How Men and Women React to Success & Failure at Work

There are many differences in men and women both biologically and fundamentally. The changes in them are congenital. How they react and behave in a particular situation is totally different. If you observe both these genders since their childhood, you will realize that each of them interpret messages differently. Even their behavior is influenced by myriads of factors with no similarities. When men and women go through their development phases, each gender starts developing its own set of thinking. They may have the same liking for sports though, but their reasons of participation in the activities are totally contrasting.Men and women at work

For example, boys are more inclined towards manly sports whereas women toward feminine sports. The former ones, taking an active part in any activities with the feeling of dominating opponents. The latter ones consider sports an opportunity to build relationships. Boys become aggressive while competing and do not hesitate in getting into conflict with opponents. Girls, however, stay calm and are nice to others, even their competitors. The masculine genders love to take control of the activities they are participating. Despite being competing fiercely in the sports, they follow the orders of their team leaders. Boys learn to develop and meet goals while indulging with sports activities. Girls learn to collaborate.

Based on the thinking and reasons of participation in various sports, we can easily form an analogy with the workplace. The differences between them has a major impact on the way we take our work.

1. Team Concept

When both men and women have totally different outlook towards sports participation, how can they hold the same view when it comes to working as a team. For men, working in a team is being answerable for the tasks assigned to them. They are only concerned about finishing off the given tasks. They will not take time to learn how is the other team members doing. Even they complete their tasks much ahead of the scheduled time, they will hardly take any initiative of helping others and enjoy the spare time pursuing their personal interests of hobbies.Team Concept

Women are not generally like men. For them, being a team player means working collectively with the team members, and providing help to someone who is struggling with the given tasks. What the women learned during their development years are implemented by them at the workplace. They feel a team culture is one that shares ideas with each other, resolves conflicts, and works collectively towards achieving the goals.

2. Taking credit for success

Success is the ladder to climb high up the hierarchy of an organization. This mantra is very well imbibed by men. When men achieve success, they don’t hesitate to take credit for that. They also gloat over their skills and talent applied for the achievement. Every good beginning and happy ending is all because of their skills and talent. Others don’t even have a say or contribution in it. This is what they believe. They have a deep yearning inside them of becoming a hero and when the opportunity comes knocking, they don’t fail to grab it. On the contrary, when success eludes them, or they fail, they try to pass the buck to others. They go to any extent in framing others for the failure and saving their own back.Taking credit for success

On the other hand, when women succeed, they point towards the team work. They give credit to the entire team and never shy away from asserting or attributing success to the team. Any good results for them is because of the contribution of all. And when they fail, they take the onus and boldly accept the responsibilities for failure. They may even take the blame on themselves and say that they haven’t given their 100%.

3. Problem solving

Men and women have their own ways to solve problems. The former tend to seek for solutions personally. For them, providing a solution to the problem is like reserving a birth for the next promotion. They go to any length in resolving the issue and prove their competency. This gender sees a problem as an opportunity to grab power and control over others. When authority is bestowed upon them, they are ever ready to take and implement any type of initiatives.Problem solving

Women take a different approach for solving a problem. First, they gather input for the solutions from their colleagues, ponder over it for a while, and then offer the solution. They are never bothered about losing or gaining authority over others. Moreover, they love the whole process of getting involved in the solution seeking process.

4. Liking for the processes

Women enjoy each and every process to get closer to the goals. They never miss even a single step though the goals elude them. They love being a part of the whole process and less focused towards the goals. These working class is more inclined towards what goes into the process rather than the goal. Liking for the processes

Working at their own pace and learning every ins and out of the processes are things women love the most. Men, however, stay focused on the goals. For them, the processes matter the least and reaching to the set target as soon as possible is the priority. They are motivated for the goal and apply total energy for attaining it.

5. Hierarchy & relationships

Men have high regards for hierarchy and set their eyes on the top most slot. They are comfortable in following the orders of the higher authority and see themselves in that position in the near future. These working class love to work in an environment where there is a set hierarchical system. Following a standard protocol is what men believe the most and abide by it. For they knew once reaching the top of the hierarchy will generate the same kind of respect for them in others. On the contrary, women develop a tendency to pay heed more to relationships than hierarchy. It’s not that they don’t follow orders or behave as per their own will. They only apply what they have grabbed and experienced throughout their development years. Women enjoying sharing goals and building an understanding among their colleagues.

These behaviors and attitude of men in the workplace are enough to conclude that the way they grow and learn things during their childhood, makes a huge difference in how they see success and failure at work. Success for women is not primary. They love to build relationships with colleagues and help them. Men are flexible to accept any authority and following the company’s protocol. But their aim is always reaching to the top slot of the hierarchy.

Why to Choose Work from Home

With communications getting easier and convenient with the advance in technology, one change that has evolved in the job industry is, the possibility of working from home. There are many organizations that prefer employees who can work from home. This also helps them in saving some cost on light bill, workstation, and traveling allowance that are provided to other employees who work in the office. However, not all industries can avail this benefit of allowing employees to work from home. There are some jobs that has to be done at the factory or office. Especially, people who work with heavy machineries, and manual and power tools. You cannot take those machines and equipment to your home and start working. Even the filed job is not possible from home.Work from Home

If you have been wondering whether to start working from home or not after seeing people who actually do, you will need to think about these before making the decision. First, you will need a computer or a laptop and internet service in your home. Second, you have to attend the office at least for a few hours in a week or whenever called by the employer. Third, you cannot switch off your mobile no matter how busy you may be with your domestic chore. Once you have these basic necessities in your home and are ready to abide by the employer’s terms and conditions, here are the other benefits that will prompt you to choose to work from home.

No morning rush

Office-goers have to reach their workplace in time. They have to wake up early and finish off their daily routine activities as quickly as possible. Some who are living alone also have to prepare their breakfast. There are times when getting ready for the office doesn’t leave any time for preparing and having breakfast and they have to rush to the office missing the most important meal of the day.Morning Rush

When you have chosen to work from home, you don’t have to make a rush. Though starting the work at the scheduled time is must, you can do so without even having a shower as nobody is going to see you in your home. As there is no need to get ready for the office, you are also saved from ironing your clothes. Plus, if you are good at multitasking, you can prepare and have breakfast when working on your laptop. Most importantly, you will be saving time in commuting as well as money you would be wasting on fuel or for public transportation.

More Productive

Sometimes, it is no easy in the office to achieve productivity. You are bound to attend meetings and are likely to be interrupted by your boss, colleagues, and the gossip that takes place at the water-cooler or in the toilet. And as office meetings go on too long, it will leave less time in your hands to finish off tasks. There is also a possibility that your colleague will interrupt you with a request for assisting in the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation, patching up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or in purchasing the latest mobile phone.More Productive

Things like these are common in the office that occur daily despite the attention of the supervisor. As you cannot deny your colleagues of their request, your productivity will get a back seat. At home, you will be working alone and without any disturbances or interruptions. As such, you will be more productive.


While too much of comfort is not a good thing and may also work as a spoiler in professional life, precaution is necessary for not getting carried away. But if you are the one who has a strong control on yourself, working from home will definitely be comfortable for you.Comfort

You can work with your laptop sitting on the couch, or on a rocking chair. You can even lie down on the bed on your stomach and work. Moreover, you can throw up your legs or take a short walk inside the room for a break as and when you feel. One of the best things about working from home is that you will be saving much discomfort to your back, which all office-goers have to face sitting for long hours.

Home Food

The morning rush leaves no time for many to take food to the office. They are forced to eat in the nearby restaurant and spend half of the amount they are earning daily. When working from home, you have complete control on your kitchen. Whenever you feel hungry, you can go into the kitchen and prepare your sandwich or a mid-day meal.Home Food

This will not only save your money, but you would also be eating healthier food and not the one served by the vending machine or the restaurant. Plus, there will no rush in finishing off the lunch and getting back to work. You can enjoy the food at your own comfortable speed.


Creativity is not something that comes instantly. There has to be an atmosphere that could fan inspiration and ideas in your minds and let your creative juice to flow. When you are at home and you have a nice and beautiful garden in front of your home, you can spend a few minutes in the garden and seek some inspiration.Creativity

This is very useful if you are in a wiring field. Moreover, there is always an option to play your favorite music if it inspires you, or meditate for five to ten minutes in calm and peace.


You ask any officer-goer whether she or he is exercising, the usual answer you will get is “I don’t get time.” Since many are spending a good number of hours in commuting to and from office, they are left with little energy to go to the gym.Exercise

As you are not required to go to the office, you have ample time to exercise either in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. Plus, you will have time to cool down and take a shower at your will.

Open office

As the home is your office, you are not limited to a crammed place. You can walk and work freely without bothering about disturbance to others. As there will no ringing of the phone, sound of the workstation, coffee machine, and people chatting, you can enjoy privacy and focus on the job. Furthermore, you are free to keep the coffee mug anywhere you wish and enjoy snacks while working.Open office

As the work scenario is changing, employees prefer to work from home if given a chance. However, as said earlier, this option or facility is limited to certain types of industries only. If the field you are in have facility to work from home, you shouldn’t ignore and grab it happily given the advantages you can derive by choosing to work from home.

Common Mistakes Men Make While Managing Women at work

Well, it is very conveniently said that gender discrimination in corporates is an age old history and working women are seen at par with their male counterparts. However, not all women will agree to this fact and call this a myth.

Perhaps, corporate favoritism enjoyed by males is not very easy to see; however, it does exist. And women who are surviving through such scenarios say that this bias behavior is felt quite strongly in today’s work culture; even when it is hard to visualize.Managing Women at work

Men and women are different in various aspects; however, this does not allow one to have power over the other. Neither can this advocate the existing nature of discrimination; where women are exposed to lesser career opportunities as compared to men with equal qualification, skills or experience. Things get all the more bitter when growing industries such as Technology, Health Care and Management, showcase highest ratios of imbalance.

There are a few who say that women who intend to manage their homes and offices equally, prefer lesser work responsibilities and thereby explore lesser job opportunities and growth areas. Well, this is debatable and cannot be boiled down to a single answer. However, one or two instances cannot be generalized and forced upon the entire female population.

There cannot be smoke when there’s no fire. So, when majority of working women who have spent a considerable time employed with different employers, say that they are still treated as secondary citizens in their territory by contemporary males; there has to be something to it.

Are men failing to treat women colleagues aptly?

Unfortunately Yes! Here are ways how women are treated differently at their workplace:

Women are seldom in the lime light:

A successful project accomplishment is the work of the entire team and no single individual can earn the rewards alone. However, as women population is scanty in the workforce, it has to be lesser in a team. Perhaps, it is because of this or for reasons unknown, many female professionals say that they are not given enough credit for the work they do. Men are assumed to be more efficient and thereby acknowledged for anything good happening.project accomplishment

Again, it is because of this wrong notion that at times of taking some tough decisions or troubleshooting, men are seen as God saviors where a female is not even given the opportunity to manage the entire situation despite of equal potential.

Women are paid lesser:

Scientifically women are considered to be more tolerant as compared to men. And perhaps it is because of this, that despite of knowing that females are offered lesser salaries than their male counterparts; women still continue to make their contributions towards global corporate growth.Women paid lesser

Studies show that despite excelling in academics, female scientists were offered four percent lesser salaries than male scientists just a couple of years back.

Women are considered less reliable/stable:

Many employers consider women to remain slightly unstable on the job front. They consider women incapable of having undivided attention towards their professional life, as they have their personal commitments made to families.personal commitments

Very often expecting and new mothers complain of unjust behavior at workplace; both from colleagues and bosses. There are numerous cases where women returning from maternity leaves are forced to handle less significant roles despite having higher potential.

Well, a woman’s dedication towards family cannot be considered to be her inhibition. Rather, corporates are expected to be more considerate towards expecting and new moms. This is the prime reason that causes other areas of discrimination, such as lower salaries and smaller job roles.

Women are judged more on their appearance:

Well, it is absurd that a beautiful and a successful women is looked at with suspicion by people around. On the other hand, a less presentable women is easily considered incapable of doing things. Whereas, a male can easily get away by being a little less groomed and elegant until and unless he is working to earn revenue.appearance

Well, not every organization has a male dominating environment. There are still many employers who are exemplary in providing female employees a comfortable and safe platform for growth.

However, there are a few who are still lagging behind and are stuck with age old notions and beliefs. Women who unfortunately come across such people in their professional life suffer a lot and some even go to the extent of quitting their lucrative careers. That’s sad and this is what we intend to change.

When men and women have equal access to academic education and competition, why not they have the same atmosphere on the professional front? Perhaps, when both genders will perform equally towards common goals, they can achieve impossibles. Economic stability, growth and equality will not be very difficult to achieve.

All About Maternity Leave

The United States of America – one of the most developed nations on earth, does not provide paid maternity leave to their female employees! If this was something that measured the “Greatness Quotient” of nations, then perhaps US would be somewhere down the bottom line.Maternity LeaveAnd it is scary, as much smaller nations are providing paid maternity leaves to their female workforce. Leaving only 

Papua New Guinea, Oman and of course the United States to be the only countries that have no paid maternity leave law for their working population. Isn’t that surprising, hysterical and terrible at the same time?

Just a few months ago, there was much hue and cry made about ‘postpartum depression.’ A condition where parents of newborn infants suffer from emotional disturbances caused due to added responsibilities of childcare. Now, does the lack of job security post pregnancy or childbirth, followed by the absence of regular income, is a subtle reason for this mental health condition? Well, it is completely upon you to decide, as none of the reports that were deduced on the subject, considered this to be a vital factor.

Motherhood is one very essential phase of one’s life. It completes a woman and her family, and therefore needs to be pleasant and comforting. Having said so, successful careers are also equally important. After all, we have struggled to land ourselves to current platforms. It is definitely not easy to give up careers to start a new journey in life. It is depressing and regretting.

Well, all unpleasant aspects of maternity leave do not point towards its unpaid aspect. There are various other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Let’s move ahead to discuss some facts about maternity leave in the US.

The US Maternity Leave – A blemish to the entire economy:

Well, it’s not easy to point out the follies within state policies; especially, when we are talking about nations such as the US. Again, is it not very easy to locate a speck on a crystal mirror?

The same is with the United States maternity leave policy. When everything is so perfect with its federal laws, this, not so satisfactory leave policy, appears in a more accentuated form of its imperfection.

So, if we have referred to it as a blemish, we need to back it with data. Therefore, here you go:

Why are working women in US delaying their pregnancy plans?

Did anyone notice this fact that working women are actually walking late into pregnancies? If not, you need to notice this as there are ample reasons causing this delay.delaying pregnancy

Firstly, no one wants to remain unpaid for a long duration. Therefore, new moms somehow gear up to return to working as soon as they are just fine to take a walk in the backyard. While, the emotional requirements of both the mother and child remain unsolved and unanswered. In addition, late pregnancies cause added health complications; as heath experts say that the best age of planning your first baby is 26 years. Oops! Did that just collide with your peak years of career growth?

Secondly, the scenario worsens when many organizations do not guarantee your return after maternity leave. This means that some organization has so harsh norms that leave them with scopes of replacing or demoting workers, who stay away from work due to child birth. Employers hire substitutes who replace you on the job front. Thus, all new working moms need to work out strategies to fight substitutes and return to the workplace just after childbirth.

Thirdly, women who are not in a position to return after the permissible 12 weeks of unpaid pregnancy leave, decide to quit jobs. And later when they look for job scopes, they don’t get that lucky.

What does the FMLA say?

The Family and Medical Leave Act was crafted to support women during their pre and post childbirth period. However, how much did it do to serve the purpose is a question to be asked.FMLA

The FMLA says that organizations with at least 50 employees can provide 12 weeks of unpaid leave to their employees who are stepping towards parenting. And who can explain us this “12-week theory?” Is there any medical data to justify this? Well, we don’t know.

Again, what percentage of women are actually enjoying and making benefit out of this policy? Well, it is merely 59% of the total workforce. And what about the remaining 41% of employees who are working in small-scale organizations and setups?

The greatest knock: Are we still fighting gender discrimination?

Yes and No. There are almost more than 70% of households that are run by earnings made by both the spouses. Again, there is also a good percentage of households that are managed by earnings made by female members only. Therefore, if we are talking about equal opportunities in the educational field or job opportunities in different domains; gender discrimination is not very prominent.gender discriminationHowever, when it comes to taking hiring decisions between a male candidate, female applicants, and female candidates who are planning childbirth – the discrimination is alarming. Employers do not prefer hiring women who are into their pregnancy or have just given birth to their babies. And even if they do, women are offered lesser wage as compared to their male counterparts.

Not all is bad with maternity leave – We do have a few things to rejoice:

Four states – California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have now taken up some reform measures and are adopting paid maternity leave policies.happy maternity leaveNew Jersey offers six-week maternity leave with two-third of total salary. California is also providing six weeks of maternity leave with 55% of the entire salary, and Rhode Islands pays 60% of the entire salary for four weeks of the maternity period.

Thus, better late than never. Now, when the first step is taken towards the goal, we can expect to reach the destination. Hope that US maternity leave policies will see some drastic changes with greater positive impacts on the entire economy already flourishing.

Jobs with Highest Percentage of Women Employees

Although, the workforce gender bias still exists and portrays women to be the growing minority at top corporate levels; there do exist industries, where male workers become a rarer sight to witness.

What are those industries?? And how much do they pay is what interests you now – isn’t it?? Well you will have to wait a bit, before the list gets revealed.Working-Women

In the meanwhile, can you just come up with some career domains, that have been serving, as the largest employment sources for women??

It definitely has to be these three – academics, legal practices and performing arts. However, due to technical advancements, that is taking place at lightening speed, huge business organizations are the center of attraction for all.

It is again an unfortunate truth, that the highest gender discrimination experienced by female workforce is in these industries.

Nevertheless, all is not bad and no matter how slowly the change is taking place; the scenario of women employment is getting better if not best. Keeping aside the ratio, we do have women at all corporate levels and the number continues to increase. Thus, we do have certain industries where the female gender is flourishing like never before; leaving males behind the race.

Now, you will find a list of occupations below, that prove to be the best suit for female employment. Some of these job roles are new in the market; while, some have been in existence for quite sometime now.

However, though all these job vacancies are already being filled by women, they will definitely require more female candidates in the near future.

Financial Specialists:

Are women better than men in handling money?? Yes? Or NO?

Well, you are free to decide on either of these answers and therefore it remains unanswered.Financial Specialist

Whatsoever it is, many business organizations are finding women more suitable for this position and therefore are hiring these professionals regularly. Reports show that 66.6% of professionals holding these positions are women.

Meetings and Event Planners:

What spices up a monotonous corporate life style?? Is it a well organized corporate dinner with colleagues, or an annual gathering with good music and cocktails?

Whatsoever it is, there is someone in your organization, who looks after these refreshment parties and perhaps this someone is a “SHE.”

Meetings and Event Planners

Besides annual gatherings, these professionals are also required to make all arrangements for different levels of business or corporate meetings. They may also choose to work in their own setups; where they run their own team and are hired by organizations to arrange common platforms for business meets.

Health Care Services:

Woman – embodiment of love, care and affection is naturally befitting for any job role in the health care service industries. From physicians to therapists and medical assistants, female professionals are seamlessly doing so well in this industry.

A report published few years back, stated that, almost 69.5% of health care professions are occupied by females. Although, we do not have any numeric data to support the present scenario, the ratio has definitely not declined since then.Health Care Services

Owing to deteriorating health conditions faced by individuals of different age groups, number of health care centers are accelerating rapidly. Thereby, there are increased job opportunities for physical therapists, medical practitioners, health care managers, medical assistants etc.


A clear feminine dominance is witnessed in this profession. While female involvement is increasing, male psychologists are almost vanishing(No Offense intended). Well, there can be different reasons for this alarming difference in the ratio, it is a good news for all women who are looking forward to take up this profession.Psychologist

Psychology offers different areas of specializations; such as, school psychology, industrial psychological counseling, social psychology etc. However, there are two important fields where psychologists find highest employment scopes. One is clinical healthcare setups and other is jobs in sports industry.

Social and Community services:

Social and Community servicesIn parallel to health care services, community service organizations are also doing their part of reaching out to people and solving their issues. They work in small groups and plan out different strategies, to address different issues; including family programs, fighting mental ill health such as depression or poor confidence levels. They also work to help people overcome substance abuse or any other kind of addiction.

This is a growing profession and mostly headed by female officials. As a part of any social service team, you are responsible for organizing events for catering to different needs of your audience, along with making it budget effective.

Reputation Managers:

A new avenue in the field of PR profession. Reputation managers are in great demand across all big or small organizations. Well, it is already a known fact, that business growth is directly proportional to its promotion. And the best platform to publicize your business is the web. This is where these professionals are working.

Reputation managers strive to craft the best social image of their organizations and enhance their online presence to attract more and more internet customers. They have an interesting job role, where they need to be in continuous virtual communication with all viewers of company websites or social media sites. They reply to viewer queries, tweet, post blogs and articles to share business information in the most effective manner possible.Reputation Mangers

A common scenario in this highly competitive market is that, flourishing organizations are more prone to fake scandals. Professionals working with these organizations, need to continuously study online activities to avoid such disgracing activities in the first place and to sort out issues when they arise.

As compared to rest of the nations , the United States is already reigning in establishing women empowerment and bringing gender equality on the job front. Today, according to reports, gender discrimination is more visible in careers related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields.

However, if we carefully analyze the above list, it clearly includes job roles from different educational backgrounds and does not corner any domain as such. Therefore, women need to concentrate on these job roles that are comparatively hiring greater percentage of female professionals.

The above list is inclusive of only some job profiles. There are N number of such profiles that are presently not that popular among job seekers; however, they have high potentials to become some lucrative job roles in the near future.

So ladies, do not miss these exciting opportunities and walk ahead to grab these career opportunities that are waiting for you.