest technologies and advents is essential. Therefore, if you are a true loner, and have some technical expertise, being in such a profession will prove apt and self satisfying.


Reaching worlds that are yet to be born.

Over the ages, every change that the world has seen, counts on what writers have done to bring about that necessary change. Writers or modern day bloggers are exceptionally creative minds. They can present ideas today that get appreciated tomorrow. They can change and motivate communities and change the entire world for betterment.Writer/Blogger

Writing is an excellent career option for people who like expressing views in the form of write ups; instead of speaking or communicating the same verbally. Similar to photography, writing too is a flair that you are born with. Attending graduation schools can help you get better of course.

Today, there are various forms of writing; such as, travel writing, fashion, medical, educational, current affairs etc. Therefore, choosing any form of writing entirely depends upon your choice. Travel writings are best suited for introverts as they can travel across the globe all by themselves and present their journey for others who have not made it there.


If it was not them, we would have still been in the stone age.

The word Scientists somehow presents a virtual image before us, where we can view someone working intensely in a huge laboratory environment, surrounded with everything but another person to talk to.Researchers/Scientists

Scientist are known to be less of a talker and exceptional geeks. They love being in a different world away from the chaos; where they invent things that eventually find their way into the existing hustles and bustles of our day to day lives. Therefore, if you too want to be away from our noisy atmosphere, prepare yourself for this career option.

Scientists require huge study and educational certification. Not everyone end up having satisfactory careers in this domain. Therefore, if you really have that passion for learning and exploring anything and everything, research could be a great profession to choose.


Stepping out of the world to enter the Universe.

One of the most lucrative as well as solitary profession is to become an astronomer. These professionals spend their working days knowing more about different celestial bodies. Depending upon the celestial body, number of specializations are available.Astronomer

They are required to gather information about our solar system and various others that exist in the Universe. They also need to write thesis on their findings for the world to know. The job role requires exceptional understanding of mathematical concepts and strong foundation of Physics. Therefore, vast education and knowledge is but essential to land this job role.

Astronomers work with research centers and observatories where they are mostly alone and do not require much of an interaction.

These were eight different job roles that perfectly match career expectations of introverts. Most of these job roles have good job growth prospects in near future. Therefore, earning handsome salaries is not at all difficult; even when you do not make those necessary professional networks. Hence, opt for any of the above mentioned profession and start preparing well to land careers of your choice.

Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Inadequate workplace safety measures cannot be blamed for occupational fatalities. It is simply that some occupations are inherently dangerous. A little inconsistency and you miss the line between life and death. Whatsoever it is, improving working conditions that ensures safety of all workers, is definitely important and needs to be at the top priority list for employers.Dangerous Jobs

While there are people who look for promising career options that can earn them comfortable corporate cubicles and luxurious lives, there are few who find life threatening activities to be fascinating. However, there are many who simply earn their livelihood through these deadly occupations.

No matter whether you are looking for a dangerous job or simply want to know how these stuffs work; you definitely need to go through this list that presents America’s most dangerous jobs:


A profession with the highest fatality rate since 1992. Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in American market.

While we enjoy delicious sea food served on dinner platters, fishing may not appear as a life risking activity. However, in reality it is. And of course it is very different from pond fishing on a lazy afternoon. It is core commercial fishing.Fishing

Every year American fishing industry employs millions of fishermen at shore to capture, manage and handle large and heavy fishes in bulk. They are left to the mercy of oceans and if they have a bad weather and a miserable day, they may be taken away by the Ocean herself.

With a median salary of $26,590 and a fatality rate of 127.3, fishing is definitely one of the deadliest jobs in America.


Needless to explain, firefighting is definitely a profession that is extremely dangerous and poses potential threat to lives of workers. And still we have many brave hearts who risk their own lives for the sake of others.Firefighter

Aspirants undergo on job and off job training sessions before they start working as a full fledged firefighter. Firefighting and rescue teams ensure that workers are sufficiently equipped to fight back crisis and dangerous situations. However, some innate qualities are essential.

Recent surveys show that firefighting turns fatal only when workers get anxious and perplexed on the job front.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration regards Lumberjack or logger profession to be one among the top deadliest occupations in America.

Loggers climb up tall trees that are in fact relatively high altitudes and use heavy electrical and mechanical equipment to chop them off. The pace with which tall heavy logs fall on the ground and the sound they make is in itself is very scary to watch.Lumberjack

Lumberjacks always need to be very alert while carrying out their regular duties. And again, it is not the lack of skills or specialized equipment due to which loggers meet fatal outcomes. It is merely accidental errors that can occur in any flash of moment, that makes this profession extremely threatening.

Construction Laborers:

A survey conducted a few years back, found that one in every five occupational fatalities comes from construction industry. And unfortunately this figure is still rising. These workers are exposed to multiple hazards; ranging from heights to threats from electrical and mechanical equipments. Use of heavy construction machinery or vehicles is equally dangerous and life threatening.Construction Laborers

A lack of proper repair and regular maintenance of heavy equipment and apparatus, is one prime reason behind growing fatalities in this profession. Moreover, advanced training procedures that can make professionals more efficient on the job front are suggested to reduce unfortunate cases of deaths and injuries.

Correctional officers:

Although correctional officers do not have many on job tragic death cases, this occupation definitely has high rates of on duty injuries.Correctional officers

Handling ferocious inmates, who are either waiting for trials or are serving sentence period, pose great threat to the well being of these professionals. No matter how skilled and trained they are, some inmates appear extensively arrogant, that it becomes a difficult job to tackle them.

However, correctional officers use their skills of persuasion to discipline such rowdy offenders and in the process end up hurting themselves occasionally. Thus, correctional officer do have highest rates of non fatal and work related injuries and also suffer from number of contagious diseases.


Well it is not only in America; across the globe, mining has been regarded as one of the most dangerous occupation. Precisely, coal miners have highest fatal cases in the world. Gas explosions, Chemical leakage vehicle collision etc., pose threat to the lives of all miners, on a regular, day to day process.miner

It is unfortunate that most of the reasons that make this job extremely unsafe can be eliminated if given proper attention at the right time. A few years back, thousands of miners lost their lives due to cave ins. Now, proper drilling, accurate mineshaft excavation and properly secured walls and ceiling of mineshaft can help to eliminate these fatal accidents to a negligible amount.


Pilots do perform a difficult and risky job. It is not only their lives alone; they are responsible for the lives of all passengers on board. Technical difficulties and lack of proper maintenance sometimes become the cause of air accidents. Again bad weather also plays a key role in mishaps.Pilots

However, the good thing is; unlike all other dangerous occupations listed above, pilots are well paid for the risk they undertake. Therefore, it somehow becomes a job worth pursuing.

These were few jobs that are considered to be extremely dangerous occupations in America. And there can be many other jobs as well.

Now, people who consider corporate jobs that are comfortable with air cooling facilities, coffee machines and cozy cubicles, will definitely not find these above jobs suitable for themselves. And again people who find pleasure in risking their lives and overcoming the fear within, that ultimately earns them their living, will definitely not enjoy corporate jobs.

6 Perfect Jobs for Teens

As a teenager, your idea of choosing a part time job should not be related to monetary benefits alone. Rather, you can keep it as a secondary parameter. Gaining learning experiences that can boost your career graph later, needs to be your prime objective.

Browsing the Internet, you may land several ideas about part time jobs. However, teenagers need to choose part time jobs in a manner that does not hinder with their regular hours of studying and relaxation.Jobs for Teens

Thus, it is always best to opt for those jobs that give you pleasure. Something that is more of a hobby, rather than a job that simply earns money.

Explore the 6 perfect jobs for teens listed below:

Go through the job descriptions below and match one of them with your hobby.


Seeing babies engrossed in their own world of joy. Or to see them smiling and giggling at the slightest of things, is a real treat to witness. Being around them helps us to bring out the care free child within us. And again, a baby’s uncontrollable tears can make us go crazy!Babysitting

While you are still trying to figure out whether the baby is hungry or sleepy; his/her bawl sessions drive you helpless and with no clue whatsoever. Therefore, being around and taking care of babies is a great task to perform. It requires a great deal of patience and an ability to understand a baby’s unsaid words.

Therefore, many new parents always look for trusted and responsible individuals, who could take care of their babies in their absence. Babysitting is a job that earns you loads beside the money you make. It gives you experience and beautiful moments to cherish.

Therefore, students who have career plans for Neonatal Nursing can take up babysitting as a part time job. This experience is definitely going to add to your resume.

Cafeterias and eateries:

A lot of American teenagers consider working at Food service industry to be one of the best part time jobs. And of course, it is for the money it pays. Although, you cannot consider it to be a very relaxing job and rather you are required to be on your toes throughout your working shift, it is a good opportunity to grab.Cafeterias and eateries

Well, working in food service industry is not only about taking and delivering coffee orders at tables. You can look for opportunities with restaurants, hotels or small eateries. These experiences will help you to get an idea about how the entire business runs. You can also look for opportunities as a chef assistant, only if you have those hands that prepare simply awesome dishes!

Spending your summer or holiday seasons gaining part time experiences now, will surely prove beneficial for the years to come, when you will finally start looking for full time jobs.

Movie Theaters:

Now, for those who are not very interested in taking the above described job at food outlets; owing to its hectic schedules, working as a Movie theater staff can definitely be a job of your choice. It is one of the most relaxing job, as you are only required to confirm tickets and help audience in finding their allotted seats at theaters. Once you are done, you can definitely enjoy the movie yourself for free. Now, no job can be more relaxing than this. Isn’t it?Movie theater teen job

However, there is just one drawback associated with this job. You may have to work on weekends and late nights. Therefore, considering your age, many of your parents may not approve of this part time job idea.

However, explaining them, that such experiences will have a significant role to play during your job search; can help you go steady at this job. Who knows your experiences of observing audience approach to movies can help you make a career as a film review columnist. If not, you can even think of owning a theater yourself.


One of the highest paying part time job has to be something to deal with retail. Retail salesperson or merchandiser is one of the most lucrative jobs. It is because teenagers prove themselves to be very efficient in handling daily tasks associated with this profile that they are paid that well.Retail salesperson teenage

Working at retail stores, you will be required to keep track of inventories, arrange shelves, demonstrating newly arrived items to customers and most importantly proving high levels of customer assistance.

For the type of energy, enthusiasm and wit all teenagers possess, they remain in great demand at all retail stores. Therefore, working at your nearby shop after your regular school schedule can earn you a great deal. Besides, you also land opportunities of learning skills required for running any business.


If you are one of those toppers in class and excel in few of those subjects, spread your knowledge with your friends and juniors in schools. Work as a tutor for younger students who need help in subjects you excel. In return, you have a chance of earning a little. Simultaneously, you can also keep in touch with those subjects you had learned earlier and this will definitely help you with your current curriculum.Tutoring

Well, this does not only restrict to academics alone. Some of you may possess unbeatable skills in sports or music. Again some of you may be too good in handling software. Sharing your skills and knowledge with others who aspire to reach your levels of excellence at said fields can be very rewarding.

A survey conducted on the most useful part time jobs for teenagers listed tutoring at the top three rankings. Moreover, parents also consider part time tutoring jobs to be one of the best options for their children.

Pet Grooming:

A job best suited for animal lovers alone and for them it is not even a job! Care givers for pets remain in great demand during summers, as most families plan vacations and need someone to look after their pets in their absence. However, some also appoint pet groomers for complete twelve months.Pet Grooming

Besides, pet groomers also land job scopes in pet salons, pet retail stores or health clinics. Working as assistants in these establishments can earn you vital professional experiences, apart from the money they offer. Therefore, if you are an animal lover and enjoy every moment spent with pets, this part time job definitely needs to be your call.

These were some very exciting part time jobs for teenagers. Hope this writeup can help you in opting the best part time job of your choice. All the best for your job search in this season.

Jobs Without a Degree, Yes It’s Possible

Being a little ambivalent on your graduation day is natural. On one side, you feel accomplished on earning a college degree and on the other side you are worried about escalating unemployment rates. Can I land a lucrative job? Is my college degree sufficient to earn me desired jobs? Or will I have to spend a few more dollars on some additional certification courses, internships etc.? Something that haunts the mind of every fresh grad.Jobs Without Degree

Well, things remain as good as ever for the ones who can land jobs as soon as they complete graduation. However this ratio is almost negligible as compared to those who struggle for longer periods to land first jobs; let aside desired profiles.

Another very discouraging scenario you are more likely to come across is that, you witness many professionals who start earning early in life; even when they do not have that college degree, on which you had spent four vital years of your life. How do they manage? Well, perhaps a one year diploma course or certification has helped them to land the profile you are still struggling to reach!

In today’s market trends, practical experiences on the job front are mandatory to land aspired profiles. Irrespective of the degree you possess, getting onto some platforms that can provide you with such practical exposure is mandatory. Therefore, a wiser decision from my side would be to start looking for these opportunities early. And if you let go of your idea of graduating to pursue something that brings quicker rewards – it is definitely worth it.

Can you land jobs without a college degree?

And the answer is Yes. A high school diploma and certification can land you jobs that are equally good when compared to the ones that you receive after college degree.

Below is a list of jobs that do not require a degree:

Electrical Technicians:

These are professionals who assist engineers in developing electronic equipment used in IT industries, medical sectors, construction companies or other components that can be used in different domains. A few years of experience can land you a position parallel to engineers.Electrical Technician

An associate degree of two years in related technical background can land you this job. Electrical technicians have huge job scopes that can earn them handsome salary packages.

Auto Insurance appraisers:

These professionals are responsible for assessing vehicle damage and estimating repair cost. They are required to study insurance claims and then decide the amount of money required to be paid by the insurance company.Auto Insurance appraiser

A high school diploma along with a six months certification course may land you this job. However, a driving license is mandatory for the role. As an auto insurance appraiser, you are more likely to have field duties along with fixed office hours.

So, if you are someone who does not enjoy 9 hours of desk work, you can definitely look forward to this profile. Along with a good combination of field and desk work, this job also offers lucrative salaries to professionals.

Technical Support Specialist:

Technical support specialists are professionals responsible for maintaining error free computer networks and communication equipment within organizations. They are the ones who look after maintenance, repair, installation and assembling of computer and hardware components. Some are also trained in software programs and can assist or work in parallel with software programmers.Technical_Support_Specialist

The minimum qualification that can land this position is to have a high school diploma along with relevant certification or diploma courses. Many universities also provide an associate degree of two years on related subject. Technical support specialists have huge job scopes and therefore is a good profession to opt for.

First line supervisors:

First line supervisors have huge career scopes in almost all industries. They rank amongst the fastest growing jobs in Transportation Industry. Production industry also hires these professionals in abundance.First line supervisors

Every industry has different line of work specific to needs. However, the primary line of work remain the same that includes supervision of subordinate staff, assigning work and reviewing work of field staff.

A high school diploma and industrial experience may eventually land you this position. However, technical education of a year or less may also make you eligible for the role.

Machinery Mechanic:

Machinery mechanics are hired by manufacturing industries that deal with machinery and automobile parts. High tech machineries are always required for manufacturing and production industries. Professionals who are capable of handling maintenance and repair of these machineries, ought to have great career prospects.Machinery Mechanic

A minimum of high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to land this position. However, a strong practical hands on experience in using various machineries is essential to land this job role. The projected job growth presently for this position is comparatively lower. However, a few years of experience in the industry is sufficient to earn you handsome salary packages along with a sustained or stable career.

These were five lucrative jobs that can be landed without a Bachelor’s degree in hand. A minimum of high school diploma, certifications, GEDs are sufficient to start earning your living in one of the most satisfactory manner. Now, this does not necessarily mean that pursuing a Bachelor’s degree is simply not worth it. If you really want to go for a graduation course and have suitable circumstances, you can definitely opt for it, as knowledge in any form is never wasted.

However, if you are in a situation where a Bachelor’s degree is not very much feasible, do not consider your career to get doomed. In addition to the above mentioned jobs, there are plenty of jobs that don’t really need a Bachelor’s degree. You only need to find those career opportunities for yourself.

Career Plans and High Demand Jobs in 2016

Its already December and with less than a couple of weeks, we bid a final good bye to 2015. Well, that was quite fast. Time just flies off. Isn’t it?

So, how well have you spent this year? I mean I really hope you have accomplished your goals that were set for this year.2016careers 2016

With every starting year, all of us set new personal and professional targets. And it is in December that we need to sit back, recollect those self assigned targets and see if we have reached there or not. It is definitely a good practice as it keeps us motivated. And If you have a good score, you plan for a bigger Christmas party.

Now, every target needs to have a befitting plan to achieve it. So, what are your career targets for the coming year – 2016? Do you have an awesome career plan to fulfill your targets? NO?!

Don’t you want to make this coming year the most successful and a remarkable span of your entire life? Yes? Then what are you waiting for.

Amidst all your Christmas preparation, lets workout some career plans as well. This can land you the most lucrative and high demand jobs in 2016. Lets make the coming year a greater success!

Awe-Inspiring Career plan for 2016 – This is all you need:

Targets and plans are interrelated. To design a plan you need to know your destination. And to reach the goal you ought to have a plan.Plan 2016

In general, career growth implies greater money. And money comes from lucrative jobs. Therefore, to help you explore lucrative job profiles, the second section of this post contains a list of high demand jobs in 2016.

Now, coming back to the career plans that can help you land these lucrative careers.

Break the entire 12 month span to quarters. Of course the last quarter; that is at this time next year, you need to hold a job offer letter from your target employer.

During the initial months, prepare yourself with required targets. Now, you do know exactly the job profile or the employer you want to work with. Therefore, use this time to know about their candidate requirements and prepare to attain the same.

By the end of this first quarter or the beginning of next quarter, you need to feel confident and prepared. Now is the time to market yourself. Talk to relevant people and make some good influential networks. After all, they are the ones who can help you land desired profiles.

How do you build that network?

Among various methods of creating professional networks, volunteering serves to be the best way of making strong networks that boosts your career.

Well, there is not much to do in the final two quarters; besides doing everything possible to land that job you so wanted to. Make use of the network; If you were good at it, you will definitely get a lot of interview calls. Besides, make sure that your updated resume reaches your target employers. And that does not end there, it needs to be impressive.

High demand jobs in 2016:

As promised, here is a list of top jobs in 2016:

Science and Technology:

STEM jobs are expected to reign the job market in 2016; as they will, for many more years to come.STEM jobs

Software developers, network analysts, web designers, application developers and of course data administrators are the top five STEM jobs.

Apart from these, other job profiles in this category have bright chances as well. Approximately, a projected job growth from 30 – 50.3 percent is expected to be seen for different job profiles in this section.

However, candidates with superlative expertise, those who are well versed with latest technology, capable of formulating brilliant and magical codes can only make a position in this competitive job market. Therefore, gear up to learn more if you really want to land these interesting profiles.

Health and medicine:

As the health care industry continues to grow, health care professionals remain in great demand this coming year.Health and medicine jobs

Apart from specialized surgeons and physicians, professionals such as registered nurses, physician assistants, therapists, also have good career growth prospects. A projected job growth around 27 – 32 percent is expected in these profiles.

Besides, dental care professionals, hygienists and mental care counselors also have good prospects. Veterinarians can also enjoy good opportunities next year.

Therefore, to make the most of future opportunities, prepare yourself to the best possible levels. Take up higher studies and specialization relevant to your field. And do not forget to renew license.


Two very lucrative career profiles in this section are Financial Analyst and Personal Financial Advisors. Both these job profiles will have a projected job growth around 35 – 40 percent. Thats huge isn’t it?finance jobs

Besides these two, other finance and business related profiles will definitely see mid scale progress and growth.

However, those aiming for the two top profiles will have to go ahead to get themselves trained for these job roles. Be it analyst or advisor, both professionals play a significant role in business development, therefore employers think several times before taking their hiring decision. Thus, competition is quite high in this section.

Forensic Science:

Unfortunately, as crime sees no decline; demand for crime investigators continue to rise.

One among the many professions, Forensic technicians have huge growth prospects in 2016. These crime lab professionals contribute a lot towards tracking criminals as they are the one who can narrate exact crime scene stories.Forensic ScienceThey need to have huge scientific expertise with wit, to analyze situations. All State or National crime investigation departments do require a number of these professionals. Therefore, they are looking forward to hire lot of them who have the requisite skills of landing this position.

Apart from the above mentioned domains, theater makeup artists and stylists also have good career growth chances next year. Behavioral counselors and career advisors can also make loads by the end of next year.

Well, this was all about top lucrative jobs in 2016. And now with the right career strategy and the list of jobs in hand; making some effective and fruitful career moves will not be a difficult task, isn’t it? All the best for your job search and have a fantastic year ahead!

Job Opportunities for People from Teaching Background

Earning a teaching degree can land you number of job scopes with various schools, institutes and colleges. Apart from being one of the most reputed jobs across the globe, it is also a very promising and steady job profile with not much variation. While professionals look forward to land steady professions, this occupation offers it naturally.teaching

Along with all the goodies, teaching profession is definitely not an easy job. Getting along well with all students, presenting complex subjects in the most simplest form and ensuring all round development of students are considered to be some major responsibilities of teachers. Those who are good at these, can enjoy a flourishing career in this field for a life time.

However, there are many who do not find classroom teaching environment fascinating enough. They are the ones who look for continuous variation in job roles. Now, considering the impact teachers have on entire society and civilization, people who do not enjoy this job need to quit. It is evident that when they are not happy performing their regular duties, they cannot impart proper education and knowledge to students.

Now, all job profiles have their own educational requirement. And candidates who have already earned their professional degree in teaching may not receive opportunities for landing other job profiles. Thus, they are left with no option besides reluctantly continuing with the job. A difficult and unfortunate situation, Isn’t it?

And amidst all these difficulties, I am delighted to say that this is not the real story. Candidates with a teaching degree may very well look for other job roles besides teaching. Listed below are different job opportunities for people with teaching experience or formal education in the field. It is important to note that some of these professions may require additional education and specialization.

What are the options for people with a teaching background?

Corporate trainer:

A lucrative designation under the Human resource department, Corporate trainers are professionals who train corporate newbies. And who else could accomplish this job better than a teacher?!Corporate trainer

Even though applicants are filtered through number of qualifying rounds before they join any organization, corporate learning is irreplaceable. Therefore, all new joiners undergo some training sessions during their initial days.

These sessions are carried out by corporate trainers who motivate employees and help them to sink into corporate environment. Now, it is not only freshers who can benefit out of these sessions. Professionals who have spent a considerable period in the workforce also find these sessions equally essential.

These professionals develop different instruction materials and teaching formats that give an overall idea about business policies, work culture, target prioritization etc. They are responsible to mold and inspire candidates so that they can work to take organizations to different levels of success.

Possessing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree along with related technical exposure is sufficient to land this position. Thus, if you are looking forward to go beyond classroom teaching and yet use your teaching skills, this can be a great option.


Well, if you are not very keen at sharing your knowledge and experiences in classrooms, you can go ahead to do the same through writing.Writer

Owing to their vast knowledge as teachers, they earn opportunities to write for various e-learning websites, educational forums or publishing houses. This is a growing profession and a befitting career for teachers looking for change.

A few years of experience in writing can open number of additional career opportunities. As for instance, you can become an editor where you will be required to review write ups written by others. Or else, you can look into publication of text books for regular curricular sessions in schools or colleges.

Along with a Bachelor’s degree,good command over English and an ability to present complex topics in an easy to understand manner are sufficient attributes to land this job role.


You are there in the school yet free from monotonous classroom teaching system. Student counselors are required in every institute, schools and colleges. They are directly related to their students; however, do not educate them on any theoretical subject.School counselor

Counselors on the other hand enlighten students in many different ways that ultimately help them to grow into matured and responsible individuals. They are required to resolve both personal and career related issues faced by students. In a nutshell, they are not only teachers, but guides, friends and mentors for students.

Most educational institutes prefer hiring counselors who have some professional degree in hand. However, long teaching experience and an ability to get along well can also help you land this job role.

Curriculum Development Experts:

As the name suggests, curriculum development experts or specialists are professionals who are responsible to design an effective and productive course structure for students. This not only involves deciding topics to be taught at different grades, but involves a number of other responsibilities too.Curriculum Development Expert

CDEs work in teams to first analyze job markets and skills required to land different job roles in future. Therefore, apart from formating formal education system, implementing relevant skill development techniques at schools or colleges is also one of their responsibilities.

Landing this position within educational system requires broad teaching experience. Therefore, professionals who have long teaching experiences and are now looking for a change can visit their education boards to know if they are in need of such professionals.

Foreign language teachers:

This profession is specific to language teachers. Aspirants who have taught languages such as English, Spanish. German etc. to students, may go ahead in utilizing this experience in making a career in the corporate world.Foreign language teacher

Global business requires professionals who can communicate in multiple languages. Therefore organizations hire skilled individuals who can train their employees to speak different languages.

Again, there are many countries where people are not familiar with English language. These states hire professionals from other countries to teach English as a foreign language in their schools and other institutes. Out of the many careers that an English degree can earn, this is the most lucrative one.

Besides, foreign language teachers can also work as interpreters and translators for organizations.

These were few career opportunities for teaching professionals who are looking beyond school/college teaching roles. Earning a teaching degree requires extensive study and there are only few who can accomplish this. Therefore, something that involves such extensive education cannot offer single employment scope.

Thus, if you are getting a little monotonous with your regular teaching responsibilities and desperately need some variation; go ahead in exploring all the above mentioned career prospects.

Temporary Christmas Jobs Explained

It is December and its festive time. Just a few more weeks and this year comes to an end. However, there is much to plan and do, before we rejoice the arrival of a fresh new year and bid farewell to this passing year. This period of Christmas eve – thanksgiving and New year, remains the most awaited period for all of us. Isn’t it?

Throughout the year we plan out our year ending vacation, Christmas parties and get-togethers.christmas jobs

Well, no celebration comes without expenses. And there are no two opinions about the fact, that Christmas season is the most expensive period of the year.

Professionals adopt strong saving strategies all through the year, and therefore have ample to spend on their holiday plans. However, those who are unemployed, fight a tough time scratching their wallets.

Now, there is always a solution for your thin wallet. Do you want to know what’s that? You are already smiling. So here you go…

Although, most of us think that fresh job openings arrive only with the new year; it is not very true. You can find jobs during festive Christmas seasons as well and thus a solution for your thinning wallet. In fact, some career experts say that it is better to take up some temporary Christmas jobs, as they pay more than their regular wage offers.

In addition, temporary jobs will bring fresh experiences as you meet new people and explore hidden talents. And ultimately, when the rest of the world returns back to their regular professional lives with emptied pockets; you are there, sitting at home, unpacking your gifts and counting dollars earned! Isn’t that awesome! Of course it is.

So, lets gear up to know various temporary Christmas job opportunities available in the market.

Few Temporary Christmas Jobs explained:

Listed below are some part-time jobs that may prove to be convenient for you.

Christmas Party DJ:

What is Christmas without party and what is party without music?Christmas Party DJ

Well, most DJs who work throughout the year, planning best party music for clients, excuse themselves for a few days to plan their personal Christmas parties. However, as DJ s are an indispensable part of Christmas celebration, Christmas party DJs remain in great demand throughout the season.

If you are good at mixing party music and know what to play for your audience, you can really earn loads during this period. Besides, you do not even miss out the Christmas party yourself!


Similar to music, good food also becomes an important part of any celebration. Therefore, chefs have some real good scopes of making huge and quick earnings.Out of the many delicacies commonly served during Christmas, Mincemeat Pie is the most common dish tasted by food lovers during the season. It is believed that, eating this dish continuously for 12 days can bring happiness and peace in your life for the entire year.

Therefore, if you are good at preparing this mouth watering sweet dish, you can earn loads working as a Mincemeat pie Chef. And no matter, you manage to eat it for twelve continuous days or not; you still end up happy and content after the season!

Okay! If you do not specialize in such dishes; however, you are good at preparing traditional dishes served at family dinners, you can still work as a private chef for families.

Besides, hotels and restaurants are always looking for Chefs who are good cooks and can replace their full time chefs during the Christmas period. Those who are good at preparing specific dishes can opt for such opportunities, that can be useful in the long run – if for any chance you are looking for building a career as a Chef.

Personal Shopper:

“Oh! have you decided your party wear? If not I can help you with that.”Personal Shopper

It is only this much that you are required to do as a personal shopper. Isn’t it a job pretty simple, taken into consideration, the salary that it offers?

There are people who lead such busy schedules; that they are left with no time to go shopping for parties. Therefore, to aide them with this, shopping centers hire personal shoppers who can promptly decide the type of outfit that can suit their clients. These professionals may go shopping along with their clients or may even shop on their behalf when they are not around.

This shopping does not only restrict to dresses and foot wears or makeups. It can be anything ranging from home decors to grocery items required for party.

Well, it is not important that you get hired by shopping houses alone. You may even get directly employed by clients, if you really have those skills to style people around.

Event planners:

Every nook and corner of your city has big or small parties going on. Therefore, event planners have a tough time managing all events simultaneously.Event plannersIf you are someone who is good at organizing events , you can offer your help as a Christmas staff with any event management team. In the process, you will also learn a great deal along with the salary you earn.

Driver’s Mate:

Festive seasons are just incomplete without gifts. Sharing presents with friends and family make these occasions more special and memorable.

In our moment of happiness, we fail to see and acknowledge those who work to deliver these gift items. You perhaps have noticed several lorries and trucks running across cities. And they mostly out number the usual ones that are available during the non festive period.Driver's Mate

It is during Christmas season that Lorry drivers remain the busiest and sometimes need assistance to deliver consignments on time. These assistants are known as Driver’s mate.

Working as a driver’s mate, you will need huge physical strength and fitness. You may also require efficient driving skills and proficiency in loading and unloading heavy items. Lastly, you will also need to be someone who can work well in a team.

These were few jobs that you can opt for, during this Christmas season. In addition, to these interesting professions explained above, there are plenty you can add to this list.

Hope that you have enjoyed this article and may find it useful in landing some temporary jobs this closing year. All the very best for your job search and Merry Christmas to all readers.

Best Jobs for Geeks

Each time I come across the word “geek,” there is this one person who occupies my mind. I say just one because; not everyone is a born geek. We do not come across number of people each day, who can be clubbed in this category. Do we?

Perhaps, you have also come across one or two in your life time. However, this G word has been reduced to a more colloquial language. It is largely used to describe someone who is obsessed with a hobby and stays a little detached from rest of the world.geeks

Now, who is a geek? They are people with over intellectual pursuit. And it is this pursuit that has lead to various innovations and developments. Now this reminds me of this one name; Sir Tim Berners Lee – The one who invented world wide web.

It was Sir Tim Berners Lee who proposed the idea of hypertext that could help researches share hypertext documents across the internet. And he is someone to whom I am personally obliged to. It is perhaps because of him I am being able to share my thoughts with all my lovely readers!

Now, I am sure you also hold someone to be the epitome of “Geekiness.” However, have you ever thought of walking in their footsteps? Can you become the next Tim Berner Lee or Newton or Dennis Ritchie?

Well, if you consider yourself as one of those geeks, who have higher levels of intellect and passion that cannot be matched by others; then you can definitely try your luck in some of these rising career options suitable for geeks only.

Jobs especially for geeks:

Mentioned below is a list of jobs with their description that are suitable for geeks. Read this to find a suitable career choice for yourself.

Software Engineers:

If communicating with a computer appears to be more fun than talking to your next door neighbor, then software engineering can be your call. While all of us complain of not being able to meet genuine people to talk to; your computer can never fake. You run a perfect code and your computer is happy to show expected results. Some follies in debugging and your system crashes down. Isn’t that fun?Software Engineer

While you are developing software to run a scalable business, you can earn loads while doing something you enjoy the most. In addition, with technological advancements taking place at a rapid pace, you can be assured to have a long and promising career for a life time.


For many people, a book is where they find solace. They are ardent readers who find extreme contentment and pleasure to explore new ideas, facts and knowledge from books. And the story does not end here; they use their acquired knowledge to make new innovative inventions for rest of the world. They are none other than researchers.Researcher

Working as a researcher needs huge passion for reading. After all you need to go back to books to earn knowledge sufficient to make new inventions. They work in research labs to convert ideas into realities. Besides, they also need to have strong writing skills to present their findings in the most easiest and acceptable manner for general public.

Therefore, if you too are fascinated to build a career in this profile, choose your field of interest and contribute towards the development of your chosen field. Thereby, earning handsome salary packages.

Technical Writers:

Technical writing is a suitable career for linguistic geeks. They are required to describe electronic items that are newly invented. For this, they need to test and review the products. They need to study various salient features of products and present them before customers in the most impressive manner.Technical Writer Geek

They also need to compare these new inventions with their older versions. This requires huge study and research. A good blend of technical knowledge and writing skills with passion for the subject is what you need to become a technical writer.

Forensic Technicians:

Investigation of any crime scene unveils different characters. However, it is the forensic technician who can develop relations between characters to narrate the true story that took place. These professionals spend their working days in a lab; mostly alone, amongst dead bodies, blood samples, crime weapons and finger prints to discover untold and unheard tales.Forensic Technician

It is their findings that direct investigators towards the right path. Forensic science is one of the advanced branches of science and technology that offers great career options. If you are someone who enjoys his/her own company doing things you are passionate about, try making a career in this profile.

Becoming a forensic technician requires candidates to have good analytical and reasoning skills. Besides, education in natural science is the only key to your forensic school. Thereafter, extensive education and lab experience prepares you for landing this profession.


The word geek naturally lands us to this profession. Geeks are thought to possess special rights of working in this profession. And probably this is justified. Becoming a scientist needs extreme dedication, focus and intellect and not many are born with perfect combination of all three. Therefore, there are only few who can work in this profile and make significant contribution to the field.Scientist geekWell these were few career options best suited for geeks. However, there can be numerous other careers in this list. In other words, every job and every professional can be referred to as a Geek, only when they really have strong love and interest for the job role they are working in.

This was all about careers suitable for geeks. Hope you found this blog relevant to your search.