Few Ways to Earn a Promotion

Every morning, walking across your manager’s cabin to reach the diagonally opposite small cubicle of yours; you do wish to own that well furnished cabin one day and make yourself comfortably seated on the chair.Earn a Promotion

However, stares and wishes will take you nowhere. If you want to climb up the corporate ladder, you will have to work and earn it till the top. Working out promotions is no different from landing first jobs. Rather, it is perhaps tougher a task to accomplish.

The professional world is different. All of your competitors are ought to be performing at the best of their abilities. Reaching deadlines and troubleshooting problems are prime ingredients that only add to your sustenance in the same position. If you are looking for a leap, you need to prepare yourself for the long jump.

Therefore, for all readers who are aspiring to get promoted to some higher professional designations, this post has everything to get you started.

Perform beyond expectations:

The first step to curve out the path to your promotion, is to appear as someone who is exceptionally skilled for the current job role. Your managers need to feel that the job role has somehow become too easy for you and therefore you need to be placed in a more challenging environment!beyond expectations

Now, on a serious note, ignoring current job tasks in a pursuit to learn more about the aspired position is not a very efficient tool for the purpose. Rather, remaining focused on the present job role and performing much more than what is expected is something that needs to be your initial step towards the desired promotion.

Learn about the position:

Now, earning a promotion is not that easy. You will definitely have to put in a lot of effort to reach that position.Learn

Aspirants need to manage their current job role and also learn about the desired position SIMULTENEOUSLY. If you want to be promoted to higher designations, first try learning what are the things you will need to have, so as to be functional in that position. Before you march towards your manager’s cabin, try finding if you are ready to land that position.

Try finding out the skills and expertise you will be needing. In the process, you will somehow come to know about things you still have to learn and acquire. Thus, when you finally request your managers to consider you for a promotion, you can definitely present the acquired skill set that makes you the most employable candidate before them.

Make sure that authorities know you:

Not being effectively visible amongst authorities is the greatest hurdle faced by many professionals working in big corporate houses. Not having a good connection or access to authorities can snatch away the promotion you truly deserve.authorities know you

In an organization employing thousands of employees, it is not only your work performance that can keep you in the lime light. You need to have something more to be noticed and somewhat popular amongst authorities. And here is where your networking and interpersonal skills come to play.

Therefore, having a good rapport with authorities; so much that they can atleast have your name on their minds whenever a vacancy arises, is equally important for internal hirings.

Is the position a good match for you?

The position you are aspiring for, may seem to be very lucrative; however, if you do not like the job role, you will never be able to perform at the best of your abilities. And when you don’t work, you don’t earn.position

Therefore, don’t just get carried away with all the perks the role may earn you. First analyze the profile aptly and try finding if you are truly going to enjoy the work. Careers need to be chosen according to personalities. If you can handle roles that somehow relate to your own personality, tasks in hand can be accomplished very easily.

Let people know your plans:

Now, once you are done with all your preparation, don’t miss to inform relevant people that you are preparing to move above the career ladder. This is again very important for internal hirings. If authorities are not aware about your choices and areas of interests, it is very much evident that they will never talk to you about hiring.let people know

Remember that if you don’t make the call, others will! So, once you are decided to try for a higher position, start preparing and let relevant people know that you are aspiring for landing the position and making equal efforts to make yourself eligible for the same.

These were five important tips that can earn you a much awaited promotion. By now you may have perhaps understood that career acceleration is not driven by skill and perseverance alone. A professional attitude where you maintain cordial relations with coworkers and bosses, strong networks and doing the right thing at the right time, are equally important.

Thus, now that you have learned about how to pocket a promotion, just go for it and make the best of the opportunities that come your way.

Didn’t Get a Hike – Then Do This Stuff

Not everyday of our professional life brings fulfillment. There are number of days when we remain a little detached from our work and everything around feels pointless. We find ourselves trapped in low productivity and disinterest. However, amidst all confusion, there is this one thing that keeps us going-Salary.Get a Hike

Needless to say, the salary that we earn is perhaps the biggest motivation of our professional lives. No matter how bad a day has passed, if it is your salary day, you somehow end it on a good note.

Appraisals and salary hikes are important parameters to determine job satisfaction. However, unfortunately many a times professionals fail to earn these salary increments for varied reasons. They are either denied a deserving salary hike or perhaps they do not qualify industrial expectations. Thus, they do not earn any hike, leading to lesser productivity and performance ratios.

No matter what and how you have missed an annual increment; you definitely need to work out a few things to win it. And this needs to be done immediately; as the longer you take to mend these stuffs, the tougher it becomes to remain focused on the job front.

Not yet earned a hike ? Try this:

Here are a few things that can help you drive out the salary hike you have perhaps just missed. The first in the list is:

Knowing your worth:

Just after you are denied an annual increment, you definitely get a little bewildered. A feeling of betrayal mixed with extreme rage seizes you from thinking wisely. However, you need to know that this anger and depression will not take you anywhere.Knowing your worth

Rather, maintain your composure and try finding out the reasons behind this behavior from your management or employer. Is there anything that you lack in? May be a slow progression rate or an inability to build good will with authorities or any other reason that obstructs you from earning annual increments needs to be found.

Now, if you find that it is your inefficiency that hinders your chances of monetary benefits; then you need to adopt to different remedial measures. And if in any case you find that the management is not paying you something that you deserve, you need to opt for completely different procedures to mend the situation.
Therefore, knowing exact reasons and then opting for solutions is the first step to get the much desired salary hike.

Perfect timings for Perfect results:

There is always a perfect time for everything to happen. You walk up to your manager and demand a salary hike when the company is trying to find out cost cutting measures; be sure that you will never have that increment, even when your company overcomes financial burden.salary hike demand

Never, portray yourself as someone who is working for money alone. If the salary hike can wait for some time, try to be with the company during its bad time. You will receive double when things turn out to be better. However, if the salary hike is much of a necessity now; try finding your own solutions. A company that is suffering from financial stress will perhaps not opt for increments.

On the other hand, if you have your company rolling its turn over with double sales and triple revenues; earning an increment becomes easier; provided you can showcase your contribution towards company success in an appropriate and convincing manner.

Market yourself:

Climbing up the corporate ladder is not always about proficiency. A large part of it also depends on how you can speak about your contribution towards company growth and profit. Being visible in your company is as essential as being a diligent worker.Market_yourself

This scenario is very common with big organizations. People who lack that skill of marketing themselves efficiently, tend to miss out opportunities that they deserve. Managers very often fail to see their silent effort and thus remain ignorant about their true potential and worth.

Yes, it is true that boasting about accomplishments is not a strong professional tool. However, if you think that your work and efforts are somewhat not being visible and counted, you definitely need to adopt to ways that turn things in your favor. Help authorities to see what you have been doing for company growth and how you need some appreciation to keep yourself going.

Walk out, but gracefully:

Never burn bridges when things have different solutions. If you have tried all possibilities of earning that hike and failed, you definitely need to look for other career options. Earning deserving salary is your professional right and there’s no reason of compromising here. However, don’t throw tantrums while leaving. And never threaten employers with your exit decisions when you really don’t have the next entrance.Walk out

Have a deserving job in hand and inform your manager about your quitting decisions. Share exact reasons that have triggered your decision and explain how you have tried to find reasons of staying back. Professional image is important. So, do not spoil it for little hike that you were denied.

Remember, real talent will always find its way. If your current employer fails to acknowledge your effort, look for a better place where you will be wanted and appreciated. Let the company regret on loosing an efficient employee and not you for damaging your professional image and good will.

There are thousands of professionals who are suffering from these problems where they feel they are not treated well by their employers. However, only a few who can work out things in favor of themselves are the winners. So, if you have lost the annual increment this year, you now know what should be the your next course of action. Opt for perfect solutions for a successful career ahead.

Careers in Child Care Services

Are you a working parent? Or do you need help to take care of your toddler? A child definitely is a bundle of joy to its parents. But raising a child is no child’s play. It requires tremendous patience on part of parents; besides you need to give lot of effort and time. You may be doing all that comes naturally; but being a good parent you need to know things in new ways, often in complicated ways. All your priorities becomes secondary once you have children and so you have to sacrifice more of your ‘me time’ while caring for your children. It can be challenging at times and thus many parents look for child care services to help them during this tough phase.

Depending on your needs, you can choose for different types of child care services. If you are working along with your spouse, you might need a person who looks after your children throughout the whole day. Again, if you are working from home, you might be in need of a child-care provider only for some hours of the day. In another scenario, if you prefer to be a housewife or a househusband, you may require a full-time help who takes care of your child while you are engaged in your daily chores. The good news is that, whatever may be your requirements you are sure to get a child care provider based on that. childcare-services

Careers in the child care sector are many- some require formal education while others are purely based on work experience. If you love to spend time with children and have patience to deal with different challenges, you may opt for any of the following:

  • Nanny: If you do not like the idea of putting your child in day care, consider having a nanny at home. The biggest benefit of having a nanny is that the child remains in front of you and you can keep an eye on how the nanny deals with your child. Besides feeding, bathing etc. a nanny will be involved in other developmental activities. She can stay with the family and thus gets an amount for her service, in addition to her board and room. She can be a live-out nanny demanding higher salary. Usually nannies charge on hourly basis; but you may pay them once a week or once a month if they agree. The median salary of a nanny per hour is between $10 and $25. No college degree is required to become a nanny, although parents prefer nannies having child care experience.
  • Babysitter: A babysitter may work for any hour of the day. All depends on the preferences of the parents and the babysitter. For example, she may take care of your child at your home or you may leave the child at her place. Usually her responsibilities include preparing meals, playing with the baby and putting it down for bedtime, helping children do their homework, providing transportation to or from activities etc. She may be doing some additional jobs besides babysitting. A babysitter can charge somewhere between $5 and $25, depending on the number of assignments, region and of course, the age of the child. Since any person interested in child care, from a teenager to a retiree, can babysit, there is no pre-fixed requirement.
  • Au pair: The term au pair in French means ‘equal to’ or ‘at par’. An au pair is a college student who lives with a host family and takes care of the child besides doing other household activities. In the United States, many students from other nations work as au pairs. They are usually aged between 18 and 26 years. They are treated equally as a family member and receive a minimum agreed-upon allowance besides room and board. They are regulated by the U.S. Department of State; so parents who want to hire au pairs need to contact agencies that are approved by the U.S. Department of State. Since an au pair is a college student, she may be doing any coursework. In many cases, au pairs who are studying nursing or similar fields, specialize in child care.
  • Mother’s helper: As the term suggests, a mother’s helper helps a parent in taking care of the child. The parent can be at home or go out for some time on a regular basis. A mother’s helper is usually around junior high age and gets payment lesser than nannies or babysitters. No formal education is required. In many cases, such an individual may work for free simply to gain some babysitting experience.
  • Day care workers: If you do not prefer the above-mentioned profiles and want to work in a typical professional setting, you can work as a day care worker in child care centres or family day care homes. You will have monthly salaries as fixed by the day care centre. You need to take care of many children at a time, monitor their play time and group activities, teach social and cognitive skills, make them ready for meals, naps, etc. You may work for half-day or full-day. A high school education is usually required or preferred. The median wage of a day care worker is $9.74 per hour.
  • Preschool teachers or nursery school teachers: You need to possess a college degree, some early childhood course work, Child Development Associate credentials or additional training and certification as specified by your state and the school you opt to work for. A nursery or preschool teacher teaches children who are aged between 3 and 5 years. You will be partly responsible for the social, emotional, psychological, that is, all-round development of the children. The median wage of such a teacher is $12.74 per hour.
  • Child care Director: A child care director is responsible for the smooth running of day care centres. They manage staff, conduct parents-teachers meetings, meet parents to discuss their children’s development and establish the centre’s goals and routines including curricular activities. You need to have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and early childhood education. Training and experience are usually preferred along with excellent communication and leadership skills. The median wage of a day care administrator is $22.68 per hour.

Whatever career option you choose, child care may be demanding at times. Besides being physically fit, you need to have tremendous mental energy and a knack for learning new things.

Jobs that Pay $15 per Hour or More…

Temporary or part-time jobs are here to stay. Researchers say that 2 in every 5 employers in the U.S.A. want to recruit workers on contractual or temporary basis. Many people think that permanent employees earn more than temporary ones. This is not always true. You can earn pretty good amount if you devise good strategies to work sincerely. Besides, jobs which pay you on hourly basis also give you chances to explore with other opportunities. For example, if you are a hair stylist who is equally interested on writing, you can take up two jobs. If each of the jobs pay you around $20 per hour and you work for 6 hours a day, you can easily earn $120 per day. Thus, your monthly income can exceed incomes of many permanent employees. Not only this, you can add variety to your professional life and also find more time for your personal life.per hour paying jobs

Now we present here a list of jobs that pay you $15 per hour or more. These are some of the fast-growing occupations and the number of opportunities is sure to rise between 2015 and 2019.

1. Phlebotomist: A phlebotomist collects blood samples from patients and delivers these samples to local laboratories where these are tested. They are also known as phlebotomy technicians. They work in various kinds of settings like hospitals, private laboratories. Although the required educational qualifications may vary from state to state, usually you will need a state license other than your high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development). The average wage of a phlebotomist is $15 per hour.Phlebotomist

2. Radiologic Technologist: As a radiologic technologist, you are entrusted with duties like using various imaging technologies to take diagnostic imaging exams on patients. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities are going to rise by 21% through the year 2022. You can earn a decent salary of $25 or more per hour depending on your work setting. Radiologic Technologist

3. Freelance writer and editor: If writing is your passion, you must go for this job where you can have a salary of $25 per hour. You need to possess excellent language skills. Your job responsibilities include writing and editing scripts, articles, stories, advertisements etc.Freelance writer and editor

4. Server at breakfast restaurants: If you like hospitality, you may choose to be a server at a breakfast restaurant in your area. As such restaurants remain open till mid-afternoon, you can have plenty of time to rest, study or do another job in the evening. Your earning which includes wage and tips, may vary between $20 and $25 per hour depending on the area you live.Server at breakfast restaurants

5. Accountants and auditors: As the term indicates, this job requires you to deal with finances. You will prepare tax statements, analyze and maintain accounting records for companies, businesses and individuals. The average hourly wage is $30 or more.Accountants and auditors

6. Private fitness instructor: Being fit is good and pursuing a career in fitness is surely a good option. With a personal trainer certification, you can start teaching and training people by visiting their place or even staying at your own place. The more your experience, the more you can earn. But you can easily earn $20 per hour.Private fitness instructor

7. Health educator: A health educator is a person who educates people on different topics related to healthy lifestyle. They conduct programs for individuals and communities. According to the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, job opportunities in this profession will rise by 26%. The average hourly wage of a health educator is $30.Health educator

8. Computer user support specialist: Computer user support specialists provide technical support to computer users. Their job duties involve inspecting equipments, preparing evaluations of hardware or software, entering commands, recommending improvements of software or hardware, detecting errors, performing minor repairs to software, hardware etc. The average hourly wage of such a professional is $39 or more.Computer user support specialist

9. Massage therapist: Also known as masseuse, a massage therapist can earn a decent amount in between $15 and $30 depending on the environment and the locality they are working. After completing any particular massage therapy program, they need to obtain a license for practicing. They work in salons and spa settings, sports centres or even at home. At present there are more than 320,000 massage therapists and students in the USA and the scope for this profession is widening.

10. Remedial educator: Remedial education is also termed as basic skills education, preparatory education, developmental education and compensatory education. Whatever may be the job title, you can teach students having or not having special needs. Your students may be adults or out-of-school children who are underprepared for General Education Development test. You can earn more than $25 per hour by educating these people on adult literacy, GED or remedial education.Remedial educator

11. Driver: If you possess driving license, you can take temporary job of a driver. If you want lesser working hours, you can take up the job of a school bus driver and earn a minimum of $15 per hour. As a school bus driver, you will typically be engaged for less than 20 hours a week. Thus you can work elsewhere during weekends.Driver

Not only this, you can also choose to become a heavy and tractor-trailer truck driver. This profile will need you to transport goods and materials from one place to another. The median hourly wage is $19. Being a long-haul truck driver needs you to operate heavy weight trucks. Such truck along with passengers and cargo weighs around 26000 pounds. You need to go through a professional truck-driving course and possess a CDL- Commercial Driver’s License.

$15 and $45 per hour by working in positions like those of registered nurse, travel agent, budget analyst, audiologist, curator, customer service representative, construction labourer, management analyst, hair stylist, occupational therapist, instructional coordinator, etc. based on your educational qualifications and areas of interests.



Do’s and Don’ts with Your First Pay Check

Getting the first pay check may be the first step of entering the world of independence and productivity for many. Holding your first pay check is surely exciting. This feeling is something different- you start dreaming about your future, you start thinking about realising your dream and may be someone’s else’s dream. You make plans about fulfilling certain purposes of life and serving the society. It is certainly of great emotional value and most importantly, financial value.first paycheck

Having the first check is surely a big moment for you. Yes, you are happy, you are proud of yourself. You would like to splurge out all your money. You like to share your happiness, celebrate with friends and relatives. While tearing open the check, you are getting goosebumps. You are thinking of buying this and that. All these happen and it is perfectly okay. You must also be aware of some do’s and don’ts as money is money after all, and you cannot live without money.do's


  • Now that you have your check, you know how much money will be subtracted as tax and what amount you will actually get. A certain amount of money will be deducted due to Medicare, Social Security, Federal and State Income tax. You may think ‘that’s unfair’. Yes, it hurts. But like every employee you have to pay for the numerous government resources that you are using.

Hence, it is imperative that you make a plan for your expenses and savings. Note down your short- and long-term goals and start saving accordingly. First save and then spend.

  • Warren Buffet said, “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.” Yes, you may think all these stereotyped advices do not hold value anymore. Wait! Take a pause. Do you really think you need not save? Are you sure of not losing your job in the future? Will this salary be enough during emergency? Moreover, if you are doing any part-time job, it is likely that you need more money when you are jobless. So consider all these factors before spending a hefty amount for your fun and entertainment.
  • You want to enjoy one night out with your friends. Yes, you can do. Spend on food, drinks, movie tickets, concert shows, fun activities and do what you want to do. Buy clothes, gadgets, accessories- whatever you need. After all, this is your first check and you are on cloud9.
  • Do open a savings account. You may think it’s a bit too early; but believe us. Saving money can never be too early. It’s just that you have to take the first step. That first step may be a baby step. No matter what expenses may come your way, you must save a particular amount; even it is 5% of your income every month. And you must start this with your first check. Once you start depositing some money in your savings account, you will see your nest egg growing gradually. That time you will feel happy thinking that you had taken the right decision in the past.don'ts


  • Getting your first pay check does not mean going on a shopping or spending spree. You must not spend on things that you don’t want. Let’s take two examples.
  1. You might have a laptop and a smartphone. While browsing through some shopping sites, you might think of buying a tablet. If you can really manage your work by laptop and phone, what is the need of a tablet? Just because you don’t have one does not mean you should buy one. Sudden pop ups of ads on your computer or phone screen must not allure you to empty your pocket for useless things.
  2. You have one big sofa or a bean bag at your home. You feel jealous when your friend showcases that gorgeous, huge, comfortable recliner that his grandfather had gifted him on his last birthday. You may have one secret desire of bringing home one such recliner to watch matches or movies. Now think for how many hours do you watch movies or matches? To put simply, when you have enough, don’t fall for small, unnecessary things.
  • Don’t plan for long vacation. Going overseas may be a brilliant way of treating yourself. Enjoying with friends, spending lavishly in food and drinks, exploring new cultures and new places, posting photos on social networking sites, getting too many likes and comments- all these may lure you to spend money from your steady pay check. A smarter way of celebration can be to plan for a trip after some months or a year. During this period, save a certain percentage of your income for the future trip and then enjoy the fruits of your labor in a carefree manner. Instead of long vacation, you may opt for a one-day trip to some nearby places.
  • Don’t opt for any too big purchase. And too big means spending a heavy amount literally. For example, you may consider buying a car or home. You might find yourself talking to a car dealer or a real estate agent and end up giving them a big amount for booking. Not only buying, you may even think of shifting to a luxurious flat on rent leaving the present small one. Don’t listen to friends who advise you on such critical matters. Wait for some time, let things settle first, add some zeroes to your savings account balance and thereafter take any major decision.

The real question is about creating a balance. Try to draw a line between leading a decent life and an extravagant life, especially when you have just entered in this tough world of competition. Learn to exercise self-control while spending. Thus holding the first check with all those goosebumps and tempting dreams, promise yourself to spend wisely, be happy and start saving for the rest of your life.


10 Current Growing Occupations with Certifications that Surely Boost Hirability and Pay Scale

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rate in the nation decreased from 5.70% in January, 2015 to 5.50% in February, 2015. Many new jobs are created in the present year. Candidates try their hard to impress the hiring authorities with their degrees, references, work experience and certificates. It seems that certification is the new ‘in-thing’ to create the differentiator factor for oneself. It is likely that a person with required qualifications and additional certification will get more preference than one without a certification.Growing Occupations with Certifications

We list here some of the top ten growing occupations with certifications that offer good salary.

1. Dental Assistant: A dental assistant works in a dentist’s clinic and serve dental patients in a number of ways. These professionals educate patients on oral hygiene, help dentist during dental operation and other treatment procedures, schedule appointments, maintain official record etc. A dental assistant must be a graduate from an accredited program at vocational schools, community colleges, dental schools, technical institutes or universities; or he needs to do a high school diploma course. With any of these qualifications, he can go for the Certified Dental Assistant exam conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board. He must go through on-the-job training. The pay scale of such professionals ranges from $24,220 to $48,350.Dental Assistant

2. Website Designing: This is an interesting job that pays well. Since hundreds of websites are opened every day, jobs will always flourish in this sector. You can work full time or part-time. If you are experienced in web designing, you can add weight to your resume by opting for a certification course. There are various types of certifications like front-end, back-end, beginner and advanced. You have to pass an exam for having such certifications. A website designer earns an average salary ranging between $40,000 and $70,000.web-designer

3. Court Reporter: Courts will always be there in human society and hence there will no dearth of jobs for the court reporters. The median salary of a court reporter is $53,034. The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) provides certification courses for these reporters. If you want to become a Certified Registered Professional Reporter, you must pass a written test. Along with this, you need to successfully complete a three-part skills test.court-reporter

4. Manicurists and Pedicurists: Also known as nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists are well-paid professionals working in spas and salons. They need to complete a state-approved nail-technician or cosmetology program. After completing this program, they must pass a state exam to get licensure. This is required in every state, except Connecticut. According to the reports of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector will grow by 16% in between 2012-2022.Manicurists and Pedicurists

5. Massage Therapist: As more and more people are heading towards massage parlours or centres to de-stress themselves, there will be ever-increasing demand of massage therapists in the health and wellness professions. You must be a high school diploma and complete a training program at a massage therapy school. Once you graduate from an approved program, you need to get a license and for this you have to pass an exam. The most common exams are the exam administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam. The median pay of a massage therapist is around $38,000.Massage Therapist

6. Skincare Specialists or Estheticians: As specified by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, a skincare specialist must be licensed by his or her state. An applicant completing a state-approved training program is eligible for a license exam that is conducted in two parts- a written exam and an oral test or practical exam based on learned skill sets. The expected growth rate through 2022 is 40%.Skincare Specialists

7. Surgical Technologist or Operating Room Technicians: These professional help surgeons during surgical operations. To become a ‘Certified Surgical Technologist’, you need to get a certificate through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. In order to have the certification, you need to pass an exam after going through an accredited formal education or military training program. The median pay of a surgical technologist is around $42,000.Surgical Technologist

8. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians: Better known as health information technicians, these professionals discuss patient related information with other important persons like physicians and insurance personnel. The median salary of such a technician is $35,000 approximately. As most employers prefer technicians with certification, you should gain the certification of Registered Health Information Technician. For this certification, you need to pass an examination conducted by the American Health Information Management Association. You can also go for certifications like Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) which are offered by the American Academy of Coders and the National Cancer Registrars Association.Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

9. Audio and Video Equipment Technician: The employment growth of this profession is 14% through 2022 as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They earn a median salary of $42,000 approximately. You can go for any of the 8 certification courses, a broadcast networking certification and two operator certifications offered by the Society of Broadcast Engineers.Audio and Video Equipment Technician

10. LPN and LVN: LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse and LVN stands Licensed Vocational Nurse. There may be slight difference in the roles and responsibilities of both the types. The main difference is in their names: LVN is used in the two states of Texas and California; while the rest of the states use the term LPN. Courses for LPN and LVN are designed to prepare the candidates for passing the NCLEX-PN which is required to practise in all states. The average salary of LPNs and LVNs is $41, 550. The hiring rate of these nurses is 25% which is much faster than national average for all jobs.LPN and LVN

Other occupations with certificate courses boosting good pay and hirability are systems security, car mechanic, phlebotomist, heavy and tractor-trailer driver etc. Thus to earn the best job with greater pay scale, to get promoted  or to increase their salary candidates are going that extra mile and completing certification courses.



Quick Prediction About USA IT Jobs in 2015

Today information technology has brought the world closer. Information technology (IT) has redefined our lives in many ways. Software, hardware, applications and programs; we cannot imagine our life without all these.  Although many of us may not be fully aware of the advantages of IT as we do not work in this sector; from running multi-national corporations to small town business, from using different apps to online shopping, from pursuing online courses to accessing digital medical information, technology is really driving us crazy. Nonetheless, there is great demand of IT jobs throughout the world. In the USA also, the demand for these jobs is also increasing. You can find these jobs in mainly two sectors: a) jobs with the U.S. State, Federal and Municipal government and b) IT professional services sectors.

it jobs 2015

In the government sector as mentioned above, a new class of IT jobs with higher salaries are created. With the nature of technology work changing, new Civil Service positions encompassing different emerging technology jobs are created. The total workforce scenario is taking new shape with the presence of technology in all layers of government operations and business activities.

If you are willing to work in IT in the USA in the current year, there are many profiles you can choose from. Some basic prediction statistics about these jobs can be pointed here:

  • Researchers say that 14 out of 25 highest paid U.S. jobs of 2015 are in the technology industry.
  • Studies reveal that more than 50% of the employers are planning to recruit full-time employees and around 60% employers are going to add contractual employees.
  • Due to the better financial condition, the employees may be paid more. To be more precise, 87% of the employers are willing to raise the salary of the existing employees.
  • As for beginners, there may be some good news. 75% of the employers will raise the starting salaries for new workers.
  • Not only this, the salaries of the minimum wage workers will also be increased. 47% of the employers are also willing to increase the minimum wage of the companies.
  • In IT sector people of varying ages work. A retired techie is as much wanted as a fresh graduate- obviously based on their skill sets. Hiring retiring candidates is not new in this sector; but the good news is that in 2015 almost 53% of the employers are interested in employing such candidates from other organizations.
  • 70% of the employers say that they will hire fresh graduates. 35% say that they desire to increase the number of college graduates their companies hire every year.
  • In the United States of America, 2015 is proving as the IT year. As more and more jobs are created, it is expected the competition between IT companies about choosing candidates will also rise. Hence companies are offering something extra that will attract top talents. 50% of the employers say that their companies give the necessary financial aid to the employees, so that they can earn advanced degrees in the related field.
  • Along with the financial aid, employers are going that extra mile to create healthy environment for the employees. Different schedules for summer days, alternate schedules, sabbaticals, etc. are some good options that motivate employees to produce great work.

With these forecasts, we also list some of the best IT jobs in 2015.

  • Software Developer: When we talk about IT jobs, the term ‘software developer’ comes in our minds quickly. Although we are aware of the term, we do not know how difficult jobs they perform. Besides coding, resting and programming, they also check bugs, use visual development environments, co-ordinate and collaborate with clients, managements and fellow developers. It is one of the top jobs in 2015. The average salary of a software developer is $68,208 per year. It can extend upto $102,387 also.
  • Software Architect: A software architect is responsible for designing plans for new software programs. They manage risk identification strategies related with the architecture, provide inputs to issues, make sure the system and software architectures are in synchronization and so on. The average base salary of a software architect is $130,891.
  • IT Manager: They are also known as computer and information systems managers are responsible for technology-related matters with clients, top executives, negotiating with vendors and many more duties. In a word, these professionals manage other people in a team and help the whole team in completing a project in the right direction. Being in a vital position in a company, these managers can earn an average salary of $122,000. The highest salary can be nearly $187,000.
  • Database Administrator: These professionals collect data from customers and organize those in a meaningful way. Companies, then access those data for their own profit. Database administrators implement security measures to protect data, manage and upgrade databases and also work as consultants to companies. Being one of the top IT jobs in the US, this profession has a low unemployment rate. A database administrator can earn upto $127,000.

People with degrees in IT, software engineering or computer science will always be in demand. The primary reason behind this is our dependence on technology both in our personal and social lives. More and more businesses are also relying on technology and as such the need of innovative persons who can problem solve is also increasing. Job growth in this field is also due to the increase in the specialities within the discipline like systems administration, technology support analyst, computer security, systems design and software construction and many more. Based on the different studies by the U.S Bureau of Labor statistics, it can be expected that job opportunities along with better salary options will continue to grow in the coming times.

Don’t Shy Away from Asking for a Hike

Every employee wants a salary hike. A pay increase acts as a motivating factor. He can work with great enthusiasm and positivity. Asking for a pay hike can be a daunting task for many. Don’t get unnerved; because you are not alone. Many employees who are already serving their company for years and are posted in higher ranks, find the task difficult. You may be shy; you may be an introvert; you may get tensed or simply don’t know what to say during negotiation. Instead of delving deep into the matter, you may read the following tips that address the relevant topic.ask for hike

If you are an employee who is doing real hard work and proving beneficial to the company, you must not shy away from walking into your manager’s or boss’s cabin and ask for a pay hike. But before taking this big step, you must be aware of some basic rules like:

  • What is the best time to take the plunge? It is not a great idea to wait for the annual review which rewards with small hikes on an average. Based on your good performance, you may also plan to talk to your boss well ahead of the performance review cycle.  Usually an off-cycle discussion can result in a salary adjustment. Ideally, you must take the plunge once you have achieved some great heights or your performance has directly contributed to the company’s record-breaking sales numbers.
  • There is no alternative to hard work. So just focus on your work, your role as a team member and note down all performance indicators. During negotiation, you will have to discuss more about these positive factors. How much hike you will get is directly proportional to your performance.
  • Some basic homework is essential. Find out how much a person with your degrees, skill sets and experience earns and the percentage of pay hikes in other companies across the industry. Also do some research about the salary hikes patterns in your company for the past 3- 4 years. The result of these two studies will make you get an idea of the approximate hike you can ask for.
  • In many cases, employers agree to give you a hike if they view you as a candidate who is doing the work of an employee of the next higher level. So understand the roles and responsibilities of the higher level and show your capability of accomplishing the next level tasks.
  • All bosses or managers are busy individuals. An employee going to them for a salary hike is no more a serious matter for them. Thus you need to strike the right chord by knowing what mode works best for your manager or boss. He might like to have direct talk with you or prefer you to send a neat and detailed data-based email before conducting the one-on-one conversation.
  • You must wait for the other person to give you the offer. Don’t push yourself to make the offer first because you might underestimate yourself thereby asking for less.
  • Lack of confidence during the important meeting can land you in trouble. An informal preparation like practising with a tape recorder or a friend will ease out your nervousness. Use professional phrases and sentence. Also prepare for different situations. For example, your manager might not be satisfied from your points; then what you can add further, how you will convince him. This will certainly boost your confidence and career in the long run.

Asking for more money should not become an awkward experience for either the employee or the employer. Some behaviour is not expected from you as an employee. Besides following the above-mentioned golden rules, you must avoid these ‘no-nos’:

  • While talking during a negotiation, many employees say that they haven’t had a salary rise since a certain period of time. Not having a rise isn’t any excuse and this does not hold any value in this recession hit economy. Endless number of people works without getting any hike for years. Suffering from the fear of being fired by the company, they remain happy with their current salary. Besides your manager will show you many reasons for not paying you more. So it is better to concentrate on your own strengths and ask for a raise for being a valuable employee to the company.
  • Don’t say that you have completed one year, worked really hard and thus deserve a hike. Once your manager or team lead reviews your performance and gives you really good points, you have a chance to ask for a review. But simply because you have completed one year does not mean that you will have an increase in salary.
  • Don’t ask for a pay rise if you think you have done what you were supposed to do. Remember your boss will want you to go some extra miles and prove yourself as a brilliant asset. This means you might have to do many works that your juniors are seniors are doing, although these are not mentioned in your offer letter. Thus, saying ‘I am doing what I am supposed to do’ will not impress your boss. You must prove that you can do much more than what you are expected to do and your company is reaping the benefits from your work.
  • When not to ask for a hike is a vital point. For example, if the company is facing poor times and its annual turnover is not at all satisfactory, you must not think about negotiation. In situations where some of your colleagues are already fired, some are serving the notice period and yet many like you are retained, you must not act unprofessionally.

Thus negotiation can turn into a good experience for the employee. Restrain yourself from negative emotions like anger, frustration warnings or any foul game planning. Instead create an atmosphere characterised by faith and professionalism. Now don’t shy away; face it and ask, at least for once, so that you don’t have any regrets later. Try to get paid for what you deserve.

Top Booming Jobs of USA in 2015

The United States of America is the most developed nation in the world. A developed nation creates good employment opportunities for its citizens. Many studies reveal that 2014 has been the nation’s best year of job growth since 1999. And the trend seems to continue in 2015. There has been an addition of 321,000 jobs in last November. Economists expect that the stronger and improving US economy along with employer confidence will finally boost up the slow wage growth.

booming jobs usa

Although there is no dearth of good jobs, yet some jobs sectors are really booming in the current year. Healthcare, retail, technology etc. are offering high-paying jobs. Not only this, many new sectors and new job titles are also created to cater to the different needs and skill sets of the employees.

We list here some of the best and booming jobs in the US. These jobs come with good pay and security.

1. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN): APRN or nurse practitioners can perform on their own without the assistance of doctors while taking case histories, performing physical examinations, analyzing lab reports, educating patients and families regarding treatment and post-hospitalization care. According to the research reports of The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this sector will grow by 33.7 percent by the year 2022. A good APRN can earn a lucrative salary of $92,670.

2. Physician: A physician’s job needs no introduction. As per the BLS forecast, more than 120,000 jobs will be added by the year 2022. Endless advancements in the medical field, excellent salary and increasing number of people taking health care services are the main driving forces behind this demand. Although the salary varies, the average median salary of a physician is approximately $186,850.

3. Dentist: This job provides you a good work-life balance and high pay. A median salary of $146,340 with utmost financial security is making this job sector flourish. As per BLS reports, 23,300 new jobs will be added through the year 2022. The demand of cosmetic treatments and complete oral care is also increasing. You can work both in private offices and alongside other health practitioners also.

4. Dental hygienists: The popularity of this job can be understood from its projected increase rate in coming times. With an increase rate of 30.1% in 2016 and 33.3% in 2022, this field is inviting more candidates. You may think when we have dentist, what is the real need to go to dental hygienists? For preventive health care, dental hygienists are required. As oral care is an integral part of total health care, more and more dental hygienists have been hired and the process will continue. With a degree from dental hygiene school and state license to practice, you can earn in between $47,880 and $96,690.

5. Software Developer: Software developers have given a new meaning to our life. From designing different apps and devices to fixing bugs, they wear multiple hats. With the growth of computer applications and more businesses becoming technology driven, this job is booming in the current year. If you are living in Florida, Iowa, California, Panama City or San Jose, you may be well-paid with a highest salary of $143,540. By the year 2022, 139,900 jobs will be added.

6. Gaming and sports book writers: Although this is a slightly quirky job role, but the Labor Department predicts that the demand for this role is increasing. The projected increase in the year 2016 is 28%. With a high school diploma or equivalent degree, anyone can go for this job. He must have good presentation and superb customer service skills. Today more and more states in the USA are legalizing gambling and as such demand for gaming and sports book writers and runners are also high.

7. Information security analyst: According to the prediction of the Labor Department, there will be 36.5% increase in the employment growth by 2022. One can earn a handsome salary of $88,590 that can extend up to $138,780 as happened in 2013. Today when there are ample cases of cyber attacks and data breaches, more and more companies are hiring information security analyst to keep top-secret information confidential.

8. Accountant: If you are someone who is interested in audits, taxes and can provide advices to various corporations and non-profit organizations, an accountant job is the best for you. You can earn a salary between $40,470 and $113,740. A bachelor’s degree in accounting coupled with effective communication skill is required.

9. Mechanical engineer: This profession has low unemployment rate of just 2.7%. With creative devices like 3D printing and many engineering materials, mechanical engineering task has taken new meaning. Areas like Alaska, San Jose, Massachusetts, Anchorage and California are the top-paying with a maximum salary of $123,340.

10. Personal financial advisor: In the year 2016, the projected increase for this job sector is 41 percent. With a bachelor’s degree, one can easily opt for this job and later undergo training courses to adjust with the changing trends of the industry. As a good number of baby boomers are either on the verge of retirement or retiring, the demand for this job is increasing.

11. Marriage and family therapists: As a marriage and family therapist, you can save the marriage of many people and help them overcome frustration. In the USA, the divorce rate is much higher than many other nations. Thus couples go to these therapists with issues like infidelity, depression and related matters. With a master’s degree you can earn a median pay of $50,000 in this profession.

These are only some of the top booming jobs in 2015. The above-mentioned list also contains some fastest-growing jobs that are listed in the top 30 jobs projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can also contact some job consultancy to find jobs that suit your talents and financial needs.

Jobs in the top fields with slightly unusual or quirky roles like nuclear medicine technologist, digital risk officer, medical equipment repairer, industrial organizational psychologist etc. and other posts like  environmental science and protection technicians, portfolio manager, video games designer, patent agent, portfolio manager, database administrator, IT configuration manager, substance abuse counsellor, radiologic technologist are also becoming popular.