Things You Should Know about Probation Period

Employees are the backbone of a company. They are an invaluable resource that can yield productive results to a company. However, finding the right candidates who can fortify the foundation of the organization and deliver results is like finding a needle in a haystack. For long, recruiters have resorted to policies of hiring and rating employees that are paltry. For example, offering a permanent job to a candidate based solely on his performance at the interview. While it may be an idea that is widely accepted, it also has an element of risk, as candidates might fabricate the truth with the veil intention of getting through the interview process in order to secure a job.probation period

A similar policy of rating employees is the “Bell Curve Method of Performance Appraisal.” The fundamental principle with the policy is to plot employees on the normal distribution curve and classify them as top, average, and non-performers. However, the efficacy of the policy has always been a question, and most companies have begun abandoning the policy as it didn’t transpire into achieving desired results.

Employers, nowadays are cautious and have started using the safety net of ‘Probation’ in order to gauge the potential of a candidate.

What is probation period:

Speaking in the parlance of a workplace setting, probation is a temporary status given to the newly hired employees. It is a mutually agreed time period in which a company manager or a supervisor evaluates skills and abilities of the employee. Apart from the skills, there is also a close scrutiny on other attributes of the employee such as work ethic, discipline, reliability and social quotient. However, a probation period is not just a tool for evaluation of new entrants.

Probation Employees who are a part of the organization can too undergo probation on being promoted to a new position. And in some cases, an ex-employee rehired after a long duration of time may undergo probation as well.

Duration of probation period:

Duration of probation is a variable parameter. There are various factors, which are taken into account for deciding the same. Generally, it can last from 30 days to 1 year, but it can be extended in circumstances such as transfer of an employee to a different job, the true potential of the employee not being exposed to the recruiters, if background investigation of employees holding critical position is not ratified, etc.

DurationAn employee can also be removed from the probationary status if he/she exhibits formidable performance, and can be given a raise or a promotion as well.

Probation evaluation:

In most of the cases, evaluation of an employee is undertaken by the supervisory officer, which is conducted in two stages :

  1. Mid probation evaluation

  2. Final probation evaluation

Mid- probation evaluation:

The probation period evaluation takes into account employees’ integration with the company and progress so far. In case of eminent degree of competence displayed by the employee, he is recognized and encouraged to continue working. While if there is a gap in achieving desired competency, shortcomings are discussed and the employee is provided the required support to fill the gap.

probation evaluation

Final- probation evaluation:

The manner in which the evaluation is conducted is similar to the former. If the employee has demonstrated a stellar performance on all the levels, a meeting is called one week prior to the end of probation and he is offered a permanent position. On the contrary, if a candidate fails to demonstrate his competency for the role, he is informed at least three weeks prior to the end of his termination. However, these conditions are not the same, and may vary in accordance with the policies of different companies.

Termination of a contract:

Employers are within their rights to terminate an employment contract of employees. The employee is liable for a termination if he fails to deliver on his commitments, lacks the requisite skills to carry out the job, display behavior that is considered unsuitable in order to maintain the social fabric of the company.

Termination of a contract

In such cases, the employee cannot claim unfair dismissal, because companies do have polices that are supportive of taking actions. However, there are provisions in policies that are incorporated in the employee handbook in cases of unreasonable termination of employees or termination without following the standard protocol. Thus, in case of wrongful dismissal of employees, they are protected under the umbrella of Equality act. Consequently, employers can be required to pay damages if the case is taken to the employment tribunal.

Benefits of probation to the employer:

Probation ensures a comprehensive assessment of the employee. It is an effective way to gauge the potential of the given individual. In business, where a lot of money and reputation are at stake, it is always beneficial on the company’s part to invest their money and resources in an optimal way.

benefitsTherefore, the companies do have separate departments that look after managing human resources, and implement policies that constantly strive to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Benefits of probation to the employee:

The benefit of probation is not confined to the employer but also to the employees. Probation is a good medium for the employees to know about their shortcomings. With continuous assessment and a positive feedback mechanism, there is always a room for improvement.

benefits for employee

For inexperienced candidates, it is a good avenue to acquire new skills. Also, the training and development that an individual goes during the probation can certainly add value to their existing skill set.

Therefore, probation is an important indenture between an employee and the employer. It is a common practice for companies to hire individuals on probation, test them on various fronts, and impart training so that the entire act collectively adds to the benefit of the company and the employee.

Why to Choose Work from Home

With communications getting easier and convenient with the advance in technology, one change that has evolved in the job industry is, the possibility of working from home. There are many organizations that prefer employees who can work from home. This also helps them in saving some cost on light bill, workstation, and traveling allowance that are provided to other employees who work in the office. However, not all industries can avail this benefit of allowing employees to work from home. There are some jobs that has to be done at the factory or office. Especially, people who work with heavy machineries, and manual and power tools. You cannot take those machines and equipment to your home and start working. Even the filed job is not possible from home.Work from Home

If you have been wondering whether to start working from home or not after seeing people who actually do, you will need to think about these before making the decision. First, you will need a computer or a laptop and internet service in your home. Second, you have to attend the office at least for a few hours in a week or whenever called by the employer. Third, you cannot switch off your mobile no matter how busy you may be with your domestic chore. Once you have these basic necessities in your home and are ready to abide by the employer’s terms and conditions, here are the other benefits that will prompt you to choose to work from home.

No morning rush

Office-goers have to reach their workplace in time. They have to wake up early and finish off their daily routine activities as quickly as possible. Some who are living alone also have to prepare their breakfast. There are times when getting ready for the office doesn’t leave any time for preparing and having breakfast and they have to rush to the office missing the most important meal of the day.Morning Rush

When you have chosen to work from home, you don’t have to make a rush. Though starting the work at the scheduled time is must, you can do so without even having a shower as nobody is going to see you in your home. As there is no need to get ready for the office, you are also saved from ironing your clothes. Plus, if you are good at multitasking, you can prepare and have breakfast when working on your laptop. Most importantly, you will be saving time in commuting as well as money you would be wasting on fuel or for public transportation.

More Productive

Sometimes, it is no easy in the office to achieve productivity. You are bound to attend meetings and are likely to be interrupted by your boss, colleagues, and the gossip that takes place at the water-cooler or in the toilet. And as office meetings go on too long, it will leave less time in your hands to finish off tasks. There is also a possibility that your colleague will interrupt you with a request for assisting in the preparation of a PowerPoint presentation, patching up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or in purchasing the latest mobile phone.More Productive

Things like these are common in the office that occur daily despite the attention of the supervisor. As you cannot deny your colleagues of their request, your productivity will get a back seat. At home, you will be working alone and without any disturbances or interruptions. As such, you will be more productive.


While too much of comfort is not a good thing and may also work as a spoiler in professional life, precaution is necessary for not getting carried away. But if you are the one who has a strong control on yourself, working from home will definitely be comfortable for you.Comfort

You can work with your laptop sitting on the couch, or on a rocking chair. You can even lie down on the bed on your stomach and work. Moreover, you can throw up your legs or take a short walk inside the room for a break as and when you feel. One of the best things about working from home is that you will be saving much discomfort to your back, which all office-goers have to face sitting for long hours.

Home Food

The morning rush leaves no time for many to take food to the office. They are forced to eat in the nearby restaurant and spend half of the amount they are earning daily. When working from home, you have complete control on your kitchen. Whenever you feel hungry, you can go into the kitchen and prepare your sandwich or a mid-day meal.Home Food

This will not only save your money, but you would also be eating healthier food and not the one served by the vending machine or the restaurant. Plus, there will no rush in finishing off the lunch and getting back to work. You can enjoy the food at your own comfortable speed.


Creativity is not something that comes instantly. There has to be an atmosphere that could fan inspiration and ideas in your minds and let your creative juice to flow. When you are at home and you have a nice and beautiful garden in front of your home, you can spend a few minutes in the garden and seek some inspiration.Creativity

This is very useful if you are in a wiring field. Moreover, there is always an option to play your favorite music if it inspires you, or meditate for five to ten minutes in calm and peace.


You ask any officer-goer whether she or he is exercising, the usual answer you will get is “I don’t get time.” Since many are spending a good number of hours in commuting to and from office, they are left with little energy to go to the gym.Exercise

As you are not required to go to the office, you have ample time to exercise either in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. Plus, you will have time to cool down and take a shower at your will.

Open office

As the home is your office, you are not limited to a crammed place. You can walk and work freely without bothering about disturbance to others. As there will no ringing of the phone, sound of the workstation, coffee machine, and people chatting, you can enjoy privacy and focus on the job. Furthermore, you are free to keep the coffee mug anywhere you wish and enjoy snacks while working.Open office

As the work scenario is changing, employees prefer to work from home if given a chance. However, as said earlier, this option or facility is limited to certain types of industries only. If the field you are in have facility to work from home, you shouldn’t ignore and grab it happily given the advantages you can derive by choosing to work from home.

How to Become a Star in Your New Office

So, you’ve joined the new office and are clueless as hell as to how to get along with everybody? It is quite a task to become popular in your workplace in a very short time. Moreover, it is also difficult to get used to a new environment and new colleagues in a jiffy. Unless you are an extrovert, you are in the new office due to your contacts, or you simply take to people as plants do to sunlight!become a star in the new office

Getting along with new people and fresh work concerns looks extremely daunting to a reserved person just like getting acclimatized to a new country is.

However, becoming a star employee isn’t too much of a task if you’re passionate and interested about your new work. Work becomes play when you do what you love. However, few of these thumb-rules could help you become a hit among your co-workers and colleagues. What’s more, you can surely get noticed by the top-end managers too:

Bond with people, but don’t flatter them!

Make your seniors know how badly you wished from your college times to work in this organization. But know your limits while doing so. Do not indulge in flattery and needless buttering.Bond with people

People can tell flattery from genuine praise. Go light on the sweet words. Be precise and to the point. This will save time of both the parties from getting wasted on undue sugar-coated words.

Invite colleagues for coffee:

This tip is the best way to get to know your colleagues better. Furthermore, enjoying coffee with your team members is also a nice way to break the ice between you

Inviting colleagues over weekend is also a great way to spend time with people whom you’d be working for the years or at least months to come. Getting to know the temperament and attitude of the people you work with is as useful.

Be the problem-solver and not the problem-creator:

Just as it is important to be in the right place at the right time, it is also important not to be the reason for problems in your workplace.Problem Solver

Try as far as possible to neither be the problem-creator nor the person responsible for the problem. Be the proactive person, ready to be the on-site trouble-shooter. Assuming responsibility for solving the problem rather than adding to it or being a passive onlooker is unwelcome and unsavory too.

Likewise, try to be the go-to-person in the office. This could be your shortcut to becoming popular among everyone in the office. Being in the shoes of a problem-solver could make you the keeper of everybody’s issues and problems in life. This could in all likelihood make you a one-stop solution for every relationship and life problem.

Improve your communication skills:

Work-life is a polar opposite of college-life. Grades and not communication mattered in the academics to be rated as a star student. In the work-life, communication and performing your duties well is what matters. Good interpersonal skills and being a master of all trades matter in work-life.communication skills

Strong interpersonal skills are helpful for the employee to know his colleagues and bosses in the new office in a proper manner. Being able to communicate with both the parties is what helps keep smooth communication and ultimately helps each employee to execute his duties well.

Ask your seniors or colleagues when in doubt:

Clear your doubts and the questions clouding you about any issue related to work. It is better to ask and clear the doubts rather than assume things. As it is rightly said, “It is better to ask and clear your doubts, rather than come across as dumb by keeping quiet.Ask your seniors

It’s completely okay to ask questions about the many things one doesn’t know related to the office owing to being new on the job. Again, not knowing every darn detail is absolutely normal being a freshman in the office.

Meet your deadlines on time:

It is absolutely essential to follow this tip to the tee for gaining status of a star employee in the office. Employees who follow deadlines and are people who take their work commitments very seriously are always priced by their bosses.Deadlines

Likewise, set targets and see that you adhere to them, come what may. Trying to make your boss’ life easier by following the deadlines, and submitting reports on time may help making the boss’s work easier. Just doing your work properly and precisely in a mistake-free fashion guarantees you get noticed by the bosses.

Organize activities in the office:

Organizing recreational activities in the office whenever the need arises is akin to a stress-buster. Doing so only helps in diverting one’s mind from the tiring work. Also, taking off a few minutes from work helps the person to return to work with a refreshed mind and body.Office activities

Making others participate in such activities could help bring out the hidden talents. And also help you show off your event planning skills.

Do not waste your time in unproductive activities:

There are perhaps countless times that you have decided to start working on something and it doesn’t really gain initiation because some other activity takes up your attention.Unproductive Activities

Similarly, do not while away your time in meaningless gossips about anybody or anything which isn’t related to your work. Instead, focus all of that attention on completing your work and gain the satisfaction of having completed your work efficiently.

Make use of pen and paper for recording details:

Even if you aren’t a pen and paper person, get into the habit of taking down details in meetings and training sessions. Committing everything to memory isn’t feasible as everyone doesn’t have an elephant’s memory. To top it, committing things to memory may only cause you to forget tiny details, which may or may not be really that important.Paper Pen

Recording details on a notepad allows you the liberty to refer it in the future, if necessary.

Maintain a positive disposition:

It is important to maintain a positive and happy persona howsoever difficult the work gets. After all, no one likes to work with a sad person, ready to crack up even under pressure.Positive

They say, “cry and the world will leave you, smile and the world smiles with you.” A sunny disposition helps you conquer the world and also keep the world in a joyous mood. Maintaining a positive and happy mood in the office is directly proportionate to the work the boss is able to squeeze out from his employees.

Be willing to put in efforts for the company:

Chipping in to help the company in times of its’ need is a very important trait an employee can inculcate. Doing the tasks irrespective of his own job description is a very valued characteristic any employee can have.

This quality helps the employee to heighten his credibility and worth to the company. He would be looked upon for being valuable to the company over a person who just does what is expected of him and packs off for the day. Putting in efforts more than what are required could also improve chances of promotion for the employee.

Starting a new job is just like exploring an exciting theme park. You get to learn new aspects as you progress further inside. Being able to shift the useful information from the useless ones is paramount while doing so. Becoming a star employee shouldn’t be the sole aim of any employee. Being able to function properly and to be of value to the company irrespective of your job description is important. It is not only important that you deliver what you are expected to but do a bit more of what is expected of you. Ultimately, you will get noticed if you perform well.

How to Work with a Younger Boss

With age and experience comes authority. It also provides power to coordinate and control the younger workers. However, the power equations have changed these days. Power is mainly in the hands of less experienced, and newly minted management graduates fresh from the Ivy League Schools. Gone are the days when boss meant, a senior aged person grunting at his juniors for getting the work done. The numerous startups mushrooming in the IT sector have also contributed to a trend where younger people are leading the older ones. Such a trend is bound to kick in clashes and differences in opinions among the leader and the people he leads.Younger Boss

The folks in the company who are extremely senior have a hard time dealing with a change in leadership. They are getting instructions from people half their age, getting orders from people who have lesser experience or even skill-sets less superior than their own.

In such circumstances, it is extremely important to have a free-flowing dialogue with the concerned bosses to have a satisfactory work-life. This also helps the senior employees develop a good rapport with a younger boss. At times, the younger bosses can also learn the ropes from the older fishes. Learning to deal with a boss, who probably could be your son/daughter’s age is beneficial to both the parties.

Know and appreciate his or her capabilities:

Do not harbor doubts about the person who is your boss just because he is younger to you. Harboring a grudge or preconceived notions about his or her capabilities will not help in any ways.appreciate

Doubting the leadership abilities of the younger boss and judging whether he or she is fit for the job is but natural. Age in no way can completely decide one’s caliber to become a boss. They have been appointed as the boss because they possess certain skills, qualifications and the ability to lead people from multiple age-groups. Just because the boss is younger by age doesn’t mean he won’t make an efficient manager.

Speak out your mind:

Speaking out and expressing your thoughts on the issue of power shifts into the younger hands is necessary to unburden you, even partly. Having pep talks with colleagues at work or with your spouse could help you understand the situation. They could also give you ways to deal with the issue more objectively.Speak out

Such pep talks will help you to maintain a stable mental make-up, but also won’t harm your productivity. Bottling up your feelings and frustration over having to report to a person very much younger to you can otherwise be taxing.
A healthy discussion with friends, and spouses who have undergone similar issues also helps.

Evolve with the technologies:

The electronic age today is all about 5G, automated technology, pings, email communication and all things tech. It is a bit daunting for the senior folks to get comfortable with the use of new technology, since they have used generic things all their lives.Evolve with the technologies

Using the instant messenger services, referring to digital calendars, using online planners for appointments and reminder purposes is seldom the cup of tea of the senior folks. The condition is exactly opposite in case of the younger bosses. They prefer to communicate with their colleagues through a simple ping instead of going to the desk personally. Communication through video-conferencing with people in offices on the other side of the globe is a thing they can do with a click.

Thus, putting in efforts for getting a hang of the technology doesn’t harm either. It will only help you in connecting with your younger boss, in a better way. Remember, making use of technology also indirectly translates to increased productivity because of time saved using other modes.

Share useful information with the boss:

The senior workers are an asset to the organization due to their invaluable experience in their work and also their experiences in handling unsavory situations and people. So, being senior to the newly appointed boss who is younger in age, you need to give him certain helpful information which he doesn’t pose and you do. Dispensing information not only underlines your seniority but also increases your respect in the eyes of the younger bosses.Share useful information

Giving him information about a certain client or a similar situation and how you handled it, will certainly help. However, do not take this as an opportunity to sing paeans about your indispensability to the organization. Be precise. Something like this could be apt: There was a similar glitch few years back relating to XYZ client, who is extremely fussy about the work. We had handled it this way and this was the outcome.

Contribute to the company’s growth utilizing your experience:

Having seniority in the organization owing to your age and experience gives you an edge over the bosses who are considerably on the younger side of age. Having talks about life-in-general and the life outside the office will help you develop a rapport with the boss who is the age of your son/'s growth

Your age also means that you have a trove of life-lessons and experiences as products of the mistakes you committed. Sharing profound real work-life experiences with your boss could probably shape their world-view. Such open chats also widen the horizon of the younger people in power.

Don’t generalize younger people

The senior workers tend to classify the younger ones in particular stereotypes. Looking at the latter type with the same frame of mind is quashing your mind. It is necessary to understand that not all younger bosses are arrogant, surgically attached to their gadgets, or have inherited the position just because they belong to a particular family.Don't generalize

The younger bosses do lack experience, but are in no way are novices in the field. They are intelligent individuals and it is unfair to reject their ideas, just because they are coming from a person who’s younger in age. Their ideas could possibly have fabulous outcomes too.

Never resort to derogatory remark:

The young age of the person in the boss’s shoes doesn’t give you any license to make him look bad or the opportunity to insult him. Avoid phrases like, “This isn’t your cup of tea,” “You won’t understand all this…,” “I would have done this had I been in your place,” so on and so forth at all costs. Remember, the bosses even though very young, are intelligent individuals and not kids. Trying to make him act according to your instructions is insulting to their abilities. It is the indirect responsibility of the experienced folks to guide the younger bosses. Share your knowledge, but do not over-emphasize your point. Pressuring the bosses into accepting any particular idea from the seniors is a no-no.

Focus on the skills you have:

Instead of fretting over the fact that you have to report to a boss younger in age and experience, choose to focus on the skills you possess.Focus on the skills

Focusing on the plusses is anytime beneficial than wasting time thinking about petty and unwanted things. It is important to feed your brain positive stuff to be able to properly focus on work. Remember, having achieved seniority in your career, you are the one in a winning position. Just concentrate on your work and better things will happen automatically.

Be the go-to person for the boss:

The boss being a younger one in age will always be in need of some valuable pieces of advices. Learn to dole out advice, suggestions and possibilities to him/her on the basis of your wide experience.

There are chances he/she could accept any of your ideas/suggestions and may appreciate you.

Learn to respect your boss:

In this context, albeit the boss being a person having very little experience of handling people needs to be treated with reasonable, if not utmost respect. It is a give and take relationship where your vast experience aides him in his work and his new ideas impart a fresh outlook to the work.respectBeing able to respect the boss despite a huge difference in your age is a matter of pride. Respecting his ideas and authority also helps him to function smoothly as a boss.

Learn to let go

Seniority and holding a superior position for years together entitles a sense of belonging in any senior employee. The dedication and their drive for perfection makes them tolerate nothing but work done to perfection. They want nothing but work which is flawless and is completed in time.

On the other hand, bosses belonging to Gen-Y are 30 something and extremely aggressive, fiercely ambitious and even prone to mistakes. That said, they also have different immediate goals and priorities to be focused on.

Learning to be able to switch off from work after the work-hours is essential to lead a balanced life. Learning to enjoy and savor the finer moments of life, instead of being immersed in a laptop screen at home takes away the joy of living. No work will ever be able to replace the joy of time well spent with your loved ones.

The senior employees bring their vast experience to the table which makes them invaluable to the organization. Whereas, the younger bosses help to get a fresh perspective to the work with their new ideas and academic talent. Both are different sides of the same coin. Ultimately, it’s not the age of your boss, which really matters, it’s how he or she manages a team that really does. What is really important for both the senior and the boss is to be able to keep all differences aside and maintain a healthy work environment.

Workplace Productivity Killers

Workplace productivity is nothing but measuring the efficiency of employees. It not only helps in detecting how skillful and valuable employees are, but also in evaluating their performance monthly, quarterly, and annually.

While putting in efforts and utilizing work hours aptly are imperative to enhance productivity, it is also necessary to keep honing up one’s skills. Since organizations are formed to make profits out of their business, they will never give a second thought in firing non-performing employees.Workplace Productivity Killers

Moreover, the management can easily detect such employees by using the productivity parameter. Therefore, the employees should try to adapt themselves to the changing needs of business so that they can prove their value to the organization and secure their position in the organization.

To stay with the organization longer, it is absolutely necessary for an employee to be productive and identify the elements that encumber them. Identification of such elements and ironing them out of their schedule ought to be carried out by employees regularly. By adhering to this practice, it will help them in accomplishing daily target.

This helps him work on them and thus improve the amount of work and target completion in the whole day and subsequently in the ensuing weeks. This and will indirectly translate to improving productivity.

Taking stock of bugs which interfere with everyday productivity is a small step towards increasing work efficiency on the employee’s part.

Following are some of the workplace productivity killers:

Overuse of a cellphone

Whoever invented a cellphone would never have thought that it could also hinder production. People have skirted away from the actual purpose of the invention, which is to use it during an emergency. Today, rather than using it for meaningful conversation, it is more used for unnecessary chatting and logging in to all sorts of apps and games.Overuse of a cellphone

People have got so used to this small electronic device, that they never realize that overuse of cellphone is eating away their productivity. If employees stay away from this device during work hours, they will never face any issue.

The internet

A treasure trove of knowledge, but also a distraction.

The internet has become an office equipment for any big or small company. It is used for internal and external communication as well as running a product campaign on social media.The internet

Despite its many benefits, it has also become a source of distraction due to the ocean of information stored in it. If employees stay connected to their social media account and waste time in chatting, surfing through unwanted websites, and digging in personal emails, productivity is bound to decline. Hence, employees should use it for work-related purpose only if they don’t want to get a harsh memo from the HR.

Online shopping websites

The internet has offered lots of convenience to people, one of them is online shopping. Many online shopping websites have mushroomed over the years for providing the users with ease of shopping from home or anywhere. While online shopping does save time and a few dollars that people spend on fuel to reach the brick and mortar stores, it also eats away a good amount of time surfing through the website pages.Online shopping

Browsing through multitudes of pages to find the right product for gifting a loved one or even buying for one’s own use consumes a lot of precious work time. Time wasted on such useless endeavor in turn gets reflected in the poor work quality.

Engaging in gossiping

Employees wasting time by the water cooler talking about XYZ, gossiping about somebody’s personal life, discussing details about new or existing employees, backbiting derive nothing in terms of productivity. It only harms the reputation of the gossip-spreader. If such information falls on the ears of the bosses, it creates a negative impression of that person. On the other hand, the person who is the subject of gossip only gets free publicity.Engaging in gossiping

Indulging in gossiping thus reduce productivity and also increase harboring of negative feelings like jealousy, negative competition, grudges in employees’ minds about their co-workers.

Social media

Logging into Facebook for wishing a classmate or acquaintance, or checking your Instagram feed is harmless. But letting the social networking sites interfere with your work-life is uncalled for. While social media can be a boredom-buster, it could also eat up into a lot of time of your work-hours.Social media

Besides, it is also possible for the boss to monitor the employee’s online activities and know whether he’s spending excessive time socializing on Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat or Twitter. Even worst, he could probably be standing right behind you when you’re criticizing him on your Facebook account.

Talkative co-workers

Chatterboxes are co-workers who are notoriously infamous for being loudmouths who want to talk about any and everything on the planet. What annoys more is sharing of their boring life details with you.Talkative co-workers

Dealing with such a coworker with diplomacy is the key to maintaining amicable relations and also not coming across as a blockhead. Giving an ear to a co-worker in the break time to hear out their rantings about their personal life or problems is fine to a certain extent. Instead of pretending to be busy, make them understand the fruitlessness of rants and complaints.

Ask them to focus better on their work in hand instead. If such chats find their way into your work environment, then be prepared to lag behind in your targets and work. Talkative workers often stray the concentration of the employees.

In the same vein, nosy co-workers are also a big headache and another addition to the productivity killer list. They are extremely inquisitive and won’t shut up till you tell them everything about the date you went on and the meeting with his or her parents. Dealing with such co-workers is an add-on to your job. You cannot really avoid it even if you change the job.


 Accept it or not, temperatures in the office affect your productivity.

The temperature in the work environment does affect work productivity of an employee in an entire workday. The temperature in the office should be such that it is fine for everyone. Neither should anyone be feeling stuffy and nor like one is sitting in the polar regions.Temperature

High air-conditioning not only lowers the productivity of the employees, but also could be affecting their health. Studies show that the colder office environs are linked to a lower productivity rate.

Frequent Meetings

It is important to limit the number of meetings until absolutely required.
Team leads and the people who have employees reporting to them should avoid the temptation to call meetings for any trivial reasons.Frequent Meetings

Meetings should be called only if absolutely necessary and for seriously important issues only. Calling frequent meetings only hampers employees’ productivity and focus on the work.

Frequent breaks

Tea break, coffee break, smoke break, lunch break….the list of breaks in an entire work day is mind-boggling and endless. Employees on their part should limit their breaks in order not to waste time. Such breaks not only take your mind off the work, but also contribute in wasting your time thus hampering productivity.Frequent breaks

Instead, short breaks with a definite time span must be incorporated into the employee’s schedule. Employees ought to know what time to return to their work station. Breaks need to be carefully scheduled.

Recreational games

 A productivity killer in disguise.

Many IT companies have various in-house games for the employees to help them refresh from the everyday monotonous

A pool-table, a place for table tennis, an enclosure for playing squash all sure are games planned for employees to up their productivity. Unfortunately, such games only reduce the focus of the employee on his work and increase the sense of competition among workers.

The games are undoubtedly great ways for the employee to tune in out of work for sometime and to rid him from his work stress. Since the employees get engrossed in playing them, there are chances they could forget about their work for a while. Recreational games are seen to have become productivity killers as they take the employee off the work for a lot of time.

Faulty ergonomics

Harmful for the human body in the long run.

Faulty ergonomics causes the productivity of a person to reduce substantially, which means the person isn’t really comfortable the way furniture, workstation, and other necessary things are designed and installed. Moreover, it also leads to back injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, wrist injuries, numbness, etc.Faulty ergonomics

All in all, trying to combat productivity killers ought to be a team process. Discussing the elements that are acting as encumbrances with each other can fetch a solution. The employee needs to identify and try to work on overcoming those elements that kill the productivity in the workplace. Doing so will increase the person’s productivity by leaps and bounds and make him more valuable to the organization in the long run.

How to Balance a Successful Start-up with Your Family Life?

Balancing between your 9 to 5 job and a harmonious family life is in itself a challenging task. And when it comes at establishing a startup with profits rolling in, and a happy family life; the challenges are simply beyond comparison.

However, nothing is impossible and you can definitely work it out with tact and persistent effort.Work Life Balance

Entrepreneurs, especially the newbies find this 24 hour span limited for all their tasks in hand. And to squeeze in some quality family time appears to be next to impossible. However, it needs to be remembered that family, our near and dear ones are people who help us pass through some difficult times in life. So, equating both our entrepreneurial and personal lives is an art you cannot do without.

Every successful businessmen who started from a scratch can have a different and unique story to share. And again when you yourself get into this, you will have a different story to share. However, just to help you out get started, here are a few tips that can come handy:

10 tips to work a balance between startups and family:

Here are 10 tips to have a successful startup and a happy family that can come handy if you are a budding entrepreneur:

Squeeze in breaks and make sure you don’t miss out those:

Yes, breaks are something that may seem to be a complete waste of time for busy startup owners. Especially, when you have loads of work to complete, opting for a short 15 minutes break is something bizarre. However, breaks are important rejuvenating agent.break with family

A short brunch, an evening beer or any gesture will be sufficient to display that you have equal concerns for both your family and the new business venture. And thus you take one step forward to attain a work life balance. However, one thing worth noting is that don’t make promises if you cannot stand up to those.

Combined efforts – You and your family:

This is perhaps the first thing you need to do. Before you get into any kind of venture, first make efforts to know if your family is into it with you. To think that you can run a successful enterprise and also be equally attentive towards your 5 months old is unrealistic. Your family, your child and of course your business, everything remains in deep water, almost ready to sink.Combined Efforts

Therefore, talk it with your partner. Let your children and others know that it is a shared responsibility and the business will turn successful only when everyone efficiently plays their role. This brings us to another important factor. Discussing budget and finance with your family before hand is equally important. A startup may demand for few adjustments and compromises initially. Therefore, helping your family and letting them know before hand will ease them out through the phase.

Patience and Confidence:

The two mandatory skills of a successful entrepreneur. No matter how supportive your family is, if you look shaky they get all the more disheartened; leading to chaotic family life. Therefore, be prepared for some ups and downs, now that you have already started with it. Try avoid business talks at home; especially, when your partner or others don’t come from a similar background.Be Patience

Again, don’t conceal important issues as these can bring about bad consequences later. Try finding out solutions and let your family know that the problem is still under control and sooner or later it will get resolved.

Now, as your family is equally making few small and big adjustments, it is likely that they may sometimes get a little difficult to handle. They may not be in a position to accept a few things and thus shoot back. However, you need to hold on to your patience and ease their troubles to whatever extent it is possible. Be optimistic and spread the same. This will ensure pleasant family life.

Master the art of Prioritizing:

If you cannot prioritize both your personal and professional tasks, you can consider yourself out of the game. Being very organized is something that cannot be replaced. Planning a feasible to do list and sticking to it will help you to accommodate all big and small responsibilities; along with breaks that are important.Prioritizing

Make sure that your to do list is something that is achievable. If you simply plan out things that looks good and not workable, the ultimate idea of a to do list is diminished. Therefore, say what you can and do what you talk will help you bridge between personal and professional fulfillment.

Make sure you have the best team hired:

An efficient team implies half the work done. All entrepreneurs need to know that hiring proficient team members and making them feel optimistic about the job role is one their core team

Never settle for something lesser; to save a few penny. This is an investment that will surely drive profits in the near future. Thus, hire teams who can work well and thus save some time to spent with family; that otherwise would have to be used in modifying mediocre work done by less efficient team members.

Identifying productive and non productive hours:

Not all of us can work efficiently 24/7. There are spans when you tend to become less focused and prone to falters. This is what is known as non productive hours. So, try identifying these non productive hours and make them productive in a different way. Spend these hours with family and children and get energized for the remaining tasks of the day.productive hours

While you plan your to do list, try squeezing in family time during these hours and ask others if they can make themselves available during those hours.

Make friends with newer technologies:

In conjunction with hiring efficient employees for your new business, adopting advanced technologies is equally important. Technologies always make our life easier when used with a good intention. Therefore, now that you’re aiming at balancing between work and family, technology can contribute a lot.Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies can speed up the work and thus leave with time you can devote to your family. Besides, efficient technologies eliminates chances of manual error that may lead to huge confusions and loss. So to prevent a suffering business from causing adverse impacts on personal lives, use technologies and eliminate these chances of loopholes.

A short annual holiday is a Must:

Well, you may find it a bit difficult; however, a holiday, may be just a day or two is kind of compulsory to nail the balance you are striving to achieve.Holiday

It is not only you alone who deserves a break. Everyone, your spouse, children and anybody else you consider family equally need a break from their own shares of struggles and monotony. And therefore a holiday with them not only gets you closer to these special people in your life; but also rejuvenates you for all upcoming responsibilities.

Outsource your household chores:

At this point of time, outsourcing some of your business responsibilities perhaps will not be possible. However, you can always think of getting a second help for your household tasks, isn’t it?Outsource

Besides, you can always find ways of easing out these tasks. Perhaps, getting your groceries online, or to try and have someone delivering your laundry at home. There can be lots of options to minimize and ease these tasks, you just need to know what to pick from.

Saving a couple of these minutes can truly sum up to an hour or so that can be utilized, either to have a quality time with your family or to accomplish greater work responsibilities.

Take care of yourself:

Last but not the least, take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. A healthy mind and body is needed for enhancing careers as well as personal fulfillment.Take care

No matter how packed your schedule is, make sure you are continuing with your exercising routine, having a good night sleep and eating a healthy, regular meals. If you do not remain healthy, your business suffers and your family looses confidence. Therefore, while attempting to have all ends meet, do not compromise with your health.

These were ten essential tips that can help you work a balance between your family life and the new business venture. Besides, these you can still have a number of other techniques and when you get into this journey yourself, you can still discover a number of other tools.

In a nutshell, this is a never ending learning process, so now that you have read the above steps, you are capable of making a kick start. And once you get into it, there will be world to explore and learn.

Common Mistakes Men Make While Managing Women at work

Well, it is very conveniently said that gender discrimination in corporates is an age old history and working women are seen at par with their male counterparts. However, not all women will agree to this fact and call this a myth.

Perhaps, corporate favoritism enjoyed by males is not very easy to see; however, it does exist. And women who are surviving through such scenarios say that this bias behavior is felt quite strongly in today’s work culture; even when it is hard to visualize.Managing Women at work

Men and women are different in various aspects; however, this does not allow one to have power over the other. Neither can this advocate the existing nature of discrimination; where women are exposed to lesser career opportunities as compared to men with equal qualification, skills or experience. Things get all the more bitter when growing industries such as Technology, Health Care and Management, showcase highest ratios of imbalance.

There are a few who say that women who intend to manage their homes and offices equally, prefer lesser work responsibilities and thereby explore lesser job opportunities and growth areas. Well, this is debatable and cannot be boiled down to a single answer. However, one or two instances cannot be generalized and forced upon the entire female population.

There cannot be smoke when there’s no fire. So, when majority of working women who have spent a considerable time employed with different employers, say that they are still treated as secondary citizens in their territory by contemporary males; there has to be something to it.

Are men failing to treat women colleagues aptly?

Unfortunately Yes! Here are ways how women are treated differently at their workplace:

Women are seldom in the lime light:

A successful project accomplishment is the work of the entire team and no single individual can earn the rewards alone. However, as women population is scanty in the workforce, it has to be lesser in a team. Perhaps, it is because of this or for reasons unknown, many female professionals say that they are not given enough credit for the work they do. Men are assumed to be more efficient and thereby acknowledged for anything good happening.project accomplishment

Again, it is because of this wrong notion that at times of taking some tough decisions or troubleshooting, men are seen as God saviors where a female is not even given the opportunity to manage the entire situation despite of equal potential.

Women are paid lesser:

Scientifically women are considered to be more tolerant as compared to men. And perhaps it is because of this, that despite of knowing that females are offered lesser salaries than their male counterparts; women still continue to make their contributions towards global corporate growth.Women paid lesser

Studies show that despite excelling in academics, female scientists were offered four percent lesser salaries than male scientists just a couple of years back.

Women are considered less reliable/stable:

Many employers consider women to remain slightly unstable on the job front. They consider women incapable of having undivided attention towards their professional life, as they have their personal commitments made to families.personal commitments

Very often expecting and new mothers complain of unjust behavior at workplace; both from colleagues and bosses. There are numerous cases where women returning from maternity leaves are forced to handle less significant roles despite having higher potential.

Well, a woman’s dedication towards family cannot be considered to be her inhibition. Rather, corporates are expected to be more considerate towards expecting and new moms. This is the prime reason that causes other areas of discrimination, such as lower salaries and smaller job roles.

Women are judged more on their appearance:

Well, it is absurd that a beautiful and a successful women is looked at with suspicion by people around. On the other hand, a less presentable women is easily considered incapable of doing things. Whereas, a male can easily get away by being a little less groomed and elegant until and unless he is working to earn revenue.appearance

Well, not every organization has a male dominating environment. There are still many employers who are exemplary in providing female employees a comfortable and safe platform for growth.

However, there are a few who are still lagging behind and are stuck with age old notions and beliefs. Women who unfortunately come across such people in their professional life suffer a lot and some even go to the extent of quitting their lucrative careers. That’s sad and this is what we intend to change.

When men and women have equal access to academic education and competition, why not they have the same atmosphere on the professional front? Perhaps, when both genders will perform equally towards common goals, they can achieve impossibles. Economic stability, growth and equality will not be very difficult to achieve.

OMG!! Around 44% of Workers Gaining Weight on The Job

When people are seen at the pink of their health, they are somehow considered to have a “stout” bank balance. And somehow when they themselves start turning into someone fat and “stout,” the bank balance conversely grows thinner and slimmer!

It is not the ignorance that is making us unhealthy with every passing day. Yes we all know healthy diet, physical exercises etc. are important for our well being. It is only our negligence that is to be blamed.weight gain

Even though, professionals do understand that at the end of the day, they are all earning to live a content life and that grossly includes a good health status. Implementing the same becomes difficult because they are wrongly considered to be less important.

However, one must know that being overweight is not only about appearance or not fitting into favorite dresses. It is something alarming, causing severe health issues. So beware!

In the pursuit of fattening your wallet, you are perhaps deliberately ignoring rest of the things in life and prefer sticking to your workstation, that in return makes you fatter. While how fast your wallet is going to put on some extra weight is a different story altogether, the rate at which you will have it thinning down surely depends on how slowly you are burning fat.

Now, it is not only you or some of your colleagues who are stuck up in this vicious cycle. Around 44% of American working population is said to have grown fatter on the job. And it is not that they are spending half of their take homes on food and adding to the already excess weight. It is their poor lifestyle and eating habits that are playing the culprit.

So, what is it in your case? Are you really following a good and balanced diet? To start with, what is it that you had for your breakfast this morning? Is it a burger you grabbed on your commute to office? Or is it a muffin that has already added a few calories? Or at the worse, you just skipped it completely! (And if you think that not eating can help reduce weight, you are utterly mistaken buddy!)
And this brings us to the important question, how can you work out a balance between professional success and physical well being?

Well, this is pretty easy and something that can be easily worked out. Moreover, we are there to help you out with quick tips for assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Go through these and bring out the much needed modifications in your daily schedule.

Curb out the CARB – Tips to hack your workstation weight gain:

To bring in any change, it is important to understand and realize the need for this change and how beneficial it can be.

The same is with this case as well. You can take relevant steps when you realize and accept the fact that it’s high time you need to stop yourself from gaining weight while at work. Once you know this, the below mentioned tips can be of great help.

Not the food but the lack of moves:

You perhaps have noticed that professionals who are engaged in some kind of desk job are more or less suffering from this ‘office weight gain syndrome.’ We don’t have athletes or models growing physically fatter every day. But they are still working, aren’t they?lack of moves

It is not the food that is making us grow overweight. It is our habit of sticking onto our desks continuously that obstructs our body’s natural way of burning extra fat. The more you keep yourself away from physical activities, the better fat deposition your body makes. So, the call is yours!

Again many of you may say that you cannot keep moving about in your office premises when you have a desk flooding with work. And moreover, you will not have employers to second you in this; after all, where is the business in this?!
Well, you are not completely wrong here. However, this still has some remedies. For instance, you can choose the staircase over elevators. Every office has break schedules, so make use of those.

Using your travel time to do something beneficial for your health is also a great idea. Walking instead of using transport can also prove to be very beneficial.

Not “How much” but “What”matters the most:

At the end of each working day, do you ever count the number of coffee mugs you have piled up on your desk? Or for that matter, how much do you contribute in emptying the candy bowl in your office. Do burgers appear to be very monotonous now? If yes, then you know the answer behind your rapidly going undersized tees.How much but What

What we eat is more important than how much we are eating. A mindful selection of our day’s food is important to keep those extras away. Now, if you’re a foodie and love having junk, then a total abstain from these mouth watering dishes can be skipped. However, you need to know how much and how often you can indulge yourself in these stuffs.

Now, your employer also plays an important role here. Making arrangements for healthy food in office cafeteria can help them have healthy employees around. Moreover, having a nutritionist in the office to guide people on food selection is also beneficial and therefore suggested.

Drink water and not soda to hydrate:

Professionals rely on “diet soda” to quench thirst. Some say that these help control excess weight gain. However, a recent study showed that not drinking water or replacing it with aerated drinks and soda has no health benefit.

It is water that helps in digestion and not soda. Our body is made up of 60 percent water. So, dehydrating can be a substantial reason of worry. Again, dehydration also makes you feel hungry when in reality you are not. You only need a glass of cold water and not some fat stuffed food at that moment.water not soda

Therefore, drinking soda simply can quench your thirst for a while and satisfy taste buds. However, from the nutrition value, it plays no role. Rather, it adds to your carb, making you sloppy and overweight.

The best thing to do is to carry a bottle of water when at desk and emptying it frequently. This accelerates body’s metabolism of burning fat and producing energy. You now feel more energized and not lazy on the job front. And gaining weight is simply out of question.

Partying culture and expanding waistlines:

Most professionals consider small parties the only way to DE-stress. Although, this guarantees better networking and gelling up between professionals, too much of those can expand your waistlines.Partying culture

Now, you don’t have to be stern by not being a part of such celebrations. And neither do you have to advocate against these party cultures. Simply restraining on the intake of pastries, pizzas, beer etc. is enough to keep you healthy. Yes, it is difficult especially when all of those comes for free, it becomes all the more tempting.

However, earning another ounce to your existing pounds, will definitely put you in bad health conditions. That will again drive out a lot of your money. So, can you allow that burger to squeeze out the money from your pocket!?

Stress can also stack:

Job stress is an alarming issue amongst professionals. Out of the many adverse effects it can cause, undesired weight gain is also an important drawback it brings in.Stress eating

Many people have the habit of eating more while in stress. Some may give up on regular diet and may survive on chocolates alone. Too much stress can also compel you to skip breaks. Perhaps, you went for some walk during lunch breaks; however, now that you have been burdened with too many tasks, you feel it’s better to skip that afternoon walk. Thus, gaining weight is inevitable.

Again, many workaholics can keep themselves up at late nights to meet deadlines and doing more than expected to impress bosses. This can get you escalated on the career ladder; however, on health stats you utterly fail. Doing something against your natural metabolism slows down body functions.

You keep yourself awake for extra hours at night, you are more likely to have a weaker digestive system. Weight gain now is just the beginning. There are number of health issues that can come up very often if you don’t mend your ways.

Don’t be absent from wellness programs:

Every organization should endeavor towards helping employees maintain good physical and mental well being. Entrepreneurs who count on these have achieved high performance ratios from their workers. Productivity levels are high amongst their workers.wellness programs

Therefore, every company or organization should focus on arranging some kind of wellness programs for everyone in office. Trained and professional support on health related issues will definitely bring about positive changes.

Employees on the other hand need to make optimum use of these opportunities. There are many companies who do take efforts to make these arrangements; however, they do not have employees looking forward to those.

Many feel that it is a slight waste of time as they can use the same to accomplish some of their work and get closer to targets. However, it needs to be realized that bad health will definitely obstruct you from continuing with regular tasks for longer duration.

Therefore, taking out some time from our busy schedule and using it for our health benefits is necessary and thus mandatory.

Keep track and Don’t stop:

On a concluding note, this is something most important to keep note of. Regular analysis and regulating your BMI ratio is important and therefore must be practiced.Keep track

This can have an added advantage and I will tell you how. Perhaps you have an office gathering which you cannot miss. The function has promised to provide a memorable dinner and therefore avoiding it is not a great thing to do. And again, you have somehow managed to curb out extra fat and don’t want it back. Tricky isn’t it?!

Well, not really, only if you keep a daily track of your weight. You can make necessary adjustments to your entire schedule and be a little lenient with taste buds occasionally. Measure the amount of fat you gain and the reasons behind. Eliminate those things from diet few days before and after the grand dinner.

This will certainly help you to maintain yourself in good physical structure and condition. So, as you are already keeping track of your targets and deadlines every day and every minute; do spare a couple of minutes on your health scores as well.

Finally, professionals have somehow given to the idea that desk jobs will definitely make them grow fat sooner or later. However, this is not true and rather lame. Offices don’t make us grow obese; it is our life style that disturbs the scenario.

However, a bit of realization and then making endeavors or taking steps for bringing about definite changes is all you need to do to have yourself in good shape. A healthy choice of food, not falling prey to taste buds and not taking food and drinks as relaxing agents or something that serves as an outlet for your professional stress are simply sufficient measures to control on job weight gain.
Hope that these seven steps to control weight gain on desk job can prove beneficial for you.

Rejoining Office After Long Sick Leave

Well, it is true that regular work life schedules get extremely monotonous sometimes and desperately demands for a change. However, when you are stuck in some situations, where you are not in the pink of your health and are required to type in a long sick leave application; things get really disheartening.Long Sick Leave

No matter how dull your workplace had turned out to be, being away from this place, for reasons of ill health or injury, shatters our confidence levels completely. Now, people who have been through this phase share common stories. They say that, the thought if they could ever make it back to work was something that haunted them every single day. The fear if they could not recollect their own work strategies is constant. And the worse, if their employers were to find a suitable replacement.

Well, being away from work to have a me time or to celebrate occasions with friends and family restores energy within. And although you may have some messy days initially, the happy moments spent, rejuvenates you to get back on tracks within a short period.

However, here it is a total flip case. One of my earlier post on returning to work after long leave had a number of strategies suitable for such situations. A few of them is applicable here as well. However, this post is about how employers, colleagues and the person concern can together work out this phase easily.

A come back to work after long term sick leave:

Five easy ways you can have a great come back from a long sick leave absence:

Phased/ Staged Return:

Many health care experts felt that young professionals suffered delayed recovery as they were anxious about their professional well being. Therefore, to ease this situation, many employers offer their professionals a special sick adjustment known as Phased or Staged Return.Phased/ Staged Return

In this process, professionals are allowed to resume work in the later stages of their recovery period. However, they are to work lesser hours, handle less stressful work until they are fit to get back to their assigned roles.

Every employee is essential for the company. Employers who understand and believe this to be true make such tiny adjustments for accommodating their employees and in return earn a healthy employer – employee relations for a life time.

Stay in touch:

It is very natural that when we are far away from our workplaces for long durations, all of us tend to anticipate many things that may or may not happen. Just similar to something mentioned earlier. Many professionals fight the fear of replacement and that in turn adds to their unhealthy condition.Stay in touch

To avoid such causes of anxiety, professionals need to be in touch with a few people with their organization. Colleagues in turn need to extend helping hands to keep their coworkers free from unnecessary curiosities that can help them make early return.

Besides, planning after-return work strategies becomes easier. Thus, you save a couple of hours on the first day of your return as you already know what to do and how to proceed.

Don’t haste, but upgrade:

While you are on a long leave, you are likely to get very restless during the final stage of your recovery period. Waking up every morning makes you feel that you are fit enough to join office immediately.Morning-Walking

However, don’t haste as you definitely need to take your doctor’s permission to kick start your regular day to day activities. Moreover, if you exhaust yourself just right after you start recovering, things may turn out to be worst. Instead, you may use this time to upgrade yourself differently.

A month or a two’s gap takes a mega form in your resume. This break may even hurt your position in your current company or in other job opportunities. Therefore, now that you find yourself slightly fit, you can use this time to format a new resume or to get some free online courses for yourself. Anything else that can keep you busy and motivated is what you need.

Plan out a healthy life style:

Well, this may sound a little absurd; however, this is of utmost importance. For people who had some health issues perhaps, may find the causes in the life style they follow. Irregular eating habits, poor and unhealthy diet, lack of sleep and absence of exercise are some of the prime causes of illness.healthy life style

Therefore, just prior to return, prepare yourself with following a health life style so that you do not have to relive this phase once again in your life time.

Start with small challenges:

Finally, you need to remember that you are returning after a long duration and that too after a series of medications and treatments. Therefore, do not expect yourself to have highest performance levels right from the start. Give yourself some time and look for smaller goals and aim at achieving those. This will boost your confidence and slowly you will find yourself in a better position.small challenges

Another piece of advice that comes here is that, do not forget that your employers may have some subtle questions regarding your performance quotient. In such a situation, if you take up complex projects and unfortunately fail to accomplish the task; you may kill the remaining confidence your employers trust you with. Therefore, never indulge yourself into such greed as they may turn otherwise.

Thus, this was all about how you can get back to work after a long sick leave. All those who have landed this post perhaps may have suffered or suffering from bad health conditions. Wish you a quick recovery and a balanced professional life ahead.

How to Become Your Boss’s Favorite?

A lot can be done when you remain in your boss’s good books. The opportunities may double and certain privileges just come to you very easily. However, paving the way to the top of your boss’s favorite list is not that easy a task. You need to work to earn it.

Boss's Favorite

Being likable is something that makes you more employable these days. Yes, skills and expertise are definitely important; however, if in addition you can project yourself as someone who is liked by coworkers and bosses, success is definitely not very far.

So, how do you become your boss’s first choice? Well, it involves certain strategies and of course considerable time. Therefore, to aide you with some quick tips that yield results, here are certain suggestions of becoming your boss’s favorite.

Know your boss’s preference:

Every boss will not have the same key to unlock. Some prefer diligent workers while others prefer multitasking employees. Punctuality is also a very essential trait many employers look for. They may overlook skills if they find employees being unpunctual.

impress your boss

So, striving to be your boss’s favorite, you first need to know his/her choice. Once you know this, you will have an idea of what can impress your boss. Then, working towards the target will not be very difficult. Implement desirable traits within you and showcase the same before your boss.

Being innovative:

Entrepreneurs are now seeking creative ideas for their business. A person who can bring about innovative and effective ideas is likely to be considered as an asset to the entire organization and not only be the boss’s favorite.Being innovative

Therefore, keep learning and expanding your knowledge so that you can come up with fresh and creative ideas. Present them before your bosses and request for their reviews. If by any chance your ideas get implemented, there’s no limit to your professional success. However, make sure that the ideas are not irrelevant and undesired. In such cases, the consequences can be really bad.

Work to impress:

Ultimately, on the professional front, it is your work that speaks the loudest. So, in an attempt to be the favorite employee, efficiency at work needs to be your prime focus.Work to impress

Always aim at performing better than yesterday. Share ideas whenever feasible. Show interest in company’s all round development and not only your personal targets. Offer to help your boss or other team members. This projects you as someone who is dedicated towards company growth and welfare.

Accept rejections and criticism:

It is very natural that your boss may sometime disagree with your work or may even reassign tasks, when you may feel that the piece of work is simply perfect.Accept reject

However, don’t make it too difficult for your boss to state facts against you. Learn to accept things that you don’t agree with. Take your boss’s criticism as an inspiration to grow and become better than what you are today.

Many employees although fail here. They make it too evident for their boss’s to notice that they are somehow not liking the rejections coming. In such a scenario, you will never be given opportunities of growth. Your boss will like to keep you in the same profile where you have been working so that there is lesser interference from his/her side.

An employee who can learn to accept rejections positively and makes efforts to grow is definitely the boss’s favorite employee; despite some official falters you make.

Abide by all official norms:

Every workplace has some predefined official rules for employees to follow. While it may be very tempting to simply over look a few of those; especially when your boss is nowhere around, it is not a very good idea.official rulesExtending lunch hours and coffee breaks is not something that your boss may ignore. You may think that you are done with the days work and that can earn you some luxuries; you are pretty wrong. At least not now when you are yet to become the apple of your boss’s eye.

Therefore, always follow these small yet significant rules. This will help you build an impression before your boss. Once you are successful here, you may be excused for not following some of these rules later, when you become one of the most liked employees in the office.

Don’t get unnerved:

This is a very important personality trait every employer looks for while hiring. Professional life has number of ups and downs. A person who can manage both scenarios efficiently without loosing calm is always desired by employers.

Some one who gets easily bogged down with failures is not capable of taking risks. And a business without associated risk is simply not possible. Therefore, to project yourself as some one who can handle downsides along with business profits is what brings you closer to your boss’s list of favorites. And in addition, if you can troubleshoot problems easily, you definitely have achieved your target.

These were the six essential tips that can make you your boss’s favorite employee. Once you top the list, career progression and growth becomes a regular affair. Opportunities just come flowing to you and you just need to make the right move. This was all about becoming your boss’s favorite. Hope you found this article useful and relevant to your search.