Tricks for a Happier Day at Workplace

Do you struggle for happy days at workplace? The hustle and bustle of modern life makes it almost impossible to feel delighted at work. Isn’t it? Yes, we agree. Since we are living in stressful times, we find it difficult to make our professional life beautiful. But you need not be a creature of the alternate planet to love your work and workplace. Enjoying what you are doing certainly enhances the quality of work. Thus to increase the productivity of employees without affecting the quality of work, companies around the world are going that extra mile to make employees feel happy. Google, one of the world’s top most companies have taken various measures to support its employees and as a result, employee satisfaction has risen by 37%.Happy at workplace

Whether it is your home or workplace, being happy matters the most. Many happiness researchers opine that happiness depends on 3 main factors- situations and circumstances, genes and efforts you take to make yourself happy. While you cannot exercise total control over your life circumstances, you can certainly work towards creating a happy environment conducive for your work. So the next time, you feel like running out of your office, throwing off your laptop or abusing others for a hellish day, take a pause and think what you can do to make your day bright, enjoyable and yet productive. For this, you need not really think out of the box. Try some of these easy tricks to have some outstanding results.

  • Kick start your day with some healthy habits: As rightly said ‘morning shows the day’, you should take steps to make your morning beautiful. Start off your day by waking up early, greeting family members, doing some exercise, taking your favourite cup of tea etc. Don’t check your mails or phone for reminders at home. Remember a happier day at work must start with a happier morning.
  • Give a smiling “good morning” to your colleagues: You may be already late and rushing to reach your cabin. In this attempt, you don’t greet your colleagues. This may be a common workplace scenario which is a sign of a bad day. Instead, give a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ to your colleagues and see how fast this small mannerism gives you a positive vibe.happiness at workplace
  • Create an environment conducive for you and colleagues to work together: It does not essentially mean that you pass time while gossiping over cups of coffee. Learn about your colleagues’ hobbies and passion. Small talks on each other’s interests will help building great environment for work. Friendly relations among colleagues will foster team spirit. Genuine compliments like ‘you are looking beautiful’, ‘how do you cook delicious food everyday’ or ‘I just loved your presentation today’ will not only impress the listener but also make you feel positive.
  • Be clutter-free: Clutter says a lot about you. Like you tend to blame your past for your present state of mind, you think you are living your worst days. Not only this, clutter indicates a sense of failure. Be organized; don’t keep on piling up stuff. Decluttering will let you open your mind. Messy office cube, heaps of papers, sticky notes etc. can disturb your mind. For a happy day at work, it is essential that you keep your cube clean, tidy; even if you don’t find time to organize those every day, just arrange books, papers and similar objects in drawers or store them in mini organizers.
  • Make your cube colourful and attractive: How about adding a dash of colors to your space? Colourful notebooks, pens, photo frames, mood-lifting quotes will surely make a lot of difference. Let the energy flow through colours and brighten your mood all throughout the day.
  • Take care of your diet: Happiness is not only a mental state. You need to feel good physically. So taking proper diet and drinking water adequately should be of prime importance. When you are physically fit, you feel energetic. Include loads of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fat in your diet. Go for refined foods or fried snacks only once or twice a week, that too in poor quantity.

Keep some nuts with you always. When you are feeling low or stressed, munch on your favourite nuts, especially walnuts which have omega-3 fatty acids, known for lowering depression.

  • Take a walk: Both for your physical and mental well-being, it is essential that you take breaks and move around. How can you increase your productivity with that aching back or head? If your job demands you to sit on chair all day long, perform some light exercises involving your back, hands, legs and shoulders. Even if you cannot exercise, walk for 5-10 minutes whenever possible. Why not go for walking-and-talking meetings, why not talk over phones while walking?
  • Go for some sunlight: This is another way of knocking oneself up the happiness ladder a few notches. Since you are spending most of the day at office, make sure your cabin get some exposure to sunlight. If not, you must push yourself to step outside and get some good sunshine that will help you to sleep well at night and feel less depressed.
  • Tools to increase productivity: You go to office to produce good work. When you don’t meet your targets you feel trapped in your job and that gives rise to maximum unhappiness. Distractions and procrastination are the two major reasons behind our failure at work. So how to remove those? Since we are living in this digital age, we can use technology to reduce wasting of time. You can install various apps on your phone that prevents you from accessing the internet for some time or block those sites that eat away a major chunk of your time. Stop spending useless hours while posting photos and liking others’ photos on those social networking sites.

Spending an awesome day at work is not that difficult. For a serious dose of energy, play your favourite songs, learn something new, treat yourself, focus on the positive and don’t forget to smile.