Why to Lie in a Job Interview

Well, some say lying in job interviews may doom your career for a life time. However, sharing an unpleasant truth and losing the job is definitely not worth it, isn’t it? Therefore, I say, if saying half truth and harmless lies can get you that desired job, you can go for it!Lie in a Job Interview

Now, this is very tricky. If you don’t know how to play the game; it is better you abstain from it. Having said so, learning this trick has somewhat become essential to make our way through this tough competition. Therefore, if you wish to give this a shot; here are certain tips that can help you understand when and how you can present some “twisted” facts.

Learn where you can never lie:

Even though lying sometime becomes a necessary evil, there are areas where you should never lie. Be careful, as lying here may earn you huge penalties and may doom your career:

Skills and abilities:

Never lie about expertise that you don’t possess. This is not going to take you anywhere. Even when you land the job role, you will not be able to survive. And in addition, you need to fight the continuous fear of being caught red handed anytime.Skills and abilities

Interviewers hire you and assign job roles according to your skills and knowledge. You falsify your abilities and may even land the job; but what next?! How will you carry on with your day to day activities? So, never spoil your career chances by forcibly enhancing skills that you don’t really possess.


Having names of some influential employers and organizations definitely works a few advantages for you. However, you cannot lie about having worked with these employers. Your recruiters will not take even a day to dig out the truth. Therefore it is a lame attempt to impress recruiters.

Where and How you can lie and get away with it?

  • “I have a wonderful team of professionals.”

To be in perfect and harmonious equations with everyone in our team or workplace is difficult to achieve. And when we have spent a couple of years in the same workplace, having a tiff with one or few is a very common scenario in most workplaces. We do have coworkers who hate or dislike us and vice versa.team of professionals

Sometimes, you have a difficult boss to deal with. And perhaps it is because of your boss that you are looking for a new job. However, never share these “facts” with your probable employers during interviews.

Sharing this information projects you as an inefficient team player and that’s going to hurt your selection chances. Now, many of you may desperately avoid talking about your work environment and professional relationships. Well, although it may seem to be an easy escape from lying; in reality it’s not!

If you don’t speak about your current workplace during interviews, your employers will definitely bombard some tricky questions upon you. So, if you don’t want unwanted complications; you need to lie about having a very harmonious work environment and pleasant relation with all your coworkers or colleagues. And don’t forget to mention that you have a very supportive and ideal boss; no matter how cruel he/she is.

  • “The greatest shortcoming I have is”

Here, the greatest mistake you can make is to say that you have no weaknesses as such. Well, all of us need to have some or the other weakness or shortcoming. However, being very honest and stating the exact truth can be dangerous.greatest shortcoming

What if you know that the greatest flaw that you have failed to overcome is the ability to concentrate on the job front under pressure. If delivering presentations before a group of professionals is extremely difficult for you. Well, if your interviewers come to know about these flaws within you, getting hired is simply impossible.

Therefore, never share your greatest weaknesses in real; however, you need to have that greatest weakness to present yourself as someone who is completely aware about himself and knows where to improve.

  • “ I am looking forward to this job as it is in alignment with my career objective.”

Landing a desired job role, that’s in alignment with your career objective and aspirations, is not always possible. However, this is the best answer to give when your recruiters want to know the reasons behind your decision of switching your current profile. Well, you may have plenty of reasons to switch jobs, perhaps money or workplace environment or worse – you were fired.looking forward to this job

However, never mention these pieces of truth during your interviews if you do not want your recruiters to question their decision of fit or no fit.

  • “ My past time ideas are always constructive.”

No matter how you spent your Sundays and how many parties you are attending every month; you always need to have some real constructive ideas to answer these informal yet relevant questions. Photography, reading, preparing new dishes are some of the activities you can consider to be your hobbies and therefore say the same.reading

Well, the above mentioned are lies that you can easily spell out in your interviews. These are not very easily caught and moreover not very harmful. So, if you come across similar questions in interviews; you know how to answer the question with some exaggerated facts that impress your recruiters and land you that job.